The last youth riots in Greece (Dec. 2008)

The youth riots last month throughout Greece are fully justified and are an encouraging sign for the future of Greek Society.These demonstrations are justified first of all because the young people today feel abandoned by everyone-by the state,by their families,by their professors and by the “spiritual leaders” of their country. Second, the youths of today know very well that their choices for a creative future are quickly dwindling,while they don΄t possess the financial means to feel self-sufficient and independent.

Finally,there are no social avenues or a civilization which could inspire them to formulate something new and representative of their generation. The riots by the youth of Greece is an encouraging sign for Greek Society because there is some type of ideological and civilizing activity amongst the young which reflect the insanity and the harshness of our times.Where I personally have some misgivings is the fact that these youths who demonstrate for different living standards and a better future, hesitate in initiating this revolutionary process within their own homesteads and families,which are the social cradles of conservatism and social apathy. This is happening because the youths of today are scared of losing all the economic benefits which their families offer.In the late 60s and early 70s,when the young in Western Societies decided to bring about a cultural revolution,they began with the antiquated and reactionary values within their own homes,ignoring the dire implications on their own economic wellbeing and on their social status.Eventhough this generation of the 60s betrayed to a large degree its revolutionary ideals, I still believe that the youths today have to first come into collision with their own family setup which is the main advocate for all of society΄s established values and of society΄s social fabric.

A revolution should always begin from our personal living space such as our family,our friends,our lovers,our work place,our means of entertainment and leisure.So it is time for the young today in their revolutionary strategies to sacrifice their addiction for the acquisition and consumption of material goods.It is exactly this addiction which made the 60s generation sacrifice its radical social values, it is also the means whereby the state and the family today are able to blackmail and frighten the youth,breaking down their spirit and natural drive.