Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part G)


There is no reason for you to die because you are already dead!!!

I cannot pretend ignorance to what is really happening around me!!!

The personal affairs of most people are to a large extent very boring and senseless!!!

Most people who I personally know do not want to change in order to save themselves!!!

Your virtual everyday games are almost at an end!!!

Whatever you contrive, you won’t escape Life’s checks and balances!!!

All the lies you pay for in this life!!!!

You will experience what you have really chosen in Life!!!

I am bored with Human Stupidity and Human Conceit!!!!

What you really wish is written down and cannot be scratched off!!!

In our days, if you don’t shout out loud no one will listen to you!!!!

Another day!!! A new opportunity for the best or for the worst!!!!

Your dark feelings are all yours for the taking!!!! For me, no thanks!!!

Make your life more simple!!!

Start reading books!!! Put aside for a while the virtual reality of Face book and Twitter!!!!

Why are you so infatuated with money???

In your lives there is no fantasy!!!!

Most people do not want to be saved and be free!!! They cannot accept the responsibility!!!

I do not want your virtual security!!!

Lately, I have noticed the facial disfigurement of people around me !!! Why is this really happening????

Will you still continue to believe that you are one of the Chosen ones, and behave accordingly!!!

You are killing the moment so that you would not have to experience the Magic of Life!!!

Our night dreams and our eyes are the mirrors of our Soul!!!

You tell so many lies that your entrails have been ravaged!!!

Civilization for Greeks today means hoarding money and material goods, acquiring property and gorging food every day!!!!

Almost everyone is in shambles, both the privileged and the underprivileged ones!!!!

Don’t hide behind your everyday routines!!! This existential gimmick is not working anymore!!!!

As I grow older , I can better comprehend why God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden or Paradise!!!

I cannot see any Wisdom in your lives!!!!

Are tattle tales and gossip part of your everyday social priorities??? How pathetic!!!!