Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part J)



I do not want anymore to live through your own tragedies, time and time again, due to your own stupidity and egocentrism, as I have no personal responsibility for this mess!!!


You want me to take you seriously??? Then, be serious!!!!

You the fanatical leftists and fanatical anarchists, aren’t you tired of constantly speaking theoretically???

Modern Greeks have created a Society which is “null and void” in substance, an “absolute mishmash”!!!!

It is as if you tell the woman who has just been raped, that things could have been a whole lot worse!!!!

How many direct hits will you take from Life until you realize that you have chosen an existence which is “distorted” and “void”???

Wake up from your Eternal Virtual Slumber!!!!

You do not want to recognize and respect “the limits” of Life and Nature, that is the reason why you have gone “off-balance”!!!

When “the famous” and “the mighty” of Society smile and clap together, be sure that they will soon “fuck you”!!!

By continuously telling a whole lot of lies to yourselves and to others, how do you expect to make any constructive changes in your lives???

I have never played Society’s “virtual games”, therefore, I am a Free Person!!! How lucky I am!!!

I have always questioned the Established Order of Things!!!

There is a great difference between “the real meaning of Life” and “the everyday meaning of life”!!!

We Modern Humans have created “a virtual monstrosity” which we call Modern Human Society!!! It wasn’t the making of the Gods or of Demons, not even of Nature Itself!!!

A thousand times living in “my own little cosmos” than to exist in “your own virtual reality”!!!!

If the focus of your earthly existence is “money” and “material goods”, then you have lost all contact with Reality!!!

Do you take yourself very seriously??? Then, you have put your everyday life into “an existential impasse”!!!

I control to a large extent my life and my spirit!!! What a feat!!!

The “key word” for the future of Mankind is “Revolution”!!! A Revolution on a Personal Level and on a Societal Level!!!

It is much easier existentially to change for the worse than for the better!!!

‘ A Noble Person(personality) is born and not created’(Popular Greek Saying)!!!

All lies are paid for in this life!!!!

I could easily have chosen to be crafty and cunning like most people today, but I rejected this, respecting my mind and my soul!!!

What distraught eyes!!! That is the reason why I love you so much!!!!

Stop distorting and disfiguring the “essence” of Life!!! That is what is really “immoral” and “sinful”!!!

The life goal of a businessman, whether small or powerful, is monetary profit, meaning “the gold coins”!!! This person will never be satisfied with whatever monetary gain!!!! An “absolute hell” well deserved!!!

If you write down the real substance of the life of “the glamorous” and “socially successful” Elina, it will take you 4 to 5 pages the most!!! This, was always her own personal doing!!!

You chose an existence which is “void” and “virtual”!!! It was the easy choice for you!!! But then what???

Many pretend that they do not comprehend what they are really living. That is exactly the reason why they are absolutely disoriented and psychologically dysfunctional!!!!

I make a great personal effort to fathom the everyday madness and stupidity of people!!!

I don’t exist, I coexist!!!!