Online Dating and Social Behaviour of Sexes

This article is dedicated to Alexander, my former teacher and friend. Alexander, happy and spicy, sweet and bitter, pragmatist and visionary, a man with beautiful qualities has a lot to say and that’s why if someone does not understand what he says is good to ask him. The issue that I’m talking about today is dating, I would not like to take the side of men or women but I will speak from man’s point of view. Men join in dating sites like,, and and send a multitude of messages to many women, the response rate is about 5% average with these answers coming out we go out with a small percentage of them and with some of the appointments that come out ends up in sex or relationship.

Women also join in dating sites, however, they have the opposite role, they receive messages from men and are the ones who choose their match even if they are not beautiful, even if they have 4/10 or 3/10 appearance, they receive a multitude of messages by men who may look much more appealing than those girls, I call this phenomenon “woman’s sexual surplus-value,” or “magical pussy syndrome.” The sexual surplus of woman determines the potential of sexuality between man and woman. Marriage is not working nowadays, it is purely an economic contract between a man and a woman about who should provide what and how, men are supposed to be the providers of women and women are supposed to be at home or even work but they are not expected from society to be the providers.

Men are not saints either we hope that women will be at home, they will wash dishes and give us sex whenever we want. This shows that we simply do not know the nature of the women, the nature of women is an emotional cycle that opens and closes and has a date of expiration, I have personally met with several women in my life and I have understood this, woman sexual desire have a lifespan and then you have to be ready to find another if you have not found before, of course it can happen to the man but the rule is a rule. Divorces are so much high nowadays and it is not good for someone to marry today unless he has a financial benefit, maybe if I was in 1800 I would be a bachelor artist but I’m talking about now because it is now more important . Both sexes are corrupt, but I’m talking about my man’s side.


Dionysus Lunarius