Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part E)

(Greek men and women, are you going to continue pretending that you aren’t able to understand what is really happening to you Right Now????)


You continue to persist on Nothingness!!! I am curious to see what this would lead to????

The Collective Human Subconscious controls almost everything in Human Societies, not the International Masonic Lodges!!!!

The next “real step” in your Life , is the most difficult one!!!!

Everyday lies excite Greek men and women of all ages!!! This is another vital Greek Social Tradition from our own past!!!!

I provoke Society and I listen to my Human Nature!!!!

The Good Greek Backgammon Player almost always cheats in the game!!!!

The automobile for Greeks today is like their “family icon stand” in the past!!!!

All these everyday lies are at an end or are very soon ending!!!!

Is it Human Adventure or a Human Conspiracy????

You keep a “low profile” Socially, because you do not dare to change your own “virtual reality”!!!!

What is primary Socially is not if you are true and just, but if you are similar to the others!!!!

I feel great remorse for my kindred , my Race and my Nation!!! Almost everything is a Great Deception!!!!

Lucky are those individuals who “truly” create!!!!

Truth is the best opponent to Darkness and Decadence!!!!

You Greek Peoples, aren’t you tired of watching again and again on Greek Television, the film Comedies of the good “old” Greek Cinema??? This recycling of “human stupidity” and of “social conservatism”!!!!!

It is an Angel who loves and protects, but it is also an Angel who punishes!!!!

I truly believe that many of you do not “really love” your own children or children in general!!!!

The Students of Christ “deeply” felt great personal pain from His Eternal Love, especially his “favorite student”, Judas!!!!

You continue to chew your food like “ruminant animals”!!!!

Very soon, the deadline will expire!!!!

Life is a “sacred” and a very “serious” everyday matter, which does not coincide with the “social frivolities” of Modern Human Beings!!!!

All of you do not believe in the Divine and Nature’s “checks and balances”, because you are Smart and Cunning!!! Which means that you are “existentially”, imbeciles and ignorant!!!!

Slyness is indicative of Human Stupidity!!!!!

How can money help when your personal life is “in great shambles”!!!!!

What is our Cultural Historical Conscience????

Everyday Greek Exaggeration in all its Glory!!!!

All of this “personal tension” , for what reason????

You play it “crazy” and finally you will become “crazy”!!!!




Greece recycled!!!