Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part O)

At this moment in your life you are bartering your own soul and your human identity!!! Think about it!!!

You are carrying many obsessions and guilt feelings, all for nothing!!!

Years now I have been trying to find a remedy for “everyday human folly”, and I don’t mean a remedy with “psychiatrists” and “anti-depressant pills”!!!

I laugh with Humankind when I observe “the antics” in the political and social happenings of the United States!!!

The Human Subconscious has turned everything “upside down” in the everyday lives of people!!!

I consider it an “existential blunder” and a “hypocritical stance” when most people routinely say that “they are fine” or that “they feel just great”!!!

You will have to live with your own Self!!! I think that in your case it is the best punishment!!!

You don’t want to love yourself, that is the reason why you have never loved others, you simply pretend!!! What a shame!!!

Everyone with his own conscience!!!

Greek Men and Greek Women are “bleeding” but they just don’t want to change!!!

You calculate every move you make in your life!!! What Human Arrogance!!!

Everything has been mutated!!! The products we consume, our politicians, human feelings and our dreams!!!

The People who control and dominate our everyday lives are immoral, uneducated, neurotic, castrated, useless and cannibalistic!!!

The Dark Powers want Human Beings to live in Fear and feel subjugated!!!

I abstain from your everyday routines!!!

In today’s times of Globalization, nothing is really substantial!!!

Ten pills a day and a whole lot of money on the side!!!

Are we finally going to tell the whole Truth???

As time passes, I come more to grips with the everyday sad and impersonal reality!!!

I want my life to be like a novel, Unpredictable!!!

I know that your life involves making a whole lot of money, and then what???

I fight for Truth and Justice, what Absolute Madness!!!

Everything today is for sale!!!

Friend, why do you mock me and want to hurt me??? What have I done to you???

The state security services protect the privileged people from the underprivileged ones!!!

Please buy an i-phone for our child so that we can live in tranquillity!!!

Where do you find the inspiration and the time to gossip others!!!

The Gods become furious with those mortals who want to change the destiny of people for the better!!!

This money is mine, do you get me???

Are we going to continue the same way??? What do you think??? Can we take it???