Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part K)

This mental and spiritual “stagnation” have dismantled Modern Human Beings!!!

You are just simply fooling yourself!!!

Real interests give life to our everyday existence!!!

The curtain of this Theatre of the Absurd is slowly but surely coming down!!!

I have never accepted to have “empty spaces” in my life!!!!

Do you actually know what really belongs to you from this Earth??? Only some ground dirt they will throw into your tomb, just before they close it!!!

I wasn’t born to be a slave but a creator!!!

Everyday human madness and everyday human tragedies are so intense that I have absolutely no wish to follow a theatrical performance!!!!

I want real inspiration, not your usual psychological fixations!!!!

Stop talking all the time about money!!! You are putting me off!!!

Almost all of the “socially successful persons” I know, their families are in shambles!!! Why is that???

In the end, I can honestly say that you are a truly crafty and cunning person!!! Congratulations to you!!!

If you don’t feel it , don’t do it!!!!

You identified yourself “body and soul” with Society’s Virtual Reality, which is really “screwing” your personal life, and you well deserve it!!!

All of life is just moments, only moments!!!

Many Greek men and many Greek women truly believe that Life is their own “private circus”!!!

I cannot cope anymore with everyday “human madness”!!!

You are “very dangerous” because you are “very fickle”!!!

You always “laugh it off”!!!! Passing over “lightly” your own personal everyday reality and your own personal social responsibilities!!!

Aren’t you tired of doing and saying the same things continually???

Dampen down your overtones and your everyday pace, because life is very short!!!

We have misused and have misappropriated all of these “unique” and “sacred” moments of Life, again and again!!!!

All Greek Families around the globe emphasize that what unites them is pure Love!!! Yet from what I know, most of them are practically in tatters!!! Why is that ???

How can you exist without any real life challenges????

‘Greeks cannot change!!!’ That is the usual rhetoric coming out from the mouths of my Greek compatriots today!!! What “existential nonsense” is this????

I am bored with most of the people around me because they have become very predictable!!!

Now, in “stressful social times”, your real character and your real intentions are coming to the surface!!!

Stay there on the sideline of Life and count your money!!!

I know you cannot stand me because I am not willing to play your “virtual games”!!!

I am moving against the Tide!!!!

You want to dominate Life’s course??? I promise you, that Life will “obliterate” you in its own Magical Way!!!