Today’s Virtual Reality – The destruction of the Human Being

Virtual  Reality is an everyday reality which is not based on the dialectic criteria of human evolution, but is based on an artificial construct of human existence.

Virtual Reality has been prevalent in everyday  human activities since the beginning of human civilization, it was a social tool to create and maintain a false consciousness of societal coherence and unity. It was also a universal human conspiracy to maintain and propagate the established social status of the privileged and the powerful over the majority of the population. This is a social characteristic in almost every society.

In primitive societies where a social consensus was critical in maintaining a certain degree of homogeneity , there were very few social distinctions or differences, whether political or economic, everyone had to contribute equally to ensure human survival. The common goal for everyone was material subsistence and the protection of life for everyone, since every member of society was an essential social component and actor. There was no surplus of manpower and goods to provide and promote  any social distinctions.

Primitive societies had a subsistence economy, adequate or sufficient most of the time to ensure the welfare and survival of each community.

The forces of nature affected equally each individual and there were no privileged human entities, privileged and protected by  the forces of nature or those metaphysical entities or divinities representing these natural forces.

Virtual Reality was ‘’organic’’, directly related to the natural forces and nature, not on artificial human constructs which could circumvent these natural forces.

As human societies evolved and permanent human communities were established, due to a surplus of manpower and goods. Virtual Reality was slowly transferred from the permanent effects and influence of the forces of nature to human initiatives and social constructs which manipulated and transformed Virtual Reality to serve and service the personal material and  political priorities, as well as the social power base of the privileged sectors of society.

The artificial social constructs were based on the divinity of the community’s leadership related directly to the natural forces, like equating the ruler to the sun or the moon. These were imaginary and one sided constructs, but they kept the social consensus of society solid, benefitting everyone at different degrees and at different levels, the very powerful social entities  as well as the less powerful ones.

The less powerful and underprivileged social classes recognized that this artificial Virtual Reality largely benefitted the privileged social classes but also accepted that this established  status quo maintained social unity and cohesion which also protected them.

A good historical example can be identified in Ancient Egypt where hundreds of thousands of Egyptian laborers worked and died to construct the Pyramids, the Pharaoh’s final resting place. Gigantic stone structures which can be seen even today after thousands of years. These Pyramids would metaphysically transfer the Pharaoh to the realms of eternal existence, ensuring eternity to the ruler but also securing a divine representative of Egypt to the Gods of the Universe.

Therefore the construction of the Pyramids or this artificial social construct would have a positive social impact on all of society because it would ensure the survival and unity through time and space of Egyptian society as whole.

Once this Virtual Superstructure wasn’t socially functional, it would degenerate and crumble , like the rise and declines of all Empires throughout human history. What we have just defined is an example of an Organic Virtual Reality.

For example when oligarchy was rejected by the Athenian citizens for a more democratic political culture in the 5th century B.C. , demanding more direct participation in the governance of the city –state, it was not an Organic Virtual Reality because only the Athenians who owned land could directly participate in the running of affairs of the city- state and could be considered as Athenian citizens. Similarly only Athenian citizens participated as regular soldiers in the Athenian army, or even oarsmen , whether they were military ships or merchant ships.

Finally, when building the various religious temples in Athens, like the Parthenon, only Athenian citizens could work as builders or craftsmen, since these sites were considered sacred.

In the first organized societies or communities Virtual Reality equated the ruler to a shaman or high priest , and also a military leader. He or she was the personification of perfection in the human form and everyone accepted this social norm as universal. Even in Roman times the Caesars represented the highest priest  in the Roman religious institutions, whether it was a Republic or an Oligarchy. This was a common socio-cultural construct in all ancient organized societies from the Middle Eastern Kingdoms of the Assyrians and the Babylonians , to the ancient Chinese Kingdoms and the South American kingdoms of the Aztecs and the Mayas.

Virtual Reality was not organic but was imposed through indoctrination, through peer pressure and through tradition. Virtual Reality was part of society’s political culture, which could be legitimate as long as the vast majority of the people would  accept  it.

To demonstrate that Virtual Reality was not organic and sacred to everyone, while it was partially accepted as society’s permanent political culture, we shall present two historical examples, one from Ancient Egypt and the other from the Greek Macedonian historical legacy of Alexander the Great.

In Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was considered a God or a divinity, and was an infallible political leader and military strategist. Millions of Egyptian natives struggled and died to build the Pyramids which would house the  corpse of their Pharaoh and God.

The Pyramid was a complex edifice, an enormous tomb which would protect the Pharaoh’s  embalmed body, even his personal entourage and his valuable belongings. The contents of the Pyramid would be transferred through a metaphysical magical procedure to the realms of the gods and eternal space.

Yet during the 19th and 20th centuries , when Western archeologists became active around the world, especially in Egypt and the Middle East, they discovered that many of the Pyramids had been looted even just after their erection. This indicates that the  Virtual Reality of the Pharaoh’s divine omnipotence and power was not really accepted by everyone , especially by a large section of the Egyptian population who suffered greatly from poverty and malnutrition.

In the historical case of the Macedonian Hellenistic dynasties , founded by the conquests of Alexander the Great, there were many historical instances when the established political culture and its Virtual Reality axioms, were weakened , even scrapped and circumvented,  in order to fulfill the personal ambitions of its rulers and the ruling classes.

In the original and authentic Greek political culture, incest and incestuous relationships were considered as very serious taboos, punishable by divine laws with death and calamity for the whole family clan into eternity.  A very good example is what happened to the king of Thebes, Oedipus and his descendants, after he had fornicated with his mother Jocasta and produced  4 offspring, the famous Antigone and her sister Ismini,  as well as two brothers, Polinices and Eteocles. The life of his children and their descendants would become the model type of the Greek tragedies.

Nevertheless , within the Hellenistic kingdoms which made up Alexander’s multicultural and multiethnic empire in North Africa, the Middle East and eastern Europe, the Greek Hellenistic rulers of Egypt , the Ptolemies, openly married their siblings and produced descendants which would become the rulers of Egypt.

They emulated and adapted to the culture of Ancient Egypt, by accepting the  Virtual Reality of the Pharaohs , including their incestuous royal tradition, thus ensuring the consent and the popular  consensus of their political authority by the vast majority of the Egyptian native population.

The last Macedonian Egyptian ruler was the famous Queen Cleopatra VII (69 B.C.—30 B.C. ) , whose first husband was her brother, Ptolemy XIII, and had a son with him who would later on demand to be crowned  Pharaoh of Egypt.

Yet the most spectacular historical contradiction of  Virtual Reality being imposed as a political culture which negated and transgressed the social consensus of an established Virtual Reality must have been the Papacy of the Western Christian Church with its capital in Rome. The Pope or the Head of Western Christendom , was the secular Pontificate of or the ruler of all Catholics around the world , but he was also assigned theologically the position of God’s representative here on Earth , therefore he was infallible.

Jesus Christ in his teachings maintained  his kingdom as divine entity and the Son of God  was not an earthly kingdom but a heavenly one, belonging exclusively to his Father who resided in the Heavens of the Universe.

In today’s ‘’modern world’’, Virtual Reality has metamorphosed its social priorities compared to the past, putting greater emphasis on the ‘’absoluteness’’ of science, whether it be political science in governance or applied science as in medicine, artificial intelligence(A.I) in technology or even science as it involves population control through the Green Technology , the Climate Agenda, or the Globalist Strategy of imposing a One World Order.

In this One World Order all people would have to submit and follow universal regulations formulated by the World Health Organization ( W.H.O) , the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) , the World Bank and other globalist non-governmental institutions and agencies.

This type of Modern Virtual Reality is more dominant in Western countries , where information outlets and a variety of governmental and administrative agencies are cooperating closely with multinational corporations to promote and install a unified social consensus which would practically dispense with any type  of democratic participation in society’s political, cultural and economic infrastructure.


Modern Science ‘’theoretically’’ , not pragmatically and practically is projected as the undisputed venue for human development and progress, even if this type of procedure can  generally be to the detriment of the majority of the people on the planet, excepting of course the ruling classes and their political lackeys and prostitutes. These ones  , would accept all social measures and government policies which would limit people’s choices and critical thinking, benefitting and reinforcing their own social power base, their economic foundations and their social status.

The New Virtual Reality has become an essential component in a country’s or a society’s political culture through propaganda by the multinational media organizations , by the multinational entertainment companies and the multinational information sources , such as the powerful educational institutions, the powerful unions of educational agencies and the powerful investment trusts which coordinate and regulate the economic trajectories of societies, countries and populations around the world.

The New Virtual Reality has no links to human mental understanding of the complexities of life, nature and human existence, the way it functioned in the past through divine concepts, established human traditions and popular mythology.

The Modern Virtual Reality’s  focus is now to eliminate any representative social and human input, excluding it and replacing it with ‘’artificial intelligence’’(A.I) and an  ‘’ideological science’’, which would eventually get rid of any human components or humanity in general, like the introduction of the definition of the male and female human specie in modern vocabulary , which includes at least 20 categories, lately adding the ‘’trans gender’’ one.

If we could utilize similes or metaphors related to the Modern Virtual Reality, we would have to conclude that it encompasses , installs and reinforces a corporatist authoritarian political culture which would legitimize all the irrational and inhuman plans and strategies formulated  by our psychopathic leaders to control and manipulate all of mankind. Similar to what was promoted in ancient kingdoms where the rulers were divine, and more lately with the Catholic Church , whose leader, the Pope at the Vatican in Rome, represents the embodiment of God here on Earth.

God or the Divine Order, has been replaced by science, not a science based on humanistic axioms or human logic, but a partisan and ideological science that legitimizes and services the extremist ambitions of the socially powerful human entities but also the psychopath elites of the world. These last societal groups, a very small minority, want to own and control all material and human resources, as for the rest of humanity these psychopathic elites believe that ‘’they should own nothing and be happy’’.

This last statement is the ‘’logo’’ or the ‘’mantra’’ of the World Economic Forum, and it is what they are predicting for most of humanity in the near future.

For the Globalists around the world, the number of people living on planet Earth, represents a critical and serious obstacle to their eventual control of the destiny of humanity , and they want to resolve this demographic obstacle of overpopulation in various ways.

The first one is  to implement a universal strategy which would take into account an increase in the food  supply and as a consequence an increase in consumption and as a result an increase in population due to scientific innovations in all aspects of the agricultural economy. Therefore in their distorted thinking they have  to eliminate a large section of the population directly, so that they could limit the consumption of the earth’s resources. These resources are  to be controlled by a privileged class of people who follow their agendas.

In a ‘‘pragmatic psychopathic’’ way, the Globalist elites have  come up with a formula that would eliminate most of the people on earth, while not affecting negatively their own clan or members.

Most recently the way they have found to eliminate large sections of the human population is to create the Covid-19 pandemic, whereby the MRNA vaccines would in the long run kill the people who received it or the least sterilize them. Yet the people in powerful positions in the political, economic and social spheres of society  , would not receive the real  MNRA vaccines, since they would simulate these procedures.

This is the reason why we don’t hear about any side effects or injuries of politicians and powerful human entities  of  human society.

A second strategy to reduce drastically the earth’s human population is to gradually reduce  by law the food sources , eliminating agricultural land around the world and justifying such policies with the priorities of the Green and Climate agendas introduced by the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

These international and also globalist agendas specify that agriculture and animal farming  contribute to the warming of the planet by producing CO2 gas emissions , even though CO2 as a gas in the atmosphere, represents less than 1% . Similarly , CO2 is an essential gas component of the  atmosphere , since it supports all plant life, while these same plants convert CO2 into oxygen  through photosynthesis, vital to all life on earth.

A third diabolical strategy by the Globalist elites is the obstruction or even the destruction of food supply chains by gradually eliminating the carbo-hydrate fuels such as oil and natural gas which provide the necessary energy for the functioning of machinery on a large scale , whether they are heavy trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and mining through drilling.

What these powerful and satanic globalist elites are really promoting is the elimination of all viable means and resources to maintain life for most of the human population, excluding themselves of course, who would be provided with all the necessary means and resources to maintain a high standard of living.

A good example of the madness and the hypocrisy of these globalist leaders is that even when attending international conferences on climate protection and world food shortages  , like with the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Bilderberg conferences, as well as meetings of the United Nations, meeting which are held regularly throughout the year, they use their own private jets to reach their destination. Planes which emit hundreds of times more hydrocarbon emissions than an average train or an average farm tractor  which is used for growing crops.

Finally, the Globalists have through their political prostitutes and stooges, staged civil wars and popular uprisings by controlling all means of communication and propaganda.

Their final act will be a nuclear war where most of humanity will be eliminated, while at the same time destroying the earth’s natural environment and food resources.

For many years, the elites have been preparing vast underground city complexes where they can escape and survive a nuclear war for a long time. In these underground cities, they would have secured vast food supplies and energy sources to maintain a modern and efficient living environment.

We have just described the   Modern Virtual Reality, which is not ‘’organic’’ as in previous historical epochs, because it is based on the elimination of most human life and social culture, with very little popular consensus. There is very little historical continuity and very few opportunities for human survival as a whole in the long run.

That is the reason why Modern Virtual Reality is specified as a ‘’death cult’’ with nihilistic principles, where the norms of schizophrenia are applied to human existence and evolution. This through universal propaganda has become the permanent psychosis of the masses, as long as they are conditioned to accept it  willingly and consciously as natural.

The divine nature of life is finally eliminated by the ‘’rational materialists’’ , who are the protagonists today, bringing all human existence to a standstill.


Virtual Reality Today