The Greek crisis of 2012 -a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Part E)

(I want to dedicate this text to those of my former students who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own survival).

The first “historical circumstance” which facilitated the Greek Government of Kostas Simitis to execute this whole “underhanded” procedure so that the distortion of the data concerning Greece’s National Debt would not be officially detected by the European Commission and by the European Central Bank was the fact that since that time, meaning from 1998 and until 2008, there was disorganization and a professional laxity(unwittingly due to extraordinary circumstances or maybe wittingly) by the services of Eurostat. The last, represented a European statistical supervisory body which was responsible for extracting and harmonizing the various financial data information coming from the member-states of the European Union, in order to absorb and record officially and scientifically the real economic indicators within a larger European context. This statistical data by Eurostat represented key accounting inputs for processing and evaluating the supervision of the total economic budget of the European Union and of course of the monetary policy of the European Central Bank. During the period when the statistics of Greece’s National Debt were being “cooked up” or “distorted”, meaning in 2000, due to an internal financial scandal, the activities or the services of Eurostat were almost at a stand-still, therefore the people responsible for this auditing bureau of the European Union accepted “at face value” the economic indicators and the official economic assessments provided by the Greek Government of Kostas Simitis, as well as later on, by the Greek Government of Kostas Karamanlis (2004-2009).


The second historical factor which “rationalized” the distortion of the economic data concerning Greece’s National Debt was the everyday socio-political reality that Kostas Simitis as Prime Minister of Greece, governed over a “cliental state”, which meant that a “rotten state infrastructure” was maintained by Him and by his “close collaborators” of whichever professional or social background, therefore disposing of all the necessary socio-political instruments and connections so as to be able “to pull all the strings” without essentially having “to give any account” either to the Greek Parliament, to Greek Justice or to Greek Society as a whole. The “total absence” of a Democratic Constitutional Government!!! Kostas Simitis, as the then Prime Minister of Greece, functioned as a “feudal lord” of an Ottoman province of the 18th century, exactly the way that had governed his “political mentor”, Andreas Papandreou, when he ruled Greece as Prime Minister during the previous years (1981-1989), (1993-1996).

First of all, Kostas Simitis with the parliamentary political party of PASOK which he presided over, controlled the majority of seats in the Greek Parliament, which meant that from this legislative state body he did not have to face any real political resistance or any viable political opposition concerning his policies, at least from the great majority of Greece’s Parliamentarians. Second, Kostas Simitis then controlled directly or indirectly the various ministries, as well as the top official administrators of the ministries, of the state banks, of the civil services, of the armed services and of the state owned mass media. An anachronistic and a retrogressive socio-political environment which was based on a “single party” state controlled cliental mechanism, with its most important interlocutors being the political party of PASOK and its higher political cadres(ministers, vice-ministers, general secretaries of ministries, governors and managers of state banks and state insurance organizations, directors of state hospitals, directors of state mass-media, presidents of various civil service unions, the top echelon of the armed forces, and many, many other such influential “state lackeys”). It was that “progressive” and “reformist” Greek political party which Andreas Papandreou had founded in 1974. We as Greek Citizens, we should all be “grateful” for the “national” and “patriotic” contribution of our own Andreas!!!

Yet, equally as critical in being able to manipulate the real numbers of Greece’s National Debt as well as undertaking other internal “unlawful” and “unethical” financial practices , was the “historical given” that Kostas Simitis as Prime Minister of Greece had two of his “ideological chums”(something like “close mates” belonging to the same Masonic Lodge) in the critical key positions of Governors of the Central Bank of Greece and of the National Bank of Greece; two of the most important state banking institutions in the country which controlled to a large degree the economic and financial activities of the Greek State and of Greek Society as a whole, internally and externally!!!

The Central Bank of Greece represented the state’s economic regulator, which determined the interest rates of all Greek Banks and their capacities to provide available money capital for investments and for personal loans, as well as exercising the exclusive state role of officially recording, controlling and balancing the economic indicators of the country. The National Bank of Greece, the largest commercial bank of the country, whose majority share-capital belonged to the Greek State (I am not quite certain if this financial status remains in place today, knowing full well that the Greek State has been selling off to foreigners everything which is of any real value), commanded enormous financial capital funds, which permitted it to influence the economic policies and the economic orientations of all Greek Governments and of the Greek State. By the way, one of the most important share holders of the National Bank of Greece is “the holy” Greek Orthodox Church of Greece!!!

The position of Governor of the Central Bank of Greece was held by Lucas Papademos(1947- ), starting during the Premiership of Andreas Papandreou, meaning from 1994, and continuing in this vital economic state post during the Premiership of Kostas Simitis. Lucas Papademos left this post in 2002, soon after the “doctoring” of Greece’s National Debt by the Greek Government; guided and supported by the various “manipulative” and “loan-shark” banking services of Goldman Sachs- this all-powerful international American securities and investment financial organization, which would soon directly oversee all of the economic developments of the Greek State and of the entire Greek Society. Goldman Sachs, under the pretext of supporting financially Greece through various bank loans and through “illicit” banking transactions, which in essence would distort the true statistical data concerning Greece’s National Debt, provided the Greek Government of Kostas Simitis with the required budgetary preconditions(Treaty of Maastricht) which would soon permit Greece to become a permanent member-state of the European Economic and Monetary Union(Eurozone). Through these banking services, “legal” as well as “illicit”, Goldman Sachs, not only made large profits for a considerable length of time, burdening further the budgetary expenses of the Greek State and of the Greek Peoples as a whole, but it also provided it with the “financial clout” and the “financial instruments” to undertake a long term “conspiratorial economic strategy” which aimed at the “absolute bankruptcy” of Greece as a country and as a society, while at the same time, producing the ideal preconditions for the political and economic “blackmailing” of the European Union by international American financial trusts. They were these international American financial groups who wanted and aspired at ensuring their hegemony in the international markets, as well as that of the American dollar as the main “international hard currency” and as the main “reserve currency” for nations. These international American securities and investment organizations pursued “in each and every way” at weakening economically and in dismantling politically the European Union, which practically and essentially for them represented a “threatening” and an “equal rival” of Western Capitalism. At the same time, these American financial centers also aimed at the “general degradation” and at the “general depreciation” of the Euro as a hard currency in the world markets and as an international “stable reserve currency”!!!

This “diabolical financial scheme” by Goldman Sachs which would inflict Greece with an “economic impasse” 10 years later, meaning 10 years after the “technical tampering” of the financial data concerning the country’s National Debt in the year 2000, was initiated and realized with the “conspiratorial consent” and the “dark machinations” of our own Greek political leaders and our own state officials, who directly and personally controlled all economic negotiations and all economic policies involving the Greek State(Constitutionally Undemocratic).

One of these “Greek patriots” was Lucas Papademos, who was finally awarded with the “interim” Premiership of Greece between November 2011 and May 2012, as a “last resort political initiative” by the “patriotic” parliamentary political parties of PASOK, this “pseudo” socialist political party headed by George Papandreou, son of Andreas Papandreou, the New Democracy Party, a neo-liberal political party, and LAOS, a small nationalistic, right wing political party. All this political commotion and all these political maneuvers by Greece’s Parliament were activated in order to save their “loved homeland”, but “just in theory”!!! Lucas Papademos would be advertised, promoted and publicly exalted by Greece’s Economic and Political Establishment and their “foreign masters”, mainly through Greece’s Mass Media, especially the State’s Mass Media. They projected Him as the “Greek technocrat academician economist” who would play the role of “National Savior”, exactly like Mario Monti in Italy, and exactly as many other Greek political personalities and leaders had functioned in Greece’s recent historical past. We Greek Citizens, we should all be really proud of them and of course of ourselves!!! This “controversial”, “shadowy” and “mysterious” Greek technocrat and politician, who served “successfully” in important academic and financial posts as an economics expert, both abroad and in Greece, finally, from what we all Greeks have witnessed and are surely experiencing today, Lucas Papademos was not able to save us!!! Is it a historical or a circumstantial coincidence??? I really do not believe so!!!

We could say that Lucas Papademos represents the “photo-simile” of Andreas Papandreou, but in a more “contemporary Greek version”!!! A little more technocratic, a little more reserved and low keyed in his professional, social, personal and political behavior( not as macho Greek and not as politically overwhelming as his political mentor), and less intimate, spontaneous and demagogue as had been Andreas Papandreou, but equally as “sinister” and as “scheming” at the expense of his own Nation. A famous but “unorthodox” journalist on Greek private television, who I do not want to name , more than two years ago, compared Lucas Papademos to the “door-man” of the Masonic lodge in the last movie Stanley Kubrick had made(1999) before his death in 1999, which was called “Eyes Wide Shut”. Our own Lucas Papademos truly has the same inexpressive gaze; a gaze of a “hybrid human entity” which has absolutely no real affinity with the “everyday realities” of the great majority of human beings on earth, but only with the “virtual reality” of a faceless and inhuman life-dimension where “everything and everyone” are considered objects for exploitation and subjugation, naturally starting always with Himself!!!

This same “blank”, “terrifying” and “inexpressive” eye-gaze I have personally witnessed many times in the past, in “famous” and “socially powerful” individuals who control the lives and decide upon the fortunes of millions of ordinary everyday people around the world!!! Internationally very recognizable personalities, like Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State of the United States under the Presidency of Richard Nixon(1969-1974), Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft, the former President of the United States, George W. Bush Junior(2001-2009), George Soros, the most powerful money-broker in the world, Ben Bernanke, the present Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, Mario Draghi, the present Governor of the Central Bank of Europe, as well as our “own precious little Greek gems”, like the Head of the Greek-Orthodox Church of Greece, Archbishop Hieronymus and the present Greek Minister of Finance, Janis Stournaras; as well as many, many other socially powerful human entities “in every corner of the globe”!!! Human beings who have sold their souls, their human feelings and their human integrity in order to feel “absolutely secure” and “absolutely revered” by their own “rotten social establishment” and by their own “rotten social peers”!!!

Finally, all these “dysfunctional” and “perverse” human social actors are simply out of touch and alienated from the “essence of human existence”, which is above all Self-Knowledge, always with humility and great love (Eros). These particular individuals “absolutely” do not want and do not wish to accept the fact that they are “mortal” and that their life-span is very limited. They are scared of this human existential reality like “the Devil frankincense”!!! That is how cowardly are all these “socially powerful” human entities, who in essence are just “void human subspecies”!!!

As we have already mentioned, Lucas Papademos represents the ” modern facsimile” of Andreas Papandreou, but equally as “shadowy”, as “conspiratorial” and as “treacherous” within the context of Greece’s national interests. When I define or when I characterize Lucas Papademos as the “modern Greek version” of Andreas Papandreou, I know exactly what I am talking about!!! Like Andreas Papandreou representing Greece’s Economic and Political Establishment, so it was with Lucas Papademos who graduated from Athens College, a “prestigious private school” which to a large extent prepares the privileged youth of Greek Society, both male and female, to develop into “efficient” and “loyal” instruments of Greece’s Economic and Political Establishment, something like a Masonic Lodge for young people. Naturally, in the course of their adult life, this privileged Greek youth, provide their services as successful professionals to “foreign interest groups”, so that they themselves, their families and their family clan, could enjoy economic, social and political privileges, ignoring “absolutely” the fortunes and the welfare of their Greek Compatriots, as well as the general development of their own country. This Greek privileged youth, whether male or female, functions socially as a “conclave” of young people who are being programmed by their own families and by their own social environment to protect their own very exclusive self-interests, by serving the economic and political ambitions and strategies of “foreign interest groups”, who make use of their “own Greek homeland” to enrich themselves and of course to realize their own personal hegemonic games around the world!!!

Therefore, as we have already mentioned and emphasized, Lucas Papademos as Andreas Papandreou, graduated from the “elitist” and “all exclusive” Athens College. Like Andreas Papandreou, Lucas Papademos studied at a “prestigious” American university, MIT, Physical Sciences, from where he graduated in 1970, while in this same “influential” American university, he completed his post-graduate studies as an electrical engineer(1972), receiving finally from this “all important” American university a Ph.D. in Economics. At the same time, Lucas Papademos also worked as a research assistant and as a specialized scientist for MIT, one of the most “powerful universities” of the United States(ivy league universities), as exactly had been the case with Andreas Papandreou with Harvard University, which also belongs to the “ivy league” of American Universities. Lucas Papademos as Andreas Papandreou in his professional career, served as financial consultant, first, for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1980, while later on, in 1985, he was appointed financial advisor to the Central Bank of Greece (1985-1993). This last major appointment took place under the Greek Premiership of Andreas Papandreou, exactly the same position which had been assigned to Andreas Papandreou by Konstantinos G. Karamanlis, Prime Minister of Greece, after the return of a Democratic Political Rule in 1974.

In 1993, during the Premiership of Andreas Papandreou, Lucas Papademos was appointed Vice-Governor of the Central Bank of Greece, and a year later, its Governor; remaining in this “critical state financial position” until 2002. In the same year, Lucas Papademos accepted the very powerful economic post of Vice-Governor of the European Central Bank, a position which he held until 2010. All these “official appointments” and all these “official assignments” concerning important professional official roles which were directly related to public economic influence and public economic control, whether these came from the Economic and Political Establishment of the United States, the Economic and Political Establishment of the European Union, or the Economic and Political Establishment of Greece, I do not believe it was historically incidental or historically accidental!!! In all these cases, Lucas Papademos was “their man”- the “efficient” and “loyal” human tool (ragias)* who could best service their own personal economic and political “hegemonic” fantasies and interests around the world!!!

*ragias- a Greek term originating from Greece’s Ottoman Occupation of 400 years, which describes someone who behaves in a servile and in a subservient way towards the socially powerful, in order to personally prosper.

Here, we should mention that in 2000, when the “tampering” or the “distortion” of the statistical financial data concerning Greece’s National Debt took place, permitting the country to become a permanent member-state of the Eurozone, Lucas Papademos was Governor of the Central Bank of Greece and Mario Draghi was General Director of Goldman Sachs International, who by the way in 2012, was assigned the position of Governor of the Central Bank of Europe. Similarly, during this period or during the year when the “concocting” of Greece’s National Debt was initiated by the Greek Government of Kostas Simitis, this with the “direct financial support” and the “direct financial scheming” of one of the most powerful credit and investment banks in the world, Goldman Sachs, Mario Monti was European Commissioner(1995-2004) responsible for matters which involved the European Union’s internal markets, taxation and economic competitiveness, while at the same time, he was also employed by Goldman Sachs to work as their financial consultant( until 2005), overseeing investment opportunities in the European Community which could financially benefit this all powerful International American Credit and Securities Organization.

Mario Monti as well as Lucas Papademos were appointed and were not elected democratically, as “interim technocrat prime ministers” by their respective national parliaments, under the “political pretext” of dealing effectively with the economic and political crisis within their own respective countries, meaning Italy and Greece. They were “theoretically” national governments mainly composed of technocrats, whose main programme was to deal with their nation’s budgetary deficits and political instability. This for me is absolute political nonsense!!! In reality, these Interim Prime Ministers, represented the “authentic” and “loyal” patriotic technocrat power brokers or “powerful cadres” of international Masonic Lodges who could best service the “inhuman” and “distorted” hegemonic fantasies of their few mentors; “powerful sub humans” who live and function like “vampires” at the expense of the vast majority of everyday people in all parts of the world!!! Are all these of my descriptions “historical exaggerations”??? I don’t believe so!!! I simply and truly believe that these “dark” but socially very powerful personalities, represented and still represent “communicating human vessels” or “communicating Masonic Lodges”, who have aspired for a long, long time, to control the destiny of Humanity for their own “futile personal interests”, ignoring completely the well-being and the welfare of the great majority of people living on this planet, the planet we all call Earth!!!

What had happened concerning the National Debt of Greece and the “direct involvement” of Goldman Sachs in distorting the economic statistical data, always with the political support and the political complicity of our own Greek politicians and our own Greek state officials, was essentially and practically, a type of financial and political “blackmailing” by international American financial interest groups who disposed powerful economic and political links within the “decision making mechanisms” of the European Union. They had under their own personal control, influential and strategic cadres and officials within the European Union who could be “very cooperative”, even “obliged”(ideological consensus of international Masonic Lodges) to undermine “in the long term”, the potentials and the means for this Union to develop into a very powerful Federation of European States, which would eventually compete on an equal basis and dynamically with the Political and Economic Hegemony of the United States across the world!!!

The last, and I believe the most enlightening personal credentials which prove that Lucas Papademos functioned and still functions as the most modern and the most evolved “prototype” of Andreas Papandreou, meaning “pro-American”, “collaborator”, “scheming” and “nationally treacherous”, was the historical fact that in the near past, he was a member of the international non-governmental organization, the Trilateral Commission. Like the “international conspiratorial” Club Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission represents an exclusive world organization which functions with the criteria and through procedures of a Masonic Lodge. Similarly, like the Bilderberg Club, it represents an international exclusive club of “power brokers”, who through their social position and professional expertise have the potentials and the means to influence and define the political, economic and cultural “make-up” of the societies, the states and the international organizations where they work and function . The main goal of the members of the Trilateral Commission is to organize “long-term” plans and strategies which would protect and reinforce the political, economic and cultural hegemony of the United States of America throughout the world!!!

The Trilateral Commission, one of the most powerful and influential non-governmental organisations world-wide, was founded by David Rockefeller in 1973. He, representing one of the richest families or one of the most powerful family clans of the United States(old money), who control international financial institutions and investment banks, exactly like the family clan of the Rothschilds in Europe and the family clan of the Mitsubishis in Japan. All these rich and powerful family clans , have the enormous international financial clout to be able to determine the evolution and the “destiny” of a large portion of the Human Race. Their members function like “earthly deities” or “earthly gods”, exactly like the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. They represent exclusive societal groups or clans composed of “unnatural” and “deranged” human entities within the real context of their “limited human existence”!!! Therefore, I do not really believe that this all-powerful “conspiratorial” and “hegemonic” international non-governmental organization (Trilateral Commission), which functions like a Masonic Lodge, would have permitted Lucas Papademos to become one of its members, if they didn’t feel absolutely sure and absolutely confident that he would be their “own exclusive human tool” who could best serve their “own exclusive hegemonic interests”; meaning the American economic and political interests throughout the globe. Referring now directly to Lucas Papademos, the only two things I would like to say are, what a waste of all the books that he has read and what a disgrace concerning his “National Greek Integrity”!!!!!

As we have already mentioned, one of the strong cards or more precisely two of the strong cards of Kostas Simitis and his Greek Government which they utilized in order to “distort” the statistical data concerning Greece’s National Debt in 2000, so that the country could be admitted as a member-state in the Eurozone with a single currency(euro), was the historical fact that Kostas Simitis, the then Prime Minister of Greece and President of the “socialist” parliamentary political party of PASOK, had two of his most “trusted” and “loyal” collaborators in the very critical state banking positions of Governors of the Central Bank of Greece and the National Bank of Greece. These two strategic state banking institutions in essence controlled and defined the economic and “to a certain degree” the political orientations of the Greek State and of all Greek Governments, many times ignoring any “Constitutional Consent”, meaning the “Legislative Consent” of the Greek Parliament through direct vote by all Greek Parliamentarians representing all parliamentary political parties. This meant an “absolute indifference” towards the Constitutional Democracy of the country!!! We could certify this fact historically and practically by referring to the “artificial manipulation” of the economic statistics related to Greece’s National Debt in 2000, as well as to the many “financial trickeries” activated by Kostas Simitis, as Prime Minister of Greece, always with the “complicity” and the “un-patriotic conspiratorial assistance” of the Governors of the Central Bank of Greece and of the National Bank of Greece, meaning Lucas Papademos and Theodoros Karatzas. It was a “consortium” of servile state middlemen (ragias) and national political traitors who did not “give a damn” for the Greek State or for the Greek Society, but especially for Greece’s Constitutional Democracy. We should all be proud of these “ethical” and “patriotic” Greek Citizens!!!

Theodoros V. Karatzas (1930-2004) served as Governor of the National Bank of Greece from 1996 until his sudden death in 2004. He was practically and essentially the “alter ego” of Kostas Simitis, a long time before the last one had become Prime Minister of Greece (1996-2004). This biographical characterization we shall clarify and verify by examining the various historical facts concerning the “very close relationship” between Kostas Simitis and Theodoros Karatzas during their professional and governmental careers- implicating them in almost all of the economic and political developments of their “own country”. Both of them, meaning Kostas Simitis and Theodoros Karatzas, in the end, exposed themselves as human instruments or as middlemen of the Economic and Political Establishment of Greece, always having as their “primary focus” the economic and political interests of International Security and Money Institutions, especially those ones which were under the direct control of American Financial Trusts. We could easily say that from a “certain historical point” and after, Theodoros Karatzas was the figure and the individual who personally directed all of the economic and political policies of his “own country”, yet always under the directives and the protection of his “powerful foreign masters”. During the period when he was at the zenith of his power, some Greek journalists addressed to him personally the comment that “every stone you turn, you find Karatzas beneath it!!!” He laughed, without attesting to this statement, but at the same time without refuting it!!!

The official distinctions bestowed upon Theodoros Karatzas “personally” during his professional life, especially when he worked in the Greek state banking sector(which indirectly or directly was influencing the economic but also the political “directions” of the Greek State) were numerous, both within Greece and abroad. He always enjoyed the “absolute support” of the Economic Establishment of his “own country”, from a large portion of the Greek Mass Media, especially the state owned Media, from Kostas Simitis before and after the last one became Prime Minister of Greece, but more critically, he had “preferential treatment” from the various powerful International Securities and Money Organizations, especially the American ones.

Referring now to my previous commentary related to the “preferential treatment” bestowed upon Theodoros Karatzas by the International Banking and Enterprising Establishment, we could introduce the “historical fact” that during the course of his professional career as Governor of the National Bank of Greece(1996-2004), he was personally chosen by various important international forums involved in evaluating individual enterprising merits and successes, as one of the top CEOs(Chief Executive Officer) in the International Financial Arena!!! Was it a coincidence??? I really do not believe so!!! I emphasize this “historical fact” concerning a personal International Distinction or even a “glorification” of the “supposedly” very productive and effective economic initiatives undertaken by Theodoros Karatzas in his “own country”, always within the context of the “disastrous” National Financial Implications produced by his own personal economic policies and strategies. There was first his direct involvement in “distorting” the statistical data of Greece’s National Debt of 2000, then there was the “indiscriminate liberalization” of the credit system of all Greek banks which provided “easy consumer loans” to all Greek Citizens, third, there was personal involvement in the Scandal of the Greek Stock Market or more precisely the “disintegration” of the Greek Stock Market in 1999, as well as the gradual weakening of Greece’s banking sector, climaxing in 2010(a deficiency in bank reserve funds for personal loans and investment). Nevertheless, Theodoros Karatzas as Governor of the National Bank of Greece(1996-2004) was being presented and is still being presented after his sudden death in 2004, mostly by the State Mass Media and the Mass Media of the Greek Establishment as the person who had modernized and had revitalized the Greek Banking Sector both within Greece but also abroad. Which all means, “sweet nothings”!!!

Now being more specific and truthful historically, after the “collapse” of the Greek Stock Market in 1999,thousands of small Greek investors were “hijacked” and literally “robbed”, eliminating within a few months all their life’s savings, while at the same time, a large part of the “reserve funds” held by state insurance institutions and which had been invested in various company stocks in the Greek Stock Market ( under the “political persuasion” of the Greek Government) “went up in smoke”!!! The Greek Prime Minister, Kostas Simitis, with the collaboration of his two “close chums”, meaning Lucas Papademos, Governor of the Central Bank of Greece, and Theodoros Karatzas, Governor of the National Bank of Greece, tried “every trick in the book” to artificially placate a Stock Market which was “in shambles”, not through circumstance but through “inside dark machinations”!!!

Billions of euros in today’s currency (then it was the drachma) were transferred abroad by our own “money mongers” and “embezzlers”, nevertheless, most of that “stolen money” belonging mostly to small Greek investors was “whisked” outside of the country by foreign “money mongers” and “embezzlers” who had been closely cooperating with our own “money mongers”, these “so-called” local Greek entrepreneurs but also “national traitors”!!!

In the following text of our series on the Greek Crisis, we shall provide more information and historical details concerning the “un-patriotic” and “subversive” economic strategies and initiatives undertaken by Theodoros Karatzas, always at the expense of the economic and political self-determination and self-reliance of “his own homeland” and “his own Nation”, but always for the economic and political expansionist ambitions of International Financial Trusts within Greece, within Europe and around the world!!!

“To be sensitive and truthful in our society is a great burden”
(May 2013)




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