Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part F)

(Greek men and women, are we going to finally find some common ground????)


Where is the “real” Social Counterview in our own country????

It is much easier to wake up the dead than to awake you!!!!

The “everyday social theatrics” as we have been taught since childhood, do not work anymore!!!!

You constantly participate in this “well set-up” Societal Charade, sacrificing your own Personal Identity!!!!

You have consciously accepted to play along with this “Virtual Social Reality” by telling many lies to yourself!!!! I personally rejected it from the Beginning!!!!

I cherish in changing somewhat the Social Norms!!!

We have truly forgotten the Basics of Life’s joys!!!!

It is impossible for me to take seriously your Everyday Routines!!!

Today in Greek Society, it is “trendy” to have dogs and children!!!!

To live a “normal life”, you have to first of all tell a lot of lies to Yourself, and then to Others!!!!

Greek Peoples, do you still have the same “everyday stamina” for the same “everyday antics”????

Creative Art saves Human Souls!!!!

One child is every child!!!!

I am not playing the Game!!!!

It is not enough that you make all the wrong moves and behave badly, you also expect to be vindicated for all of this!!!!

You collect material possessions all your life, but unfortunately, you cannot take all of this to the Other World with you!!!!

Under normal circumstances, the person who moves slowly is a Master of himself or herself, while the person who is continuously running everywhere is a Slave!!!!

A few years ago, there was the health problem of dioxins in beef coming from Western Europe, later on, we had the bird flue from Asia, and now there is the Ebola virus from Central Africa. Once again, Greek Society is in “great panic”, permanently hooked on “exaggeration” and “dark tidings”!!! Greek Peoples, let us be serious for a change!!!!

Do all of you really empathize with the Other????

Give everything for your own Egos, until you disintegrate!!!!

When in various occasions , I say “spontaneously” to myself, ‘how beautiful it is’!!!, ‘how beautiful she is’!!!, ‘how beautiful he is’!!!, ‘how beautiful they are’!!!, I take great strength for the next “impersonal” and “harsh” moment of my everyday existence!!!!

I really want to participate in the Everyday Lives of People, while you choose to live only for your own Daily Routines!!!!

Do you feel “socially proud” that you are a “Successful Swindler”????

Mockery is one of the most “unethical” human behaviors!!!!

They are not only “lovers” but they are also “friends”!!!!!

All of you, don’t you have some responsibility for what is happening within your Own Society Today ?????

Throughout Human History, there have always been women and men of all ages, who have fought and are still fighting intensely for the Quality of Human Existence and of Nature as a whole, many times, to the detriment of their own personal survival!!! All of these “societal pariahs”, have been the personalities who have preserved the Harmony and the Sanctity of Life!!! For me personally, these generous human beings, represent the “true guardians” of Human Evolution!!!!