Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part Ι)



Sleep is “the balsam” of the Human Soul!!!

Since in your life you chose to play it dumb, may God help you!!!

Try now to wake them all up!!!

Get down from your own little Tower because I see you soon jumping down from it!!!

Today, the crux of the matter is who can fool the other more!!!

For money you not only barter your own soul but also your own child!!!

We will all live intensely our everyday lies!!! I promise you this!!!

Almost all of us have forgotten that we are mortal and what is the essence of our earthly existence!!!

Everything nowadays is in absolute flux and not concrete!!!

I ignore all the Masters and Mistresses of our Society!!!!

Do “dark feelings” express your own existence??? Then, they are all yours for the taking!!!!

‘An act of love is a terrorist act’(written in Greek on a wall in an Athenian neighborhood)!!!

Better to be “odd” and coherent than to be “normal” and disoriented!!!

Continue playing your everyday social games of “exceptionalism”, but at what personal price???

As I grow older, I consider society’s rules and norms more “irrelevant”!!!

I cannot bear “the permanent” and “the safe” in life!!!!

Are we going to follow the normal rhythms of Human Nature or are we going to continue with our own dysfunctional everyday social patterns???

You are constantly running in every which direction like a mad person, without any real purpose of true progress!!!!

I am experiencing very intensely “the existential impasse” which the Greek Peoples have lead themselves into!!!

What you express is completely different to what you really believe!!! This means ,that you are a very confused person!!!!

You love playing the victim in life!!! This is mostly an existential exaggeration and a deep social void!!!

Being hard and tough doesn’t mean that you have a strong personality, on the contrary, it shows that you are psychologically dysfunctional and socially insecure!!!!

You cannot stand me because you are “a fascist” while I feel at ease with life and I am true to my human values!!!

Our Society is like a “wild jungle”!!! Is it possible that most of you kind of like this situation???

Realistically speaking, where in heavens do you find all this strength and stamina to continue playing all those futile and stupid social games???

You get all your strength by acting out your own madness!!!

With such a distorted , malicious and gloomy face, why in heavens do you want to continue on living???

All organized churches around the world are just Powerful Private Corporations!!!!

I defy Gods and Demons!!!!

Christ spoke with parables(dialectic thought) while Saint Paul gave commands(dogmatism)!!!!