Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part L)

When I talk to you, I want to sense and know that you are really listening to me!!!

Objective Information is “critical” in today’s “well set up” virtual games by the Powerful !!!

There are no easy solutions in life!!! I promise you this!!!

Each step at a time, so as to be able to cope with Everyday Greek Madness!!!

All over the world, all human beings are now “expendable”!!!

Who do you really think you are???


We are all dying slowly in our own little cages, while birds are flying freely everywhere in the skies !!!

You are showing off a “smug” and “cheeky” face, but what a face is this???

When late at night, I hear the singing of a nightingale close to my house, so “emotional” and so “erotic”, I forget all about the “human darkness” which surrounds me!!!

Thousands of years of Human Wisdom, yet even today, we are still “jerking off”!!!

Your psychiatrist should explain to you that the main reason why you are not feeling well with yourself and with your own life, is that your Society is “in shambles”!!! But your psychiatrist should also explain to you the reasons why your Society is “in shambles”!!!

I try to observe all social happenings under their own proper prism !!!

Almost all of us, try to pretend that we cannot comprehend what is really happening to us personally!!! Then what???

Every moment in our life is “unique”!!! It is up to you to realize this!!!

I have always felt passionate about Truth and Justice!!!

During my life, I have always tried to expose that lies, everyday lies , are not true!!!

The time has come for you “ to kneel just a bit”, otherwise, life will make you kneel “the hard way”!!!!

There are Greek Citizens who really care about the quality of life of all, but under what collective “spite” and “negative reaction” from the many “callous” and “thick-skinned” of their own Society!!!

Spontaneously, not “well set up”!!!

Merchants and Business people, small or big, by the “nature of their work”, end up being thieves and swindlers!!!

The Death of loved ones should be a valuable lesson for Life Itself!!!

The Theatre of the Absurd in our everyday life in all its Glory!!!

I don’t have any more patience with the everyday madness, the everyday fixations and the everyday lies of close acquaintances!!!

Everything is bartering!!! We barter everything!!!

‘Everything I do in life, I try “not to lubricate” the gears of Society’(Elitis, the Greek Nobel Laureate in Poetry, words spoken in a television interview on Greek National Television, a short time before he died).

You think that Life is your own “private circus”!!! Sorry to tell you, but I don’t belong to it!!!

Everyday human madness is flaring up!!! What is really going to Happen???

Everything in your life is “well set up”, but unfortunately for you, this “existential formula” has never worked!!!!

You want to catch up with and control everything, but in Real Life this is “a great illusion”!!!!