Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part R)

I  want to  feel  alive and free, not subordinated!!!

Life  has  very  little to  do  with  personal  calculations,  but  with  moments!!!

You  play  many  games  with  Life, and  naturally  Life  will  punish you  for  this!!!

Today, almost  all  human beings find  themselves in  “an existential impasse”!!!

I  pass on “the  messages”, but  if  you  pretend  that  you  cannot  understand  them, it’s your  problem!!!

Thick skinned  and  ambitious  people    are  the  ones  who  prosper  socially, yet  what  type of  life  do these  people lead???

They  unmask themselves every  single day, yet  this  never affects them!!!

The  Jews  for  2,500 years,  collect wealth for  their  own personal security!!! Nevertheless, History has  shown  that this “existential formula” is  null and  void!!!

When  you are true, you are different, and  when you  are  different, most people  cannot tolerate you!!!

I  live  through the Hell  of  everyday Madness , but  also  of  everyday  Human Creativity!!!

Aren’t  you  fearful when  you  are  unjust  to  others??? You  should be!!!

I   don’t  need  things, just true feelings!!!

Each one  of  us   has  the  right  to  life!!! A  personal,  life with  quality!!!

Ideals are  positive when  in  practice , not in theory and in  words!!!

You   absolutely   have  no  misgivings  bartering your  own soul, your own  integrity, your  own humanity and  Truth, for  money and  power!!!

I am  not  deceiving you!!! I   am   telling you  the  whole  truth!!!

Having to live my  everyday life with  people makes me  feel very  uncomfortable and  uneasy!!!

You  are  mocking  me, but  in  reality you are  mocking yourself!!!

People  who  are  truly  creative and  radical, they  are  often  persecuted by  their own  society and kindred!!!

Today, the  Forces of  Darkness are  continuously gaining more  ground, yet  the   Forces  of  Light are  constantly on the move, quietly and  steadily!!!!