Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part H)



When parents maintain that they love all their children equally, they are lying!!!

You played society’s “virtual games” and you are losing!!! I personally, have never played these games!!!

I am living reality!!! What about you???

Everything has been well set up, yet nothing is working!!!

Yes to our personal survival, but not with whatever means and at whatever price!!!

Everything comes and goes!!!

I am present, what about you???

I love everyday social challenges!!!

Stop playing your everyday futile games!!! Be a little more serious because life is very short!!!

The “tattoos” on your human skin reveal to me that you are a truly liberated person!!!

I have always allied myself with the Weakest!!!


Your enemy is here!!! It is you!!!

Living under “full safeguards” means not living at all!!!

We have created a life with “steep ascents” but with no “easy descents”!!! How very stupid!!!

You wanted to play it smart with Life!!! Now what???

Life does not exist if you are not willing to participate in it pragmatically and creatively!!!

You have passed on “the poison” of your own parents to your own children!!! Congratulations!!!

I don’t have any more patience with everyday social nonsense and fickleness!!!

In Greek Society everyone says whatever he or she wants!!!

When you are greedy and self-serving, I promise you that Life will punish you in its own way!!!

A Real Social Revolution will occur only when we will all truly comprehend and fathom who we really are!!!

Your superfluous self-esteem has completely obliterated you!!!

I love to question the established social norms and social roles, but always with humor!!!

I am always learning!!!

Almost all of you regurgitate the same lies!!! Aren’t you tired of this???

I tell over and over to myself that I cannot stand people anymore, meaning most of the adult population!!!

The time has come for this Traditional Social Abscess to Break Open!!!

The Human Soul is a Labyrinth and the whole Magic of Life!!!

I have never given in to this “daily social circus”!!! How lucky I am!!!

I do not wish to be a “socially privileged” person because for me this is existentially very boring!!!