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The focus of the site is to acknowledge that there is creative greatness in human thought and feelings when these are expressed in a simple format but with a great love and respect towards the infinite dimensions of reality, visible and invisible, rational and irrational.

These thoughts and feelings can become today the essential creative instruments in protecting and defending the beauty and sanctity of all existence.


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Today’s Virtual Reality – The destruction of the Human Being

Virtual  Reality is an everyday reality which is not based on the dialectic criteria of human evolution, but is based on an artificial construct of human existence.

Virtual Reality has been prevalent in everyday  human activities since the beginning of human civilization, it was a social tool to create and maintain a false consciousness of societal coherence and unity. It was also a universal human conspiracy to maintain and propagate the established social status of the privileged and the powerful over the majority of the population. This is a social characteristic in almost every society.

In primitive societies where a social consensus was critical in maintaining a certain degree of homogeneity , there were very few social distinctions or differences, whether political or economic, everyone had to contribute equally to ensure human survival. The common goal for everyone was material subsistence and the protection of life for everyone, since every member of society was an essential social component and actor. There was no surplus of manpower and goods to provide and promote  any social distinctions.

Primitive societies had a subsistence economy, adequate or sufficient most of the time to ensure the welfare and survival of each community.

The forces of nature affected equally each individual and there were no privileged human entities, privileged and protected by  the forces of nature or those metaphysical entities or divinities representing these natural forces.

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The ‘’death cult’’ in Canada today – a controlled corporatist police state, run by Globalist Elites like Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau (conclusion from a personal experience during my hospitalization for Covid 19 on July 2022, in a large Canadian hospital in Montreal, Canada)

It was an ordinary night, having my supper at home, when suddenly I felt very weak. It tried to stand up but then I buckled and fell on the floor backwards. It was like an electric shock going through my whole body, losing control of my limbs and falling down. I felt almost paralyzed and I could not even stand up. It was as if  I  had entered another dimension, where everything around me seemed different and shadowy. For me it was a new type of life experience.

Here I have to mention that before taking my supper, I took an afternoon nap  where I  saw many strange hallucinations , which I previously experienced only once 7 months before.  It wasn’t a dream, because in both instances I could remember details of these hallucinations for a long time after. I have to emphasize here that I do not take any drugs or medication, and  I  also do not consume strong alcohol. Similarly, I have never had  any mental issues or have been to a psychiatrist.

Going back to my story, I want to specify that when I felt that electric shock and tried to stand up, I fell  backwards and knocked down the garbage bin which was right behind me. I couldn’t  stand up and  didn’t have the physical strength to control my limbs. I crawled on the floor, and slowly reached for my phone and called my Chinese landlady to help me.

When she came up to the apartment, because she lives on the floor below, she called for an ambulance. At this point , I have to go back in time and explain the fact that  once my landlady Mrs. Lee saw me in this strange condition, she went and brought me some nourishment to energize me. She gave me  3 hard boiled eggs, fruit juice and a glass of milk. She treated me as her own son and I am very grateful to her.

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Personal Comments and Impressions (E)

The  Social Chaos  Today

a– Personal verses inspired by the social chaos which we see  around the world today

1 —  You don’t know what life is all about because they didn’t let you live.

2 – You may hold all the cards but I have the last say .

3 – Concerning the ‘’fake vaccines’’ for  the pandemic of Covid 19, I would never have believed how stupid and gullible people could be.

4 –How come you are still complaining that nobody understands you ?

5 –Society’s  satanic establishment wants to convince us  that we are not able to change the quality of our lives.

6 –As we use our I-phones   to convince ourselves that we are living a normal social life, the more our existence would turn into a clown world.

7 –In your virtual existence you cannot cope with everyday reality and truths.

8 –I know that you are addicted to money and your daily routines , but these are exactly what are driving you crazy.

9 –You pretend that you cannot understand what is happening around you, but until when?

10 –Why did you abandon the child within you?

11 –Your life is just a moment in space, but an eternity in the cosmos.

12 –We are living our lives with lies, and we are destroying our lives with lies.

13 –You are dead , but you don’t know it .

14 –How can you take seriously the ‘’clown world’’ that the mainstream media is feeding you every day?

15—Give me a break with all this nonsense about climate warming. Be serious!!!

16 –You don’t like objective truths because they destroy your virtual reality.

17 –For your own salvation , it’s time you confronted your own grim everyday reality.

18 –I am at the  epicenter of life and the universe because I am free.

19 –Do you know where you are heading and what you really want?

20 –I’ll make you a bet that you will never be satisfied with life, so why all the anxiety?

21 –You say everything is fine!! How come?

22 –I  want to hear some self-criticism !!!



The New World Order—A Jewish Khazarian Criminal  Syndicate controlling the West


We are living in a metaphysical dimension where everything is set up by dark forces who want to destroy most of humanity and acquire hegemony over all societies.

I cannot find a rational explanation at the extent and at the speed whereby during the last 150 years and more, the Globalist elites have been able to obstruct or undermine any type of normal existence in every society. This is unique historically and that is why I have to attempt an unorthodox analysis.

The Globalist elites who are mostly  Khazarian Jews, not Semitic Jews, have succeeded in transforming and controlling politics, culture, finance and information worldwide , to serve their satanic monopolistic interests at the expense of the freedoms and welfare of human beings.

They have been able to accomplish this , especially in the Western world, by buying off the consciousness of decision making actors or by blackmailing them. You either cede to their directives and prosper or you are eliminated from society.

A good historical paradigm of this conspiratorial hegemonic strategy is the creation or the founding of the European Union more than 40 years ago, which has evolved into the hub of globalism, quietly installing a totalitarian corporatist form of government, putting their own non-elected people in decision making positions in the various European commissions, superseding the national governments of the individual member state countries.

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B’ – The Family, the source of Human Tragedy (a common secret)

I  am 72  years old, and I have lived in 4  different countries with different cultures. I  spent my  early years in Egypt, my  adolescent and my adulthood in Montreal Canada, while I also did 3 years of higher studies in London England. Finally, I  moved to Athens where I spent 25 years. During the last 4 years I have been living in Montreal Canada, in order to supplement my years of residence so as to receive part of my old age pension in Greece. What I want to emphasize here is the fact that during the 72 years of my existence, what has impressed me the most is the ‘’social dystopia’’ and the ‘’spiritual vacuum’’ which encompasses the everyday lives of people, especially in the West. A dystopia which affects all ages and all social classes. Even more important is the fact that the epicenter of this ‘’social dystopia’’ is  to a large degree within the ‘’family unit’’, which theoretically is the social space where one can find solace, a spiritual uplift and an existential stability. It’s the metaphor of the Holy Family as it appears in Christian and Judaic sacred texts. Having worked as a private tutor to…

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A’ — The Family, the source of Human Tragedy (the common secret)

I  want to dedicate this text  to my friend  Christina, who I  have known for more than 50 years, and to my sister  Martha, younger by 3  years. Christina has lived almost all of her life in Montreal , Canada, while my sister has spent her youth in Montreal, Canada, before moving to Athens in 1971, with her mother and our younger sister.

Christina and Martha are in their 60s , they are mothers and grandmothers , they are educated and dynamic, and in theory they are progressive with liberal values.

From a very young age, growing up in Egypt, and after in Montreal, Canada, disposing of great sensibilities and an astute mind, I tried to comprehend the reasons why the majority of the people I knew, were so alienated and distant from feelings of love, eroticism and their imagination.

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Omerta — Eyes wide shut (the epoch of the Cannibals)

Dear  Ms Laura  Ingraham     January 2022

This is the sixth letter that I am writing you, while the two previous ones ,  I have  already posted  on my website, meta-morphosis.gr , as I  shall with this one. These texts or letters to a famous journalist as yourself, provides me with the opportunity to go over some important current issues and information which I believe are noteworthy in the present social chaos that we are living in. Yet, most of the time, this information is  purposefully not given the proper exposure by the mainstream media like the organization you are working for,  which is Fox News.

In this letter,  I want to touch on specific subjects affecting negatively everyday American life, which pragmatically are destabilizing and dismantling all Western societies. Those individuals who are pretending that this is not happening are just  lying  to themselves, living out a ‘’virtual reality’’.

We are all experiencing a ‘’world conspiracy’’ by Globalist elite groups whose aim is to control, subjugate and dehumanize people all over the world through government policy and political propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media in the Western world. This mainstream media to a large extent is controlled by  international  Khazarian Jews, not the authentic Semitic Jews of the Middle East. These world players are the ‘’real enemies’’ of the people as President Trump has suggested in the past.

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Dystopia or a World in disarray

Definitions  — lexico.com

Dystopia   — an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice , typically one that  is  totalitarian or  post-apocalyptic

Utopia     — an imagined place or state  of things in which everything is perfect

Hell    — a  place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering

Infernal   —  relating to or characteristic of hell or the underworld

Satanic   — extremely  evil or wicked

Psychopath — a  person affected by chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior


Today  around the world, we are witnessing an extraordinary and historic conspiracy by transnational corporations, by central banks and by globalized international organizations like the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the IMF and NATO. These world actors  want  to impose on the world a  ‘’totalitarian corporate’’ political system which would control the everyday life of every person, except the ones who represent the political and economic elite  groups.

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A — Maya Angelou- ‘’Letter to my daughter’’
Book published in 2009 by Penguin Random House
A message of national unity and hope from Maya Angelou(1928-2014) to all Americans
( Maya Angelou is a famous American poet, author and academic)

Chapter 21 — National Spirit

For the past four decades our national spirit and natural joy have ebbed. Our national expectations have diminished . Our hope for the future has waned to such a degree that we risk sneers and snorts of derision when we confess that we are hoping for bright tomorrows.

How have we come so late and lonely to this place? When did we relinquish our desire for a high moral ground to those who clutter our national landscape with vulgar accusations and gross speculations?

Are we not the same people who have fought a war in Europe to eradicate an Aryan threat to murder an entire race? Have we not worked , prayed, planned to create a better world? Are we not the citizens who struggled, marched, and went to jail to obliterate legalized racism from our country? Didn’t we dream of a country where freedom was in the national conscience and dignity was the goal?
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Personal Comments and Impressions (D)

(The following are my commentaries on  Social Issues, Current Events, Concepts  and also Personal Impressions of people and everyday life)

No News is Good News

a) A  letter to the  Editors of the  British magazine  ‘’The New  Statesman’’


July  2021,

Dear  Editors,

This is the second letter that I am writing to your magazine, the first one I  sent in  August of 2020, which  I  am including part of the text so you will be reminded of the content.

The first letter dealt with the current event subject of  Meghan Merkle and  Prince  Harry, which  I  published it on my website(meta-morphosis.gr), knowing full well that you wouldn’t make any editorial reference to it in the section of your magazine where you allow commentaries from your readers to be partially printed.

The sad aspect concerning your  editorial integrity and its professionalism is that you didn’t even sent me a typical notice of  the reception of the letter, even though I had informed you that I have been keeping my own website for 15 years, writing articles both in English and Greek.

I will therefore print once again a section of the letter I  sent you  in  August 2020, which provides me with the opportunity for my readers not only to assess what  I have already commented on , but to also evaluate your  integrity as an important progressive magazine in the West.


Part of the letter  goes as follows:


August 2, 2020

Dear  Editors,

I   rarely  write  letters to newspapers, magazines or T.V. networks, but  I did exactly that a long time ago, during the illegal American war campaign in  Iraq in 2003, where more than half-a-million Iraqi citizens died and many thousands of Iraqi and  American soldiers.

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Globalization- the negative social impact on a person living in the West


Before we touch upon the different aspects of everyday life that Globalization affects negatively a person living in the Western World, I should like to present my own perspective of what Globalization entails in a general and universal context.

First of all I believe that the type of Globalization that the entire world is experiencing today, especially in the Western nation-states like the member states of the European Union and the United States, has been designed in a ‘’conspiratorial manner’’ for more than 50 years, by the richest and most powerful groups of people in the world. This cabal of elites are represented by Elite Organizations like the Bilderberg Group, the Committee of 300,the Club of Rome, and the Rockefeller and Rothschild financial dynasties.

These ‘’elite criminal syndicates’’ dominate most of the world’s financial institutions and central banks, as well as the world’s most powerful Masonic Lodges, like Britain’s Grand Lodge of Scotland and America’s Grand Lodge of King David.

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