Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality. (Part D)

You always think of the “sinister side” of things, that is how you have been taught since you were young!!!! What “a great tragedy” for You !!!!

In the end, you don’t trust anyone, not even Your Own Self!!!

That is how I learned since childhood, just a simple excuse on your own part!!! Now it is time to reconsider and revaluate things in order to save Yourself!!!!

Have most of You “taken conscience” of the fact that you have “practically dismantled” Your Own Children, spiritually, physically and psychologically???

You desire money, property and material goods!!! I desire Life!!!!

All the time, the same and the same things!!! Aren’t you tired of this????

You cannot hide behind your own everyday routines and your own everyday Social pretences!!!!

Get rid of this “negativity” and the “dark feelings” you carry within your own Mind and within your own Soul!!!!

Everything is Unfolding, One by One!!!

I don’t want to Control them, I just want to Love them!!!!

I am sure that you believe that you are a small god or a small goddess!!! Watch out , because the Real Gods and the Real Goddesses will certainly punish you for this!!!

You really want “to do harm”, but you should know that this will eventually return on you!!!!

You want to win in Life ;;;; Simply learn how to Love!!!!

You “continuously” and “steadfastly” play Society’s Virtual Games, that is the reason why you are “in shambles”!!!!!

You lost in Life because you have never loved Yourself!!!

The Dark Forces Worldwide are preparing Themselves for the Last Onslaught!!!

In the end, most of You have become very Dark!!!!

How boring is a “Normal Daily Life”, that is exactly why I rejected it from childhood !!!!!

From all of you, I want you to truly tell me , what are the “real reasons” you want to have children????

I have never played in my Life Society’s Foolish Games!!!! Never!!!

Don’t hesitate, ask “indiscreet personal questions”, because all “true answers” will expose the Everyday Social Hypocrisy!!!!

The “well set up” is finally very boring!!!!

I try to make “the moment” more beautiful!!!

The “Original Sin” is really all part of You, since you perpetuate it in your own Everyday Existence!!!!

Don’t budge an inch!!! Stay exactly where you are!!!!

I love you because of who you really are!!!!!

You believe that all of Life is your own Personal Game!!! How wrong you really are!!!

Nothing happens by Chance, this I promise you!!!

Are We finally going to behave Seriously as a Nation??? Yes or No???