Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part A)


(To all Greek Peoples, the time has finally come to take your lives Seriously!!!)


I have come to love you because we have “shared” precious things!!!!

Everyday things are not working anymore!!! This, we have to say it loudly and honestly to ourselves, so that we can go to the “next step” in our lives!!!

I am being very patient to see how far you can go!!!!

The higher you climb Society’s hierarchy, the more asses you will have to lick!!!

The more you support that your everyday lies are true, the greater are the chances for personal madness!!!

You cling to the same things time and time again, till kingdom come!!! Congratulations to you!!!

You complain about the general grim social environment today, yet what social changes have you yourselves made in your everyday personal lives????

You Crucified Him, you Resurrected Him, and after you Crucified Him again!!!

You accepted passively everything, now who are you????

A “normal life” is the “curse” given by God to Adam and Eve when He was expelling them from Paradise!!!

Happy are not these people who have a lot of wealth, but those who have a rich heart!!!!

Continue swallowing all those “gold coins”, until you choke to death!!!

I have aged and I have no more patience for people’s “premeditated stupidities” as well as their everyday “virtual reality”!!!!

You want to hide from Reality but Life does not allow it!!! Pure Hell, and you certainly deserve it!!!!

You don’t want to give something of yourself just for the sake of it!!!! Then, you have lost!!!

Stop talking on your mobile phone!!! Aren’t you tired of saying Nothing!!!!

From what I can perceive from your biographical data, you must be an absolutely boring person!!!!

Quarries without workers, workers without quarries!!!!(a written message in my dream)

Just high sounding words, without any substance!!!

We Greek Peoples are extreme in everything, that is exactly the reason why We have reached rock bottom, both socially and personally!!!!

I am a traditional Greek chieftain, so Glory be to me!!!!

Finally, the everyday theatrics are at an end, now what are you going to cling to????

You want everything for yourself!!!! Life is going to take it all that from you, in one way or another!!!!

I am not a follower of any religion or ideology, but I am a true believer of my emotions and my thoughts!!!!

Too many excuses, but few truthful answers!!!!

Your parents brought you misery through their persistent personal imposition and through their persistent self-assertiveness, and now, you are doing exactly the same things to your own children!!! Congratulations!!!!

Do you think that you can fool Life with your everyday antics??? Forget it !!!!!




Greece recycled!!!