Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part S)

What do you prefer??? Appearances or content ???

My point of reference is Life not Society!!!

The love of money, kills the soul but also the body!!!

Our everyday routines encroach on and violate our own good disposition!!!

You have colluded with the Devil, but be sure that the Devil will always be by your side!!!

Really now, aren’t you fed up with your own “virtual reality”!!!

I am living the Void in a society which yearns for the Void!!!

You are not able to love because you have forgot how to love yourself and Life!!!

When we are all together, enjoying ourselves, and you keep on using your I-phone , you are being “disrespectful” and “a moron”!!!

Today, Greek Society is recycling!!! Let us see who can endure this!!!

In essence, our problems are not economic but existential!!!

Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists are today “making a bundle”, but with what results???

Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists should start telling some basic truths to their “customers” and not feed them with toxic chemicals!!!

Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists should ask themselves if they chose this profession for “the gold coins” or to help human beings!!!

Where is our “very holy” Greek Orthodox Church in these trying times the Greek peoples are living??? No more prayers!!!

When will the Greek peoples find an honest, sensitive and pragmatic politician???

Stop caring so much about your social image and give more attention to your own soul and psyche!!!

I know all too well that you want everything in life, but in the end you are going “to burn both ends of the candle”!!!

Your own Hell stems from your own Defenses!!!

Routines kill Life!!!

Society doesn’t deserve all those children being born today!!!

Loosen up, you have nothing to lose!!!

Keys and bills everywhere!!! A real prison!!!

What will you say to your husband??? That you were out with the girlfriends!!!

What clowns are our clerics, but also our politicians!!!

In Greek Society, “slyness” and “treachery” are equated to human intelligence and human creativity!!! That is why Greece today represents “the hovel” of Europe!!!

Parents, especially mothers, should stop intervening in “the private world” of their own children!!! This is both “unethical” and “unnatural”!!!