Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part B)

(To all Greek Peoples, the time has finally come to take your lives Seriously!!!)


Do not take seriously all the norms and the routines of your own Society, because they are the social means used so that you will not really create and think freely!!!!

Live all your fantasies, but always by using your own personal criteria and your own inspiration!!!!

We Greeks, are First in everyday theatrics, in everyday praises and in everyday sweet- nothings!!!!!

What is this human mania to want to feel powerful and a winner????

The Good Teacher does not impose himself, but just transfers knowledge and love!!!!

You are changing the world and they want you dead!!!

Everyday routines have neutralized you, because they are dismantling human thought and human fantasy!!!!

What is your civilization??? Money, material possessions and “iconic” popular traditions!!!!

Haughtiness, Egotism, Everyday Lies, Conservatism and Spiritual Emptiness . All these are the social human factors which represent today’s Everyday Greek Social Reality!!!!

I do not want to be looked up to by others, only to be loved as I love them!!!

Life is a game, a “creative game” not a “set-up human circus”!!! The choice is all yours!!!!

“Personal Fears” and “Personal Insecurities” are the worst enemies to Democracy!!!!

The solitary person is not a crazy person, but a wise person!!!!

Dear fellows, you are all telling very blatant lies!!!

You played phony roles all your life, now you are paying for it and you will continue to pay for it till Kingdom come!!!!!

You collect things, I myself collect moments!!!!

In the end, you are a Greek male “wanker”!!!

I feel really good that I don’t belong to everyday Social Reality!!!!

All of the Magic of Human Existence is the Unknown!!!

Where is the “zest” which Greek Peoples used to have in their everyday lives????

The moments of my brief human existence belong to me, not to you!!!!

Once upon a time, a hand chain was the symbol of human slavery, today, it is the hand watch which most of us wear in our everyday lives!!!!

Wherever you turn your eyes, you witness the premature death of people!!!!

Don’t take seriously the guilt feelings that people try to pass on to you, because all of these individuals do not have the real guts and the personal fortitude to live truthfully, erotically and freely!!!!

There is nothing more liberating and earthly than real Eros in all its dimensions!!! It brings you closer to the Magic and the Real Meaning of Human Existence!!!!

Your Social Image means nothing, since to a large extent your Society is artificial and unnatural!!!

I am your Conscience, and you cannot stand me!!!!!





Greece recycled!!!