Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part Α)


There is “no real guarantee” through “the checks and balances” of Life. I promise you this!!!

You have “enough money”, yet you are a miserable person!!!

Your “dark feelings” are all yours for the taking!!!

Our everyday life is starting to look like a TV serial!!!

I am sick and tired of hearing “good will wishes” and “sweet nothings” from people who don’t really mean them!!!

You will soon buckle, there is no other way!!!

It is not “fat words” that bring salvation, but creative acts!!!

We cannot constantly give excuses, it is stupid!!!

I don’t want them to “love” me, but to “respect” me!!!

Are you kidding me????

I just listen and observe!!!!

All of us are paying for our Everyday Lies!!!

I am sick and tired of people generally, especially when they don’t say what they really mean!!!!

The “greatest harm” is done by Ordinary People through their everyday Ordinary Priorities, and let’s not fool ourselves!!!!

You the parents, have instilled in your children the love of money and material possessions!!! What a shame on all of you!!!

The Erotic, has represented one of the most “sacred” everyday life expressions of Greeks, from the Archaic Epoch of Homer until the Hellenistic Times of the Ptolemies and Cleopatra, meaning 1,000 years of Greek Civilization!!! We “Modern Greeks”, how have we ended up like this????

You are eating your own flesh, yet you are not aware of it!!!

Beware, you are being monitored!!!!

I gave you Light and Love, yet you Betrayed me!!!!

I show “exactly” what I feel and say “exactly” what I believe!!! What about you???

I am living “under my skin” the End of an Epoch!!!

I shall make life brighter and more joyful, even though most of you conspire against it !!!!

You have “consciously” chosen darkness and obscurity in your own lives!!!!

Don’t play it smart with me, since I know very well that your life has “gone off the track”!!!!

A Wise Person is not afraid of Death!!!

I love the dust in my home, as it reminds me that Time is moving on!!!

I think the Time has come for you to tell some Truths!!!!

I only believe in my own Aesthetics of Life!!!

Do all of you , “truly know”, what the word Love really means???

The “crux” is , what are you going to do next???