Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part E)


You want to evolve as an individual???? Then, you will have to tell “hard truths”, first of all to your Own Self and then to the people around you!!!

As I grow older, I feel more impatient about Social Change and for something New in Life!!!!

You seek your own easy accommodation in Life, not necessarily the General Progress of your own Society!!!!

Happiness is not a mechanical nightingale, but a real nightingale!!!!

I witness around me many terrifying things but also some enchanting things!!!!

We cannot continue the same way!!!!

Since childhood, you have learned only how to take and not how to give!!! How unhappy and miserable you all must be!!!!

If your stance in life is to be “impersonal” and “competitive”, then there will be very little opportunity for any “personality development”(dialectic thinking) or for the Human Adventure of Self-Knowledge!!!!

How can all of you tell so many lies to Yourselves and to Others???

Most of you, as well as your children and your grandchildren are absolutely “in pieces”, psychologically, physically and spiritually, yet all of you continue to mainly focus on money, on material possessions, on consumer goods and on your social image. In the end, you are all out of touch with Reality, especially your own Reality!!!

Does the life you lead satisfies you “existentially”??? Yes or No??? If yes, continue doing your own thing, if not, make a move!!!!

You continue trying to dismantle yourself in every which way!!! Congratulations!!!

You regurgitate the same things, again and again!!! Aren’t you tired of this????

A thousand times all alone, than to have to live through the Everyday Madness of People!!!

You always choose to play the fool, then Life will show you what Real Madness is!!!!

Don’t use so easily the phrase ‘All is Fine!!!’, because I believe that you are exaggerating!!!!

Christ forgave Humanity!!! What a Great Pity for Him!!!

What is this whole circus involving the “show case” tour of the supposedly “holy relics” or the “holy bones” of St. Barbara, going around to various hospitals and public places in Athens, organized by the “holy” Greek Orthodox Church of Greece(gold coins)!!!! When will we modern Greeks finally realize that we have entered the 21st century and start behaving more responsibly and maturely??? What absolute cultural nonsense for our own Peoples, for our own Society, for our own Nation, but more importantly for our own “modern” Greek State!!!!

Your life will always be a badly conceived, a badly directed and a badly performed theatrical play!!!!

In the end, everything gets balanced, in one way or another. Never forget that!!!

You seem a prisoner of your own Self!!!!

Most of us want to turn everything into concrete, exactly like our own lives and our own souls!!!

It is now too late for any real laments!!!

Can most of you stop talking continually about food, it is getting really boring!!!

You are always repeating Yourself!!! Aren’t you tired of this????

It is all just a “stupid farce” when it comes to your own moral critique and your own moral social pretensions!!!!

Fortunately or Unfortunately, I can’t take you seriously anymore!!!! I am very Sorry!!!

Nothing happens by chance, I promise you this!!!!

The Dark Forces have always fought against the Erotic, the Creative and the Real in Human Existence!!!

Finally, everything is on the table!!!