Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part B)


Money like gold are human idols, and I don’t believe in idols!!!

You persist time and time again, trying to “overreach” Life. You should have realized by now that this is impossible!!!

I have stopped being fearful of “the unpredictable”!!!!

You are “really trapped” within your own “virtual reality”!!!

All of you, what Clowns you really are!!!!

Our Historical Memory is the most powerful opponent to Today’s Western Globalization!!!

You are constantly lying!!! Aren’t you tired of this????

Emotional Dependence is not Love!!!!

I seek “Real Pathos” in Life!!!!

Are we going to tell truths or fairy tales???

Take out all your “measly money deposits” from your Greek bank accounts and let your Country “go bust”!!!

Do you want Truths or half truths????

Money and material possessions kill the Human Soul and the Human Conscience!!!!

In the end, we just say what suits us, not the Real Truth!!!

That which makes you ill are the lies you tell and the lies you live!!!

I never took Society seriously!!!! Never!!!

He is a King, who knows he is a King, but he is not a King!!!

Always the better than the worse!!!!

When you watch American Television Channels which specialize in informing their viewers about Global Economic Affairs, their financial commentators and “specialists” almost always tell Lies or Half Truths!!!

The Essence of Life is not what you see but what you don’t see!!!

I feel lucky that I have loved and that I have been loved!!!!

A Lie is the start of Human Madness!!!!

You still continue with this “virtual reality” in your own lives, and I want to see where this will lead you to!!!

Do you really want me to take you seriously?????

I am not at all hesitant telling about Everything before I leave this Earthly Existence!!!! What do I really have to lose???

What is this personal Mania by Greeks to own property and capital goods??? Is this not a Personal Existential Insecurity??? Why is this so???

What the hell is this enormous “black market”(undeclared income) sustained and supported by most Greeks until Today???

You want and expect almost everything in Life, then, where is the Adventure???

I never Forget!!!!

We Greek Peoples, when are we going to truly liberate ourselves???( Cultural Enlightenment!!!!)