The mobile phone in Greek Society, an “extension”to the human identity

The mobile phone is not a “Greek invention”, and it was never used extensively when it first appeared in the market place approximately 20 years ago.These facts are fully understandable if one takes into consideration that Greece is not an industrially developed country,and at the same time its socio-economic structures are not comparable to the highly developed and multidimensional systems which are in place in the developed countries of Western Europe, in the United States and in Japan. Nevertheless, during the last five years, Greek citizens of all ages and economic backgrounds have endorsed the mobile phone in their every day life to such a degree that it has evolved into an addiction and a paranoia in contrast to what exists in the developed societies of the world.I assume that there are many reasons for this extreme facet concerning the use of the mobile phone in Greece;we shall examine here three of these reasons.

One of the basic reasons for this distorted use of the mobile phone in the everyday life of Greeks surely must originate from the degree of alienation from real life;initiated by a steady dissociation from what is collective and universal in human existence.The fact that one sees people of all ages moving everywhere and at any time with a mobile phone in their grasp,clearly indicates the precarious psychological position these people are in.These individuals have a deep need to convince themselves and the people around them that they represent normal social beings, having normal social interractions,willing to communicate with anyone on whatever subject. Nevertheless,if one is able to listen to the real context of what is being said through a mobile phone,one will soon realise that in most cases what is being communicated is monotonous, one-dimensional and not very practical.What is being said really has no real substance and is irrelevant. It just reflects, supports and affirms the impersonal image of the “virtual reality” they are living.It is absolute nothingness going nowhere!!You observe people in buses,in the metro,in schools,in cafeterias,etc., talking on their mobile phones,gesturing with their hands,moving up and down in a frenzy,as if the person they are talking to is right beside them.Absolute madness!!

A second reason for this uncontrolable use of the mobile phone in Greece is the stance of people to choose the easiest solution concerning human communication.It is much easier to mimic a real dialogue with another person through a mobile phone than to have to look at someone straight in the eye,having to show your real mood at that moment ,while also confronting the real frame of mind of the other person. A third reason for the Greek peoples΄ paranoia concerning the use of the mobile phone has to do with a desperate need for an artificial coverup of the emotional emptiness which every person is experiencing; exactly the same type of coverup which young people are searching for in “chat rooms” on the Internet. Exressing one΄s real emotions entails boldness,directness and risk;human elements which Greeks today are not willing to adopt in order to develop their personalities.They have therefore chosen an impersonal and a well manipulated type of communication so that they can feel secure. Yet,this type of communication has nothing to do with real earthly life or with real earthly human emotions.