The Greek crisis of 2012-a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Part A)

The Greek crisis of 2012-a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (I want to dedicate this text to those of my former students who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own survival) (Part A).

It has been more than a year since I have written anything in my site, the reason being that I have been experiencing the “dark psyche” of a whole society, the Greek Society, which in essence is longing for its own dissolution and its own “termination”, schematically but also structurally. I have come to this conclusion as I have confirmed that the greater part of the Greek peoples are not willing, even today, to function in unison and communally so as to promote in their own country a real political, social and national consciousness. All the signs in everyday Greek life show me that Western Enlightenment of the 18th century, hasn’t yet touched the souls, the minds and the everyday activities of the Greek peoples, maintaining to a large degree the social habits and the social prototypes of an Ottoman province of the 18th century.

It is certain that for hundreds of years, the social models and paradigms which an average Greek person had received from the dominant indigenous classes of the country, whether these were its political leaders, the representatives of a “pseudo” national bourgeoisie(feudal lords, state lackeys, usury bankers), “self-centred” academics, and more importantly the “holy fathers” of the Greek Orthodox Church of Greece(who directly or indirectly control a significant portion of the country ‘s wealth and naturally the political developments of the state), reflected the very conservative and subservient political culture(ragiadismos)* of another epoch, the Ottoman Epoch in Greek History. In this anachronistic political culture, every aspect of life has to function through bribery and favouritism, there is absolute social submission to the socially powerful, there is complete social attachment to the “family clan” and to the local community of origin, always having as main priority in life , the possession and the accumulation of “personal” material wealth with whatever means- even if those means many times would hinder the welfare and the development of the local community, society in general or the Greek State itself. Within the context of this particular socio-economic and political environment, there could never develop those necessary societal preconditions which would promote social merit, social mobility and the adaptation of new ideas and social values .We can finally say, that there wasn’t in place a political culture which could advance the creation of a truly modern nation-state and a modern and progressive society. At this point, I would like to also focus on yet another very critical social factor which has actively contributed in perpetuating this “stagnant” political culture; this being the social values and the social priorities expounded by most Greek Families, influencing and moulding the personality of every Greek Child, especially those which concern the “general welfare”- “common social interests” and a “common social development”. Social values and priorities which in principle should have drawn the lines that every person of whatever age or gender has to put certain limitations to their “individualism”, their “egotism”, their “exclusive personal interests” and their tendency to see themselves as the “epicentre of the universe”!!!

*ragiadismos (a Greek word with Turkish linguistic roots) -a servile and subservient social attitude towards the “mighty and powerful”, as had been imbedded in the souls and minds of Greeks living under Ottoman political domination for many centuries.

Even today, at a time when the country is “sinking into oblivion” and is slowly dying, at a time when the country’s welfare system and its national social security(financial, personal protection) are in shambles, the majority of the Greek peoples of all ages and social backgrounds go about in a “permanent state of depression”(mental and physical dysfunctions).Also, the moment that foreign financial and political interests are preparing themselves in unison and with perfect mastery to grab “for just peanuts” everything that is of any real value in this country, their local proxies are trying their very best to secure for their own “miserable little hides”, tens and even hundreds of billions of euros at the expense of a stable and secure future for their “own Nation”, which time and time again, they declare how much they love and care!!! All these local middlemen, representatives of Greece’s Establishment, who I have already mentioned, meaning the political leadership, the “pseudo” national bourgeoisie, the “superficial” academic community and of course the religious hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church of Greece seem to be “living in Ninth Heaven”, as if nothing in particular is happening in their dire country. They continue steadfastly with their dark and predatory daily routines, while at the same time obstructing any initiatives by people which may enhance the social and historical possibilities for concrete social change and social innovation. At the same time, you have your average Greek person who on one level is over involved on a daily basis with personal consumption, with what is entertaining, with what is most tasty to eat and finally, with what could be the ideal location for the summer holidays – almost all “going about” as if there is no tomorrow. Yet, on another level, these same average Greek peoples constantly project their own lives as “ancient tragedies”, putting emphasis on their own “personal” financial losses due to the economic crisis and on any future financial misfortunes they may incur. These average Greek peoples ignore to a large degree that this “tragic state of affairs” is firstly a National Tragedy and that each Greek person has his or her own share of responsibility!!!

The text which I am writing, I want it to be the reflection of my own personal analysis of this truly “tragic historical moment” and of the various economic and political factors which have led this country to this ominous state. I shall not refer to any sources of information and to any commentaries by experts; I simply want to utilize my own judgement and my own personal evaluations based on what I have read, heard and reflected upon. What I am really trying to say is that I take full responsibility for all the gaps, the misinterpretations, the exaggerations and the biased commentaries.

I would like to start my analysis with some comments which were made by the former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, recorded in the American magazine “Time” in May 2012. In this interview, he states that Greece has become “the laboratory animal” of a developed European state, experiencing a deep economic crisis and a deep economic recession. He also adds that all these drastic economic measures imposed on the Greek peoples during the last 2 years were unavoidable, because they represented the only “fair barter” in ensuring the financial loans provided by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund(IMF). It doesn’t at all surprise me the fact that a Greek Prime Minister defines or classifies his own country as a “laboratory animal”, a historical given which essentially had begun within his own brief term of office(2009-2011), while it also doesn’t surprise me the fact that Greece today is much more fragile economically, politically and socially than before the country and its society had to apply the extortionate economic measures imposed by their “foreign money lenders”. At this point, I want to focus on an economic fact which I have no intention of proving it through classified data and documents. This fact is that large foreign private and state banks, especially in Germany, as well as the European Central Bank and the IMF, have all made and are still making large profits through the Greek loans and through the Greek state bonds, simply because their rates of interest have been fixed at well above the normal levels as prescribed by the world money and securities markets. As I have already mentioned, I wasn’t really surprised with the “national stance” taken by Greece’s former Prime Minister George Papandreou, adopting a national policy in favour of various world economic and political organizations, all this at the expense of the economic self-sufficiency, the political independence and the general welfare and development of his country and its citizens. It is regretful to know that since the founding of the “modern” Greek State in 1830, a large number of its political leaders, as well as a large section of the upper echelon of its civil administration, its judicial branch and its higher clergy, functioned and still function according to the guidelines set by foreign interest groups which still dominate the country, while at the same time servicing and protecting their own personal corporate status within Greek society. These are really the main historical and cultural characteristics as to the reason why Greece never really evolved into a truly independent and modern nation-state, perpetuating to a large degree the economic, political, social and cultural framework of a dependent Ottoman province of the 18th century!!!

As I have underlined in the title of this text, the present economic, political and social crisis in my country is a “ploy” contrived by foreign interest groups, but always with the collaboration and the machinations of most of the Greek Establishment which controls almost every aspect of civil activity in this country. If there weren’t this type of “unpatriotic treachery” by our various leaders and centres of influence in all sectors of our society, these foreign predators and usurers would not have attempted to implement their expansionist goals with such ease and impudence. We now have to ask ourselves, why these same world financial interest groups haven’t made lately “any headway” with countries such as Venezuela and Ecuador in South America, the Scandinavian countries in Europe and Iran in the Middle East???

The present crisis in Greece is the last phase of a long term plan, entailing very specific goals which we shall examine at the final part of our analysis. One could say that in Greece’s modern history, this sophisticated expansionist strategy by foreign interest groups begins with the “military coup” taking place in 1967. The details and the tools of this strategy were constantly being revised and transformed according to the various political conditions and balances (internal and external) at the particular time, and naturally this strategy is still in full force today in our country, even more dynamic and aggressive. Here we have to clarify and emphasize that this specific expansionist strategy by foreign economic interests related to Greece, has almost always been executed through political means or through political conspiracies, while their real objectives in the final analysis was financial profit, which means the accumulation and the control of international money capital, or more simply the accumulation and control of the “gold coins” circulating in the markets of the world. The real protagonists in this strategy, meaning the powerful international financial organizations, are to a large extent controlled by specific families or family clans like for example the Rockefellers in America, the Rothschilds in Europe and the Mitsubishis in Japan, even though officially the world money markets are defined differently through a well controlled “international means of mass communication”.

The political strategy and as a consequence the economic strategy of the world’s financial centres in relation to Greece, had since that country’s political independence in 1830,specific expectations or objectives. The first was a fragile (corruptible)state or state infrastructure, the second was a fragile(corruptible) society, politically and economically, and the third objective was the geopolitical and cultural isolation of Greece, especially with respect to the Developed Nations of the West.

Looking now at Greece’s more recent history, the military coup which took place in 1967, with the indirect support of the United States and NATO, imposing through military force a non-democratic government for 7 years(1967-1974), was programmed to firstly cut off the political rise of all the democratic and leftist political forces in the country, a possible mandate for a progressive and democratic political evolution. Then, through the authoritarian power of the Greek Colonels(Greek Junta) there would be efforts made to undermine the independent and democratically elected government of Archbishop Makarios, President of Cyprus, who supported a position of “neutrality”(Non-aligned nations) with respect to the international political rivalry and the “cold war” which at that time were in full force between the United States and the Soviet Union. The international “money and securities” organizations which to a large degree belonged to Western Developed Nations, had in their many strategies the creation and the maintenance of a regional geopolitical framework in the Eastern Mediterranean which would be consensual and supportive towards any political intervention by the United States and NATO in the Middle East, with the state of Israel playing the vital role of the all powerful “mercenary”; therefore controlling and exploiting the rich petroleum reserves of the whole region. The political aftermath of this expansionist policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the Middle East was the first military incursion in Cyprus(Attila I) by Turkish military forces on July 20th 1974, thus subverting and at the same time questioning the national political legitimacy of Cyprus and its President and Founding Father, Archbishop Makarios, who was classified as too “unruly” and as a threat to Western Economic Interests.

The colonels of the Greek Junta, whose political ideology was “theoretically” based on the defence of the Greek Nation in all its aspects(state, family, religion), in practice they mostly subscribed to the three prerequisites demanded by the international financial centres for Greece, which were a fragile state apparatus , a fragile society and finally, the political, economic and cultural isolation of the country. In actuality, the Greek colonels and most of the Greek Establishment which had fully cooperated with them, functioned as “middle-men” for foreign interest groups, therefore as natural enemies of the Greek Nation and genuine “national traitors”. On July 23, 1974, the military government of the Greek Junta fell , and on July 24, 1974, Konstantinos G. Karamanlis, former Prime Minister of Greece who was living in exile in France, returned to his country in order to re-establish a parliamentary democracy there. The International Economic Interest Groups had decided that the military government in Greece had completed its cycle as a useful and viable mediator of their regional interests, since its popular base and its state apparatus had become unreliable. Theoretically and historically(official versions of history), Konstantinos G. Karamanlis had restored Constitutional Democracy in Greece, bringing back a democratically elected parliament and legalizing all organized political parties, including the Communist Party of Greece, yet in my opinion, all this technically motivated series of political events were just “dust in the eyes” of a beleaguered peoples, the Greek Peoples. I say this because from what I know and have read, on August 14th 1974, Turkish forces made their second military landing in Cyprus(Attila II), this time in a more organized and effective way militarily; invading and capturing 37% of the territory of an “independent country”. The then “democratically elected” Prime Minister Konstantinos G. Karamanlis, following submissively(ragiadismos) the directives of the United States and NATO, did not sent any military reinforcements when asked by the “independent government” of Cyprus, and as a consequence, the partition of Cyprus became a “de facto” reality which is still in place today, illegally(international law).

Having read many Greek history books, especially the non official versions of Greek historiography, I know that Greek Cypriots represent an “integral part” of the Greek Nation, like the Cretans, the Macedonians and the Greeks of Asia Minor, before the creation of the modern Greek state in 1830. At the same time, Greek Cypriots had fought in the Greek Revolution after 1821, in order to free the Greek Nation from Ottoman Rule. Therefore, when the head of a country, Greece, which represents a Nation, the Greek Nation, is “more than willing” to “dismember” this Nation so as to be agreeable to “his mentors”, how should any “factual and objective” history book classify him, as “the father of his Nation”(ethnarchis) as he is still referred to many years after his death, or more pragmatically as the “betrayer” of his own Greek Nation!!!


”I see nothing real in this society,
just the glance of a child!!!” (August 2012)


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