Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part C)



Lower your Tone and your own Conceit because Life will obliterate you!!!!

I would like to ask my 3 Sisters if we ever had “a common point of reference” in Life!!!!

What have my eyes seen and what have my ears heard!!!

Mad and corrupt “people” rule over Us and dominate Our Lives!!! We well deserve it!!!

I cannot take you seriously anymore!!!

Human Creativity has nothing to do with Human Organization; it is just Simple Everyday Human Inspiration!!!

I have very positive thoughts about you yet you are constantly having bad feelings about me!!!

All of you “masters” and “mistresses” of Human Society are but just “sick” and “dysfunctional” personalities!!!

Do you now understand why you are always ill ???? It is because of all the lies you tell and all the stupid games you play in your Everyday Life!!!

Individual Freedom and Spiritual Tranquility are two of the “most precious gifts” that Life has bestowed upon Human Beings!!!

At every turn, why so much Enmity????

You don’t want to be by yourself because you fear to listen to Yourself!!!

I am almost certain that for the last few years they have been spraying the air we breathe with “lethal toxins”!!! What a “great shame” for all of these Greek Patriots!!!

Do you really feel contented living and surviving with Pills ??? Whichever pills!!!

Aren’t you tired of being so over involved with “your own little self”????

A Good Sleep is the best “antidote” for your Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing!!!

For Human Haughtiness there is always a Heavy Price to be paid!!!

At the end of the day, we say what we want, which has very little to do with Reality!!!

Human Power, whichever kind of power, supports Lies and not the Truth!!!

With so much Human Madness going around, how in Heaven is this Society moving along???

In Everyday Life, Greek Men and Women do what they want, but at what Cost to Themselves!!!!

How can You All live so Intensely in the Past???

You have money yet you count every penny!!! How very Miserly of you!!!

Do we coexist, Yes or No???

They abandoned me because they could not accept their Own Reality!!!

In the end, you are very cowardly with Life Itself!!! What a great Shame on You!!!

Being Humble, is it a sign of Human Wisdom or of Human Stupidity???

I keep close to the Magic of Life, while you are Literally Dying!!!!

Do all of you actually believe that “a new car” can fill in the Great Void in your life????

Live the moment because it is Unique!!!!