Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part N)

Be more serious!!!

I have never kissed hands or asses!!!

Globalization, Virtual Reality, Depression and Human Madness, in all their Glory!!!

Will talk about it later!!!

What you are searching for is virtual reality, which in theory is the easiest thing to do, but in real life it is a real curse!!!

Are you listening to me or not???

Lean on me, so I can sense that you exist!!!

Forgive me, but I really cannot understand you!!!

I have finally succeeded in bypassing the everyday madness and meanness of people, but with great difficulty!!!

Do not be afraid to pass on joy, it costs nothing!!!

Useless objects but very precious for your virtual existence!!! Enjoy them!!!

I would like to see when you will finally come to grips with what is really happening to you!!!

My friends, things are not really moving!!! Do something!!!

I am sick and tired watching you making exactly the same moves everyday!!! I feel trapped in your everyday routines!!!

I do not care how much money and how much property you possess, what interests me is if you are well under your skin and if you respect life and your own self!!!

Stop saying things which are trivial and boring, like the news on television!!!

In your lives, you have never accepted to be happy and free!!!

Did you ever dare to go against yourself and be critical of yourself?!!!

We are all living under the fear of non-existence!!!

Lately, human beings have become very dark!!!

Are you finally going to make up with yourself?!!!

Why are you making your life so difficult?? Is it because you are a masochist???

As I am writing, I control my thoughts and my spirit!!! A great achievement in today’s well channelled and well controlled modern society!!!

How are your spirits???

Don’t pass on to me those guilt feelings, because they do not affect me!!! I consider them practically useless and spiritually dark!!!

All this nonsense, tell it to someone else!!!

I was never a little soldier or a little pawn in my life!!!

Human beings feel more secure in their own little cages!!!

Many times, I have lived through the everyday Hell of People!!!