Omerta — Eyes wide shut (the epoch of the Cannibals)

Dear  Ms Laura  Ingraham     January 2022

This is the sixth letter that I am writing you, while the two previous ones ,  I have  already posted  on my website, , as I  shall with this one. These texts or letters to a famous journalist as yourself, provides me with the opportunity to go over some important current issues and information which I believe are noteworthy in the present social chaos that we are living in. Yet, most of the time, this information is  purposefully not given the proper exposure by the mainstream media like the organization you are working for,  which is Fox News.

In this letter,  I want to touch on specific subjects affecting negatively everyday American life, which pragmatically are destabilizing and dismantling all Western societies. Those individuals who are pretending that this is not happening are just  lying  to themselves, living out a ‘’virtual reality’’.

We are all experiencing a ‘’world conspiracy’’ by Globalist elite groups whose aim is to control, subjugate and dehumanize people all over the world through government policy and political propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media in the Western world. This mainstream media to a large extent is controlled by  international  Khazarian Jews, not the authentic Semitic Jews of the Middle East. These world players are the ‘’real enemies’’ of the people as President Trump has suggested in the past.

I  think that the last text I sent you, which I included in my website had the title ‘’America for sale’’ , and I am sure that it is happening right now at an accelerated pace. It encompasses every sector of society from the political and governmental   establishments to the medical and academic institutions , especially the main stream and social media which you are an active participant as a journalist of a major media corporation. Therefore you are also guilty.

All of these societal components want to secure for themselves a ‘’piece of the pie’’, which is made up of financial kickbacks , criminal activities and personal power ambitions.

One could say that all these societal actors are ‘’prostituting’’ themselves and ‘’cannibalizing’’ the general welfare of societies.

Therefore, we are living in a society of ‘’prostitutes’’ and ‘’cannibals’’, where a government official, a journalist, a judge or a doctor is being bribed to accommodate illegal and criminal activities by private interest groups like the pharmaceutical companies producing   the experimental vaccines for Covid 19 or  providing inside information as  traders , manipulating stock prices for the financial benefit of large hedge funds.

This whole socio-economic environment of individuals prostituting themselves for self-interest , originates and is being promoted by corrupt and malevolent powerful institutions whose purpose is to distort the personal integrity of the general public and its moral compass. All enhanced by personal incentives for material profit, self-gratification and a narcissistic psychosis.

All this human  evil for the glory of the spirit of Baal, the real divinity of the Jews, the metaphysical emblem of gold and child sacrifice, the enemy of life and human freedom.

We shall expose some recent events which   demonstrate the evil and the darkness which have encompassed the everyday lives of Americans but which have been internalized as normal happenings , as part of the American psyche or the American collective unconscious .

The first one relates to the kidnapping and murder of the 22 year old Gabby Petito, probably by her fiancé Brian Laundrie 23, who was found dead two months later. During the period between September 2021 and October 2021, both were found dead at different locations hundreds of miles apart. Gabby Petito’s body was discovered in the state of Wyoming and Brian Laundrie’s body was found in the state of Florida.

The police authorities declared that Brian Laundrie had died from a self-inflicted gunshot at the back of the head, a ‘’strange spot’’ for a self-inflicted wound.

I believe that these were satanic ritual killings, where Gabby Petito , a popular media influencer with 1.3 million followers on her media platform had to be eliminated because she was projecting an attractive, healthy and loving person, a social role model that had to be eliminated , exactly like Princess Dianna more than 20 years ago.

I am sure that Brian Laundrie was her executioner and then he was executed by his masters in the satanic cult so that he would not reveal his affiliations to  them.

I believe that it is exactly the same scenario which was played out with the ‘’accidental shooting’’ by famous Hollywood actor-producer Alec Baldwin of his female technical director on the studio set where his film ‘’Rust’’ was being filmed. This ‘’accidental killing’’ has all the hallmarks of a ‘’satanic cult sacrifice’’ involving aspects of freemasonry and human trafficking.

The first relates to the fact that the female technical director of central European origin was planning in the near future to make a documentary on child trafficking after the completion of Baldwin’s film. The second component in this ‘’satanic ritual sacrifice’’ involves Baldwin’s  links to freemasonry, where he had to eliminate a close associate or even a relative  in order to rise in the ranks of the Hollywood masonic lodge that he was affiliated to.

We have witnessed similar high profile cases like for example the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy in 1963 involving his vice president Lyndon Johnson and similarly the ‘’accidental death’’ in a plane crash of  John F. Kennedy Junior premeditated by the Kennedy family clan because Kennedy Junior had cut ties with them and he was being very critical of them through his own magazine ‘’George’’,  exposing   their political sins.

I believe that most masonic lodges and satanic cults dominate the undercurrents of  America’s public life, if we take into account  the amount of sex trafficking which is taking place today, especially targeting young people and children, where all profits end up in their coffers.

These powerful illegal organizations and masonic lodges are directly involved in the commerce of young people and children for the sex industry and the harvesting of human parts, especially the revitalizing blood substance ‘’adrenochrome’’. This body substance is released in the blood of children when they are being mutilated for sacrifice. Many powerful persons in America’s elite class, whether it be a politician, an entertainer or a businessman are addicted to this enhancing body substance.

Established American institutions like the entertainment industry, American government departments like the FBI, the CIA and police administrations , are almost all involved in human trafficking, especially within the inner political and business elite circles.

Good examples of higher up society personalities involved in the trafficking and the inhumane treatment of young people are now the famous criminal protagonists of Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Guislane  Maxwell , all Khazarian Jews and part of the American elite classes, the financial ,social and political ones.

To demonstrate their power, we just have to look at the sexual exploitation of young actresses by Harvey Weinstein, former owner of Miramax, the biggest private film company, who acted as a sexual predator for more than 20 years , until the time he was arrested and put into prison for life last year.

We can see the same type of preferential treatment by the American establishment and America’s justice system in the trial of Guislane Maxwell which has just been completed , where not much information is being brought out by the court, concerning her criminal activities as a promoter of  human trafficking of young girls.

Maxwell was grooming destitute girls to prostitute themselves to powerful people like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew and Richard   Branson of Virgin Airlines. Her criminal activities with her now defunct partner Jeffrey Epstein , had been going on for more than 20 years without having to face any legal repercussions.

Now I want to talk about Hunter Biden, the son of American President Joe Biden , who for more than 20 years was involved  in a whole series of international shady financial and commercial dealings , especially during the period when his father was vice president of the United States under the Obama administration.

It seems that Hunter Biden , a drug addict, was working for his father , the ‘’Godfather’’ of the Biden clan, arranging various irregular commercial and financial deals with foreign companies  based in the Ukraine, China, Bulgaria and South America.

Most of these secret transactions are recorded on the laptop of Hunter Biden, which he abandoned in a software shop in New York city to be serviced, yet he never returned to pick it up. The FBI had Hunter’s laptop for more than 2 years, which they had  received from the shop owner , just after he had also given a copy to Ruddy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and legal counsel to President Trump.

The FBI did not reveal the contents of Hunter’s laptop, but Rudy Giuliani exposed its data by giving the laptop to the New York Post, a powerful American newspaper, which it then published some parts for its readers.

I have a suspicion that Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop at the electronics shop while also signing a receipt  to expose the criminality of his father at every level. I am almost certain that Joe Biden had forced his son to become an intermediary for his ‘’dirty business’’ , while making a fortune from these ‘’extraordinary’’ financial deals, getting the biggest cut, ‘’10 %   for the Big Guy’’ as the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal.

I also suspect that Joe Biden being a suspected pedophile from what we witness in the way he behaves publicly when he is around young children , touching them inappropriately and sniffing their hair, must have abused sexually Hunter Biden when he was young, which I think  continued through Hunter’s adulthood . You just have to observe how Joe behaves publicly when he is with his son Hunter, their casual physical closeness  and revealing facial expressions, they act like ‘’two lovers’’.

We have recently learned some facts revealed  related to Joe Biden and his younger daughter Ashley Biden, when she purposefully gave  her diary to a newspaper  describing how her father was physically intimate with her when she was a young girl, taking showers with her.

Joe Biden acts like a  ‘’sexual predator’’ , exactly like Weinstein, Epstein and Guislane Maxwell. These personal facts about his  perverse sexual behavior have not been revealed by the mainstream media because this media is controlled by the Jewish Khazarian Globalist elites, which would have destroyed the chances of Joe Biden, ‘’their man’’ or their ‘’prostitute’’ to become the next President of the United States in 2019.

Therefore, the general social environment in the United States is corrupted by immorality and lawlessness, which touches all social classes, all genders and all races. This is the social and popular culture created by Hollywood early in the 20th century by Khazarian Jews who had immigrated to the United States from Central  Europe, and whose agenda as representatives of the international Cabal, was to dismantle  American society and America’s traditional culture and social values. They wanted to control America, politically, socially, economically and culturally, and they have succeeded.

The end result is the best proof. With about 2 %  of the American population , the American Khazarian Jews control most of the financial, political and academic institutions of the country, to the detriment of an open, pluralistic and liberal society, an egalitarian and representative society, where no one racial group, especially a racial minority , controls and dominates the country.

No mainstream media questions the power of the Khazarian American Jews, because they control all of it, including  the Fox media corporation, the company you are working for. Rupert Murdoch , the owner of this corporation is half  Jewish Khazarian from his mother’s side.

Here I have to emphasize that most of the mass media which is controlled by Khazarian Jews, is mostly financed  by the biggest Pharmaceutical companies in the world like Phizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, whose CEOs are also Khazarian Jews. They are the Pharmaceutical companies that are  producing  the vaccines for  Covid 19 and which have increased their profits in 2020 and 2021 by tens of billions of dollars. It’s a setup , a setup by Khazarian Jews starting more than 100 years ago by the Rockefeller Foundation.

We have to finally note that  Doctor Toni Faucci, the instigator of the bioweapon of  Covid 19 with the assistance of the Chinese government, and head of the medical board of the American government is a half Khazarian Jew from his mother’s side, while his real name is Toni Cohen Faucci. What a  coincidence!!!

P.S. Today  Joe  Biden’s  life is real hell, in real time. Divine justice for his corrupt and immoral  lifestyle!!!!

Joe Biden    Hunter Biden
‘’Two lovers from hell’’