The ‘’death cult’’ in Canada today – a controlled corporatist police state, run by Globalist Elites like Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau (conclusion from a personal experience during my hospitalization for Covid 19 on July 2022, in a large Canadian hospital in Montreal, Canada)

It was an ordinary night, having my supper at home, when suddenly I felt very weak. It tried to stand up but then I buckled and fell on the floor backwards. It was like an electric shock going through my whole body, losing control of my limbs and falling down. I felt almost paralyzed and I could not even stand up. It was as if  I  had entered another dimension, where everything around me seemed different and shadowy. For me it was a new type of life experience.

Here I have to mention that before taking my supper, I took an afternoon nap  where I  saw many strange hallucinations , which I previously experienced only once 7 months before.  It wasn’t a dream, because in both instances I could remember details of these hallucinations for a long time after. I have to emphasize here that I do not take any drugs or medication, and  I  also do not consume strong alcohol. Similarly, I have never had  any mental issues or have been to a psychiatrist.

Going back to my story, I want to specify that when I felt that electric shock and tried to stand up, I fell  backwards and knocked down the garbage bin which was right behind me. I couldn’t  stand up and  didn’t have the physical strength to control my limbs. I crawled on the floor, and slowly reached for my phone and called my Chinese landlady to help me.

When she came up to the apartment, because she lives on the floor below, she called for an ambulance. At this point , I have to go back in time and explain the fact that  once my landlady Mrs. Lee saw me in this strange condition, she went and brought me some nourishment to energize me. She gave me  3 hard boiled eggs, fruit juice and a glass of milk. She treated me as her own son and I am very grateful to her.

In the ambulance which came to pick me up, there were 2 medics, one was the driver of the ambulance. The medic who was not the driver and was sitting just in front of me, asked me for my medical insurance card which I gave him. He kept the card  and called for some hospital outlets to find a hospital which could receive me.

In the beginning, the medic discovered that there was no space available in a hospital, but finally he found a hospital which was taking people with Covid 19. I had no symptoms , and I had not been tested in the past for Covid 19. I had never received a Covid 19 vaccine and I felt perfectly healthy for more than 2 years. Therefore there was a premeditated effort to put me in this particular hospital and I shall soon explain what the reason was.

For the last 8 years, I have had a problem with my back, since the time I left Athens, Greece, for Canada. This back problem was due to the fact that I had bought in Athens a pair of summer sandals which were defective. Having worn the sandals for more than 2 months, weakened my back and I had trouble walking . Leaving Athens, at the airport , I was driven to the airplane by a cart , because I was feeling so much pain.

They say that Covid 19, attacks the weakest parts of the body , whether it be the heart, the lungs or the spinal cord. The last being my case.

When I arrived in Montreal, I started to take regular walks and  began Yoga lessons 3 times a week. Soon I saw great improvement in my physical stamina and my physical movements.

At this point I want to express my own opinion related to Covid 19 and the pandemic of Covid 19 which dismantled the world economies.

First of all, I have learned from official medical reports that the virus of  Covid 19 has not been isolated in a laboratory , so that an antidote could be produced as an effective vaccine, like the vaccines which have been created in the past for polio, tuberculosis and scarlet fever.

Secondly, the vaccine which has  been  produced, an  ‘’ experimental vaccine’’, combines various viruses linked to the flu or influenza, and it was accomplished within 1 year, while the regular vaccines took many years to prepare. It was therefore an ‘’experimental vaccine’’ and people were used as guinea  pigs on a massive scale. It was a ‘’medical hoax’’ promoted by the major pharmaceutical companies in collusion with most doctors and hospitals who were benefitting financially as they do most of the times when they are treating serious diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis.

All these medical professionals around the world were bribed or coerced to approve and distribute the vaccines, non-compliance meant criminal consequences by a globalist justice system or the loss of the medical permit to exercise your medical profession publicly. The main incentives for the medical professionals and the political bureaucrats were money and social security.

Finally, the death rate for Covid 19 was minimal, similar to influenza or the flu, affecting people with critical health issues like excess weight and diabetes, as well as the natural health consequences of old age.

Covid 19 was not a pandemic, it was similar to the influenza lifecycle. The number of deaths were similar to the flu infections which magically disappeared from the medical data of all countries. So the criminal medical professionals, the hospitals and the government health departments, were counting the patients who suffered from the flu and died, as Covid 19 patients.

It was all about a universal medical conspiracy so that countries would spend billions of dollars to purchase the vaccines. Many economies had to shut down , especially the developed countries, creating the ideal economic circumstances for the Great Economic Reset, which for many years, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the United Nations and other globalist world organizations had been putting in place to impose a One World Government.

The Globalist elites had produced a virtual medical reality, a ‘’plandemic’’ , with the assistance of the mass media worldwide, to promote the idea of a deadly pandemic, regulated by the pharmaceutical companies, the hospitals, the doctors and the various government agencies. They all represent a Cabal of world criminals , a ‘’world conspiracy’’ , the greatest conspiracy in human history.

This world conspiracy would benefit the elites internationally and insure their political power base at the expense of the masses, who would be financially and physically dismantled. Their actions or their activities would dramatically increase the death rates worldwide, depopulating the earth, the most important critical criteria of the New World Order of the Globalists in realizing their ‘’future world dystopia’’.

The majority of the people around the world  , were convinced  to take the Covid 19 vaccine through government pressure and propaganda. Many times people were being forced to take the vaccine in order to keep their jobs, like the hospital personnel, the civil servants, the military, the pilots and the teaching staff and students in schools, colleges and universities.

Naturally, the media was the most important venue for the propaganda promoting the Covid 19 vaccine, since most of the advertisements supporting financially the various news outlets came from the giant pharmaceutical companies like Phizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna. These pharmaceutical companies were also able to bribe doctors , hospitals and politicians, even the media, in order to promote their products and gain vast amounts  of money and also kill off  expendable social groups like the elderly and the seriously ill, most of whom were living on financial government contributions and pensions.

If the justice system had functioned properly and legally, all of these criminal human actors who were insuring the distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines would have been condemned to life imprisonment or even execution.

The general population around the world are both the victims and the perpetrators of this historic human genocide. They are the victims because they are the ones who are getting seriously ill and even dying in great numbers, but they are also the perpetrators of this mass genocide because they have willingly accepted to  take this experimental vaccine, risking their own lives, as well as the ones of their own children.

People have accepted to become active participants of ‘’the death cult’’ of the Khazarian Jews, who control  and manipulate medicine, finance, politics and the media internationally, especially in the Western world, to the degree that in order for a country to acquire permission for the distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine, they have to sign a protocol with these pharmaceutical companies which provides them with the legal immunity from persecution in case the health of a patient has been put at risk.

These governments sign a contract with Satan or with the Jewish divinity Moloch, selling off their souls for financial security , for wealth and for human cowardice . We are therefore living under the sign of the Beast or of Satan, the Beast controlling every aspect of our life and where human sacrifice , especially child sacrifice  plays the most important role in generating power for the Satanic Globalists This is exactly like the elixir  adrenochrome extracted from a young child’s blood who is sacrificed or is physically mutilated .

Therefore this dark conspiratorial environment I have just described, I  will demonstrate it through my visit to the hospital and my stay there for 1 month, substantiating all my conclusions and fears.

They say that Covid 19 or the ‘’fake virus’’ that was created as a bioweapon , attacks the weakest parts of your body, whether it be the heart, the lungs or the spinal cord, which had been my case. In order for me to overcome this dilapidating condition, I started having regular walks and went to Yoga lessons 3 times a week. In a short time, I saw great improvement in my physical stamina after these initiatives.

The hospital which finally received me was Notre Dame Hospital, located near the center of Montreal, on the east side, close to the St. Laurence River and  near the Champlain Bridge.

Once we arrived at the hospital, one of the medics from the ambulance, gave my medical insurance card to the reception desk of the hospital and I was sent to different wards to undergo various medical tests, starting with the general chest and heart tests using ultra-sound equipment.

Then  they checked my blood pressure and took blood samples for analysis. From the blood tests they discovered that  I had diabetes which I already knew from previous medical exams but they discovered in a ‘’miraculous way’’  that I also had Covid 19, even though I never had any symptoms. This is the ‘’medical trick’’ of hospitals to classify you as a Covid 19 patient and then receive a money bonus from the  government.

This money bonus increases as the stages of Covid 19 progress , from hospital therapy to actual death from the virus. The government wanted a high  number of Covid patients in order to promote their policy of vaccination, mask wearing and lockdowns. It was all a giant medical conspiracy involving tens of thousands of people, from the doctors, to the civil servants and of course the politicians.

The hospital I believe they gave me some type of sedatives or tranquilizers to keep me calm and passive , therefore I cannot remember in detail everything I experienced during the first days in the hospital, including the various examinations.

Once you are hospitalized, they will try their best to isolate you from the outside world, many times not allowing me to receive phone calls from family or friends. They provided me with a whole list of medication, even though I had no serious symptoms of a disease.

Most doctors prescribe useless and even dangerous drugs, for heart complications, cancer or diabetes. These drugs do not cure but prolong their use, just like with the mentally ill. The medical profession  is very corrupt, but a well established profession, which benefits  the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies   and not the patients. They are a ‘’crime syndicate’’ around the world, working in concert with governments to keep people sick and psychologically dependent on them.

This is the main reason why the various governments are the first to promote vaccinations, with all types of vaccines. That is also the reason why the vaccines for Covid 19, promoted by most governments, are vaccines which have not been tested properly for its efficacy and their health side effects.

Now I am going to describe the conditions of my stay in the hospital, meaning the general environment and the services from the hospital staff, as well as the various daily routines.

As I have already mentioned , I was placed in a hospital ward assigned for Covid 19 patients, which meant that I was under quarantine , with no permission to move outside the ward, not even to take a walk beyond this space.

During the first 3 days, I was given a cocktail of medication intravenously, which after 4 days was removed. I am sure that the medication included strong sedatives, since the perception of my environment had been distorted and my mind could not really focus. As a result I felt great anxiety, and after the second day, I asked for some type of anti-depressant.

Following my request for a strong sedative, one of the doctors of the team which was responsible for me, the head of the department of psychiatry, came to see me and talk to me . I  told him that I needed a sedative to cope with the uncertainty and the closed environment. He told me that he would instruct the nurses to provide me with a dose, to calm me down. This was the only time that I took a dose of sedatives for anxiety. I slowly took control of my reactions and feelings.

Now  I shall talk about the visit concerning the psychiatrist .During his visit, after we had a talk about my condition, he asked me or referred to the fact that I had my own website on the Internet. I explained to him that I had this website for 15 years, which I wrote both in English and in Greek, and that it dealt with various subjects and themes , especially related to socio-political and historical matters. That the general direction in my writing was questioning the established narratives, it was anti-establishment, based on facts and truths, not the virtual reality or propaganda of the established socio-political system.

Later on , I was wandering how this doctor knew I had a website, since my website is anonymous, and the only person who knows that the website belongs to me , is my technician who lives in Greece, while the website space is registered in Great Britain.

I believe that the information about my website was provided to the hospital administration by government agencies which keep files on everyone , especially those citizens who are not part of the mainstream population or do not follow the life routines defined by society’s norms.

To clarify my point, I want to refer to a hospital senior staff, a head nurse who is also a government administrator , legally responsible for the welfare of the patients as well as the professional status of the hospital’s nursing personnel. She is like a union boss.

She is a black nurse from Haiti and she would often visit my hospital ward, a hospital ward which I soon found had many patients who were not only Covid 19 patients, but also elderly patients who were either mentally disturbed or physically disabled. It felt like a mental asylum.

This particular nurse, a government official and administrator, would often visit me and would ask me if I had any requests concerning the hospital’s living conditions and the quality of the hospital services.

One of the first questions she asked me was the reason for not having a woman partner in my life. It was a very personal and a very inappropriate question coming from a hospital staff member. How did she know I had no woman in my life ? This  means that the hospital was informed about certain personal details which were not related to health issues.

I presume that the Canadian intelligence services gather personal information about every person living in Canada, especially Canadian immigrants who grew up and were educated in Canada. I am sure that the Canadian government  has a detailed record on every person living in Canada, information especially related to personal matters such as education , health issues, personality traits and political activism.

One day I had to visit a hospital department specializing in the health care of the heart, that is after I had already taken  ultra sound electronic examinations. The doctor who administered these tests was a  young woman Greek Canadian doctor , who spoke English and broken Greek, but did not want to explain what the process entailed  even though the examination took 2  hours.

The next day, I met with a senior heart doctor in his office. He first checked my heart and then asked me a whole series of questions concerning my health. He had a very thick folder which I presume was my medical history from the time I had immigrated to Canada with my family when I was 12 years old. What was strange was  the fact that from this medical file of many pages , he pointed out that I had an inflammation on my left cheek, just under my right ear, asking me how I was coping with it.

What was unusual about this question was that I have had this inflammation for more than 30 years, since the death of my mother in Greece succumbing to her burns, which created great stress in my psyche. This resulted in my pressing my jaws when sleeping, forming this inflammation which was not benign , so I didn’t have to remove it.

This happened in Greece more than 30 years ago, where I lived for more than 25 years, before returning to Canada in 2016. The question is how did the doctor know I had an inflammation and where it was located , since I had no medical examination since 2016, except exams for diabetes which involved testing my blood and urine. For me this was another mystery.

Another unusual event which happened to me in the hospital was that after 3 days, I discovered that my health insurance card had been stolen from me, including my bank identity card. Also a week later I discovered that a parcel containing clothes and 150 dollars , which my friend had brought from my apartment, went missing even though I had placed it in a locker in my room.

Both of these events demonstrated to me that the hospital was not a secure place. The official documents which were stolen from me created a lot of tension in me because these documents could be used to create problems for me. It almost felt like an attack on my personal security.

I informed the reception desk of my ward about the theft as well as the woman administrator . She assured me that she would complete an official application to get back my health insurance card. It took 2 months for me to receive my health insurance card at my apartment.

I believe that the theft within the hospital of important personal documents was a set up by the various hospital administrators to complicate my life and put me under great psychological strain. They were trying to break me psychologically because I was an ‘’outsider’’. I was used as a guinea pig in the hospital , testing my abilities to react effectively for my own welfare. I believe that this is the policy of hospitals for most of the irregular patients.

As I have previously noted , my hospital ward was a place of quarantine. I was not allowed to leave the premises , and I was rarely allowed to receive or make any phone calls.

I was placed in a room with 2 beds and the second one was occupied by 5  different patients during the 30 days that I stayed there . Four of these patients were eventually released , while one must have died because he had a respiratory attack , and they put him on a ventilator machine and then took him away.

The person who remained in the second  bed was a 94 year old Italian Canadian woman, who was a true fighter , while we became good friends. I talked to her on the phone 2 months later, as she was living in a residence home for the elderly, in Montreal. She was a lucky person because she was rich and had a daughter who really cared for her.

The hospital environment was that of secrecy and collusion between the staff members and the hospital administrators. The silence was deafening and terrifying. Everyone looked like a zombie, following specific guidelines with very little human input from the patients.

Every morning , a nurse would come to my room and would put an injection on  my right leg , so that my blood would not coagulate. It was a very painful injection and after many months after leaving  the hospital, the spot where they injected me would really hurt.

Another detail related to my space in the hospital, was that in front of the beds there were 2 thick glass panels, which I presume would monitor the movements of the patients. I did not see similar glass panels in the other rooms of the ward, which means that they had a special purpose. I know this because during the night when I would go to the bathroom, a few minutes after, a nurse would come into my room, asking me the reasons for moving around. There was absolute control on everything I did there.

The food was satisfactory , but the bed mattresses were very uncomfortable because I wasn’t able to move easily or stretch , because of the way large pillows were placed on the mattress . This meant that I couldn’t sleep comfortably. The bed covers were not warm enough when the room temperature dropped, while there was a type of ventilator outlet on a window, which in theory renewed the air in the room. The outlet had a motor which made a lot of noise all the time. Eventually they shut it down because it was bringing in a lot of cold air.

One of the reasons that I think I was used as a guinea pig was not only the psychological pressures that I was put under but also the fact that they decided on surgical examinations or interventions, without explaining in detail what was wrong with me.

During my second week in the hospital, the doctors informed me that I was going to undergo a special medical intervention. This procedure would take place in another hospital close by, which was better equipped. During the operation they injected my spinal cord at the bottom part of my spine. I had to lie on my back for more than 8 hours without moving.

During the next day and at the same hospital , I was placed inside an electronic scanner which would photograph my spinal cord from all sides. This procedure took about 3 hours and I couldn’t  move inside the cubicle. I was never given the results of this examination.

To make things even worse, a doctor came into my room the  next day and explained to me that they would have to extract liquid from my brain, in order to facilitate body movements and my thought process.

A woman doctor came the day  after in the morning and inserted a syringe at the lowers section of my spinal cord. This woman doctor, who was Bulgarian , looked like someone you  would see in a Nazi concentration camp. The procedure took more than an hour and it was extremely painful. I was screaming almost the whole time, even though I am not very sensitive to pain.

Next day, this same woman doctor, ‘’the Nazi doctor’’, came to visit me to see how I was doing. She informed me that everything had gone as expected, and that she extracted two small bottles of liquid from my brain. She even joked that she knew an American doctor who did this operation by opening a small hole on top of the head. She looked and sounded really Satanic, like essentially most doctors, even  though   they smile and are very diplomatic.

The  conclusion to this terrifying hospital experience, was that I was allowed to leave the hospital, but I was not given a summary of the results of my medical examinations. The doctor who gave me the exit papers told me that I was in an excellent condition, and as proof he showed me the hospital brief resume instructing me that I wasn’t supposed to take any medication.

I slowly realized that they had  done something awful on me, but I couldn’t prove it.   My bodily movements did not improve and my capacity to think properly took 4 months to function. By the way the document from the hospital which was given to me indicated that I was kept in the hospital because I was suffering from Covid 19 and diabetes, even though no medication was prescribed for either health conditions.

Absolute fraud and madness in an evil Satanic world where the whole medical profession has the propensity to worsen the health of human beings, in order to sell the medical products  of the Big Pharma Companies and the medical services of government hospitals.

For me personally, it was the most terrifying experience of my life, and I have had many difficult experiences in the past. I didn’t know if I was going to come out alive and sane.

I concluded that the doctors and the nurses are incompetent for a specific reason, it is to destroy the health and the lives of people around the world, similar to what has happened with the ‘’false pandemic’’ of Covid 19. This is the ‘’death cult’’ which dominates the world today and I hope all these criminal professionals would receive  the fruits of their genocide  in Hell.