Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part D)




(Greek Peoples, take into consideration of the Life of the next generations, not only of your own lives today!!!)





The Collective Subconscious of the Greek Peoples today, discards in a forceful way their own living standards and their everyday social behavior!!!!

The real dilemma for Greek men and women today is very simple, either moving forward with the times or just continue to stall!!!

I do not want to get involved with the everyday “fictitious actions” of relatives and friends, because they are not willing to change anything!!! They are all addicted to a “theatrical”, “schizophrenic” and “self-destructive” daily behavior!!!!

I follow the Divine Demon of Socrates , while you follow the “everyday demons” of your own Society!!!!

As long as you are not willing to experience the Magic and the Reality of your Earthly Existence, just for the sake of Social Compromises, so will Life punish you again and again, in one way or another!!!!

Our daily routines negate our thought process, our imagination, our creativity, our joy for Life and our Eros!!!

Can we together find an end to this, or will we soon reach our own end????

Scattered plastic bottles everywhere and anywhere!!! So, most of us Greeks are “for the pits”!!!!

I cannot make any concessions “existentially”, because I respect my being and my freedom!!!!

As much as you calculate, the outcome is not going to be exactly what you wanted!!! You see , Life has its own Logic!!!!

I will struggle against this “rotten” and “virtual” Social Establishment with simple truths, with smiles, with love and creativity!!! I wish that all Greek Peoples would do the same Today!!!!

Let us say that I agree that we should all strive to “save our own skins” and “protect our own Egos”!!!! And then what????

All Human Beings have been provided by Nature with the Choice to be extraordinary or ordinary!!!!

Money and material possessions have alienated Us from the real balances of Life!!!!

You take your own Society seriously???? Then, you have lost!!!

You personally, will surely account for all the lies you have told to others , especially all those lies you have told yourself!!!!

Dark Personalities are all Mad!!!!

For me personally, one of the worst human feelings is to be really bored with someone!!! As a child, the first people I felt bored with were my Parents!!!

You want to make important changes in your own Life, but this scares you!!!

We Greek Peoples, men and women alike, we all love guilt feelings, whether we are the recipients or the transmitters!!! It really Excites Us!!! Is this not a psychopathic human condition????

The thing I shall miss mostly about my Earthly Existence, is the cool clean water which quenches my thirst!!!!

Three Generations of the Palestinian Nation are struggling with every means at their disposal against the “political despotism” of the Zionist State of Israel!!! We Greek Citizens, what are we exactly doing here and now, about the “political despotism” of our own National State????







Greece recycled!!!