GLOBALIZATION – America for sale

GLOBALIZATION – America for sale

( a letter to Ms. Laura Ingraham, who is a major journalist at the American T.V. outlet Fox News, and who has her own very popular T.V. political program ‘’The Angle’’)

February 2021,

Ms. Laura Ingraham

This is the fourth time I am writing a letter to you in the last 8 months. My last letter I put it up on my website ( about 2 months ago.

This letter I shall also post on my website with the article I have written related to Donald Trump, Globalization and the ‘’whole sham’’ of the American Presidential Elections of 2020. I wrote this article to expose the fact that the downfall of the United States as a Republic and as an independent nation-state has been organized by the Globalist elites more than 50 years ago. This ‘’conspiracy’’ has been active and ongoing for more than 50 years, always with the full participation of the previous American administrations since the Presidency of Bill Clinton. All of them true American Patriots, like the present ‘’unconstitutional’’ American President Joe Biden.

I am sending you this latest article which is written both in English and in Greek, so that maybe you could pass it on to a Greek friend.

First, I would like to make some critical commentaries with respect to some of your political positions related to the Presidential elections of 2020.

I can clearly remember that about 2 weeks after the elections, in one of your programs in ‘’The Angle’’, you communicated the idea that although there were anomalies in the voting procedures, the American citizens should accept the results and ‘’move on’’. I personally find it ‘’inexcusable’’ after the amount of fraud that occurred revealed by the Republican Party, where Constitutional laws were violated by the Democratic Party, tearing to pieces the Constitution and the American Republic. They want a ‘’one-party’’ corporatist totalitarian government in America. We can clearly witness their plans even today, when more than 40 Presidential Executive Orders have been signed during the first week of the Democratic administration , reversing all of the beneficial social and economic policies introduced by President Trump.

Second, a few weeks ago when you had Ari Fleischer as guest , both of you were critical of negative comments being made concerning the political integrity of the then Attorney General William Barr, as well as the Supreme Justices. William Barr explained officially that he did not think there was such widespread election fraud which could have affected the final results. Similarly, the Supreme Court refused to look into the details of the legal complaints introduced by 6 states , headed by the State of Texas. This after all the information which came out from Republican official legal committees, examining voting irregularities in the Swing States and after hundreds of affidavits collected from witnesses present during the voting procedures.

I believe that both of you defended the ‘’political status quo’’, knowing full well that both in the past were involved politically under the administration of George W. Bush in different capacities. Fleischer was his press- secretary!

Similarly, how can both of you defend the institutional inaction of the Supreme Court with respect to the legal appeals made by Trump’s legal team of extensive voter fraud coming from all directions in the Swing States, implicating almost everyone, from the state courts and governors , to the ‘’average Joe’’, mostly Afro-Americans, who were responsible for overseeing the tabulation of ballots.

They all worked as a ‘’crime syndicate’’ defying constitutional laws and civil correctness. Tens of cases were presented officially by the Trump legal team , yet the Supreme Court Justices rejected to even examine the details of these appeals. Completely unconstitutional. How very ‘’treacherous’’ and ‘’treasonous’’ of William Barr to ignore all the documentation that was coming out every day about the hundreds of ways that the whole voting process was being rigged , from counting late in-mail- ballots to using defective counting machines like the Dominion machines created by Chinese technology, from the sudden stoppage of vote counting at 11:30 on election day by 4 of the Swing States to tabulating machines that couldn’t recognize the validity of signatures on the ballots.

American state officials, from the Supreme Court, the Justice Department and the FBI, as well as ordinary civil servants who were pressured by the Democrats to facilitate the rigging in the tabulation of votes, were not only criminals in a legal sense, but also ‘’traitors’’ in the sense that they were active participants in demolishing the American Republic and its Constitution for personal and political interests.

Laura your country is in ‘’a big political mess’’ and it’s not really the fault of China or the Globalists who have their own agenda for World Domination, it’s the fault of the American people who are willing to sell their souls and their country to protect themselves. This is exactly when parents allow their children to be exploited sexually for money, and there are tens of millions of such parents all over the world. If you check the Internet , you will find sites of official statistics from government sponsored organizations which track down the disappearance of children in the United States from the ages of 12 to 17 and who have not been located , and there are about 500,000 such children every year.

Laura almost every adult person in the United States is responsible for this social decadence, which has been going on at full speed since the rise of Hollywood 100 years ago, which has become ‘’the mantra’’ of everyday life in America. The whole American Establishment has purposefully glorified the ‘’virtual life’’ of consumption and self-gratification for society’s elite class, who want to ‘’suck the blood’’ out of almost everyone, like modern vampires. Don’t be surprised if one day soon, your own child would ‘’tell on you’’ to the security apparatus of the state, just to be ‘’on the safe side’’, like in Orwell’s book ‘’1984’’.

The children of Lucifer are trying very hard to take control of Humanity!!!

Yours sincerely ,
George Alexander Taliadoros

A political assessment of President Donald J. Trump and a questioning of Western Democracy today

For both of these two themes of this article, I believe that Globalization which is the dominant social, economic, cultural and political trend today, represents the deciding factor.
Donald Trump, a successful American businessman and billionaire , entered the American presidential race in 2016,to rescue America’s political and economic integrity from the internal and external Globalist scavengers.

For more than 50 years, in the ideological agenda of the ‘’cabal’’ of the international Globalist elites was to undermine the political legitimacy of the nation-states and their pluralistic political culture, especially in the Western World, in order to eventually control every aspect of the state infrastructure , including that of the United States.

Professor Madaline Calance from the University of Iasi, Romania, in her article of 2014, entitled ‘’Globalization and The Conspiracy Theory’’ notes the following, ‘’… Nowadays, corporations operate at a higher level, surpassing the state and gaining a huge autonomous power. Corporate globalization is advanced by an alliance between the world’s largest corporations and most powerful governments, aiming to integrate the world’s national economies into a single one, in order to achieve freedom in moving goods and money without government interference…’’.(

President Trump, a successful international entrepreneur but also an American patriot, before becoming president, had personally witnessed that the political forces of Globalization under the American administrations of Democrat President Bill Clinton(1993-2001), Republican President George W. Bush(2001-2009) and Democrat President Barrack Obama(2009-2017), in concert with the transnational corporations and financial institutions, both American and foreign , were gradually moving the country’s economic activities and investments outside of the United States to countries such as China, South Korea, Vietnam and Mexico, even to Europe, bringing them high profits due to their cheap labor force , their lax tax laws and their minimal trade regulations.

This open support of a Globalized economy by these American administrations, were bought off and compromised by the various Globalist power centers, including those in China and the European Union, slowly decimating America’s manufacturing infrastructure and its export markets, downgrading the standard of living of most Americans. The American worker was hit even further , when millions of illegal immigrants were introduced into the American economy, coming mainly from Mexico and Central America. A very important strategy of the Globalists is to promote a large influx of illegal migrants into the developed countries of the West, including the United States, in order to disrupt and dislocate their national economies and their internal demographic and political stability and integration.

For the last 50 years, the middle class in the United States, which represents the political and economic backbone of a developed country, was systematically dismantled economically and socially, similarly to what has happened in Western Europe after the creation of the European Union in the early 1990s. It is the middle class with its educational, professional and historical background that maintains and ensures the political unity and the national integrity of the Western nation-state, through its democratic political, academic and welfare institutions, an ‘’anathema’’ to all Globalist elites. It is the middle class of the Western nation-state, not their political and corporatist bureaucrats who are resisting the New World Order of the Globalists, which is defending and promoting an apolitical, amoral, materialistic and financially insecure world citizen.

This New World Order is transmitted like a ‘’ deadly virus’’ in most Western developed nations today, through their political lackeys in power, through their central and transnational banks, through transnational corporations and through well controlled and well manipulated global media outlets. These nation-states , due to their well-educated , entrepreneurial and economically affluent societies who represent a historically progressive and pluralistic political culture, are considered by the Globalists as reactionary and very resistant to the authoritarian and monolithic economic and political environment they are striving to implement everywhere. The Globalists strive for absolute power over the lives and destinies of all of humanity.

I am certain that Professor Michal Chossudovsky defines accurately this New World Order in his article of 2018, ‘’From Global Poverty to Exclusion and Despair: Reversing the Tide of War and globalization’’, where he notes that, ‘’…What we are dealing with is an imperial project broadly serving global economic and financial interests including Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, the Biotech conglomerates, Big Pharma, The Global Narcotics Economy, the Media Conglomerates and the Information and Communication Technology Giants…’’. (

It is a world of highly sophisticated and powerful world predators who are working in concert to eliminate the economic, political and cultural identity of almost every human being on the face of the earth.

Before we continue with our analysis , I would like to assign an ’adjective’ describing the essence, the existential essence, of the various Globalist elite personalities around the world, and that adjective is the word EVIL. In the Oxford Dictionary( , the adjective EVIL is translated as ‘someone enjoying harming others’, ‘morally bad’, and ‘cruel’, but I personally like to add the adjectives, ‘dysfunctional’, ‘psychotic’, ‘abhorrent’ and ‘nihilistic’. In my everyday life , I have known such people, both acquaintances and relatives!!

These individuals which we call Globalists, have been conditioned since they were young by their families and their social environment to be ‘predators’ and ‘domineering’ , considering almost every human being as an obstacle to their fixed concept of themselves as ‘little gods’, like Bill Gates or George Soros, who deserve to be omnipotent and all powerful in their chosen role by destiny, assigned to manipulate , control and even destroy most of humanity.

The Globalists despise ‘real life’, with nature’s checks and balances. They despise their ‘own human nature’ because they are ‘mortal’ , and above all they abhor ‘all human beings’ because they know ‘deep down’ they are ‘similar’ to them by the ‘laws of nature’ and ‘human evolution’. For these ‘hybrid humanoids’ , life as we know it has to be subdued and even eliminated in their own lifetime.

In order to personalize and make these Globalist elites more familiar and more evident to our everyday perceptions, we shall choose one of their central organizations which is at the top of their power hierarchy , ‘’The Club of Rome’’. ‘’ …The Club of Rome is perhaps at the apex of the New World Order pyramid, a Neo-Malthusian organization with interlocking membership with European power elite groups such as the Committee of 300( a secret society founded by British aristocracy in 1727) and the Bilderberg Group…’’.(

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 by Aurelio Peccei , an Italian industrialist, and Alexander King, a Scottish scientist. It was formed when a small international group of academics, high civil servants, top diplomats and industrialists met at a villa in Rome. This information comes from Wikipedia, a Globalist media outlet or information website. Yet Gary Allen, in his book ‘’The Rockefeller File’’, states that The Club of Rome was founded at the Rockefeller family’s private estate in Bellagio , Italy . He describes the first meeting that was held, where international businessmen and bankers not only founded the Club of Rome, but also concluded an unofficial common agreement prescribing the economic demise of the United States.

Garry Allen notes in his book that, ‘’…Fifty key businessmen and international bankers coming gathering under the auspices of the Rockefeller family and coming to the conclusion that production in America should be reduced!…It is your standard of living they are proposing to decimate, not their own…’’.( This was a meeting in 1968, almost 50 years ago.

The agenda of the Club of Rome was published in their first book, ‘’The Limits of Growth’’ , which came out in 1972, and had an enormous media coverage worldwide. In this book it is proclaimed that due to earth’s limited resources, the world has to accept zero growth in economy and population. One of the major themes of their agenda is ‘’global warming’’ , which would require the establishment of environmental movements worldwide, forcing governments to ‘reset’ all political, economic and cultural institutions in order to evolve into a ‘’corporate-communist’’ world government.(

The Club of Rome is a key ‘’think tank’’ of the United Nations and the most influential hub of environmental movements around the world, two powerful institutions which function as international venues for Globalization , similar to the World Health Organization stationed in Geneva, Switzerland. Some of its elite members are powerful personalities which support the New World Order, like George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates and Michael Gorbachev. In recent years, especially with the China Corona Virus, they have put all their resources inside and outside the United States to obstruct President Trump’s central policy in reinforcing the economic, political and national integrity of the United States as an independent and powerful nation-state .

The second most recent book of the Club of Rome came out in 1991, entitled ‘’The First Global Revolution’’, where the Globalists maintain that in human society there exists a ‘vacuum’ both in the political order and in social objectives because there is an absence of a ‘real enemy’. There is therefore a need to create a ‘real enemy’ in order to reorganize and redefine human society, to ‘reset’ the world. Uniting all people under the ‘political umbrella’ of a New World Order which would be Global, since governments and political parties seem to have very little control over the global problems of our time.

From the book ‘’The First Global Revolution’’, we can cite an excerpt which points directly to today’s pandemic of the Corona virus, 30 years before, as avenue or an excuse to manipulate human beings, societies and nation-states into submission for the benefit of the Globalist elites in a New World Order. The excerpt describes that, ‘’…In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill…All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome…The real enemy is humanity itself…’’.(

Therefore, the Globalists, like Bill Gates and George Soros, who are promoting a New World Order, consider almost all of humanity , except themselves and their cronies, as an obstacle which has to be readjusted and redirected or ‘’reset’’, integrating all peoples into one societal unity, through fear and insecurity, even using drastic measures as we witness today with the Pandemic of the Corona virus around the world. In this human society where the ‘’individual’’ is the real enemy to human progress and social unity, they exclude themselves because they truly believe that they represent a ‘’superior cast’’ of human beings, like the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

The Club of Rome in its book ‘’The First Global Revolution’’, emphasizes the decline of the United States and points out its inability to lead the West, where its collective conscience had been scarred with its failed war in Vietnam, the fact that the American ideal of a ‘’melting pot’’ no longer functions as a societal formula for economic success and progress, while American public opinion , to a large degree, is against its national government. The Globalist elites consider Americans with their ‘’libertarian ideals’’ as potential adversaries to the New World Order and the United States as a serious obstacle to their political ideal of globalization and their environmental priorities of a Green New Deal which would lead to World Governance.

The Globalist elites want to ‘fill the vacuum’ which exists at the heart of modern life everywhere. The Globalists want through their ‘sinister agenda’ to save the world before it is too late, while at the same time, the United States according to them is not capable anymore to be at the forefront of this ‘’messianic world crusade’’. ‘’…Having lost its position of unique leadership in the world…a leadership compounded of generosity laced with Puritan values and cynicism worthy of the conquerors of the Far West…the American nation is plunged into doubt and facing the temptation , so often resisted and no longer possible in the global village of withdrawing into itself…’’.(

The political rebuke of the United States by the Globalist elites was therefore officially expressed by the Club of Rome in 1991, almost 30 years ago. Therefore, the United States had to be gradually dismantled economically and undermined politically. This conspiratorial undertaking would be accomplished first of all by the country’s ‘’deep state apparatus’’, where the Democrats with the help of Republican Globalists in the state’s administration would control and manipulate every aspect of the country’s infrastructure.

This political apparatus of the Globalists included elected government officials, both Democrats and Republicans, the high level state bureaucrats, the academic personnel, both the teaching staff and the administrations of universities and colleges, as well as the public schools by controlling the teachers’ unions. Then we have the control of America’s Intelligence bureaus like the CIA, the FBI and the NSA, the judiciary , through the state legislatures, the courts, and even the Supreme Court of the United States.

In this scheme of things, where American society had to be disfigured and made impotent in everyday life, were also the disinformation and the propaganda provided by the monopoly of the American High Tech companies like YouTube, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Twitter, which control most of the outlets of Global communication. Finally, a very powerful ally of the Globalists in the United States and around the world are the ‘’drug’’ and ‘’human trafficking’’ cartels which are destroying the fiber of human society.

Before becoming President of the United States in January 2017, Donald Trump made perfectly clear what his main political agenda was going to be , he would eliminate any obstacles by previous administrations which had undermined the political integrity and the economic welfare of his country and his people. These obstacles had been put into place purposefully by the previous American administrations since the Presidency of Bill Clinton almost 50 years ago. He recognized that an unchecked illegal immigration policy, international agreements, Globalist international organizations like the World Trade Organization and NATO, as well as a willingness for American forces to fight many wars in many parts of the world, were systematically draining the country’s economic and human resources.

Therefore the first thing Trump did as President was to gradually but steadily slow the military participation of the United States in areas of conflict around the world, like in the Middle East in Iraq and Syria, as well as in Afghanistan . At the same time, he subsidized the military infrastructure of the United States with 3 trillion dollars, since he discovered that the reserves of military equipment had been depleted and had not been modernized. He normalized relations with North Korea, a possible nuclear rival, when he met with its leader, Kim Jong-un , in Singapore in June 2018. He also used American forces in cooperation with Russia and Turkey to destroy ISIS, which was trying to create an independent Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Trump promised to build an impenetrable ‘’security wall barrier’’ on the border between the United States and Mexico, a border from where most of the illegal immigrants are entering the United States from the south. This protective barrier has almost been completed, measuring about 500 miles, with the full cooperation of Mexico which has stationed 25,000 Mexican troops on this border. At present , there are approximately 10 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, most of them coming from Mexico and Central America.

President Trump then discarded the NAFTA three-country trade accord negotiated by the governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States, which entered into force in January 1994. NAFTA eliminated most of the tariffs on products traded between these three countries, focusing on liberalizing trade in agriculture, textiles and automobile manufacturing.

With the NAFTA agreement, the United States auto sector lost 350,000 jobs since 1994, most of them going to Mexico and Canada. In its place President Trump negotiated a new deal, the USMCA, with Mexico and Canada, imposing the term that automobiles must have 75% of their components manufactured in Mexico, the United States or Canada, in order to qualify for zero tariffs, up from 62.5% which was under the NAFTA agreement. Similarly, with the USMCA accord , the United States farmers had greater access to Canadian dairy markets. The USMCA was signed by the three countries in January 2019.

Next, President Donald Trump withdrew from the World Health Organization in May 2020, an agency of the United Nations founded in 1948, responsible for coordinating health responses globally. President Trump withdrew from this Globalist Organization because the United States was contributing financially much more to its budget than China, which represents a country of 1.5 billion people and is the 2nd most powerful economy in the world. The United States was paying 400 million dollars to China’s 40 million dollars, a discrepancy by the ‘pseudo technical fact’ that China is a ‘developing country’. This ‘technical argument’ has also been used by China to acquire a ‘most favored status’ in the World Trade Organization in 2001, as well as in the Paris Climate Agreement signed in November 2016. This last international agreement was undertaken under the auspices of the United Nations, a Globalized Institution, within the framework of Climate Change and the Protection of the Environment.

The next Globalized International Institution that President Trump addressed was NATO, where the United States counts for 69% of overall defense spending by all NATO members. President Trump emphasized his position that his country ‘pays tens of Billions of dollars too much to subsidize the defense of Europe while it Loses Big on Trade’. He also demanded that NATO member-states must meet their 2% of their GDP commitment and that ultimately should go to 4%.

Under the political pressure by President Trump, NATO member-states increased defense spending for the fourth year in a row up to 2019, while NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg in late November of 2019, said that defense spending across European allies and Canada had increased in real terms by 4.6% in 2019.

Secretary General Stoltenberg expressed the opinion then, that ‘’…This is unprecedented progress and it is making NATO stronger…’’. This meant that the United States would spend less on Europe’s defense and Europe, especially Western Europe , which as the European Union in the course of time , has identified itself with Globalists around the world as China has.

The next Globalized International Institution that President Trump put political pressure on was the World Trade Organization. The WTO was created on April 15, 1994, when it was signed by 123 nations. It had two major trade components, the ‘most favored nation’(MFN) rule and the ‘national treatment policy’. The MFN rule requires that the WTO members must apply the same conditions in all trade with other WTO members. The ‘national treatment policy’ means that imported goods should be treated no less favorably than domestically produced goods, therefore avoiding ‘protectionism’ of its products and industries.

President Trump has officially and actively criticized China for engaging in ‘unfair trade practices’ by taking advantage of its ‘developing country’ status in WTO, even though it represents the 2nd largest economy in the world. With respect to these unfair trade practices by China as a ‘developing country’ , the Trump administration regards that the ‘international dispute settlement system’ of the WTO offers no practical solutions for China’s disregard of the WTO rules and has chosen to rely mostly on unilateral tariffs.

There has also been another trade agreement which aimed at reinforcing Globalization through international trade agreements and that was the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signed on February 4, 2016, by all the major Pacific countries. The agreement’s main purpose was to lower non-tariff and tariff barriers to and between these Pacific nations. President Trump considered that this international trade agreement would have undermined the economy of the United States and its independence. After the newly elected President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement in January 2017, the agreement could not be ratified as required by the stipulations and did not enter into force.

Finally we have the Paris Climate Agreement, which was signed on April 22, 2015, and became effective on November 4, 2016. This Agreement was signed by 188 countries and the European Union, as well as China and India, the countries with the 1st and 3rd largest CO2 emissions. The Paris Agreement was within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, dealing with the reduction of the greenhouse-gas-emissions, adapting countries economically to these new environmental prerequisites and financing these changes in industry and in all of human activity.
For the Paris Climate Agreement, President Barrack Obama and Vice President Biden, both Globalists, as most of the Democratic Party, the high civil servants of the state bureaucracy and upper echelon of the Military Industrial Complex, committed the United States to reducing carbon emissions in 2025, by 26 to 28%. This would mean for the United States a substantial jump in electricity cost and a reduction in the use of cars using gasoline. Also, there would be a negative impact on the country’s automobile industry as well as to America’s heavy industry which uses coal and electricity for its production. Finally, this would cause a depreciation of the country’s oil industry, which under the Presidency of Donald Trump made the United States self-sufficient in its oil consumption, becoming the first oil-producer in the world.

Taking into consideration the negative effects of the Paris Climate Agreement on the American economy, President Trump withdrew the country from the Agreement on June 1, 2017. Other reasons for leaving the Paris Agreement was that developed nations such as the United States, pledged to provide funding and technical assistance to developing countries like India and China , in order to assist with emission reductions.

With respect to China and India, two economically powerful countries, under the agreement they were classified ‘technically’ as ‘developing countries’ , and therefore were not obliged to reduce their CO2 emissions until 2030, while there was no penalty imposed if China, India or any other signatory nation did not achieve the prescribed targets. This means that China and India do not have to follow the same stringent government control on industry as other countries in achieving net-zero emissions until 2050 ; limiting the warming of the planet below 2 degrees Celsius from the Pre-Industrial average comparative readings.

Having referred to what in 1966, The Club Of Rome in their first meeting had decided that the United States was to be demoded economically and politically, a decision that was repeated by this ‘’powerful cabal’’ of Globalists in their books, ‘’The Limits of Growth’’ in 1972,and especially through their commentaries in ‘’The First Global Revolution’’ of 1991, we must conclude that a ‘’vast conspiracy’’ was in the making more than 50 years ago, which came into ‘’full fruition’’ after the election of Trump as President of the United States in 2016.

We shall therefore examine this final ‘’conspiratorial feat’’ by the Globalists around the world, but first I would like to note down the definition of the word ‘’conspiracy’’ as it is presented in the Oxford Dictionary, on its internet site ,(

This dictionary states that the meaning of the word ‘’conspiracy’’ is ‘a secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful or illegal’.

It is very interesting to acknowledge that the word ‘’conspiracy’’ is a ‘’taboo word’’ in almost any analytical narrative , whether this is formulated in a historical text, a newspaper, a political periodical or an editorial from a news-outlet . For me personally, this phenomenon represents a ‘’historical aberration’’ or a ‘’factual inconsistency’’ , since this socio-political factor has played an important determining role in formulating a political trend, as well as legitimizing a ‘’grab’’ of political power or an ‘’absolution’’ of a new political construct.

For example, in the Roman Empire of 400 years, as well as the Eastern Roman Empire of almost 400 years, most of the emperors never died of a natural death, but were murdered during their reign. They were murdered by political competitors who wanted to usurp power and establish themselves as their ‘’legitimate replacements’’. We witness this common phenomenon in all aspects of political life, whether it be the Ottoman Empire, the English kingdoms, the French and Russian Revolutions, even in the history of America, where 4 of its Presidents were assassinated , while there were 4 Presidents who survived attempted assassinations, this, during the 19th and 20th century.

I believe that most historical and political narratives since the beginning of human civilization, try to avoid focusing on the critical political dynamic of ‘’conspiracy’’ in formulating and defining important historical events, because this delegitimizes the supposedly ‘’natural’’ process of history forward , and of course it would question the legitimacy of the political and economic establishments in a particular epoch.

‘’So life goes on’’, as if nothing unusual ever happened, essentially ignoring the existing institutional checks and balances of a political construct, the welfare of the majority of people, and naturally the ‘’unbridled’’ and ‘’authoritarian’’ policies exercised by the individuals in power. We can even see in all socio-economic classes the ‘’prevalence’’ of conspiratorial behavior within families or clans, where there is a struggle for dominance by a person or a group of people, like the Italian Mafia and the Drug Cartels.

A ‘’conspiracy’’ in the final analysis , protects the whole ‘’amoral’’, ‘’unrepresentative’’ and ‘’volatile’’ socio-political and socio-economic societal structure, being promoted and enforced by those who monopolize power , in a family, a clan, a society, a state or a kingdom. Universal social hypocrisy at its best.’’ The King is dead , long live the King.’’!!!!

Let us now return to the Presidency of Donald Trump and the ‘’subversive activity’’ which the elites of Globalization, within and outside of the United States activated in order to dismantle the presidency and naturally undermine the political and economic integrity of the country through a vast ‘’conspiratorial scheme’’ which had been organized 50 years ago. They would finalize it with the following ‘’malevolent’’ and ‘’unconstitutional’ political agenda.

As we have already clarified, Donald Trump, before becoming President of the United States in 2016, he made perfectly clear what his political program would entail. His main goals were to revitalize the political and economic status of the United States, which had been shattered by previous American administrations, especially during the Obama Democratic Presidency. Trump’s political dogma was an ‘’anathema’ to the ‘’conspiratorial schemes’’ of the elites of Globalization, within an outside the United States, whose main focus was to establish a New World Order by suppressing the political legitimacy of the nation-state.

These powerful conspirators of Globalization and heads of International Masonic Lodges, used every means at their disposal to undercut and blemish the political integrity of Donald Trump, first through their ‘’false propaganda’’ using the ‘’main-stream’’ media in the United States and Europe, which they controlled to a large degree, as well as using transnational High Tech Companies of Communication like Microsoft, YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook. The fact that they did not succeed in electing Hillary Clinton as President of the United States in 2016, a Globalist like her husband Bill Clinton, former Democrat President, forced them to organize a large scale ‘’chain of command’’ within the state apparatus of America.
First of all they had on their side the Democratic Party and parts of the Republican Party’s old establishment, the so called ‘’Rhinos’’, then the CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department, and a section of the Military High Command. All these groups went into ‘’high gear’’ as a well-coordinated ‘’crime syndicate’’, all of them under the coordination of the top government officials and bureaucrats of the Obama administration.

This vast and ‘’closely knit’’ groups of politicians and state officials, represented a powerful ‘’cliental base’’ of the Globalist leaders, who had been systematically taking control of all state activities and state policies like in Europe for the last 50 years, placing their ‘’own clients’’ in key positions of decision making, both at federal and state levels, overseeing the activities of the whole government infrastructure.

After the ‘’intelligence initiatives’’ taken by the newly elected Trump administration, especially after the Muller Report of 2,5 years, which came out from a Congressional Special Counsel investigating President Trump’s collusion with Russia, before and after the American elections of 2016, it was discovered that Trump and his political associates had been under surveillance by Obama’s top officials in the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department.

This ‘’unconstitutional’’ and ‘’illegal’’ surveillance of Trump and his inner circle of advisers, assistants and future government appointees , continued after Trump had been elected into office, while there were some people in Trump’s inner circle who were falsely accused of ‘’treasonous activities’’ like General Flynn , who was to become Trump’s Head of Intelligence.

After 2,5 years of investigation by Muller’s Congressional Counsel using personnel from the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI, there was a final verdict that there were no ‘’treasonous political activities’’ and ‘’secret financial dealings’’ in cooperation with Russia by either Trump or his political associates, which meant that there was no Russian collusion!!!

In order to identify and substantiate more clearly the ‘’wide range’’ and ‘’extensive’’ conspiracy machinations by the Globalist elites, within and outside the United States, we shall analyze in detail the facts related to the Special Congressional Counsel which was set up during the 1st year of Trump’s Presidency. This Congressional Special Counsel was voted upon by a Democratically controlled House of Representatives , the government body responsible for all of the federal government’s judicial and intelligence committees.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced and passed a motion to install a Special Counsel which would look into criminal accusations put forward by the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department, pertaining to ‘’supposedly concrete’’ evidence of ‘’political collusion’’ with Russia by Donald Trump and his political associates. The accusations stemmed from the information that Trump and his political associates had collided with Russian intelligence operatives in order to undermine Hillary Clinton’s chances of being elected President of the United States in 2016, as well as having illegal financial transactions with Putin and Russian oligarchs.

If these accusations of ‘’treasonous’’ political activities by Trump were proven to be legitimate, then this would mean that Trump could be ‘’impeached’’ by Congress and removed from the office of President. The Intelligence Committee in the Democratically controlled House of Representatives, presided over by its chairman Adam Schiff , a Democrat representative, passed the motion to put in place a Special Counsel, headed by State Attorney Muller, after receiving culpable intelligence evidence coming from the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department. These government organizations represented ‘’the deep state’’ , operating for the Globalist elites , even though they were serving under the Republican Administration of President Donald Trump.

The main core of evidence of these ‘’scathing reports’’ of political and financial collusion with Russia, before and after Donald Trump had been elected President in 2016, came from “The Steele Dossier’’ which was an Intelligence Report, provided to the FBI and the Justice Department, put together by Christopher Steele, a former British agent and an intelligence expert on Russia.

Even though ‘’The Steele Dossier’’ was classified as a ‘’fabrication’’ early on in 2016, as evaluated by the experts of the FBI , it was ‘’technically’’ ignored on purpose , since it was ‘’unlawfully’’ inserted through the FISA board (which checks on the authenticity of documents) and suddenly became a valid document for the accusations against Trump for political complicity or political collusion with Russia. This was accomplished through ‘’unconstitutional maneuvering’’ by the heads of the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department, who were political appointees of the previous Democratic Administration of Obama.

The heads of these powerful governmental departments were guilty of ‘’criminal’’ and ‘’unconstitutional’’ practices by distorting intelligence information, and should have been prosecuted by the Justice Department later on, yet Attorney General William Barr, appointed by Trump, chose not to undertake any ‘’legal action’’ against them because he is part of the ‘’deep state’’ in Washington and as a member of the Republican Establishment, is a ‘’major pawn’’ in the Conspiracy of the Globalists to dismember the United States politically and economically.

Here we have to introduce a very critical fact which is that through the Muller investigation, it was discovered that ‘’The Steele Dossier’’ had been financed by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Fund in 2016. Therefore , chairman Muller of the Special Congressional Consul, after 2,5 years of investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department had no choice but to acquit Trump of ‘’criminal activity’’ in the Russian Collusion, a decision that he could have taken much earlier, taking into account the ‘’fake evidence’’ of the Steele Dossier. Nevertheless , Muller continued his investigation for 2,5 years , smearing the political integrity of Donald Trump, especially through the main-stream media in the United States and Europe , who were accusing him of being a ‘’traitor’’ to his country and a political partner of Russian President Putin.

We could naturally conclude that State Attorney Muller as well as Attorney General William Barr, who belong to the Republican Party, were important ‘’secret operatives’’ of the ‘’deep state’’, taking orders from the Globalist elites who control the ‘’political agenda’’ of the powerful Masonic Lodges they belong to.

The Muller Report was released to the public by the Department of Justice on April 18, 2019, acquitting President Trump of collusion with Russia politically and financially, while for 2,5 years the main-stream media in America and Europe had decided that he was guilty and almost every day he was accused of being a ‘’political pawn’’ of President Putin of Russia.

The Globalists elites, inside and outside of the United States, could not accept this ‘’legal verdict’’ , since they wanted Trump out of office so they could dismantle more easily America politically and economically. Therefore for ‘’one more time’’ , their operatives in the Democratic Party, in the Republican Establishment, in the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department, discovered a new ‘’illegal formula’’ to get rid of Trump, once again through ‘’impeachment’’.

We have already emphasized that the House of Representatives presides over Congress’s intelligence committee , which now is controlled by the Democrats, and as in the case of the ‘’Russian Collusion’’, the Intelligence Committee introduced another ‘’fake whistleblower’’ like Christopher Steele, someone whose identity has not been made public yet. This new whistleblower made a complaint in August 2019, to the Justice Department and the FBI, raising ‘’legal concerns’’ that Donald Trump had used his presidential office to solicit foreign electoral influence in the 2020 American Presidential elections.

The Impeachment Act was put forward on December 18, 2019, which was approved by the House of Representatives on October 31, 2019, by a vote of 252 to 196. The articles for impeachment were based on charges of ‘’abuse of power’’ and ‘’obstruction of Congress’’. The accusations were that President Trump first had coerced the Ukraine and other foreign countries into providing information related to the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, as well as information to Russian interference in the 2016 American Presidential elections.

The main core of the accusations was based on the fact that Donald Trump had blocked and then released a financial aid package approved by Congress of 400 million dollars for military aid to the Ukraine. It was alleged that President Trump would have approved this military aid to the newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky if he would consent examining the legal implications on the economic scandals of Burisma, the largest oil company in the country. A company for which Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden was working for, and Joe Biden as vice President of the United States had asked the then President of the Ukraine Porochenko , to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor who was responsible for exposing Burisma’s illegal financial activities. A number of contacts had been established between the White House and the newly elected government of the Ukraine, which culminated in a phone call between President Donald Trump and President Zelensky on July 25, 2019.

The accusation of ‘’quid pro quo’’ on Donald Trump was based on that phone conversation which he had with President Zelensky. Donald Trump provided the transcript of this phone call to the Justice Department which clearly showed that he wasn’t specifically asking Ukraine’s President to look into the role of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in the Burisma financial scandal , he was asking for a ‘’legal evaluation’’ of Burisma’s previous financial affairs which by then had gone bankrupt.

Both sides presented their legal argument on the Senate floor, where there was adjudication between January 14 and January 16, 2020. It is the Senate’s institutional role to decide on the merits of a particular legal initiative or bill presented by the House of Representatives. The Senate acquitted President Trump of these charges on February 5,2020, with a vote of 52 no votes and 48 yes votes for the accusation ‘’of abuse of power’’, and no 53 votes and yes 47 votes for the accusation of ‘’obstruction of Congress’’. The votes were split along party lines.

Once accusations for Trump’s ‘’impeachment’’ for demanding a ‘’quid pro quo’’ of the Ukrainian President Zelensky were rejected by the Senate, the Globalists within and outside the United States, ‘’went all out ‘’ to discredit the American Constitution putting in its place a ‘’one party’’ political system , with the Democrats being this unique political Party, who had supported Globalism for the last 50 years. The Globalists achieved this plan by disfranchising the American voters ‘’indirectly’’ by distorting and infringing on the voting procedures and the constitutional laws governing these procedures. The Globalists focused only on the ‘’Swing States’’ of Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania , Arizona, Nevada and Michigan , which were the states needed to ensure the victory of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

The Globalists, within and outside of the United States, aimed on reversing all of Trump’s anti-globalist policies, especially those ones which reinforced the political and economic status of America internationally. Practically, they wanted the United States to become their ‘’client state’’ exactly like the European Union, so that China would become the ‘’first global power’’ both economically and militarily. All these politicians and government administrators who cooperated ‘’unconstitutionally’’ to execute the Globalist plan for America’s political demise and the ‘’suppression’’ of the American Constitution were traitors, whether Democrats or Republicans.

There was clear evidence of ‘’wide scale fraud’’ in the Swing States, but the main-stream media like CNN, CBS and ABC, did not want to report it, only few minor T.V. outlets like FOX News, News Max, NTD and Blaze T.V. Most critically, the High Tech Communications companies like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon, directly influenced the outcome of the Presidential elections by ‘’excluding’’ information on voter fraud, as well as deleting messages by politicians, journalists, and ordinary users of these links who were expressing support for Donald Trump. Twitter many times ‘’took down’’ the messages of President Donald Trump and Republican politicians.

These ‘’unconstitutional’’ actions by the Oligopoly of High Tech Companies, ‘’unconstitutional’’ because they transgressed the First Amendment of the American Constitution which is ‘’the freedom of speech’’, represented the initial steps taken for ‘’sanctifying’’ a future ‘corporatist totalitarian state’ where the Democratic rights of its citizens , like ‘’free speech’’ and ‘’the right of vote’’ under constitutional procedures would soon be taken away.

This ‘’constitutional travesty’’ was enacted upon without any legal consequences from the Justice Department, from state courts or from the Supreme Court of the United States, because all of these institutions were essential components of the Conspiracy by the Globalist elites.

All these government officials of the judiciary branch of government, demonstrated that as Globalists and ‘’traitors’’ they received their guidelines not from the Articles of the American Constitution and from their education on judicial conduct and norms, but from their ‘’real guides’’ who are the Heads of the Masonic Lodges which they belong to, who have protected them politically and financially all through their careers, being subservient as their ‘’clients’’. For these ‘’clients’’ and ‘’traitors’’ their secret sources of financing are the transnational companies and banks, and of course the Communist Party of China, the CCP, who are in financial collusion with the Globalist power centers around the world.

China has been provided with the means and the tools by previous American administrations to infiltrate and influence every aspect of the technical, financial and political activity within the United States, from the High Tech American companies, to its government administrators and its top academic institutions.

Chinese and Globalist involvement is present and active everywhere , including main-stream media and the entertainment media like Disney and Netflix ,who are benefitting financially from China’s large market of consumers. This includes American sports like the professional teams of basketball and football, whose teams are financed largely by American transnational companies which manufacture sports equipment like Nike, and whose products are mostly made in China, while at the same time they sell their products to the tens of millions of Chinese consumers.

In order to clarify how the whole democratic political system of the United States has been compromised , we just have to examine certain concrete examples related to the Presidential Elections of 2020.

First of all, the person who has been elected ‘’fraudulently’’ and ‘’unconstitutionally’’ the next President of the United States, Joe Biden, is a Democrat politician and former vice-President of Barrack Obama, is also a ‘’senile’’ person of 78 , who has been accused of financial dealings with China while serving as vice-President of the United States, accusations which have also implicated his son Hunter Biden.

One of the main indicators that Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were involved in illegal financial transactions with China or the Chinese Communist Party can be found in Hunter Biden’s ‘’laptop’’ which he abandoned more than 1 year ago at an electronics shop to be fixed. After a few months , the shopkeeper handed this laptop to Ruddy Giuliani for safety. Giuliani , the lawyer of Donald Trump and former mayor of New York city then handed the ‘’laptop’’ to the FBI after making a copy for himself. On the ‘’laptop’’ as Giuliani has confirmed privately, are hundreds of documents and e-mails revealing the ‘’illegal dealings’’ of the whole Biden family made with companies in China, in Ukraine and Russia, dealing which also include ‘’sex trafficking’’ and ‘’money laundering’’.

This information from the ‘’laptop’’ was never exposed by the FBI and the Justice Department for a whole year, in order to protect the Biden family. This was the reason why Ruddy Giuliani gave the ‘’laptop’’ to the New York Post, the fourth largest newspaper in the United States, owned by Rupert Murdock who also owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

When some of the details about the content of the ‘’laptop’’ were published by the New York Post, the main-stream media reported that this information was ‘’Russian Disinformation’’ , while the newspaper’s dissemination of some of the facts on its Facebook platform was deleted by this company as well as anyone who communicated this information through Twitter.

We therefore have the next President of the United States, Joe Biden, who is ‘’senile’’ , is a ‘’client’’ of the Chinese Communist Party, who remained in his basement most of the time during the presidential campaign, yet receiving about 80 million votes, about 15 million more votes than Barrack Obama when he was elected to his second term of office. Barrack Obama who was a charismatic, dynamic and a very active campaigner. How can one explain this except by coming to the conclusion that it was a ‘’fraudulent’’ and ‘’rigged’’ election.

The next ‘’damaging fact’’ related to the integrity and the legitimacy of the American Presidential elections of 2020, had to do with the voting procedures of the Swing States where the outcome would theoretically be close between the Republicans and the Democrats. These Swing States were Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan, where the governors and the courts, some controlled by Globalist Republicans, changed the voting procedures a few months before the election date.

These changes had to be initiated by the legislatures of the states, not by the governors or the state courts according to the American Constitution. The reasons given for taking such ‘’drastic measures’’ was the protection of the health of the voters due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. As a consequence, they allowed tens of millions of ballots to be distributed to almost everyone , without ensuring security controls such as signature verification, address verification, verification of permanent residency and verification if the voter was alive or dead. The whole political environment was similar to that of a ‘’Banana Republic’’!

For example, in the state of Pennsylvania, there were 250,000 mail-in-ballots which were received after voting had ended at 8 p.m. on November 3, 2020. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito requested that the state not count these ballots and put them aside. The state administrators of Pennsylvania ignored the Supreme Court Justice and counted these late ballots with the rest. Also in Pennsylvania there were witnesses who signed affidavits testifying that there were trucks bringing in tens of boxes of ballots from neighboring states like New Jersey and New York.

In Arizona, there were hundreds of affidavits signed by people who were responsible for the tabulation of ballots, who were checkers of the Republican Party, as well as ordinary voters who witnessed ‘’voting irregularities’’. These affidavits were legal documents which when signed carried legal penalties if the witness testified falsely.

In the state of Michigan at the voting centers, no checkers from the Republican Party were allowed to participate in the voting procedures for the validity of ballots or the way ballots were tabulated. Wooden placards were installed on the windows of these centers so that no one could monitor either the permissible standards of the ballots or the manner with which the ballots were counted. These actions by the state administrators were ‘’unconstitutional’’ and ‘’illegal’’.

In some of the Swing States there were specific counting machines which were used to validate and tabulate the ballots. These electronic machines by the name Dominion , was discovered that their logarithmic precision for recognizing the validity of a signature was programmed at the lowest level , which meant that there were very few discarded ballots compared to previous elections. Usually the percentage of discarded ballots from previous elections would be about 1.5% , while now it was about 0.3 %.

I can list hundreds of other cases of voting irregularities in those Swing States recorded in hundreds of affidavits of witnesses , as well as by technical experts who analyzed the technical distortions which had been programmed in those electronic machines such the Dominion machines.

Here we have to mention an important ‘’voting anomaly’’ in the procedures which occurred in 4 of the 6 Swing States. This anomaly was that when the counting of the ballots had begun after 8 p.m., it showed that very quickly the votes for Trump were gaining ground compared to those for Biden. This margin difference was increasing as time went by . As a result, the administrators of these states decided for no particular reason to stop the tabulation of ballots at 11:30 p.m. Next morning when the counting of votes restarted , and in just a short time, the votes for Biden increased exponentially , putting him ahead of Trump in all 4 states.

Official legal complaints were presented by the lawyers representing the Republican Party related to voting irregularities in procedures and the norms of elections. These legal complaints were introduced to the state courts, the state governors and even went up to America’s Supreme Court. Nevertheless, these complaints were rejected by these judicial institutions without examining the details of the presentations. Similarly, the FBI and the Justice Department did not want to get involved in verifying those allegations concerning voting procedures and take legal action against those civil servants who had acted ‘’illegally’’ and ‘’unconstitutionally’’. The whole political background looked more like a theatre play exposing a ‘’vast brothel’’ or a ‘’vast crime syndicate’’ run by the Godfathers of Globalization like George Soros , Bill Gates or the Pope in Rome.

All this government officials, politicians, High Tech Companies and main-stream media were active participants in the Globalist conspiracy to elect Joe Biden for President of the United States, while at the same time, ‘’shredding to pieces’’ the American Constitution and the American Republic. As American political ‘’traitors’’ and ‘’conspirators’’ their main aim was to dismantle the United States politically, economically and socially so that the elites of Globalization could install a ‘’one party’’ political system, the Democratic Party with the ‘’senile’’ Joe Biden as its leader, imposing a ‘’corporatist totalitarian’’ state administration , which would comply to the New World Order.

There would not be an independent nation-state, with a democratic political culture, and no functional Constitution or a separate and independent judicial system. Every aspect of everyday life would be subservient and controlled by Powerful Transnational Corporations and Transnational Banks, always with the support of China and the European Union.


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