Dystopia or a World in disarray

Definitions  — lexico.com

Dystopia   — an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice , typically one that  is  totalitarian or  post-apocalyptic

Utopia     — an imagined place or state  of things in which everything is perfect

Hell    — a  place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering

Infernal   —  relating to or characteristic of hell or the underworld

Satanic   — extremely  evil or wicked

Psychopath — a  person affected by chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior


Today  around the world, we are witnessing an extraordinary and historic conspiracy by transnational corporations, by central banks and by globalized international organizations like the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the IMF and NATO. These world actors  want  to impose on the world a  ‘’totalitarian corporate’’ political system which would control the everyday life of every person, except the ones who represent the political and economic elite  groups.

Some of the globalized governments which are active participants in the international scheme against humanity are the political  establishments of the European Union, China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. All of these governments are promoting globalization in order to support politically the economic elites of the world at the expense of the masses who are seen as easy fodder or herds of sheep who can be easily exploited, manipulated and even physically sacrificed for the sake of the New World Order of the elite groups.

In this globalized socio-political infrastructure of the world, the basic preconditions are that there are no independent nation-states , that every aspect of economic life is defined by the international financial organizations like the central banks, the IMF, the World Bank and by the transnational financial actors like City Bank, Goldman Sachs, Deutsch Bank, the European Central Bank, the American Federal Reserve Bank  and the Central Bank of China.

In this totalitarian dystopia the  great majority of people would be on a fixed income, determined not by the quality of their work and their profession, but by the financial protocols  passed by their governments  in accordance with the directives coming from the centralized and globalized transnational financial institutions.

Another tool of the Globalist elites is the trafficking of young children for sex and organ harvesting , which today accounts for more profits  for the illegal international cartels than the  trafficking  of weapons or drugs. This is a practical recipe for the elites of Globalization in accumulating vast amounts of non-taxable wealth, while also controlling and dehumanizing the young generation,  thus destroying society’s cohesion and stability.

The  totalitarian political system that the elites of Globalization have  been promoting around the world has utilized as a venue the Pandemic of Covid 19 which has been introduced everywhere and  acts  as a biological weapon.

This biological weapon was created in the Wuhan laboratories of China in concert with the World Health Organization .The support comes from those governments  which are active participants in Globalization and affiliated to the New World Order.

It’s their bureaucracies  like their health departments and the medical personnel in hospitals who are following the directives of the Big Pharma Companies like Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. They  impose their  genocidal vaccine around the world because the vast majority of people are passive participants through fear and the false information communicated to them by the transnational media companies who are active actors in this  conspiracy.

The main responsibility for the creation of this international dystopia lies mainly with the masses and not necessarily with the elite classes and the international power centers , whether political or financial. The majority of the people have accepted to go along with the ‘’lies’’ because they themselves are corrupt and unethical  in their everyday lives, exploiting and manipulating the people around them who are less powerful and depended on them psychologically and economically, like parents towards their own children.

Tens of millions of children around the world are being trafficked for sex and organ harvesting because most of the times parents permit it directly or indirectly, for financial profit for themselves. Here we should add that for hundreds of years  Christian priests have been exploiting sexually young children , both boys and girls, without any legal punitive consequences to themselves, since the communities , the parishes and even the parents accepted these human atrocities passively to protect their own socio-economic status. Similarly  to also protect themselves from the most powerful societal institution , both economically and politically , which is the Church and its powerful trustees in all sectors of society’s infrastructure.

In  Nazi Germany , in Communist Russia and in Communist China, the majority of the people were aware  of the political repression and genocide that were occurring under the official policies of their regimes, yet very few reacted to these criminal activities which were hurting the lives of their own people, the lives of their neighbors and the lives of their relatives. They wanted to be ‘’politically correct’’ and ‘’socially secure’’, continuing on with their everyday lives and pretending that they are ‘’law abiding citizens’’.

We witness this immoral social environment today in the West, where the people who have not been vaccinated for Covid 19, are being accused of being criminals by the government apparatus and are being physically and psychologically attacked by the police forces because in ‘’theory’’ , ‘’their theory’’, they are passing on the virus to the rest of the population.

This personal repression of the non-vaccinated is also coming from the great majority of the population who have been vaccinated, similar to what transpired in the past with the people who did not support the policies of the Nazi party in Germany, the Communist party of the Soviet Union and the Communist government of  Mao Tso  Tung.

What is irrational but also unethical in all this ‘’pogrom’’ of the unvaccinated is that people who have been vaccinated are not supposed to get sick from the virus , yet a large percentage of the people who are getting sick from the virus today are the vaccinated ones, which means that the vaccines do not work.

Medical studies which have been undertaken  in Israel,  have shown that the people who have contracted this virus have a natural  immunity which is approximately 25 times more effective than the vaccine, yet the criminal governments of Israel , Great Britain, the United States, Germany and France are trying to impose vaccines on these people too. Pure Fascism.

Therefore I Believe that the vaccines are not used to protect people from Covid 19, but to destroy their immune system in the long run and eventually kill them off.

In  Nazi Germany ,in the Soviet Union and in Communist China, millions of people were taken to concentration camps and exterminated  because they were not ‘’politically correct’’ and  ‘’socially obedient’’ towards the policies of their governments. Yet after the defeat of the Nazi Regime in 1945, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1998, almost every government official who was responsible for  the creation and the enforcement of these ‘’inhumane’’ and ‘’genocidal’’ policies pretended that they did not have direct knowledge of any concentration camps and exterminating centers throughout their own country.

The European countries which were under the political rule of the Nazis, like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and France between 1939 and 1945, most of their citizens pretended then that there was no serious evidence of any human atrocities and violent political repression. Their untruthful and unethical social stance was a reflection of the values they had received in their own homes and from their own families.

The dominant social values which prevail  around the world today with most societies and nations are not human cooperation and human empathy but egotism , self-gratification and competitiveness . It’s everyone for himself or herself, and nothing for the other one.

Exactly the same thing is happening now in Australia , witnessing extreme socio-political  circumstances. This is a country which claims is a Liberal Democracy with a representative government. Yet the Australian government which supports Globalism,  has officially decided that its citizens which have not been vaccinated and do not want the vaccine should be locked up in special concentration camps so that the rest of the population can be protected.

Nevertheless, the large majority of the vaccinated Australians  has gone along with this Fascist government policy. If they would have resisted, whether the ordinary people or their representatives in government this political and police repression would not have been activated.

We have to emphasize here that with all of these ’’unlawful’’  and ‘’dictatorial’’ measures implemented  by the Australian government, only about 50% of Australians have been vaccinated. This means that Australians are still resisting , choosing personal liberty to political conformity.

This dehumanization of society  is what ‘’dystopia’’ represents, and most people, whether powerful or not so powerful, are active participants in this  ‘’genocidal conspiracy’’ because they are all basically ‘’immoral’’ and  ‘’inhuman’’ , and maybe humanity deserves to be eliminated before it destroys the whole planet and all of life, since they don’t respect even  their own existence.

A  history of sacrificial lambs , Satanic Masters and a self-destructive human nature, they are  all  real components of our human psyche and our  human destiny since the beginning of civilization, where hundreds of millions of people have been sacrificed for the glory of  Satan and the ‘’dark forces’’ of  the  Universe.

There is no other ‘’practical explanation’’ and we know this from just understanding history in a  ‘’metaphysical context’’  not   ‘’rationally’’, since there is very little rationality in most of human  historical experience.

We shall prove this thesis with some of the ‘’metaphysical ‘’  irrational human practices of today.

We  shall now examine a list of social factors which have created the present societal conditions for a dystopia , a dystopia which is a consequence of  conspiracies initiated by a few thousand ‘’very powerful international criminals’’ to dominate and control the lives of all of humanity. It is that simple.

We shall begin with the most powerful of the conspiracies which is  Globalization, a political process of creating a world infrastructure which will encompass every aspect of human existence, financial ,political, cultural and ecological.

Today, all of humanity is living a most ‘’extraordinary unhistorical time’’ , events which are not occurring through time dialectically, but through the instant directives of specific centers of power in concert, which we shall call them the Cabal. The definition of the word ‘’cabal’’   from the lexico.com is ‘’..a secret political clique or faction..”.

Never before in human history has there been such an overreach by a consortium of  people to define and manipulate human destiny. The driving force of this consortium of  very powerful human entities in every sector of society  is ‘’pure power’’ and ‘’absolute control’’ of all human activities on this planet. It’s like an  alien invasion !!!

Some of the major human actors in this ‘’consortium’’ of conspirators or this Cabal of conspirators are the CEOs (directors or owners) of multinational corporations, transnational banks, international media companies, the heads of  international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the IMF , and the political establishments of  powerful nations like the United States, the member states of the European Union , Russia, China, Japan, and other countries.

What keeps all these powerful human entities together is their ‘’ common  political  agenda’’  of controlling in unison every aspect of human activity to service their own personal needs and interests, both economic and political. It is as if they all belong to a gigantic ‘’ International Masonic Lodge’’.

This ‘’international conspiracy’’ of Globalization has been organized for hundreds of years, of course under the coordination of masonic lodges around the world , both large and small, where Jewish leadership plays a pivotal role. That is the reason why when you examine and identify the most powerful Globalist leaders today, most of them are of  Jewish  Khazarian descent  like the Rothschilds, the  Rochfellers, the Lazars ,the Harrimans, the Koch family and George Soros.

Essentially, the sociopolitical concept of Globalization originated within the Catholic Church ,and more especially with the Jesuit Catholic order hundreds of years ago, always with the secret cooperation and assistance of international Jewish power centers like the major masonic lodges around the world.

If some person in the Western world, wants to succeed in any type of professional endeavor , whether it be finance, politics, business or the arts, they have to become affiliated with a masonic lodge ,a member for life. It is not by chance that the most powerful individuals in Globalized finance are the Rothschild family and the most powerful religious entities of Globalization are the Jesuits of the Catholic Church, while Pope Francis who is the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Catholic Church is seen as the spiritual leader of Globalization, the Satanic spiritual leader of the New World Order.

Pope Francis wants to unite all the churches of the world to create a ‘’unitary’’ and ‘’uniform’’ religious institution, a Global religion which would be part of the New World Order where nation states, cultures and individual religions would have to be eliminated, so that the loyalty of the people would be directed exclusively towards a Global Government.

Right now we are witnessing the power of the Globalist elites as it relates to the pandemic of Covid 19, a virus that hasn’t been isolated so that a viable vaccine can be produced like the polio vaccine or the vaccine for small pox . It’s an experimental vaccine created by a monopoly of pharmaceutical companies like Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and Phizer , in conjunction with the New World Order, whose main agenda is depopulation and economic control.

Due to the ‘’fake pandemic’’ of Covid 19, governments around the world have enforced economic lockdowns with the unanimous agreement of the ‘’criminal syndicates’’ of politicians and the medical establishment of doctors and hospitals who are implementing the directives of the major Pharmaceutical Companies, major players in the genocide of the human populations. One of their main goal in the ‘’lockdowns’’ is the economic destruction of the middle classes of all the nations. They are seen as the most financially independent and politicized sectors of society , the most educated socio-economic class , an anathema to their ambition of absolute human control.

When we realize that the Globalist elites and all of their coconspirators in all sectors of society, from the mainstream media and justice departments, to the policing forces and the medical personnel, and from the corrupt politicians to the fraudulent bankers and businessmen, all of them have a common goal which is  the control and even the destruction of humanity. Therefore  we come to the simple conclusion that the world is run by ‘’psychopaths’’!!!

All of these major Globalist players are the same people who are willing to move around the world millions of destitute children to be exploited sexually in rituals by them and by their colleagues, and earn vast amounts of money harvesting their body parts. It’s also the same ‘’psychopaths’’ who are promoting the vaccination of young children with an experimental vaccine, even though their immune system is almost 100% resistant  to Covid 19.

Today’s ‘’societal dystopia’’ exists because the individual has no say or real input in the quality of his or her own life, the quality of  life of   their children, and the way their country is governed.

What dominates in everyday life is ‘’virtual reality’’ and the ‘’sociopathic need’’  to consume, even to consume each other. Most  are  living in constant existential crisis   and in personal financial insecurity.

In order for the Cabal of the Globalist elites to succeed in transforming the human populations into their obedient subjects, they had to undermine their inherent human attributes of being social, political, rational and creative. The one societal institution which encompassed and protected these universal human attributes for thousands of years has been the culture of a society.

In the lexico.com , the definition of the word ‘’culture’’ is ‘’…the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society…’’.

First of all, a culture contains the wisdom of a peoples accumulated through thousands of years of human experience and survival , transmitted through oral and written narratives, through oral and written myths, through oral and written history, and through everyday social customs and prescribed social roles and values.

The mosaic of human culture through time and space is almost infinite, beginning from the primitive human being like the Cro-Magnon man more than 20,000 years ago.

Two very good historical examples of how culture has defined the identity, the integrity and the cumulative historical experience of a peoples are the oral epic traditions of the Greek and Hindu civilizations.

In the oral traditions of the Greek myths as introduced by Homer in his epic stories of the ‘’Iliad’’ and the ‘’Odyssey’’ in  the 8th  century B.C. ,he describes the wars waged between the Greeks and the Trojans for political and economic dominance in the eastern Mediterranean region during the 12th and 11th century B.C..

In the Hindu Upanishads which are  both oral and written epics formulated during the 8th and 7th century B.C., where Hindu religious scholars defined human experience and values through mythological events of peace and conflict between human entities, between human and divine entities, and between divine entities,  exactly like Homer’s Greek epic stories.

In both of these epic traditions  and mythical narratives, the Greek one and the Hindu one, what is defined and formulated is not only the moral fiber of human society implicating the divine order through interventions by various divinities , but there is also the wisdom learned through a dialectic process of human experience and interaction, the most important being the creative human inputs for social stability and social progress.

All cultures have through time and space , insured and promoted social integration and development in a physical and a metaphysical sense. The physical or materialistic aspect involves the existential survival of human beings, while the metaphysical one connects human beings to a universal order beyond time and space, therefore eliminating the existential unknown of the infinite and human mortality. A culture tries to make sense of human existence so that it can evolve and perpetuate with the least of detriment and constrictions to human survival.

All  cultures one could say have been able to maintain a certain degree of social cohesion where the individual is the main actor and participant, the deciding and creative factor for society’s main components, a social consensus even under a dictatorial or totalitarian system of governance , otherwise these systems could not function.

As we can therefore see a ‘’culture’’ is the balancing social component between an individual’s life expectations and everyday social norms related to the dominant power centers which are always trying to undermine them in order to protect their own particular interests and privileges.

During the last hundred years and more , in the Western world, there have been efforts made by the Cabal of Globalist elites, especially those belonging to the tribe of the Khazarian Jews, to reach the point in history where they can control every aspect of human existence, without any human resistance.

The Khazarian Jews are not Semites who are the original inhabitants of the Middle East and Palestine, but Caucasian races who converted to Judaism in the 9th century A.D. Their whole historical evolution is based on political conspiracy and economic control.

In order to accomplish their feat of subversive political and economic control, the  Khazarian Jews have tried to dismantle the traditional cultures of every territory they have migrated to, all throughout Europe, from Great Britain to Russia and the Ukraine. That is the reason why  they were expelled from most European countries during the last 1,000 years.

In recent historical times,  Khazarian Jews were able to accomplish this feat of political subversion during the Bolshevik  Revolution in Russia and the Chinese Communist Revolution in China in the early 20th century. They did this by subversive political means through massive ideological propaganda utilizing their international masonic lodges in these geopolitical regions. They were able to dismantle Russia’s and China’s traditional cultures in the name of ‘’social justice’’ , exactly as St. Paul was able to undermine the traditional Greek culture through the Christian religious movement in the  Eastern Mediterranean region.

It took 4 centuries for the international power centers of the Jews, to infiltrate the various Christian churches in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe, weakening the dominance of traditional Greek thought and culture in these regions.

If we now look at North America, we see during the  20th century , Khazarian Jews from Central Europe and Russia, implanting and dominating America’s popular culture through Hollywood and the Arts, distorting the aesthetic values of the country’s traditional culture which was based on humanism and rationalism.

If we just take the example of Hollywood and its movie industry , the Khazarian Jews introduced through their movies , social models and social values which were divisive within a class context as well as a racial context. The stories projected by Hollywood to American audiences and audiences around the world, were mostly about the life styles and social privileges of White Americans enjoyed at the expense of American minorities, especially the Afro-Americans. Non -white minorities were defined as inferior and ignorant human entities.

The Cabal of Globalist elites continued to propagate these racial and class divisions by projecting in their tightly controlled mainstream media the social disparities between white Americans  and Afro-Americans, classifying the Democratic Party, the political party they controlled, as the great political defender of American minorities. Even though it was the Republican Party which was against slavery and it was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican President, who abolished slavery in the United States.

The Democratic Party and its affiliates in the mainstream media and in  academia  have exploited the Afro-American vote to elect government officials, including presidents, while American states governed by  Democrats which have large Afro-American populations, have always been economically underprivileged. Policies by these Democratic state governments have always promoted a conflicting political environment between White Americans and Afro-Americans.

Finally, I have to note that the most powerful newspapers, television corporations and publishing houses in the United States and in Western Europe are owned by Khazarian Jews. The New York Times, the most powerful American  newspaper is owned by the Sulzberger family , Khazarian Jews, since 1896.

Concluding, we have to emphasize that  even though the American Jewish population of the United States is approximately 6.5 million people or 2%  of the total population , more than 50% of the Biden Democratic Administration are American Jews , including the head of the Justice Department, Attorney General Merrick Garland.


The scream
Edvard Munch ( 1863-1944) Norwegian painter

“Only the dead fish float with the stream” – Scandinavian proverb
In my life I have met many dead fish!!!