Globalization in Crisis

Today, many economists and social scientists have expressed the opinion that too much emphasis has been given to the whole concept of “globalization”during recent years. These intellectuals point to the fact that in one way or another, globalization has existed since ancient times, beginning with the Persian Empires and the Hellenistic Empires, and later on the various Roman Empires. Their position could be said is an accurate one within an economic or even an administrative context, but it is not quite accurate within a socio-cultural or anthropological context. The recent version of “globalization”which was initiated by the United States after WWII, not only aimed at controlling most of the world economically and administratively, it went much further and was much more “satanic”.

America΄s idea of “globalization” was to slowly formulate “a new human specie”, a one dimensional human specie who could be easily manipulated and guided since through time, the main goal of every human being would be the accumulation and consumption of prescribed material goods all this to the detriment of all those factors that maintained a certain social balance and harmony in each community΄s unique historic and cultural evolution. Spiritual traditions, social institutions and even eating habits were sacrificed in order for peoples to comply with this modern version of a “universal”wholesome existence. A “wholesome”existence where the individual had to prove to his or her peers, that he or she, is materially successful -being always at war with everything that stood in his or her way.

At war with all human beings, at war with nature, at war with himself or herself, at war with life itself. The financial crisis that we are experiencing today, represents the beginning of the end of this type of “globalization”whose strategy was and still is, to impose “a virtual reality”existence on every single human being on earth. This financial crisis is not in reality the consequence of mismanagement of the free market system but the consequence of trying to exterminate the multidimensional needs, aspirations and balances within each human being. America΄s “globalization”ignored the infinite complexities of the human DNA. The human DNA which permitted the human species to survive through all the trials and tribulations imposed by nature΄s obstacles and challenges.