The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b5)

(I   want  to  dedicate these series of  texts  to  those  of  my  former  Greek  students, male and  female, who  in  the end chose “mediocrity”  and  “virtual  reality”  for  the  sake  of  their  own  society, their own  families and  their own “survival”.)


We  shall  return once  again to  the  first  years  of  the  Byzantine Empire,  when  the “conspiracy” between its  political  authorities, the clerical authorities  and  the  International  Jewish Establishment was initiated, and  progressively evolved and took  roots.

The  Byzantine Empire  was  founded by  Constantine the  Great(272A.D.-337A.D.), son  of  the  Roman Caesar Flavius Valerius  Constantius  and his  wife Helen. The Roman  Emperor Diocletian, who introduced the political institution of  the  “tetrarchy”(four individual rulers) in 293A.D., appointed Constantius A’(293A.D.-306A.D), Caesar of  Gaul, Spain and  Britain, meaning  the Western Provinces of the  Roman Empire. Constantine the   Great, son of  Constantius A’, ruled  as Emperor of   the  Western Roman Empire from 312A.D. to  324A.D., and as sole Emperor of the  Empire from 324A.D. to  337A.D.

Constantine the   Great implemented  three major historic decrees which would  define concretely , the political, the historical and  the cultural identity of  Byzantium until its demise, during the  middle of  the 15th  century  A.D..

First  of  all , he signed the  decree of  Mediolanum(Milan) in 313A.D., when  he  was  Emperor of  the  Western  Roman  Empire, enacting the legislation of  “religious tolerance”, therefore, legalizing  Christianity as a  “tolerated religion” which would be under  the  protection of  the  Emperor himself!!! Byzantine Emperor Theodosius A’ was the one  who  on  February 28, 380A.D., in  Salonika, passed the  legislation, making Christianity “the official religion” of  the  Byzantine Empire. Theodosius,  had  activated  the decisions taken by the  First Ecumenical Synod in Nicaea in 325A.D., under the rule of   Byzantine Emperor, Constantine the  Great!!!

The  second  political initiative taken by  Constantine the  Great  was  the  official relocation of  Rome  as capital of  the  Roman Empire  to  Constantinople, which pragmatically meant the creation of  the  Eastern Roman Empire.

Finally, he organised the First Ecumenical   Synod of Nicaea in 325A.D., which was  a determinant historical  factor  concerning the  evolution of  Christianity  as a World Religion. This Synod defined , validated  and  formalized  the  various Christian dogmas, the church institutions and finally, the socio-political status of   the  Church in relation to the powers of the Emperor, his court and the local administrations  throughout the territory of the Byzantine Empire!!!

The  Byzantine Empire was a  “superficial simile” of  the  Roman Empire, as the Roman Empire had been “a  rough copy” of  the political and social  culture of  the  Greek City  States!!! The political, cultural  and  institutional cohesion of  the  Byzantine Empire was superficial and  not the  end  product of a historical  evolution!!!

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Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part S)

What do you prefer??? Appearances or content ???

My point of reference is Life not Society!!!

The love of money, kills the soul but also the body!!!

Our everyday routines encroach on and violate our own good disposition!!!

You have colluded with the Devil, but be sure that the Devil will always be by your side!!!

Really now, aren’t you fed up with your own “virtual reality”!!!

I am living the Void in a society which yearns for the Void!!!

You are not able to love because you have forgot how to love yourself and Life!!!

When we are all together, enjoying ourselves, and you keep on using your I-phone , you are being “disrespectful” and “a moron”!!!

Today, Greek Society is recycling!!! Let us see who can endure this!!!

In essence, our problems are not economic but existential!!!

Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists are today “making a bundle”, but with what results???

Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists should start telling some basic truths to their “customers” and not feed them with toxic chemicals!!!

Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists should ask themselves if they chose this profession for “the gold coins” or to help human beings!!!

Where is our “very holy” Greek Orthodox Church in these trying times the Greek peoples are living??? No more prayers!!!

When will the Greek peoples find an honest, sensitive and pragmatic politician???

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The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b4)

(I  want  to  dedicate  these  series of  texts to  those   of   my  former  Greek  students, male  or  female,  who  in  the  end  , chose “mediocrity”  and  “virtual reality”,  for  the  sake  of  their own  society, their  own  families  and  their own “survival”)


This  part of  our  Epilogues(b4), is  a  synopsis of  the first three texts of  this  series  of  articles(epilogues b1,b2,b3), where I described the “historical conspiracy” between  the  Byzantine political  authorities, the Greek Orthodox Church and  the  International Jewish Establishment to undermine, weaken and  isolate the  social, cultural and political values , as  well  as the  historical institutions  of  Ancient  Greek  Civilization within  the  wider  geographical Mediterranean region  and  the Middle  East.

We  shall  begin this  text by  comparing one  more  time, the  critical historical, cultural , ideological and  existential differences between Ancient  Greek  Civilization  and  the  Traditional Jewish Civilization of  2,500  years.

The  most important cultural and  ideological  differences between  these  two  civilizations  originate from  the  historical  fact that Ancient  Greek  Civilization was not  founded, constructed and developed by   “metaphysical” or  “divine” intervention, but  through  the “free initiatives” and  the  “free creativity” of  mortals, responding to  the  social  demands  and  the aesthetic  criteria  of  their  time and  their own  geopolitical space. These therefore were the  basic  societal  incentives  for  the  “extraordinary” and  “accelerated”  cultural  and  historical development of  the  Greek Race  and  the  Greek Nation.

In  contrast, within the Traditional  Jewish Civilization  of  2,500  years, its  philosophic constructs  and  ideological  values had  already  been defined since  its  foundation, through “divine interventions”  and  “divine guidelines”, which meant they were  revealed as  “absolute”, “perfect” and “untouchable”!!! All this entailed, historically, socially  and  culturally, the “total  submission” of  all Jews to  this  “divine scheme”, with  no possibility of  a  historical  evolution, since  Human Beings are  the  sole creative  social  entities which can  produce and  promote  historical events  and historical  developments, reacting to the  specific societal needs and  expectations of  their time!!! Concluding, one  could  say that  Traditional Jewish Civilization remained ”static” ,  since  within their own society  , the  philosophic principles of  the “dialectic mental process”  and  the  “freedom of  choice” could  not  function!!!

Philo the  Jew(20B.C. -45A.D.),  who  lived  in  Alexandria, Egypt, during the  time  of  Jesus  Christ, came  from a  rich and  aristocratic  Jewish family  of Egypt, had  studied in  Greek schools(gymnasiums) , had  his  own  personal  Greek  tutors, while  he only  spoke  Greek!!! In  the previous  part of  our  narrative(Epilogue b3), we  examined in  detail  the  biography of  Philo, because he  represents an important  historical  figure who  defined not  only  the theology of  the  Jews, but  the  theology of  Christians and  later on of  Moslems. He  is  considered the  first  theologian of  the  Christian Religion by  the  Fathers of  the  Greek  Orthodox Church, because  all of  his  theological analysis was  based on the Old  Testament  as  was Christianity,  with  the  critical  exception of  the  “Universal Spiritual  Teachings” of  Jesus  Christ, even though he had been  educated  to  become  a  Jewish  Rabbi!!!

Philo was a  historian, a  philosopher, a  theologian  and  a  politician. His  philosophic  and  ideological principles  were  based on  the  Old Testament  and  the  Jewish  Prophets, all  under  the  guidance and  the  guidelines of  the High Jewish Priesthood  of  Judea  and  the  Jewish  Religious  Establishment of  Egypt. The  purpose of  his  teachings was the “distortion” and the  “subversion” of  the  historical and  cultural  identity  of  the  Ancient Greek  Civilization and  the  human  factors  and  creations which  had  composed it. Philo in  his  teachings and  writings  supported  absolutely the  thesis  that  the philosophic and political concepts, the  scientific discoveries and  inventions, as  well  as  the literature of  Ancient  Greek Scholars, were founded  on  the  divine revelations, principles and  stipulations of  the Old  Testament!!! Nevertheless, all of  these hyperbolic cultural and  ideological positions of  Philo were easily accepted  and  adopted  by  his wider public audience  and  readers, since they  had  accepted  him as the  most important   theologian of  Christianity and  Judaism, and  later on of  Islam!!!

As  a  consequence, in  order to  better comprehend  the  Traditional Jewish  Civilization, we  will have to address  ourselves  exclusively to  the texts  of  the  Old  Testament, discovering and  clarifying the  basic ideological, philosophic and  existential  priorities  of  the  Jews and their  Civilization!!!

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Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part R)

I  want to  feel  alive and free, not subordinated!!!

Life  has  very  little to  do  with  personal  calculations,  but  with  moments!!!

You  play  many  games  with  Life, and  naturally  Life  will  punish you  for  this!!!

Today, almost  all  human beings find  themselves in  “an existential impasse”!!!

I  pass on “the  messages”, but  if  you  pretend  that  you  cannot  understand  them, it’s your  problem!!!

Thick skinned  and  ambitious  people    are  the  ones  who  prosper  socially, yet  what  type of  life  do these  people lead???

They  unmask themselves every  single day, yet  this  never affects them!!!

The  Jews  for  2,500 years,  collect wealth for  their  own personal security!!! Nevertheless, History has  shown  that this “existential formula” is  null and  void!!!

When  you are true, you are different, and  when you  are  different, most people  cannot tolerate you!!!

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Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part O)

Nothing in life is accidental!!!

There is no escape!!! You have to face this and find a solution!!!

Greek Peoples do not want to accept the fact that in real earthly existence, nothing is permanent and nothing is certain!!!

All those individuals who are unbalanced and corrupt should remain silent and stop playing the roles of protectors and guides!!!

For Greek Peoples, the process of self-criticism is “anathema”!!! A major factor for our lack of evolution to a Modern, Creative and Free Society!!!

Most people have sacrificed their chance for a creative life in one way or another!!! They simply do not want to accept it!!!

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Online Dating and Social Behaviour of Sexes

This article is dedicated to Alexander, my former teacher and friend. Alexander, happy and spicy, sweet and bitter, pragmatist and visionary, a man with beautiful qualities has a lot to say and that’s why if someone does not understand what he says is good to ask him. The issue that I’m talking about today is dating, I would not like to take the side of men or women but I will speak from man’s point of view. Men join in dating sites like,, and and send a multitude of messages to many women, the response rate is about 5% average with these answers coming out we go out with a small percentage of them and with some of the appointments that come out ends up in sex or relationship.

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The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b3)

(I want to dedicate these series of texts to those of my former Greek students, male and female, who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own “survival”)


Let us go back historically for one more time to the strategy of appropriation of culture from communities, societies and nations which was implemented by the “roaming” Jews in many parts of this earth during the last 2.500 years, usurping all of their “historical aptitudes” and their “racial talents”  (DNA), not only in order to survive but to also “dominate” the geopolitical territories where they resided!!!

We shall start with the Kingdom of the Khazars (650-1048), which we have examined analytically in the previous part of our narrative (Epilogue b2) because it was the “ideal historical example” of Appropriation by Jewish Immigrants of a Powerful Kingdom in the Caucasus which did not represent any common characteristic with them, socially, politically, culturally or racially!!! Nevertheless, from the 8th century A.D., when these Jewish Migrants established themselves in the Kingdom of the Khazars, expelled by the state authorities of the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Kingdoms due to religious conflicts, they were able in a very short time to proselytize the royal Family of the Khazars and the Ruling Class of the country, who very soon imposed on their subjects to accept the Jewish Religion, refuting their traditional religion of thousands of years which was part of Ancient Asian Paganism!!! The indigenous Khazars were forced not only to accept the Jewish Religion as their form of Worship, but also to adopt the cultural values of the Jewish Historical Tradition, as well as using the Jewish Language in commercial transactions as well within the civil services!!!

In the 13th century A.D., the Mongol Hordes arriving from Central Asia, conquered the Kingdom of the Khazars as well as many other regions of the Caucasus and the Black Sea, forcing many Khazar citizens to immigrate to the Ukraine and Russia (p. II, The great majority of the Khazars who escaped to the Slavic Regions of the European Continent were indigenous who had been “proselytized” into becoming Jewish, while there were very few “authentic” Jewish Khazars who were of a Semitic Racial Background!!! The Jewish Khazars who migrated to Eastern Europe, represented the “real core” of the Jewish Race of the Ashkenazi, who as we have clarified in the previous section of our narrative (Epilogue b2), do not represent “to a large degree” a Semitic Genealogical Background, but they are rather a “racial mix” (DNA) of Caucasians and Slavs!!! (p. 6-7,

During the Middle Ages, the large majority of Jews worldwide belonged to the Sephardic Jewish Tribe, Jews of Semitic racial Background, while the Ashkenazi Jewish Tribe, non-Semitic racially represented a “very small minority” of the Jews as a whole!!! Today, the Ashkenazi Jews around the world make up 80% of the Jewish Population, while only 20% are Sephardic Jews!!! (p.7-8, Historically and objectively, most of the Jews today are not of a Semitic Racial Background, but of a racial mix of Central Europeans and Caucasians!!! Therefore, when during the last 100 years, the International Jewish Establishment has succeeded through their own well controlled state politicians, their own well controlled international mass media, their own well controlled national academics and through their own pressure in the policies of non-Jewish Church Institutions, to convey to the wider public another Jewish Historical Myth!!! This Jewish Historical Forgery identifies “genealogically” and “racially” Semitism exclusively with Jews through the “racist” socio-political term of anti-Semitism, meaning showing personal “aversion” and “enmity” against all Jews worldwide. We shall question this historical position “fully” and “dialectically”, by referring to two simple “demographic sets of data”!!!

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Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part O)

At this moment in your life you are bartering your own soul and your human identity!!! Think about it!!!

You are carrying many obsessions and guilt feelings, all for nothing!!!

Years now I have been trying to find a remedy for “everyday human folly”, and I don’t mean a remedy with “psychiatrists” and “anti-depressant pills”!!!

I laugh with Humankind when I observe “the antics” in the political and social happenings of the United States!!!

The Human Subconscious has turned everything “upside down” in the everyday lives of people!!!

I consider it an “existential blunder” and a “hypocritical stance” when most people routinely say that “they are fine” or that “they feel just great”!!!

You will have to live with your own Self!!! I think that in your case it is the best punishment!!!

You don’t want to love yourself, that is the reason why you have never loved others, you simply pretend!!! What a shame!!!

Everyone with his own conscience!!!

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Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part N)

Be more serious!!!

I have never kissed hands or asses!!!

Globalization, Virtual Reality, Depression and Human Madness, in all their Glory!!!

Will talk about it later!!!

What you are searching for is virtual reality, which in theory is the easiest thing to do, but in real life it is a real curse!!!

Are you listening to me or not???

Lean on me, so I can sense that you exist!!!

Forgive me, but I really cannot understand you!!!

I have finally succeeded in bypassing the everyday madness and meanness of people, but with great difficulty!!!

Do not be afraid to pass on joy, it costs nothing!!!

Useless objects but very precious for your virtual existence!!! Enjoy them!!!

I would like to see when you will finally come to grips with what is really happening to you!!!

My friends, things are not really moving!!! Do something!!!

I am sick and tired watching you making exactly the same moves everyday!!! I feel trapped in your everyday routines!!!

I do not care how much money and how much property you possess, what interests me is if you are well under your skin and if you respect life and your own self!!!

Stop saying things which are trivial and boring, like the news on television!!!

In your lives, you have never accepted to be happy and free!!!

Did you ever dare to go against yourself and be critical of yourself?!!!

We are all living under the fear of non-existence!!!

Lately, human beings have become very dark!!!

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