Is the American Mass Media (A.M.M) today presenting a true picture of its own society? (Part I)

thumbmwcHaving spent almost half of my life on the North American continent, I am well aware of the power of the American Mass Media (A.M.M), especially American Television, to influence, to cajole and to brainwash, as well as to selectively inform its American audience about what is happening beyond its own national borders. Being part of the 60s generation, and also having lived in other continents, I find the A.M.M. today as compared to the 60s and 70s has honestly deteriorated both in content and in purpose.

A.M.M. has distorted so much of its own civilizing role, especially in communicating truth and fact, that what we hear, read and watch, almost seem like another universe of human beings, the Never-never land of Peter Pan.

This in-depth and wide distortion of truth and fact becomes even more evident when we observe the lack of real and representative information concerning “the state of affairs” in every aspect of every day American life, both in the vast urban centers to the countryside towns, in the conservative central regions of the U.S. to the more liberal eastern states and California.

Today, people within the U.S. know very little about each other, and people outside the U.S. know even less. This evolution has been realized through an organized scheme by America’s Mass Media which in a very sophisticated and refined way would provide everyone with lots of facts and images, but with no real substance. A.M.M. would no longer provide those mental inputs and information which could spark off the imagination and the creative reaction of people, the dialectic process necessary for a balanced intellectual development. American society is projected as a “reality show” where every single detail, from the lights, to the script and the human roles are determined, defined and executed under the “enlightened” guidance of mass media executives whose prime goal is to eventually transform the whole world into their own personal studio. Absolute control in a casual and “aesthetic” way, the true conspiracy of globalization.