Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part O)

Nothing in life is accidental!!!

There is no escape!!! You have to face this and find a solution!!!

Greek Peoples do not want to accept the fact that in real earthly existence, nothing is permanent and nothing is certain!!!

All those individuals who are unbalanced and corrupt should remain silent and stop playing the roles of protectors and guides!!!

For Greek Peoples, the process of self-criticism is “anathema”!!! A major factor for our lack of evolution to a Modern, Creative and Free Society!!!

Most people have sacrificed their chance for a creative life in one way or another!!! They simply do not want to accept it!!!

Most of the aspects of our life are byproducts of our own choices!!!

Truth means Light!!!

By playing it safe in life there is no adventure, truth of creativity!!!

All life’s dues are paid hare and now!!! (Popular Greek saying)

You are sacrificing the personality and the uniqueness of your child in order to dominate it!!!

Continue pretending that you cannot grasp what is really happening to you and what the reason may be!!! I want to see where this could lead to!!!

You have organized your life in such a way so that there would not be any void spaces but as you can see this whole strategy is not working very well!!!

You have dismantled Life’s Magic!!!

How can you stand so much emptiness in your life!!!

You have no imagination that is why you are a coward!!!

In Modern Greek Society when you contribute constructively in the everyday life of people, in the end they always make you out to be invalid!!!

What is this fixation to want to pass on guild feelings to others!!! Aren’t you tired of this emotional trickery???

Modern Greek Peoples have plundered the most precious components of their cultural heritage!!! Freedom of speech and freedom of action, dialectic thinking, eroticism and wisdom!!!

Do you really believe that you are the only one who is smart, while everyone else is simply a jerk and moron??? What personal conceit and what a psychosis!!!