A personal letter of a final rejection of a “brotherly friend” with whom our relationship goes back more than 40 years, meaning a whole lifetime!!!!


A. An introduction relative to the letter.

First of all, I would like to clarify that the letter to my “former” brotherly friend I wrote it in Greek, while I have changed all the names because of my “personal social sensibilities” and my “personal moral standards”, societal axioms that have become almost “obsolete” within our “impersonal”, “competitive” and everyday “virtual reality”!!!!

This “personal letter” I sent it to my “former” brotherly friend(through e-mail) who has lived for many years abroad, this with my last texts of my internet site. I tried to make myself clear to him that it would be the last time I comply with such “friendly initiatives” since I have come to finally realize that he has become an “artificially modified” human entity, who is trying to pass on to me his “existential darkness” and his “social superiority” after many years of important state positions which provided him with a lot of power and social status!!!! He truly believes that everyone, even the people who have really loved him, helped him and supported him during the “very difficult times” he lived through as a young adult and even after, have to behave towards him as “subservient” and “passive” human entities and not as “equals” and “close” fellow human beings(human empathy)!!!

He himself, actually believes through his “distorted fantasies” and “mental fixations” that everyone around him always needs him and is dependent on him, while the feelings, the interest and the love they express towards him are just “theatrics”, in order for them to exploit him and gain something out of him!!!! All of this “distorted existential set-up” created by a “maladjusted psyche” have placed him absolutely alone within a world which for him he has to dominate and control “with whatever means” , so that he wouldn’t end up being “its victim” or “the loser” in society’s everyday power games!!!

In one of the verses I have written in my internet page, describing metaphorically but also pragmatically, the present reality of Greek Society, I say the following:’ Personal Conceit and Egoism have torn apart the psychosomatic balances of the everyday Greek person, of whatever age, sex or social background !!!!’. This is exactly what has happened with most Greek men and women who I have known for a long time, whether here in Greece or in Canada where I have spent almost half of my life. All of these persons, whether they be relatives or friends, who I came to love and care, who I supported socially and spiritually, I have put them on “the side lines”!!!!

All of these people that I once cared and loved, I placed them on the “side lines” of my existence because they have evolved into “virtual successful individuals” but also into “dark human entities” who are mainly interested in dominating others, in being personally affluent and in constantly promoting an “attractive” and a “dynamic” social image of themselves!!!! All of these “former” loved persons who were “an intricate part of my existence”, at one point in their lives, decided that they would “lose in the game” if they were to share freely and generously their own societal potentials, their own personal feelings, their own everyday insecurities and their own life experiences with the people around them, on an “equal” and “altruistic” basis, thus elevating creatively the “aesthetics” and the “quality” of life of everyone!!! For me personally, this was an ” unethical” and an “impersonal” existential stance!!!!

These “once” respected and “once” loved personalities in my life, personify “to a large degree” individualism, competitiveness, an arbitrary social conduct, materialism and the “existential stupidity” of our times; they have “practically” and “pragmatically” distanced themselves from the natural human equilibriums, emotionally(empathy) and creatively(dialectic thought). They have almost disintegrated as “well balanced” human entities since they have become self-destructive, destructive to others and are not capable of communicating or comprehending simple concepts or simple messages involving their own everyday routines!!!

I really believe that at the present time, most of my relatives, friends and close acquaintances are “clinically”(psychiatrically) unstable to say the least, and this human condition we can further confirm by observing their physical condition as well as their natural simple everyday activities, such as sleep, eating habits and their personal facility to coexist and to interact easily with individuals who they supposedly “love” and “trust”!!! In this “critical moment” of Humanity, we are all living the “archaic epoch” of the Tower of Babel as it has been described, socially and culturally, in the Old Testament of the Hebraic Religious Oral Tradition!!!

Because I always try to utilize certain “concrete historical examples” in relation to what I analyze and judge concerning everyday human realities, I would like in this case to mention some biographical data about the Great American Writer, Ernest Hemingway(1899-1961), who I personally believe personifies the “absolute decadence” of our Western Culture. A Universal Culture(globalization) which has transformed the human being into a “well guided” and a “well controlled” societal instrument which has to “consciously” and “forcefully” align himself or herself with “societal prototypes” covering all human functions, such as education, professional work, sexuality, eroticism, ideology, material needs, etc.; Social prototypes which are considered “normal” and “permissible” by the great majority of Society and the Social Establishment. Two human social edifices which to “a large degree” have always affiliated with each other ideologically during Human History, even though this is rejected by political theorists belonging to the philosophical camps of the Leftist Political Tradition, the Anarchist Political Tradition and of course the Liberal Political Tradition!!!!

The dominant socio-political ideology of Western Civilization centers in “general terms” on the concept that human beings should see themselves as the Epicenter of the Universe, putting aside the Natural Boundaries of Nature!!! Similarly, that human beings should relate to other human beings and their Natural Environment as a whole, as “personal support tools” for their own personal survival and their own personal existential evolution, which would not only “serve” them but also “fear” them!!!

As we have already mentioned, the Great American Literary Writer Ernest Hemingway(1899-1961), personifies the “absolute decadence” of Western Culture, projecting this through different aspects and events of his “real life”!!!!

First of all, I would like to emphasize that I greatly respect and admire Ernest Hemingway as a writer because he offered to American English Literature the simple and brief word expression, the universality of human existence and the human psyche, describing different societies and cultures in a variety of social and political settings, as well as introducing “realism” in his multidimensional folklore observations. These are the reasons why with all of my private students, I used many literary works by Ernest Hemingway as well as many other important literary writers of the English Language.

I would like here to briefly mention some biographical facts which define the social identity, the personality and the psychological make-up of Ernest Hemingway. Naturally, it is important that we repeat once more the information that Ernest Hemingway represents one of the greatest American English Writers of the 20th century, and that is the reason why in 1954, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature!!! He published 7 novels, 6 short story collections and 2 non-fiction works. We should also emphasize the fact that a very important part of his writing involved journalism, since as a newspaper correspondent he was “physically present” in various important war zones. War theatres such as the Spanish Civil War during the end of the 1930s, the military battles of World War II (1939-1945) within the European Continent between the Western Allies and Germany, the military confrontations between the Chinese and the Japanese in Asia, and a little later on, the military political struggle between the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Nationalists for control of China. During all of these “historical human events”, Ernest Hemingway functioned as a professional correspondent for important North American Newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune, the Toronto Star and the New York Times, as well as for popular North American Magazines such as Time Magazine and Collier’s!!!!

Ernest Hemingway was born, raised and lived most of his life in the Northeastern states of the United States, although he spent some years in Cuba, where he had bought a country estate with its own summer house. The Northeastern American states represent the cultural and economic geopolitical “hub” in the history of the United States because this was the geographical area where the Europeans first settled, such as the English, the Scotts, the Germans and the Dutch. This is also exactly the “historical reason” why the “authentic” American Social and Economic Establishment has its roots and its social basis on these Northeastern states of America!!!

Ernest Hemingway came from an affluent middle-class family and grew up in the American state of Illinois. His father was a doctor and his mother was a music teacher. Ernest Hemingway was the eldest son of the family, but he also had an elder sister, Marcelline, and two younger siblings, his sister Ursula and his brother Leicester. From what I have read concerning his life, the parents of Ernest Hemingway who “to a large degree” considered themselves as being part of America’s Social Establishment, had as their first priority in life their own “societal image”, meaning their own “social projection” of a “dynamic”, “affluent” and “successful” family!!!

Ernest Hemingway being the eldest son of the family, took all that “social brunt” and the “family pressures” to justify this “iconic societal set-up” for the rest of his life. These personal “family axioms” offered him the incentives and the existential drive for creativity and adventure, but at the same time, they forced him into a life process of “existential extremities”, of “self-negation” and of “self-destruction”!!! This “virtual social image” of himself took him beyond the bounds of all “natural human equilibriums”, which dictate that he himself represents a “creative” but also a “mortal” living organism, and not an “immortal divine entity” of the Universe!!!!

Since childhood, the parents of Ernest Hemingway wanted him to be a “dynamic”, “strong”, “creative” and “successful” individual, while his father was constantly pressuring him to be “very masculine” and always “victorious”, the “perfect stud”, similar to the male prototype of the primitive societies of the Neanderthals. These are some of the reasons why Ernest Hemingway from a very young age, participated in “very competitive male sports” such as boxing, water polo and American football, while during his whole life he was trying to convince the world but especially himself, what a “powerful male human specie” he truly was!!!! Many historical analysts of the personality and the psychology of Ernest Hemingway conclude that these were the main causes for his personal tendencies for self-destruction and self-negation, just because he never felt that he was “male enough”!!!! What does it mean to be “male enough”???? Only God and Nature know, if They actually know??? But surely not all of us Simple Human Mortals!!!!

Ernest Hemingway, a very gifted writer and journalist, coming from an affluent middle-class Anglo-Saxon family, who resided in the Northeast of the United States, wanted everything in life; to be “on top” and “first”, but always under his own conditions and not under the conditions of the “natural balances” and the “natural boundaries” of his own mortal existence!!!! He strived to “dominate” everything and everyone, even Nature Itself, as a “fanatic hunter” of powerful wild animals, especially in the continent of Africa, such as lions, elephants, wild buffalo and large deer, as well as being a “fervent lover” of bullfights!!! He was always searching for “personal fame”, “money” and “material possessions”, buying various expensive house properties in North America and in Cuba, due to his successful professional career as a writer and as a journalist!!!! Yet more importantly, he loved to defy Life Itself, continually putting himself under “life threatening circumstances”!!!!!

Beginning as a young adult, Ernest Hemingway in 1918, participated during World War I (1914-1918) as a Red Cross volunteer in the Italian War Front where he was badly injured by the explosion of a German bombshell, remaining for 6 months in a military hospital in Italy for medical recuperation!!! Later on , he found himself in the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s as a journalist correspondent for various American newspapers and periodicals, as well as being an active supporter of the Democratic and the Leftist Spanish Political Forces, who were finally defeated by the Spanish Right Wing Political Forces, with the direct military and political support of Nazi Germany and the Fascist State of Italy. During World War II (1939-1945), he was present again as an American journalist correspondent during the naval landing of the Allied Forces in France in the beginning of 1944 as well as being a participant in the Liberation of Paris by the American Military Forces in August of 1944!!!!

In all of these “historic war theatres”, as well as others later on, Ernest Hemingway put his own life at risk, many times coming very close to death. He, throughout his life, was constantly seeking the “existential extremes”, challenging “directly” and with “arrogance” the real “checks and balances” of Life and Nature, always trying to convince himself that he truly is a “powerful male”(whatever this means) or a “little god”(whatever this means)!!! These were the “critical existential reasons” why he married 4 times in his life, since he believed that he had to play it “macho” and “domineering” with all women, the fact that he adored “bullfights” and “heavy drinking”, as well as being the reasons that he never “made peace” with himself and with his “human limitations”, with simplicity, humility and with spiritual generosity!!!

In 1928, the father of Ernest Hemingway, a prominent and successful doctor, committed suicide(not an easy thing to actualize) due to the debts he had incurred because of bad investments he had made. At that time, Ernest Hemingway had said that “he would probably go the same way”!!! All of this “personal social ambition”, this “male superiority”, this “continuous mobility” within the various fronts of his everyday existence, from the multitude of relationships with women that he never really loved “as equals”, to his continuous travel expeditions to every part of the world, with his “psychotic life stance” to go against his “natural” and “normal” human limitations , demonstrate to us that since his youth, he was suffering from “deep- depression” or from “bi-polarity” as it is classified today by Modern Psychiatry!!!!

One time, a journalist asked him why “all this personal mania” in going to so many safaris in Africa and killing so many large wild animals there???? Ernest Hemingway responded directly to him and told him that “if he didn’t kill all those very powerful wild animals of Nature, he would turn his hunting gun on himself and terminate his life!!!” That is exactly what he did in April of 1961, by committing suicide with his own hunting gun!!! Ernest Hemingway was then only 61 years old but looked a man in his 70s. He could not accept or cope with the “absolute universal order” that he represented just a very small link in Nature and that he could not control every aspect of his own existence, not even under the auspices of the “politically powerful” and the “financially powerful” American Social Establishment!!!

As an epilogue of all this “dark existential history” which is the life story of that Great American Literary Writer Ernest Hemingway, as well as that of Western Civilization in “absolute decline”, I would like to mention some “critical biographical facts” which relate to Ernest Hemingway and his family or his family clan. The father of Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1928 and he himself committed suicide in 1961. Later on, his younger sister Ursula and his younger brother Leicester also committed suicide, while finally in 1996, his “famous” granddaughter , Margau Hemingway(model, actress) also committed suicide in California. Are all these life occurrences in the same family just haphazard??? I really doubt it!!!!

B. The letter to my “former” brotherly friend, who I have known for more than 40 years. Let us all be very proud of him!!!( It is an English translation from Greek and I have naturally changed all the names)


This is the last text that I am sending you, and I do not want to hear from you or see you!!!

I have put the 1,500 euros I owe you in your bank account at the National Bank of Greece!!!

This Social Circus and your “crazy” theatrics are over for me permanently, you can play this “whole charade” with others!!!!

You have finally evolved into a “dark monster” exactly as my little sister Anna, this after years of career positions of societal power and economic affluence. You and my little sister Anna are in complete shatters, spiritually, psychologically and physically, yet you both continue to play the role of “studs” and of “chieftains”, like little gods. What a great shame for yourselves!!! Nevertheless, both of you have lost your “self controls ” in relation to me, since you are both trying to do harm to a person who has been kind and generous throughout your lives!!! The problem is yours not mine, and I do not intend and I am not willing to help you anymore!!! And you Thomas as with Anna, have developed into “bipolar dark human entities” who need professional help, meaning psychotherapy, in order to extract “all this darkness” which you both carry in your own subconscious!!!!

I never believed that you could be such a fascist, so immoral, so despotic, so theatrical and so sleazy, a typical Greek male usurper(like your educated brother in law) , who uses the everyday needs of others and their personal insecurities so that you could “dominate” them and “fuck” them!!! What a great shame!!! I honestly feel great pity for you, because I remember you as a leftist, democratic and spiritually generous young person!!! How have you ended up like this???? Spiritually empty and existentially a moron!!!! Instead of spending your precious time and efforts in maintaining in “good condition” the cemetery tombs and the cemetery monuments of your “loved ones”, I think that it is better that you spend more time looking after your own soul and your own mind!!!

You wanted to play frivolous and incoherent games(human madness) with me after 40 years of close friendship. For what reason you Stupid Wanker??? Have I ever harmed you or have I ever harmed someone you have known or loved??? I personally believe that you have never had the personal courage or the guts to really love openly and freely(beyond society’s permissible preconditions) a person, any person, just because you knew very well that “real love” changes society’s everyday static human conceptions and its everyday virtual defenses!!! It wasn’t to your liking, because your own “existential priorities” have always focused mainly on “your own miserable little hide”, and naturally, you personally had to be on good terms with this “rotten” and “immoral” Social Establishment, whether in Greece or in Canada!!! That is exactly the reason why I entered the life of Catherine, your own sister, and took her away from this Greek Family Human Darkness and Greek Societal Immorality, so that she and her children could finally live with me, a few years of some personal freedom, some personal love, some personal happiness and some spiritual tranquility!!!! You Thomas, have you ever lived or have you ever experienced such magic moments????

Athina and Dimitra her daughter, for their real love of Catherine(in her memory) your sister and her daughter Antigony, sent both of you personal wedding invitations of the marriage ceremony of Dimitra to Canada by Courier, yet both of you, as “stupid” and “ignominious” social entities did not even contact them to thank them and express your best wishes!!! What great disrespect on the part of both of you!!!

As in the past, I took away Catherine, your sister, and her young children, from the “somber living environment” and the “psychological repression” of an “unethical” traditional Greek Family Environment, this I shall also try at a certain moment in the future, helping your young nephew Alexander who lives in Greece, to free himself from his “holy Greek Family”, from his “holy priest” and from his “holy uncle”, meaning yourself, who all of you want him impotent, passive, subservient and insecure!!! I really feel great shame for my Race and that is exactly the reason why I have been writing in my internet site about the “sorry state” of our own Peoples!!! I know that Alexander loves me very much and that he trusts me very much, because he expressed those loving feelings towards me on the phone as well as sending me an e-mail message in April of this year!!! I adore him and I honestly worry about him, because he is trapped and everyone around him is manipulating him and using him for their own personal interest, their own personal comfort and their own personal pleasure!!!!

I personally do not dispose of powerful societal tools as you do, just because I have not sold my soul to the Devil or to Masonic Lodges, but let me assure you that I dispose of much more powerful metaphysical means!!! All those people who I have come to really love and betrayed this love, have greatly suffered in the end!!!! Some of these individuals you know or have known personally in your own past!!! A year before my mother was burned “accidentally” and soon died a “horrible death”, I emphasized to her the fact that she had a son who was “full of light” and who by his nature “loved” and “helped” freely, always with a smile, yet she and my father from my early childhood years , because they could not accept or cope with me in my being a very real and authentic human being, they tried their hardest to create as many “life obstacles” as they could in everyday life , exactly like my 3 sisters are doing today as well as you yourself!!! I personally told her that if she, my mother, as well as my father did not ask for forgiveness from me, for all the tribulations that they had imposed on me while I was growing up, that they would both have “a terrible end”!!!! What I had warned and predicted to my mother was realized in the end, and now justifiably it is your own turn, through “life’s checks and balances”!!!!

‘You want to be Socially Powerful and with the Socially Powerful, then you will have to sell your Soul to the Devil!!!'(August, 2014)

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)


In this photograph Ernest Hemingway is 60 years old.


Theme music from the American movie “Delivrance” of 1972.