Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part N)

Personal   Verses  Inspired  by    Today’s    Greek  Reality(M)

I   try   to   participate  “creatively”   in   other   people’s  lives ,  not  control   them!!!

Everything  “is   game”!!!

I   am   “different”   because   I   am  “real”!!!!

What   is  this   “human  compulsion”  for   money   and  material   possessions????

I   am   resisting!!!

‘Epiphany’!!! The  ancient   meaning  of   the   Greek  word!!!

It   is  a   world   which   is   “uniform”   and    “static”!!!(Globalization)

They    want   us  “passive”   and   “subservient”!!!(Globalization)

A  Free   Human   Being   is   an  individual  with  “deep   existential   values”  and   with  “self-respect”!!!

Aren’t   you   tired  of   playing  all    those  “stupid   societal   games” in   your   everyday  life???

In  the  past,  I  have   put  my  students  “off  course”  and   they   learned  a  few  things, especially  about  themselves!!!

The  people   who   govern  our  lives  are   “sick  human  entities”, but  also  we  who accept  them, are  equally  as  “sick”!!!

The   crux  of  the  matter  is   not  to  survive  but  to  live!!!!

The  people  who  have  intense  “existential  obsessions”  are   boring  and  stupid!!!

The   Erotic  is  very  different  from  the  Sexual!!!  With  the   Erotic  there  are  “deep  feelings”  and  “inspiration”, while  with  the   Sexual  you   want   to  dominate  the  other   person, either  passively  or  actively!!!

May   God   pardon  her  now  that   she  is  dead!!! But   I   personally  believe,  that   there  will  be  no   pardon  for  her!!!!

Thank   God   that   I   have  never   accepted  to  be  so  “insensitive”  and  so  “thick-skinned”!!!

The   last  words  that   I   would  like  to  say  before   I  die  are:’ In  the  end  I   made  it, but    always   using  my  own  life  compass’!!!!

Can   you   laugh   at  yourself???  Then,  you   have   acquired  self-knowledge!!!

You    look   at  others  as   “objects”  because   you   see  yourself   as  “an   object”!!!

Many   of  you   like  to  mock   others, but   in  reality  you  are   mocking   yourselves!!!

All   of  you   who  say  you  are  Christian, do   you  have   any   “spiritual   affinity”  with   the  Resurrection  of   Christ???

With  “mad”  and   “bipolar”  people,  whatever  “balanced  existential  solution”   you   propose  to  them, they  will  pretend  not  to  comprehend, because   they  want  to   protect  their  own  “unbalanced  life  style”!!!!

Because   within  you  there  is  a  lot  of  “darkness”  and  “insecurity”, you  are  suspicious  about  everything  in  everyday  life, even “natural  erotic  attraction”  and  “free   expression”!!!

In  “dark   cavities”  thrive  “parasites”!!!

What   a   “sorry  state”   we  are  in!!!!

You   only   think   about   your  own  Self, yet  for  this  you  have  to  always  pretend, especially   to  your   own  Self!!!

For  most  of  you  ,  your   children  are  just  “human  tools”  for  Social  Authority  and  Social  Recognition!!!

All of  us   are  living  in  a   state  of   Nothingness , yet  no one  is   saying  a   word!!!

I  repeat  over  and  over  to  Myself, ‘what   a  great   shame  with   everything  that  is   happening  all  around  us’.!!!!