Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part C)



(Greek Peoples, finally, do something!!!!)


We Greek Peoples have a crazy passion for personal glorification!!! We all want “to be on top”!!!!

Here in Greece, the “Family Niche” is the ideal personal hide-out!!! What a great Error, both socially and existentially !!!!

All of these ” everyday lies” and “everyday social pretensions” have driven us all to an everyday Madness!!!

What are truly our own Greek Traditions;;; I want a clear and coherent answer from all of you Greek peoples!!!

You act like little gods!!! Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?????

Just go to Hell!!! Why all those “dark feelings” that you are trying to pass on to me just for Nothing????

My friends, I am not willing to play along with your “stupid” and “crazy” everyday charades!!!!

I like it so much when I remind people that they are mortal!!!!

Aren’t you tired of being so involved with your own person??? This is mental illness !! !!

You play the game “cunningly”, but unfortunately or fortunately, in the end you will not win!!!

Is it by chance that the Great Ancient Greek Philosopher of Classical Times, Diogenes the Cynic(412 B.C.- 323 B.C.), chose to live in a large broken-down ceramic jar instead of a proper house???

Darkness dominates and directs our everyday lives, because all of us reinforce it through our daily actions and social behavior!!!

You love Money???? Then, you are not a good parent, a good friend, a good partner, a good lover, a good doctor, a good teacher, a good lawyer, a good judge, a good politician, a good priest, etc. In the end, you are not a very Good Person!!!!

I can’t take most people seriously anymore!!!!

Because you have a ” penis “, do you think you can control the Universe????

I can’t understand why “adult males” dye their hair!!!!

You the Elderly, have lived a whole lifetime, yet you haven’t learned anything !!!!

Small children are “spunky” and “full of life” because they are real at all levels, while most adults “are for the pits” since they are hypocritical and cowardly!!!

All of you who are renovating your homes , first start by renovating your own Lives!!!!

All of your homes are starting to look like Cemeteries!!!!

Why are you hurrying??? What is the big rush??? Do you want to catch up on your own Death????

I can’t pretend to be crazy so that I am agreeable to all of you!!!!

Go against the Times!!!!

There is not “a grain of truth” and ” human dignity” in this everyday Greek virtual social set-up!!!!

I try to control the moments of my Life, what do you control ??????

What do these “enormous”, 4 by 4 jeeps you drive really contribute to your own personal Existence????

You can say whatever you want , but it doesn’t really make any difference!!!!





Greece recycled!!!