An extended letter to the BBC


(A letter to Stephen Sackur, the main presenter in the weekly BBC person to person television interview program called “Hardtalk”.)


This extended letter to Mr. Stephen Sackur, the main presenter of the BBC person to person interview program “Hardtalk”, involves Mr. Sackur’s televised interview of Jean-Claude Trichet , the former President of the European Central Bank(2003-2011), on April 14, 2015.

There are 3 specific reasons why I wrote this letter personally to Mr. Stephen Sackur.

The first, is that this interview was spent mostly as “a casual discussion” on Greece’s National Debt and the policies of the newly elected “leftist” Greek Government to reach a fair resolution to its foreign debt, taking into account both the Economic Welfare of Greek Society as a whole, as well as the financial expectations of Greece’s Foreign Lenders.

The second reason I wrote this personalized letter, was to demonstrate and expose the one-dimensional and impersonal views of Jean-Claude Trichet concerning Greece’s present financial tribulations, an Influential Public Figure who has always functioned as an International Financial and Political Broker, servicing “absolutely” and “exclusively” the Hegemonic Interests of the Power Centers of the World.
Third, I wanted to clarify and stigmatize the societal role of the Established Western Mass Media today, in protecting and promoting the Interests of Human Society’s Very Few, who control the wealth and the destinies of the majority of Human Beings on Earth, at the same time, sacrificing their professional credibility in communicating all relevant information to all, objectively and ethically!!!


The letter

Dear Mr. Stephen Sackur, I am sending this letter to you personally in relation to the interview you personally did with Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015, in your television program. I often watch your interview program on BBC because it brings interesting guests “from every walk of life”, representing different nations, societies and cultures who have made their mark in “human current affairs”. I address this letter to you personally concerning your interview of Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015, because a substantial part of this interview dealt with Greece’s National Debt and the newly elected “leftist” Greek Government.

My ethnicity is Greek. I am a Greek Citizen as well as a Canadian Citizen. I was born in Egypt where I spent my childhood years there. My family immigrated to the Province of Quebec in Canada, residing in Montreal for 23 years. I studied both in English and French Universities in Montreal, while in 1983, I moved to London to do my Ph.D. in the Political Sciences, at the School of Oriental and African Studies(S.O.A.S) of the University of London. I stayed in London for almost 4 years, and then, I moved to Greece where my mother and my two younger sisters were staying since the early 1970s. I have been living and working in Athens since then.

As a natural consequence of having lived in these particular countries and societies, I feel great personal affinity and “I am in tune” with the Arabo-Islamic Culture, with the North American Culture, with the British Culture, and naturally with the Greek Culture. The language I know best is the English Language, then it is the Greek Language, then the French Language, and finally the Arabic Language. My academic studies and my research work have mainly centered on the Economics and the Politics of the Middle East as a whole, as well as of North Africa.

As I have just previously mentioned, the reason or the reasons I am sending this letter personally to you is because in your “conversation” with Jean-Claude Trichet , “you went into some detail” concerning the economic and political “status quo” of Greece in the context of the European Union, the IMF and the Central Bank of the European Community.

I am personally very proud of my Greek Cultural Heritage because in my D.N.A , I carry at least 4,000 years of Greek History and 2,000 years of Greek Civilization, starting from Greece’s Archaic Period with the Myceneans, moving forward in history to the Homeric and Pre-Socratic Greek Epochs, to Classical Greece, ending with the Hellenistic Civilization and its “demise” at the end of the 1st century B.C. with the death of Cleopatra , the last Ptolemaic Greek Monarch of Egypt.

Unfortunately for all of “Human Civilization”, the rise of Christianity in the 1st century A.D. , the Christian-Hebraic Culture and Social Customs “took the upper hand”, initiated by St. Paul , whose main “aim” and “focus” were to revive the Hebraic Civilization but under a “lighter” and a more “cosmopolitan” context. St. Paul wanted to transform It into a “Universal Civilization” similar to the Greek and Roman Civilizations which would conquer the minds and souls of the inhabitants of foreign countries and foreign nations, especially within the Mediterranean Geopolitical Region, from the average layman and laywoman, to political rulers, princes and kings!!!

The key component to St. Paul’s “conspiratorial civilizing strategy” was to insert into Christianity’s Theology a “pseudo dialectic rationale” and a “pseudo humanistic philosophy”, thus legitimizing the main social criteria of the Traditional Hebraic Culture. Let us not also forget the “real historical facts” which proclaim that St. Paul became a religious follower of Christ after Christ’s Death and Resurrection, while he himself belonged to a Rabbinical Israeli Family Clan which meant that he was a member of the Jewish Aristocracy of his own Religious Society. At the same time, St. Paul had served as a military officer in the Roman Army which had governed for hundreds of years the Kingdom of Judea!!!!

St. Paul in his teachings, in his theology and in his religious philosophy inserted “technically” into the Words of Christ as the Son of God, the Divine Guidelines for a “proper” human social behavior and mentality, which in essence and pragmatically meant “absolute” political and economic power over his Christian followers, as well as “absolute” control over the minds and bodies of the simple Christian layman or laywoman. For all those simple Christian followers who did not abide with that Religion’s Social and Ethical Precepts(fear of the divine , spiritual guilt), as well as those peoples who continued to affiliate themselves with their own traditional religious beliefs, their own traditional political philosophies, their own traditional way of life and their own traditional arts, these individuals had to be subverted or even physically eliminated!!! The Divine Wrath of Jehovah had been introduced “skillfully” in the Everyday Life of Peoples who historically had nothing in common with a Hebraic Cultural Tradition!!!!
Nevertheless, whatever “psychologically refined” and “politically conspiratorial” societal control system which had been introduced by St. Paul and which was gradually expanded by his fanatical Christian followers in the centuries which followed, Human Truth, Human Creativity and Human Aesthetics eventually surfaced once more in human societies, of course through many trials and tribulations!!!
We therefore witness “historically” that through the Roman Empire, through the Byzantine Empire, through the Arabo-Islamic Empires in the Mediterranean Basin, as well as through the Italian city-states in the Middle Ages, Ancient Greek Civilization not only survived but also flourished in the European Continent, but also in the Greater Middle East and North Africa. Two “monumental historical events” exemplifying this cultural development is the Renaissance Period in Europe during the 15th and 16th century, as well as Europe’s Epoch of Enlightenment , initiated in France during the middle of the 17th century, quickly spreading during the next 2 centuries, to the whole European Continent !!!!

The main Humanistic and Anthropological Social Criteria of Ancient Greek Civilization are that every Human Being disposes by his or her nature(D.N.A) the ability to think, judge, create and express every dimension of his or her personality and inner self, therefore all Human Beings are by nature “equal” since their basic existential needs are to be free and creative. If these Humanistic and Existential Social Standards had not been adopted and adapted in Western Civilization during the last 1,000 years, I am almost sure that you yourself, would not have been able to function as an “interviewer” in your “Hardtalk” television program at B.B.C. , since the most important “human tool” you utilize is the Dialectic Human Thought Process, which was first made apparent and analyzed by the Pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher Heraclites, who lived in Asia Minor during the 6th century B.C.!!!!

Dear Stephen, after having read(I hope) the first part of my “personal letter” to you, I am almost certain that you must be wondering why is “this strange character” from nowhere, telling me all these things , just to make some comments concerning my interview of Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015??? Going on and on about Ancient Greek Civilization, about St. Paul’s machinations and strategies to implant the Traditional Judaic Culture into countries and societies whose real cultural base originated in Ancient Greek Civilization, as well as informing me about his own biographical background.
Dear Stephen, if you are just a bit “patient” and “dialectic” with me, I shall explain to you “personally” and “clearly” the reasons why I have gone to such great lengths to introduce myself and express my ideological and cultural criteria in relation to the “real substance” of your interview with Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015, in your BBC television program “Hardtalk”.
As I have emphasized previously, I am very proud of my Greek Cultural and Historical Heritage, and “in theory” so were the European Political Leaders who first introduced the idea of a single European Political Community after World War II. As “highly educated” and “cosmopolitan” Political Leaders, they knew very well that the state infrastructure and the political institutions of their own modern Western nation-states had been designed and functioned on societal axioms and ideals, such as Democracy, the Freedom of Speech, Political Equality and a Social Consensus, whose origins are in the political teachings of the Ancient Greek Philosophers not in the religious teachings of St. Paul and his Christian Followers!!!

St. Paul and his religious adherents throughout the centuries, established “organized churches”, whether the Greek Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church or the Protestant Church, societal economic and political community centers which controlled and dominated the lives and the minds of people in general, in an absolutist way(divine will), while at the same time, assigning to the “female human specie” a secondary societal role, the way this is practiced today “unconstitutionally” with Afro-Americans, with Hispanic-Americans and with the indigenous American Indians within that Great Western Democracy we call the United States of America or with the French Arab Moslems in the Great Western Republic of France!!!

There is therefore a great lack of political, cultural and historical “magnanimity” on the part of Western European nation-states when they treat Greece, our own Little Greece, as a European pariah state, because whether they like or not, Ancient Greek Culture represents the “cornerstone” of their own modern civilization and their modern political culture!!!
Second, Ancient Greek Civilization made a monumental historical impact on Human Civilization in general, especially on Western Civilization, due to the fact that it was an open and a cosmopolitan Civilization, deriving its social and cultural dynamism by utilizing creatively all of the human abilities which we all have, thus defining and developing the Human Condition without any predefined divine precepts and the fear of expressing oneself freely, creatively and erotically. These are exactly the reasons why most of the progressive social and political theories produced in the Modern Western World were largely based on Ancient Greek Philosophy and on Ancient Greek Political Culture, since these were structured on a “dialectic thought process” which promoted human creativity, human progress and human self-knowledge!!!!
Antithetically, St. Paul’s Christian Doctrine and Theology, from where all the main philosophical and social tenets of Christianity as a whole are derived from , everything is divinely predefined. Christians, have to simply abide by the prescribed Christian Social Rules and Moral Axioms, irrespective of their own social, economic, cultural or historical background. Human Faith on the Christian Religion and on its Social Tenets was the only essential “guiding light” for proper human living and thinking, everything else was a “sinful act” and a “sure place in Hell”!!!!

Therefore, as St. Paul’s Religious Doctrine is “monolithic” and “totalitarian” by its own ideological nature, imposing in one way or another on every Christian believer to think, to behave and act the same way(virtual reality), in contrast the Ancient Greek Culture promoted and envisaged the complete opposite in the Human Condition, meaning that a human being has the full right to think, behave and act dialectically, freely and creatively. These are exactly the reasons why Ancient Greek Civilization had the social capacities and the social tools to adapt itself to other foreign societies and at the same time, adopt basic societal, ideological and spiritual values from other cultures. There existed a pragmatic human attitude of the essential human cultural mosaic founded on human evolution and development, without any social suppression and psychological terror. Ancient Greek Culture was a truly Cosmopolitan and Universal Human Culture!!!!

Historical examples of Ancient Greece’s Humanistic Cultural Contribution were the Illustrious Arabo-Islamic Kingdoms of the Middle Ages in the Greater Middle East and North Africa, the European Renaissance and European Enlightenment which produced Modern Western Civilization, while historical examples of St. Paul’s elitist, absolutist and repressive political dogma is the Oligarchic Political, Economic and Military Power of the Vatican during the Middle Ages in Europe, the Soviet Union’s Communist State’s Political and Social Infrastructure under Stalin, as well as Hitler’s Nazi Political Culture which was based on the Historical and Ethnic Superiority of the German Arian Race!!!!

What I have been describing historically and culturally, partly looks very much like Today’s Western Globalization, where everyday human beings are brainwashed directly or indirectly by their own political culture and the Mass Media to think the same way, to live the same way, to love the same way and to consume the same way, all this under “the personal fear” that Society’s Establishment as well as their own peers will “excommunicate” them existentially in one way or another. A very refined yet also a very terrifying Totalitarian Societal System whose final aim and purpose is to manipulate and control every particle and every cell in a human being, exactly as had been described and prophesized by the writer George Orwell after World War II, in his book entitled ‘1984’!!!!
In my own website of 7 years, which is written both in English and in Greek, besides my various articles, I also insert collections of verses which I compose under the influence of the Present Human Condition. In one of these verses I say the following, ‘ Our Historical Memory is our best defense against Today’s Western Globalization’.

Dear Stephen, before I go into my personal commentaries concerning your interview of Jean-Claude Trichet(1942- ) on your BBC television program “Hardtalk”, on April 14, 2015, I shall write down a list of the various financial, political, state and prestigious Masonic positions which Jean-Claude Trichet has held since the beginning of his professional career until the present time. The historical outline of these powerful societal positions are the following:

– in 1971, Jean-Claude Trichet was appointed as a civil functionary to the General Finance Inspection Bureau of the French State, which meant an early contact with the Financial Markets.
– in 1976 he became Secretary General of the Inter ministerial Committee for improving France’s Industrial Sector and which was under the direct auspices of the French Ministry of Finance.
– in 1978 he was made an adviser to the cabinet of the French Minister of Economic Affairs, and soon after, economic adviser to the President of the French Republic.
– from 1981 to 1984, he was Deputy Director of Bilateral Affairs at the French Treasury Department and Head of its International Affairs , making him a vital player in International Finance.
– he was Chairman of the Paris Club(sovereign debt rescheduling) from 1985 to 1993, which translates into a powerful financial position defining the economic preconditions and priorities in accommodating national debts by individual European States and Governments.
– in 1986, he directed the Private Office of France’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Finance and Privatization ; a very important governmental, political and state position.
– in 1987, he became Director of the French Treasury.
– in 1987, Jean-Claude Trichet became a member of an influential Washington-based financial advisory body, the Group of Thirty, which naturally entailed close personal and professional links with the American Economic, Political and Social Establishment.
– in 1987, he was also made Alternate Governor of the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and the World Bank, both very Powerful International Financial Institutions directly controlled by International American Financial and Political Interests.
– in 1993, he was appointed Governor of the “ Banque de France”, which in essence is a private bank(majority of its shares in private hands) but which practically functions as the Central Bank of France. This critical financial appointment involved for Trichet personally, a very close professional affiliation with the financially powerful Rothchild Family which controls and dictates the economic policies of this particular bank , as well as the policies of many other private or central banks around the world.
– in 2003, Jean-Claude Trichet was elected Chairman of the Group of Ten(G10) Bank Governors, which to a large extent represent Governors of Central European Banks.
– in November 2003, Jean-Claude Trichet was appointed President of the European Central Bank by common accord of the Governments of the member-states of the European Union. His term in this very powerful international financial post lasted for 8 years, until October 2011.
– in April 2012, Jean-Claude Trichet was elected Bruegel’s new Chairman for a period of 3 years. Bruegel is a very influential International Think Tank made up of an 11 member Board of Directors, which functions institutionally like the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, meaning like an International Masonic Lodge.
– in 2012, Jean-Claude Trichet succeeded Mario Monti as Chairman of the European Branch of the Trilateral Commission while he is also a member of the Bilderberg Group. Both of these 2 exclusive and private International Organizations, were founded and are directed mostly by International American Financial and Political Interests. Their members are “strictly chosen” and they represent the most influential economic and political personalities from countries which are under America’s political and economic tutelage. Essentially and Practically these two International Organizations represent 2 of the most Powerful International Masonic Lodges which greatly influence World Affairs.

Mr. Stephen Sackur, you are a very experienced reporter, interviewer and correspondent, who has worked in London, in Washington and in Brussels. You have travelled around the world covering important news events for the BBC, while also interviewing various personalities on location in various countries; personalities from all walks of life but who have made their own personal mark on their own societies or their own profession. Taking therefore into account your long history in the International Mass Media, I am sure that when you interview a personality of whatever profession or social status, beforehand, I am absolutely certain that you personally collect and analyze all pertinent biographical facts concerning the person you will interview, especially within the context of the theme of the discussion. I therefore take it as given that you were fully informed in detail about the various political, state and financial posts and positions held by Jean-Claude Trichet during his professional career and which I have previously listed.
Before your planned interview of Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015, I am certain that you must have had through your biographical analysis of this very Powerful World Figure and Top Financial Broker, a complete update of his professional career, nevertheless, there was very little mention made on your part about the “real historical facts” which dictate that he represents one of the most Influential Players in International Finance and in International Politics. There was also no talk about the fact that Jean-Claude Trichet is one of the most astute and fervent Ambassadors of Western Globalization and the International Economic, Political and Social “status quo”, which are defined and regulated by International Financial Organizations and Banks and not by the democratically elected National Governments of each country!!!
Because in your “light conversation” with Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015, you spent a substantial portion of your interview discussing the present Greek National Debt Crisis, I would like here to mention two “historical facts” related to the economic and political stances taken by Jean-Claude Trichet when he served as President of the European Central Bank from 2003 to 2011, involving the National Debts of individual member-states of the European Union.

The first “historical case” involved Ireland, when on November 19, 2010, Jean-Claude Trichet as President of the European Central Bank sent a secret memorandum to the Irish Government explaining that the European Union would cut off all funding unless Ireland applies for a bailout, which practically and pragmatically meant the financial intervention of International Economic Organizations such as the I.M.F , the World Bank, as well as Multinational Private Banks which could make enormous profits from speculating Ireland’s government bonds(CDS) in the World’s Financial Markets, as well as charging high interest rates for their financial loans to the Irish Government. This is exactly what had occurred with Greece in 2009, when the now famous Troika , meaning the European Central Bank, the I.M.F and the member-states of the European Union, meaning their powerful private and state banks, financed Greece’s National Debt and Bailout with dire economic consequences for that particular country!!!
The second “historical case” related once again to the financial and political policies of Jean-Claude Trichet as President of the European Central Bank towards the member-states of the European Union has to do once again with Greece, when he strongly resisted any contemplation of Greece defaulting on its National Debt. It was only in October of 2011, just at the end of his term in office, that within the European Central Bank a consensus was reached to allow for a 50% cut in the value of Greek Government Bonds. I am pretty sure that you are aware of both of these “historical cases” involving Jean-Claude Trichet as President of the European Central Bank!!!!

Dear Stephen, in the late 1960s and the 1970s, I was a young University Student in Canada, who was an ardent follower of all international news and events, reading well established International Newspapers such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Christian Monitor, The Guardian, The London Times, Le Monde and La Liberation, as well as watching news programs coming from powerful and influential American Television Channels such as NBC, CBS and ABC, from Canadian Television Channels as CTV and CBC, from British Television Channels as BBC and Channel 4, as well as French Television Channels such as TF1 and TV5.

The 1960s and the 1970s were times of great Political Turbulence and Political Instability worldwide. In the Middle East we had the Arab-Israeli Wars of 1967 and 1973, the Civil War in Lebanon, the Palestinian Political Uprisings in Israel, in Lebanon and in Jordan, the Greek-Turkish military conflict over the partial annexation of Cyprus by Turkey in 1974, the various Arab Nationalist Movements in the Middle East and North Africa and the multitude of Revolutionary anti-government popular initiatives in South and Central America against their dictatorial governments who were servicing American Hegemonic Interests in their geopolitical region. Finally, at this historic period of time, there was the Civil Rights Movement by Afro-Americans in the United States, but more importantly we had the American War in Vietnam which cost the lives of millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians, as well as tens of thousands of American soldiers.

The War in Vietnam during the 1960s and early 70s, had implicated all the Major Powers, directly or indirectly, starting naturally from the United States, going on to China, then to the Soviet Union and to the Western European Powers. The Vietnam War had consumed vast amounts of human and material resources on all sides, especially by the United States and Vietnam, and this was one of the major reasons why the American Government then, finally decided to abandon its hegemonic political ambitions in South-East Asia, accepting through negotiation the political and the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of all of Vietnam, both North and South. The Greatest Economic, Political and Military Power in the World had been practically defeated by an Asian Nation and a Third World Country. This critical historical development essentially provided the means and the impetus for the Economic and Political Rise of South-East Asia’s countries, countering the Absolute Economic, Political and Military Hegemony of the United States throughout this vast geopolitical region of the world.

Why am I then telling you all this Stephen ??? It is because I want to emphasize the editorial objectivity and the professional integrity by all those internationally famous newspersons who were working for internationally powerful news corporations , reporting and commenting on all these major international political events and crises at this particular period of time, meaning during the 1960s and the 1970s, especially the real news professionals in the Western Mass Media.

I remember as a young university student then, that the most conflicting International Political Event was the War in Vietnam, which had began in the early 1960s and had lasted until the early 1970s. It represented a massive military, ideological and political campaign by the United States to terminate Communist Political and Territorial Expansion in South East Asia, especially in Vietnam. Millions of soldiers were incorporated in both ideological camps, enormous amounts of military hardware were used by both military opponents, while millions of people were lost on both sides, most of them native civilians residing both in North and South Vietnam, as well as in Laos and Cambodia.

During the Vietnam War, 100,000 American Military Conscripts fled to Canada, not wanting to fight in a war which they considered both Immoral and Unconstitutional , based on the humanistic and democratic values of the American Constitution. Nevertheless, the established mass media in the United States, especially the large American Television Channels, had permitted in their main news broadcasts their “professional news staff” to present to a large degree an objective picture of the disastrous political, economic, military and social effects and consequences for all parties involved in this major conflict, whether it was the American “Capitalist” Camp or the South East Asian “Communist” Camp.

I personally believe as many other political analysts and historians do, that it was the objectivity and the integrity of these important American news outlets with their own reporters and correspondents who had exposed the American Government’s self-destructive policies concerning the social, political and economic stability of American Society as a whole, which in due time, made the Vietnam War an unpopular war for most American Citizens. This political stance by the majority of the major American Mass Media was one of the key reasons why the American Government of Richard Nixon decided to finally abandon its expansionist strategy in South East Asia and make peace with the Communist Vietnamese Government. The Established Mass Media then, with its editorialists, its reporters and its correspondents, both in North America and in Europe, had played a critical role in terminating a very destructive, inhumane and unjust war!!!

Now we come to the “grim picture” of news reporting in our days, whether in North America or Western Europe, where during at least the last 25 years, almost all of the major news corporations and news outlets, whether private or state owned, have functioned actively to promote the interests and strategies of the International Financial and Social Establishment , which represents less than 1% of the World’s Population yet controls more than 60% of the World’s Wealth and Resources, both the Natural and the Human Resources!!!

The News Corporation you work for, meaning the BBC, which “in theory” is state owned, serving the interests of the General British Public, many of its news programs including yours, demonstrate very clearly the ideological and political direction which has been adopted by most well established Western news outlets. A few years ago, meaning approximately 40 to 50 years ago, in Great Britain, state financed cultural, information and academic institutions like the BBC, the National Council of Arts and Sciences, the British Council, the London School of Economics, Oxford University and the University of Cambridge, supported and activated an ideological and cultural spectrum which was both pluralistic and well balanced, reflecting all sectors of British Society, both politically and intellectually. After Thatcher’s Conservative Governments and Tony Blair’s Labor Governments in the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s and after 2000, the Political, Economic and Cultural “Empery” of the United States gradually imposed its own social, economic, political and academic priorities and criteria in order to legitimize and slowly reinforce America’s one dimensional Globalization throughout Great Britain. During that same period of time, the same American pattern was occurring in Western European Countries but at a much slower pace, due to the Institutional Political Unity and the Consensual Cultural Integration accepted by the member states of the European Community.

Your interview of Jean-Claude Trichet on April 14, 2015, in your BBC television program “Hardtalk”, discussing the National Debt of Greece and the newly elected “leftist” Greek Government, was “well set up” and “well orchestrated” so that your viewers in Great Britain and around the world would hear the one sided views of a very Influential International Political Figure and an Eminent International Financial Broker who throughout his professional career has managed, protected and defended the specific interests of the International Economic, Political and Social Establishment. It is no coincidence that Jean-Claude Trichet during the last 40 years of his professional career, has held such powerful financial, political and state positions, especially within the International Arena. The questions you were asking Jean-Claude Trichet never really referred to the International Power Centers which have supported him nor his personal motives in protecting and defending the financial and political interests of Human Society’s Elite Groups and not the interests of Human Society as a whole!!!

What Jean-Claude Trichet explained to you concerning the National Greek Debt and the political culture of Greek Society today, is exactly what has been expressed recently by Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, Head of the IMF and Dr. Schauble, the Minister of Finance of Germany. I truly believe that all of these “influential” and “intelligent” world figures have been provided with the “same written script” by those dark but very powerful human entities who “are running the show” of World Affairs “behind the scenes”, yet we know very little about them!!!

Why is this happening Stephen??? Jean-Claude Trichet talked about the Greek State and Greek Society owing vast amounts of money to the States of the European Union which have paid for this financial Greek bailout during the last few years. At that point, you should have intervened informing him that Greece’s National Debt originally was serviced by European state and private banks and by International Financial Institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and even the European Central Bank.

The member states of the European Union as well as the International Financial Organizations which we have already mentioned bought off this Greek Debt in Greek Government Bonds, therefore protecting the financial interests of banks and at the same time burdening the societies of these European Country Lenders with Greece’s National Debt. This development naturally instilled the fury and the wrath of these European Societies against Greece and against Greek Society as a whole!!!

This is exactly what had happened in the United States during the financial crisis of 2008, when the American President, Barrack Obama, provided 3,5 trillion dollars of Federal Money, in order “to save” large American Multinational Banks and large American Multinational Corporations, all paid by the average American taxpayer . This is a “modern legal financial formula” of transferring wealth from Society as a whole to the Very Rich and Powerful of the World!!!

I personally believe that Greek Society and the Greek State are to a large degree responsible for Greece’s present Financial Crisis, but if we look back at that country’s modern history since its establishment as a sovereign state in the 1830s, we observe that Greece has almost continually been in a Financial Crisis and that Greece has always been in debt to its Western Creditors. The causes for these permanent External Debts can easily be explained historically, politically, socially and economically.

Greece has never represented or functioned as a modern Western nation-state and the reasons are obvious. Even after the War for Independence in the 1820s and the 1830s, Greece as a geopolitical entity represented a mosaic of particular historical, political and cultural demographic entities which had very little in common socially with each other except for the historical fact that they were all now part of a single country.

Second, this demographic diversity further hampered the creation of a single and homogeneous political culture which could define those societal priorities and ideological values, promoting the establishment of a certain measure of a viable socio-cultural unity and a general political consensus.

Third, a modern political culture could not be institutionalized in Greece due to the fact that the Economic, Political and Social Elites of the country not only ruled as Ottoman Feudal Lords, ignoring absolutely the Democratic and Pluralistic guidelines of the Greek Constitution but also functioned as middlemen(comprador class) for Western Economic and Political Interests in their own country. In Greece there never existed an authentic bourgeoisie class which would invest on the economic and the social development of Greek Society as a whole.

Fourth, as a consequence of the very conservative and anachronistic political and cultural ideals of Greece’s Ruling Class, of Greece’s very powerful Greek Orthodox Church and of the great majority of Greece’s citizens who are by nature parochial, individualistic and existentially very insecure, European Enlightenment was not permitted to modernize their own political culture and their socio-political institutions, the way it had historically occurred in all of the European Continent during the 18th and 19th century.

Taking therefore into account all of these structural deficiencies and fragmentation involving the political, social, economic and cultural makeup of Modern Greek Society and of the Modern Greek State, for Western Powers and for Western International Financial and Political Interests, it was always “very easy” to control, to manipulate and to exploit Greece as a country from its political inception in the 1830s until the present day. They exploited Greece’s strategic position in the Eastern Mediterranean ,especially its geographic proximity to the rich in oil regions of the Greater Middle East. They also exploited its natural resources such as its agricultural products and its mineral resources, as well as its human resources for cheap human labor in Greece’s Agricultural Sector, as workers in the major Western urban and industrial centers and as military conscripts for their own Imperialistic Wars worldwide . We witness Greek military recruits fighting against the Ottoman Empire, against the Bolshevik Russian Armies, against the German Armies in World War I and World War II, and finally against the North Korean Communist Military Forces during the Korean War in the 1950s.

Very powerful internal and external forces, whether political, economic, social or cultural, never allowed for Greece to evolve into a truly independent and a modern Western nation-state. Greece in its modern history has always functioned as a “cliental state” and as a “Banana Republic”, always servicing Western International Interests!!!

Dear Stephen, I want to tell you that the letter I am sending you, I shall put it up on my personal website which I have had for the last 7 years. The name of my website is, and in it I personally write both in English and in Greek, texts and articles concerning every aspect of everyday human existence. If there is an answer to my letter on your part, I will insert it in my website with my personal response.

Before I conclude this extensive letter to you personally, I would like to make a statement to you and to my website readers, summarizing my present political, ideological and cultural stance with respect with what is “really” happening around the world today and which directly relates to the content of my letter to you personally.

My personal statement is the following: ‘ President Obama and America, back off!!! Humanity doesn’t need your Exceptional Global Democracy or your Exceptional Global Human Justice!!!’.

Sincerely Yours,



Jean-Claude Trichet (1942- )

(Former President of the European Central Bank(2003-2011) and a high ranking International Freemason)