These are some Personal Verses (translated from Greek) which came to me from nowhere, during the Greek Crisis of 2012 and 2013


(To all Greeks, whether male or female, of whatever age or social background, I wish them a Happy New Year and finally to use their minds and their souls creatively!!!)


Globalization is a “virtual reality” like Coca-Cola!!!!

What really matters is not if people take seriously your own lies, but if Life itself does!!!

If Life takes them seriously, then you’re done for!!!

If you do not dare, then you will never create!!!

To dare to come close to your real self and your real human potentials, and then to go beyond yourself!!!!

The Divine you don’t discover It through prayer, but within Life Itself!!!

If you can’t shed a tear, then you haven’t sensed the real meaning of Life!!!

Revolution is to kiss and to feel it!!!

To love is Prayer!!!

Housewives do not like dust in their own homes, because subconsciously they sense that Time is passing them by!!!

What better than a really warm human hug!!!

There is no household, just Life!!!

In deep erotic feelings and real love, there are no boundaries and rules!!!!

I stopped loving you, because you forgot how to love yourself!!!

If you are not able or do not want to kneel in front of the Sanctity and the Magic of Life, always with humility, then you have lost Yourself!!!

As long as there are true feelings and real communication, there is Hope!!!

Truth and real love, never pass on guilt feelings!!!

Now, we Greeks, we either create or commit suicide!!!

We Greeks, we will either truly embrace each other or we will disintegrate!!!

Real laughter is the best antidote to everyday lies!!!!

We support other people’s lies in order to protect and justify our own!!!

We humans, we prefer Social Havoc instead of Social Change!!!

Proof that there is the Divine, and that it is active and personal, are our own personal conscience and our own imagination!!!!

There are no easy solutions, just creative acts!!!!

I fear much more everyday human reality, than the all powerful natural phenomena!!!

A House is not a showcase, it is the universal space where we live and love!!!

I decide who I am, not others!!!

The real nature of the Human Specie (homo sapien) is to be less competitive and more creative!!!

My kingdoms are my Mind and my Soul!!!

My Teacher did not teach me only how to walk, but also how to dance!!!!

When you truly love and when you really create, you forget who you are!!!

The average Greek person lacks practicality and rationality in his or her everyday life!!!

To be sensitive and truthful in our own Society is a great personal burden!!!!

Today, the average Greek person on a personal level , says and shows that everything is “fine and dandy”!!! They are all “lying through their teeth”, because they all know perfectly well that they are now living a life process of “absolute personal disintegration”!!!!

I adore Chaos, creative Chaos. With “Order” there is no real creativity, since human spontaneity, human inspiration and human fantasy are all absent!!!

You find beauty always where you don’t expect it !!!!

You all turned what is golden into darkness!!!!

Ignorant is the person who does not want to love truly and freely!!!!

Never take seriously social institutions, only your real “social self”!!!

How to live , I learned it all by myself !!!

I give no shit where you all(Greeks) have spent your summer holidays this year!!!

Your life is just a whisper within the infinite realms of the Universe. I hope that this whisper will be a melodic one !!!

I feel good with myself because I sense that I am free!!!!

Finally, Human Beings are very stupid in their brief Mortal Existence!!!!

Conceit and Egoism have torn apart the psychosomatic balances of the everyday Greek person, of whatever age, sex or social background!!!

Finally, who do you really think you are???

Social recognition and society’s moral norms are all yours for the taking!!! For me, no thanks!!!!

What the hell is this personal mania to want to control others ????

What are you going to grab on to, money and property??? Then, you will have lost the Adventure of Life!!!!

This “rotten” traditional Greek social fairy tale is at an end!!!


Greece recycled!!!