Different greetings for the new year (2009)

Because we have had more than enough of the typical and simulated greetings each New Year΄s Day;greetings which very few people believe or take them seriously, I shall dare to replace these with certain pointers so that we won΄t forget who we really are where we are really going.

I would therefore like to put forward the following requests:

1st) Put down your forks,your spoons and your knives,and stop chewing everything at any time,just to forget that you exist.Now is the time to give a bit of thought as to where exactly you are going and what exactly you are doing with your lives and emotions.

2nd) Stop living and telling so many lies.You have to start putting some quality and substance in what you do.

3rd) Get rid of that emotional greyness which dominates your senses and your erotic temperament. Set free the child in you; that pure life-force which turns simple everyday moments into a magical experience.

4th) Quit acting like a pawnbroker in your public life, continuously searching for more wealth and material goods,while pretending to being simple and modest who cares about everyone.

5th) End playing the fools and pretending ignorance concerning the true dimensions and complexities of your mortal earthly existence.

6th) It is time you learned to be free and creative for the sake of the common good, and out of respect for the unique experience we call life.

7th) It is time to move and change your act and setting.Life is really pressing hard.