Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part F)


There is no need for you to justify yourself Socially(Social Image), you simply have to be true to yourself and authentic!!!

You always wanted it, then why didn’t you go for it!!!!

In the end , most of you are very cowardly!!! What a pity for all of you!!!

I constantly participate in Real Life. I never stop nor back down!!!!

The many everyday Human Lies are the origin of everyday Human Madness!!!

Today, all of Humanity is experiencing an Existential Distortion to its Natural Evolution!!!

Do you actually believe that Money can Save you????

I was never concerned with my Social Image!!! Never!!!!

I don’t see the glass neither half full nor half empty!!! I just see a “ cracked” glass!!!

Everything has to do with your own priorities in Life!!!

They put you right and then they insert you in your own little box!!!

Get loose because you are losing touch with the essence of Reality!!!

I am addicted to my own Personal Freedom!!!

They cannot stand me because I have the tendency to neutralize their own Virtual Reality!!!

We are all but just a brief breath!!!

Most Greek peoples cannot cope with the lucent Sunlight of their own country!!!!

All of you elderly vampires, the time has come for you to disintegrate!!!!

Dogmatic Christians, dogmatic Middle-Class people and dogmatic Leftists, cannot accept what is “light”, what is “earthy” and what is “erotic” in everyday life!!!

Get rid of all this darkness you carry within you!!! It is making you sick!!!

All Artists who have made a lot of money through their profession, have traded off their talent but also their soul!!!

Our own hide means nothing without a Soul!!!

Unfortunately for me, I am obliged to experience that everyday Void with most of you!!!

No to an organized life, yes to an organized thought process!!!

The Masters and Mistresses in Society, say and do whatever they wish!!! We should all be proud of them!!!

We are the ones who choose our own Fate!!!

We Greeks are specialists in passing on dark feelings to others!!! How very sinister!!!

I ignore the daily life patterns of people, not the people themselves!!!

You will have to learn how to kneel in front of Life!!! You won’t lose but you will gain!!! You will gain your own Freedom!!!

Do you really want to truly live your life fully ??? Then, you will have to stop fearing Death!!!!

Are we finally going to love each other or are we going to continue playing the social role of self-reaffirmation???