The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b2)


(I want to dedicate these series of texts to those of my former Greek students, male and female, who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own “survival”)


Near the end of our previous text, we said the following:’ Let us now search and find out the “real” historical and socio-cultural components of the Jewish Nation and of the Jewish Race, so that we can compare these with those components defining the Greek Nation and the Greek Race’. With this commentary as point of reference, we shall continue the second part of our narrative(Epilogue b2) concerning the “destructive role” played by the Christian Church, especially the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, in relation to the historical, cultural and social “identity” and “cohesion” of the Greek Nation and of the Greek Race!!!

The second “real historical factor” which I would like to expose here is the “real historical evidence” that in the Religious Tradition of the Jews, there are many divinities!!!

In the beginning, the “omnipotent divine role” which had been assigned to within their Pantheon was represented by the most Powerful and the most Ancient Divinity of all of the Semitic Tribes of Canaan, by the name of «El». Through historic time , the Israelite Race finally chose from this Semitic Pantheon , the divinity of Jehovah to represent them as a Nation and as a Race(pp.1-3,’Yahweh’, It is not accidental the reference made by Saint Matthew in his Gospel(Matthew 27,46), where he documents the last pronouncements made by Jesus Christ before He died on the Cross. Jesus Christ exclaims “in a loud voice saying ,’ Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani???? that is , ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me???’“( Jesus Christ did not address himself to Jehovah, the God of the Jewish Nation and of Abraham, but to «El» or «Eli» , the most Ancient Divinity within the Pantheon of the Semitic Tribes of Canaan!!!

The Israelite Tribe or the Jewish Nation recognized and fully accepted the existence of other divinities who represented other tribes and other nations in the Middle East, like the «Enki» of the Babylonians, «Baal» of the Canaanites, the goddess «Anat» during the historic period of the Jewish Kingdom of David, the spouse of Jehovah, the goddess «Ashera» and «Marduk», Supreme Divinity of the Babylonians, who at that time(Babylonian Imperial Supremacy in the Middle East), had defeated Jehovah in a struggle of Religions and Civilizations!!!(pp.1-3, We therefore recognize and identify a Peoples, a Race and a Nation, who accept actively or passively, the existence of many divinities, but chose one of these divinities, Jehovah, to “represent” them and “protect” them as a Unique Peoples and as a Unique Nation, who practice a Unique Religion!!! These are then, the Israelites or the Jews in Human History!!!!

Today globally, the only Major Religion which is Monotheistic is Islam, which is also the “most popular” one, representing approximately 2 billion “religious followers” around the world!!! In Islam God is One for all Human Beings, “irrespective” of their religious, racial or ethnic background !!!On the other hand, in Official Christian Theology, there are “essentially” Three Divine Entities, God the Creator, Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Creator, and the Holy Spirit, which represents the Divine Mediator between God the Almighty , “the believers” and their Prophets!!!

The next “real historical component” which I would like to concentrate on is the “historical phenomenon” whereby the Jewish Nation or the Jewish Race in their Historical Evolution, have “almost always been” under the political and military control of Foreign States and Empires, with the only exceptions being the United Kingdom of Israel which was founded around 1,000 B.C. and which 100 later, was split into the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judea!!!These Jewish Kingdoms in the Middle East, represented and functioned as Local State Entities which in the end of the 8th century B.C., were incorporated into the Assyrian Empire as provinces!!!(pp.4-5,’History of ancient Israel and Judah’,

This whole geographic region or territory(Canaan) had come under the political and military hegemony of the Assyrians around 740B.C. , while in 627B.C. it was conquered by the Babylonians. In 587 B.C. the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, the Capital of the Jewish Nation, as well as their First Religious Temple, the Temple of Solomon, while a large section of their Jewish Elite Class of Canaan was expelled to Babylon, the Capital of the Babylonian Empire!!!(pp.7-8,’History of Palestine’,

During the entire historical period until “the defeat” of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea, first by the Assyrians and then by the Babylonians, almost all of this Territory of the Middle East was under the Political and Military Rule of Pharaonic Egypt, a “strategic region” which since ancient times represented “an integral part “ of its Empire!!!(pp.5-8,’History of Palestine’, Real Historical Fact dismisses absolutely the “mythical” Great Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt around the 11th century B.C., migrating to the Promised Land, meaning Canaan, because at that historical epoch, Canaan was “an integral part” of Egypt’s Pharaonic Empire as well as the whole of the Middle East for thousands of years!!! Therefore we ascertain another “distorted fabrication” of Human History by the International Jewish Establishment in order “to cover over” the political , social and cultural deficiencies of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Race!!!

From 538B.C., until 332B.C., the Jewish Nation was under the political and military control of the Persian Empire. From 332B.C., the territory of Canaan as well as the whole of the Middle East came under the Universal Imperial Hegemony of Alexander the Great, and soon after under the Political and Military Rule of the Hellenistic Kingdoms which were founded after Alexander’s death in 323B.C. The most important Hellenistic Kingdoms were that of Egypt of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and that of Syria of the Seleucids. The Hellenistic Imperialistic Control over the Jewish Inhabitants of the Middle East and Egypt lasted until 110B.C.!!!

From 63B.C., until 324A.D., Canaan , which by that time was called Palestine, was ruled by the Roman Empire as one of its many provinces. From 324A.D., until 638A.D. , Palestine as well as its Jewish citizens were under the Imperial Rule of the Byzantine Empire, while from 638A.D. up to 1093A.D. , it became part of the territory of the Arabo-Islamic Kingdoms of that historical epoch, meaning the Arabo-Islamic Kingdom of the Omayyads(661A.D.-750A.D.) with its Capital Damascus, and the Arabo-Islamic Kingdom of the Abbasids(780A.D.-1258A.D.) with its Capital Baghdad!!! From 1260A.D. , until 1517A.D. , Palestine belonged to the Egyptian Kingdom of the Mamelukes, who were Moslem Circassian Turkmen, a cast of slave-warriors, who founded Cairo as their own Capital in Egypt. Finally, until the beginning of the 20th century A.D., Palestine represented “an integral part” of the Ottoman Empire(‘History of Palestine’,

Therefore, as we can ascertain historically, meaning “documented historical evidence”, the Jewish Nation had never succeeded in ensuring and reconciling its own specific geopolitical entity for “a substantial period of time” in order to develop and evolve “effectively” and “concretely” into one unified and independent political, cultural and ethnic “entity”, with its own “representative civilization”!!! The Jewish Nation had existed on an “almost permanent time basis” under the political and cultural “subservience” of the Great Empires, the Powerful Kingdoms and the Dynamic State Entities of this Middle Eastern Geopolitical Region!!!

These are therefore the main political, historical and cultural reasons why the Traditional Jewish Religious Experts and Elders did “everything in their power”, whether in Babylon, in Persepolis or in Alexandria, where there was for a long period of time large concentrations of Jewish Immigrants, to construct a “mythical pre-history” and a “mythical history” of the Jewish Peoples utilizing their own “virtual” and “opportunistic” weights and measures!!! All of these “knowledgeable” and “wise” Intellectual Jewish Elites , never attempted or really wanted to recognize nor reveal the “true” historical, religious, cultural and social facts concerning their own Race and their own Nation!!!!

Therefore, according to the “real historical facts” which reveal that “objectively” and “pragmatically” the Jewish Nation or the Jewish Race had never essentially created “through time and space” their own representative civilization within an “autonomous” and “permanent” geopolitical territorial entity in the Middle East, the Jewish Elite Class and later on the International Jewish Establishment, were forced for more than 2,500 years, to incorporate procedures and strategies which would permit these Peoples to appear as “dynamic” and “innovative” social components in Humanity’s Historical Evolution!!!

The Jewish Nation or the Jewish Race were able to achieve this “historical manipulation” by utilizing “well thought methods” which included first of all, the “distortion” and the “forging” of their historical and cultural defining lines, at the expense of other nations and other communities, as well as at the expense of an “objective historiography” in general!!!

Second, they introduced an “efficient” and “effective” wide dissemination of this “virtual historical reality” through well controlled powerful societal centers of “socio-political influence” and “cultural communication” , whether belonging to Jews or even to non-Jews , who cooperated for the sake of their own economic, political and social interests, exactly what is “really happening” today, with the societal machinations of the modern International Masonic Lodges!!!

At the same time, and very critically, there was a great upsurge of the socio-political institution of Religious Proselytism between the 2nd century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D., in the Roman Empire by its Jewish Citizens!!! These tried to proselytize foreign Peoples, foreign Nations and foreign Communities to the Jewish Religion and to the Jewish Culture all over the Roman Empire!!! There are “real historical references” analyzing this social phenomenon during this historical epoch, coming from the writings of famous Roman Intellectuals and Historians like Horace(65B.C.-8A.D.), Seneca(4B.C.-65A.D.), Juvenal(60A.D.-127A.D.) and Tacitus(56A.D.-120A.D.)!!!(pp.7-9,

Jewish Proselytism during this historical period(2nd century B.C. – 2nd century A.D.) , was the main reason for the expulsion of Jews from Palestine and Rome by the various Roman Administrations, since their “religious proselytism” affected almost every region of the Roman Empire, from the Middle East to North Africa, and from Southern Europe to Asia Minor!!!(p.2, Here, we have to emphasize the fact that in general terms, it was at this same time period when Christian Proselytism was initiated in the Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, starting with the “expansionist religious moves” by Saint Paul(5A.D.-67A.D.) during the beginning of the 1st century A.D.!!!

These somewhat “parallel in time” proselytisms, meaning Jewish Proselytism and soon after Christian Proselytism, exactly within the same “strategic geopolitical regions” of the Roman Empire, was it a “pure historical coincidence”??? I doubt it very much!!! By now, having fathomed the “steady” and “permanent” political intrigues and subversive cultural ambitions of the Jewish Establishment for the “final predominance” of the Jewish Nation culturally, politically and economically in all of Rome’s Territories, while at the same time “undermining” and “dismantling” the cultural, social and political “cohesion” of the Roman State and of Roman Society as a whole, “it is very logical” for us to conclude that these Two Major Religious Cultures based on Traditional Jewish Civilization, “coincided” and were “interlinked” absolutely with each other Ideologically!!!!

As we can certify, with these two Dynamic Social Movements of “religious proselytism”, meaning Jewish Proselytism and Christian Proselytism, the “most important strategy” of the Jewish Establishment then and in the long term, was the Conspiratorial Appropriation of other cultures and civilizations, even the Appropriation of “foreign territory” , always with “ point reference” the “gradual control” of these societies, economically, socially and culturally, while at the same time, undermining their traditional social support systems and their traditional political institutions which defined their political culture, their cultural traditions and their traditional political centers of power and social influence!!!

The Jewish inhabitants or the Jewish Citizens in these societies of the Roman Empire, “never really permitted themselves” to assimilate to the General Social Environment and to the General Social Evolution of these regions , even in the flourishing societies or in highly developed states!!! These Jewish populations functioned “to a large degree” isolated in “exclusively” Jewish Neighborhoods or Jewish Ghettos, where they felt “secure”, “exceptional” and “consolidated” as a quasi- independent and economically self-sufficient communities, which could “safely” influence and thus control the political, economic and social activities of these states and societies, always focusing on their “long-term personal interests”!!! This Demographic Particularity of the Jews in the Diaspora was prevalent in all of the communities, the cities and the states where they had been residing for many generations!!! As a consequence, I don’t believe that this “demographic universality” of Jews outside of Palestine is a “pure historical coincidence”!!!

One could say that the Jewish Nation or the Jewish Race survived and prospered socially during the last 2,500 years as “a parasite in nature”, living off “at the expense” of another living organism as “its host”!!!! This “harsh racial critique” we shall substantiate it and clarify it by referring to “real historical events” which have taken place until the present day, always at the expense of the vast majority of Human Beings!!!

I would like here to begin with a “historical fact” which is relatively recent, meaning which has been active and unfolding since the beginning of the 20th century A.D. , especially within the Western World. This is the wide use of the socio-political term of Anti-Semitism which was first introduced in Western Culture in 1879 A.D., by the German political analyst and social scientist Wilkhelm Marr, to describe that epoch’s European popular movements against the Jewish inhabitants of Central Europe!!!(p.1, As a consequence, the term Anti-Semitism was formalized by many Western Means of Information and by many well established Western Social Scientists and Political Analysts, always with the support and the encouragement of the International Jewish Establishment!!! This International Jewish Power Conglomerate through its International Masonic Lodges had two “specific” and “strategic” political but also cultural goals in the long run!!!

The first one was the Popularization and the Internationalization, especially in Western Societies, of the “social stigma” or the “social accusation”, on a personal but also on a collective level of “racism” or even of “a socio-political critique” related to the societal activities and the political philosophy of Jews, something like “a moral guilt” or “a religious sin” derived from the Cultural Tradition of the Jews but also from the Cultural Tradition of Christians in their entirety!!!

The second strategic goal of the International Jewish Establishment involving the “universal use” of the term Anti-Semitism, especially in the Western World, was so that the Jewish Nation or the Jewish Race could Appropriate the “historic exclusivity” of the Semitic Racial Origins, while they themselves represented “historically” and “objectively” only “a small proportion” of the “totality” of the Semitic Tribes, the Semitic Nations and the Semitic Communities of the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa!!! We are therefore witnessing once again, a “blatant” falsification and distortion of the demographic and racial reality of the Jewish Nation historically, always “focusing” on its reinforcement and its consolidation within a historical, political, economic and cultural perspective, “through time and space”, but also within a worldwide context, presenting an “important participant” and a “vital actor” in the activities and the historical developments of the Human Kind!!!

This “iconic historical assessment” which identifies the Semitic Racial Component(DNA) “exclusively” to the Jewish Nation and to the Jewish Race, we shall examine it analytically so as to better comprehend the “conspiratorial tricks” which the International Jewish Establishment has been playing at the expense of all of us “ordinary human beings”!!! At the same time, there are all the various Powerful International Centers of Influence who “accommodate” and “support” the International Jewish Establishment under economic, political, social and cultural pressures , even religious pressures, but more importantly under the powerful influence of Jewish Propaganda controlling most of the Powerful Western Means of Communication and Information!!!!

We will continue to examine analytically “the historical fairy tale” originating from the International Jewish Establishment which it projected for at least 2,000 years, promoting “iconic historical facts” which identify to a large degree the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Race as the “exclusive genetic inheritors” of the Semitic Genealogy!!! Through this historical retrospection, we shall confirm “again and again”, to what degree this International Jewish Establishment has through time “distorted” the historical and cultural identity of the Jewish Nation and of the Jewish Race. Many times, at the expense of other Semitic Nations and other Semitic Races, at the same time “appropriating” the cultural characteristics, the socio-political institutions and traditions, as well as the historical achievements of these “ancient” Semitic Nations and Semitic Races of the Middle East!!!

First of all, we have to mention that in “ancient times” the Assyrians, the Canaanites, the Carthaginians, the Aramaeans, the Philistines and the Akkadians(one of the ancestors of the ancient Babylonians), represented Semitic Nations as well as the Phoenicians , the most important seafarers of the Mediterranean for hundreds of years!!! All of these Semitic Peoples and all of these Semitic Nations, as well as the Arabs and the Jews, “contributed greatly” towards the Development of Modern Human Culture!!!(p.1,

Nevertheless, one “historical” but also “anthropological” Fact which completely negates “the exclusivity” of the Semitic Genetic Background to the Jewish Race and to the Jewish Nation are the Genealogical Components which make up and formulate the Jewish Peoples during the last 1,500 years!!!At this point, we have to clarify, that “genetically”(DNA) or “genealogically” , the Jewish Race or the Jewish Nation was “never uniform”, and this we shall prove “historically” through solid and objective facts.

Today, there are “two main racial groups” of Jews around the world, the Sephardic Jews and the Ashkenazi Jews!!!

The Sephardic Jews originate from the Middle East, Spain, Portugal and North Africa, who later migrated to England, to France, to Italy, the Byzantine Empire and the Caucasus Region of Western Asia. The racial background of the Sephardic Jews is Semitic and represented the largest majority of Jews until the Middle Ages!!!

We then have “the second major racial group” of Jews, the Ashkenazi, who today represent 80% of the total Jewish Population around the world!!! Originally they came from the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe, migrating to France, to Central Europe(the regions of the Rhine River) and to the Caucasus, and more specifically to the Kingdom of the Khazars!!!(pp.1-2,

Through the religious proselytism of the Local European Communities and through “racial intermixture” , these Jewish Migrants evolved racially into Europeans, while their Traditional Jewish Language was gradually transformed into a very specific Jewish Dialect which was largely composed of the German Vernacular and the Slavic Vernacular, with linguistic influences from the Traditional Jewish Language and Aramaic!!! This Jewish Dialect which has been used by the Ashkenazi Jews and whose “main vocabulary” is based on the Vernacular Languages of Central Europe is called Yiddish!!! This Dialect has “little in common linguistically” with the Traditional Language of the Jews of the Middle East!!!(pp.1-2,

After more than a thousand years of “coexistence” of this group of Jewish Immigrants with the local populations of Central Europe(Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia), they were transformed to “a large extent” to European Civil Entities, not only racially but also culturally!!!

Through scientific studies which have been undertaken by “well established” Anthropologists during the last few years, in order to track down “the genetic characteristics” or “the genealogical origins” of the Ashkenazi Jews, they discovered that their DNA was mostly European with some Semitic Racial Indicators!!! The explanation that these “modern Anthropologists” presented was that “a large section” of the racial background of this community of Jews, meaning the Ashkenazi Jews, came from the local populations of Central Europe, who had accepted to convert to Judaism for their “own personal interests”, exactly the way “our own” Greek Orthodox Bishops, Clerics and Monks had done during the beginning of the Byzantine Empire(324A.D-1453A.D.)!!! Similarly, that many women of these non-Jewish European Communities had voluntarily accepted to marry these Jewish Immigrants!!!(p.1,

Emmanuel Rhoides(1836-1904) represents one of the most famous Greek literary writers, political columnists and translators of the 19th century !!! In his very famous book, The Papess Joanne, he noted the following, translated into English. He said, ‘Gold has always been the Only Respected God worldwide, and its Prophets were the Jews!!!’(p.174, Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα(The Papess Joanne), Editing House Estia, Athens 1993).

A second geopolitical source of Ashkenazi Jews which also had a direct impact on the Slavic Racial Background of many of them, is the Kingdom of the Khazars(650A.D.-1048A.D.), a semi-nomadic Turkic Peoples who had founded one of the most Powerful Empires in the Western Steppe of Asia(Caucasus), beginning from the end of the 7th century A.D. to the 11th century A.D.!!!(p.1,

From the 6th to the 8th century A.D., Byzantine Emperors such as Heraclius(610-641), Justinian II(685-695)(705-711) and Leo III(717-741), had imposed a very forceful proselytism of the Jewish Citizens of the Byzantine State, as well as a policy of persecution due to their resistance in converting to Christianity!!! During the same period, the Arabo-Islamic Kingdoms of the Middle East followed the same policy, with the basic difference being that Arab Proselytism with regards to its Jewish inhabitants aimed at forcing them to abandon their Jewish Faith and accept Islam as their Permanent Religious Culture!!!

As a consequence, many Jews from the Balkans, the Crimea, the regions around the Bosporus, Armenia and Asia Minor migrated to the Kingdom of Khazaria, which represented a multiracial and a multi-religious geopolitical State Entity!!!The Cultural and Religious Components of Khazar Society were based on the Pagan Traditions of the Turkic Nomadic Tribes of Asia, which “practically” and “pragmatically” meant Social and State Tolerance for the racial and religious differences among the many members of the community, therefore installing a Primitive Socio-political Pluralism , an Ideal Social Environment for the many Persecuted Jews!!!(p.14,

Jews, since “ancient times”, did not migrate to a specific geopolitical location if there are not the essential socio-political and economic preconditions not only for “their own survival” but also for “their own advancement” in all sectors of society, always aiming for “the long term” Appropriation of this Social Community and its Final Control!!!

In relation now to the Kingdom of the Khazars(650-1048), its socio-political infrastructure, its cultural infrastructure and its religious infrastructure were very “lax”, “fluid” and “crude”, since the Khazars were a Semi-nomadic Turkic Peoples whose Civilization was based on Primitive Pagan Beliefs which allowed for racial and religious differences, while on the political sector of society, there weren’t any “developed” and “permanent” institutions of Political Power and Governance!!! This Primitive Political Culture of the Khazars permitted the Jewish Immigrants to act and function in this Society relatively “freely” and “unsupervised”, and by also investing on their Historical Experience the succeeded in a “systematic” and “conspiratorial” way to eventually Appropriate, Define and Direct this Kingdom!!!

A second “historical fact” which facilitated these Jewish Immigrants to “influence” and finally “benefit” from this Kingdom of Semi-Nomadic Turkic Tribes was its strategic geographic location, between Europe and South Western Asia(crossroad) , as well as its Significant Military Power compared to the Byzantine Empire, the Persian Empire and the Arabo-Islamic Kingdoms of the Middle East!!! There were in place the ideal geopolitical preconditions for this Kingdom to be able to control a “substantial part” of the commerce of Europe in the Middle Ages, coming from China, the Middle East , as well as from Russia and the Ukraine, regions rich in grain production!!!(p.1,

For the Jewish Immigrants of Khazaria this control of the commercial routes between East and West exercised by the Khazars was the most “convenient” geopolitical and historical factor for them, since Jews “from time immemorial” had been very active “in commerce” as well as “in usury” , two professions which “complement” each other perfectly!!!At the same time, Jews in Western Europe during the Middle Ages and a little later on, had the “monopoly” of most of the commerce of Europe with Asia and the East in general, always under the “protection” of European State Administrators!!!(p.4,

Here I would like to note that in the “well controlled” and “well directed” historical texts by the International Jewish Establishment, representing the greatest number of texts referring to the quality of life of Jewish Immigrants in Western Europe during the Middle Ages, it is emphasized that concerning these Jewish European Citizens there existed many “professional restrictions” and much “professional discrimination”, originating from the most Influential Political and Economic Power Center, meaning the Catholic Church and the Vatican, as well as from the various European Christian States which were in accordance with the Policies of the Vatican!!!

First of all, there was a “universal official legislation” in Western Europe that all Jewish European Citizens were “not permitted to own Land” in general, therefore these Jews, due to these “economic restrictions”, were forced to exercise the profession of “tax collector” for the State, the profession of “rent collector” for the State, as well as the profession of “money lender” with interest for the State, that of the “usurer”, always with the “official permission” and with the “official cooperation” of the State!!!(p.7,

In “these professions” the Jews of Western Europe had “a monopoly”, protected by the Catholic Church and the European State Governments, which meant that these “professional monopolies” were protected by Law!!! In the “set up historical accounts”, these professional activities by the Jews of Western Europe are described as “marginal”, “socially inferior” and “degrading”, so that these European Jewish Citizens would be presented as “victims” of Racism applied by European State Authorities and supported by European Societies in general!! Through these “state sponsored professional monopolies” acquired by the European Jews, they enriched themselves as well as their state and political “mentors”!!! These State Officials did not “hand over” or did not “allocate” these Professional Monopolies to their Jewish Citizens “out of the goodness of their heart”, but simply for “the gold coins” they would collect on a “permanent” and “steady” basis from these Peoples!!!(p.7,

As we have already mentioned, the Jews in Western Europe also controlled “to a large degree”, meaning another “professional monopoly” with Government Support, the trade of products coming from the East into the European Continent. Therefore, these Jewish Merchants of Western Europe represented “very powerful international traders” during all of the Middle Ages and even beyond, equal to the Italian Merchants of Venice, Florence and Milan!!!

One of the most “powerful” and “important” theatrical plays of William Shakespeare(1564-1616), the most famous playwright in English Literature is “The Merchant of Venice”, where he describes the Commercial and Financial Power of a Jewish Entrepreneur of Venice(Shylock), who had amassed a large fortune by financing Venetian boats carrying gods from Asia to Europe!!! This Jewish Merchant is presented more powerful than the local Venetian Merchants, while he also enjoys the “absolute state support” of the Local Princes who govern this Rich but also Politically Independent Italian city-state!!! The historical epoch when William Shakespeare lived was the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of European Renaissance!!!(

The Jewish Immigrants by establishing themselves in the Kingdom of the Khazars(650-1048), in a “methodical”, “systematic” and “conspiratorial” manner, gradually transformed this Independent State of semi-nomadic Turkic Tribes into a Jewish Kingdom , supervising the policies of the Royal Family and its Entourage, as well those of the Kingdom’s Social Establishment, once these socially powerful personalities had been converted to Judaism!!! Between 740A.D. and 920A.D., the Royal Family of the Khazars and its Elite Class, had accepted “to a large extent” to officially indorse the Jewish Religion and the Jewish Culture, even the Jewish Language, “theoretically” in order to counterbalance the political pressures coming from the Arabs and the Byzantines to convert to Islam or to Christianity(p.14,

Nevertheless, we know very well the “commercial links’ which the Jews as a whole had in Europe and in the Mediterranean geopolitical region, an “economic factor” which was considered beneficial to the Social Establishment of the Khazars, if we take into account that their Kingdom controlled an important part of the commerce between the East and Europe, through Constantinople and Alexandria!!!(p.13, Under this commercial supervision, the Kingdom of the Khazars collected duties and taxes for the imports and exports of foreign goods, while its own local economy was very profitable through its own trade of cattle and sheep, as well as of fish, by exploiting the rich fishing waterways of the Volga River. At the same time, the Khazars with the Persians were in control of the “slave trade” supplying the Islamic Markets of the Mediterranean with slaves, who were Slavic prisoners as well as indigenous people of Nomadic Tribes from Northern Eurasia!!!(p.16,

In a systematic, methodical and conspiratorial way, the Jewish Immigrants within the Kingdom of Khazaria, not only had convinced the Royal Family, the Royal Court and the Aristocracy of this State to accept Judaism as their own Faith, but at the same time, through these influential Societal Intermediaries they pressured the indigenous population, meaning approximately 28 Turkic Tribes, whose religion was based on Ancient Asiatic Paganism, to adopt Judaism as their religion and to negate their Traditional Asiatic Culture!!!(p.6,

Many of these Turkic indigenous peoples of the Kingdom of Khazaria did not accept Jewish Proselytism and as a consequence, the State Authorities of the Khazars ordered their religious persecution and a forced proselytism to accept the Jewish Faith!!!(p.8,Χάζαροι). In the same context , the Jewish Immigrants of Khazaria, finally directing the political decisions of the State Administrators of the Kingdom, not only pressured them to persecute the local population which had reacted negatively to Jewish Proselytism, but to also “neutralize” their religious priests(Shamans), who represented “the pillars” and “the defenders” of their own Traditional Religion and their Ancient Pagan Asian Culture!!! Utilizing a “conspiratorial” and “subversive” strategy, these Jewish Immigrants in the end acquired “a free hand” in all sectors and at all levels of the Society of the Khazars!!!(p.13,

Soon after, this Powerful State Entity, evolved into a “fanatical defender” of Jews beyond its own borders, initiating reprisals against all Moslem and Byzantine Interests after these Powers had provoked the expulsion of their Jewish Subjects from their own territories, such as Crimea, the Balkans and Asia Minor!!!(p.8,Χάζαροι). This “historical development” reminds me of the Military Campaigns undertaken by the United States(directly or indirectly) during the last 60 years, against many of the Arab States in the Middle East, including Palestine, undermining their political, economic, cultural and social “integrity” and “cohesion” in order to protect the Geopolitical Identity of the State of Israel. A State of 8,5 million inhabitants, which was established in 1948, with “the political clout” of the Western Powers under the “directives” coming from the International Jewish Establishment and the International Masonic Lodges!!!

Many historical analysts of “proselytism” in general, agree with the “social model” of Richard Eaton(1948- ), a famous American jurist, historian and ethnologist, which defines “proselytism” as a gradual social process made up of “three stages”, of Incorporation, of a slow Identification and finally of Displacement of the Old Tradition!!!(p.8,Χάζαροι). It is exactly this “strategy” which was followed by the Jewish Immigrants in Khazaria, a strategy of Jewish Proselytism, but more importantly a process of Appropriation in all sectors of the Host Society or Community!!! Appropriation of all the societal components of that Kingdom, since the Jews historically never really had their own “long term” and “representative” geopolitical and cultural entity, always through their own political and historical priorities!!!!

From what I can conclude personally, analyzing the different stages of their History, Jews felt more “secure” concerning their own Survival and Development by “cooperating” with the “governmental institutions” of Powerful Nations and States, aiming first at Penetrating them economically and then Supervising them politically and culturally!!! This has always been the “conspiratorial” and “subversive” political strategy of the Jews for the last 2,500 years, starting out as a “minor” semi-nomadic Semitic Tribe, inhabiting the region of Canaan in the Middle East!!!

This “methodical” and “conspiratorial” Political Formula was activated by the International Jewish Establishment within the Hellenic and the Hellenistic World by utilizing the Christian Religious Movement of Saint Paul the Pharisee and the “anti-ethnic” Greek Fathers of the Church, the “anti-ethnic” Greek Christian Clergy and the “anti-ethnic” Greek Christian Monks!!! Everything, for their own Economic, Political and Social Status and Power throughout their territorial “spheres of influence”, which included the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Minor and the Greek Mainland up to the Balkans.

During the first 3 centuries of the Byzantine Empire(324A.D.-1453A.D.) , with Official Imperial Decrees , and always under the economic, political and social pressures exercised by the Clerical Power Centers of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Christian Religion and the Judaic Cultural Tradition was imposed “by force” on the Indigenous Greek Populations or on the Ethnics!!! This whole political process of Christian Proselytism lasted for more than 300 years, with political terror, popular executions, mass expulsions and the destruction of Ancient Greek Temples, Ancient Greek Monuments, Ancient Greek Theatres and Stadiums, as well as Ancient Greek Universities and Libraries!!! This was a prolonged collective and violent enforcement of Christianity on the Ethnics, a religion which had nothing in common culturally, socially and ideologically with the then Ancient Greek Civilization of 2,500 years, but with an “almost” unknown, non-existent and primitive culture, based on a “fabricated historical past”, on “imaginary religious happenings” and on “unnatural existential criteria”!!!!

This “methodical”, “conspiratorial” and “subversive” strategy of 2,500 years, by the International Jewish Establishment, with the aim of Jewish Proselytism everywhere and anywhere, and subsequently the “appropriation” and the “ indirect control” of non-Jewish Societies and Communities, produced the “political phenomenon” , Unique in Human History, where a Peoples and a Race, the Jewish Peoples and the Jewish Race after “a long period” of Residence, would be expulsed from most of the communities, most of the societies and most of the countries where they had immigrated to and had established themselves!!!!

Chronologically, we shall start from Canaan, the homeland of the Jews as well as of many Semitic Races of the Middle East. In this geopolitical region, during the 8th century B.C. , the military forces of Assyria conquered the Kingdom of Israel, which represented the Northern Kingdom of the Jews, dismantling its Jewish Community and expelling most of its Jewish inhabitants!!! That is how the Jewish Historical Myth of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel was created, where “theoretically” these Jews escaped to many regions of the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa!!!(p.4,

During the end of the 6th century B.C. , the Kingdom of Judea, the Jewish Kingdom of the South, was taken over by the armies of Babylonia. The First Temple of the Jews(the Temple of Solomon) was destroyed and their Elite Class as well as many of its Jewish Inhabitants were exiled to the Kingdom of Babylonia(present Iraq) for “precautionary political reasons”!!!(p.4,

Between the 5th and the 3rd century B.C., the Persians ruled Canaan, and with “governmental orders” many Jews who were “in exile”, especially in Babylonia, were repatriated, while their First Temple in Jerusalem which had been dismantled by the Babylonians was “rebuilt”!!! The Jewish inhabitants of Canaan under the Political Rule of Persia , not only found “political tranquility” but they also “prospered”, maybe the reason for this historical development was the fact that Persian Civilization had many common characteristics with Jewish Civilization!!! We can identify a “materialistic metaphysical interpretation” of the Universe and of Mankind, the Religious Eminence of “enlightened divine mediators”(prophets) and the “existential human affinity” for the accumulation of material goods, especially “gold” and “gold coins”!!!(p.4-5,

After that, came the “grim historical tidings” for the Jews of the Middle East with the defeat of the Persians by the Macedonian Armies of Alexander the Great in 322B.C., whose political ambition was to create a Universal Empire from Persia to Egypt, and from North Africa to the Balkans. A Universal Empire where all ethnicities , all states and all religions could participate, under the Governmental Rule and Authority of the Macedonian Military Officers of Alexander the Great!!!

In the beginning, most of the Jewish inhabitants of the Hellenistic Empire of Alexander the Great reacted “dynamically” and “in unison” against the Macedonian Political Rule in the Middle East and in Egypt, as well as against the Cultural Universality of this Empire!!! Alexander the Great who had his own “expansionist plans”, confronted his Jewish Subjects, especially in Judea(Canaan) , exactly in the same “harsh way” as he had dealt with the Greeks of Thebes, when they opposed him politically during his first military campaigns towards the East!!! As a consequence , we witness Jewish massacres and mass persecutions by the Macedonian Military Forces, while most of their Holy Temples were demolished, starting with their First Holy Temple in Jerusalem(the Temple of Solomon) which had been rebuilt by the Persians!!!(p.2-3,

The Romans later on, followed the Expansionist Policy of Alexander the Great, establishing a “vast” Universal Empire, from the Middle East, Asia Minor and the Balkans, to Egypt, North Africa and Southern and Central Europe. Taking as “historical paradigm” the Universal Empire of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Kingdoms, the Romans established their “historical legitimacy” not only through their Military Power and Supremacy, but also on the Pluralistic Ideological Values of Ancient Greek Civilization!!! The Roman Political Culture had been formulated upon the same Political and Social Criteria of Ancient Greece , founded on a “mosaic” of nations, religions and philosophies, with “center focus” a Universal Political and Cultural Pluralism!!!

Naturally, for one more time, the Jewish Citizens of the Roman Empire “revolted” against the Cultural and Political Universality of the Roman State, promoting a “dynamic”, “intense” and “conspiratorial” Jewish Proselytism from the 1st century B.C. to the 1st century A.D., aiming at the “disintegration” of this Universal Roman Empire!!!(p.7-9, The reaction by the State Officials of Rome was the immediate activation of mass expulsions of Jewish Roman Citizens from Rome but also from other territories belonging to the Roman Empire!!!

The Roman Emperor Tiberius(14A.D.-37A.D.), not only disallowed the Jewish Religion as well as other “foreign religions” , but he also massacred and expulsed thousands of Jewish Roman Citizens. Also, Roman Emperor Titus(79A.D.-81A.D.), dismantled for “the third time” the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and also imposed on his Jewish Subjects “very heavy taxes”(Fiscus Judaicus)!!!(p.3-4,

In the beginning of the 6th century A.D., Prophet Mohamed, the Political and Spiritual Leader of the Arab Nomadic Tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, initiated a “political popular movement” inspired by the Monotheistic Religious Tenets of the Old Testament as well as those of Christianity’s New Testament. Mohamed called this New Religion “Islam”, which in the Arabic Language means ‘submission of personal desires to the Will of God, so as to achieve individual personal peace’!!!(p.1,

Prophet Mohamed aspired to unite all of the Nomadic Semitic Tribes of the Arabian Peninsula in order to establish a “political” and a “religious” alliance which could counter and combat the Political and the Military Hegemonies of the Persians and the Byzantines in the Middle East!!! In this geopolitical region of the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, resided many Jewish nomadic and semi-nomadic Tribes who finally resisted dynamically to the “political strategies” of Prophet Mohamed and his Arabo-Islamic Tribes. As a consequence, the Political but also the Religious Leadership of this Arab Social Movement, acted militarily against these Semitic Jewish Tribes and disseminated them!!!(p.4-5, There are historical references related to the military and political clashes between the Arabo-Islamic Tribes and the Semitic Jewish Tribes which have been recorded in the Koran , the Holiest of Texts for the Moslems, by Prophet Mohamed himself and after his death, by his Political Companions!!!

Between the 7th and 8th century A.D., we witness “official expulsions” of Jews by the Byzantine State and the Arabo-Islamic Kingdoms of the Middle East, in response to their “unified stance” against Christian Proselytism imposed within the Byzantine Empire and Islamic Proselytism promoted by the Arabo-Islamic Kingdoms. Almost all of these Jews who were expulsed migrated to the Kingdom of the Khazars(650-1048) in the Caucasus, where they remained for many centuries!!!(p.7,Χάζαροι).

In Europe, between the 11th and the 13th century A.D. , Christian Crusades were organized by the Vatican and other Christian European States with the “historical goal” of liberating the Holy Christian Sites in Palestine from the political, economic, military and religious control of the various Islamic Political Powers in this geopolitical region!!! During the journey of these “fanatical” European Crusaders through the European Continent, heading towards the Middle East, they attacked many Jewish Communities in England, in France and in Germany, killing thousands of European Jews!!!(p.4,

In 1492 A.D. , the Spanish Royal Family passed “a state edict” for the expulsion of all Jewish Citizens of the Kingdom, with “a time notice” of 4 months to convert to Christianity or leave the country!!! Of these, 165,000 Jewish Spanish Citizens migrated and 50,000 accepted Christianity as their own Religion!!! Exactly at this same period of time, the Kingdom of Portugal applied the exact same policy concerning its own Jewish Citizens, causing the migration of thousands of Jews to North Africa, to Turkey and to Palestine, the same geopolitical regions where the “expulsed” Spanish Jews found residence!!! These are the Jews who comprised “the social nucleus” of the Sephardic Jews, Semitic racially and the “majority” of Jews worldwide at that time!!!(p.10,

During the end of the 19th century, we observe the political persecutions of Jews living in Eastern Poland, in Russia and in the Ukraine. This was a historical development influenced by the “religious” and “cultural” positions of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow and the Greek Orthodox Tsars of Russia, relative to the religious, political, economic and social rights of their Jewish Subjects!!! From 1880 A.D. and afterwards, there were very “severe state persecutions” of the Jewish inhabitants in the Russian Empire which were called “Pogroms”, while between this historical epoch and the First World War(1914-1919), 2,5 million Jewish Russian Citizens left their “own country” and established themselves in Western Europe and in the United States!!!(p.14,

After World War I (1914-1919), in Germany there were in place all the “historical preconditions” for the rise of the Nazi Political Party, with Adolph Hitler(1889-1945) as its leader. The political ideology of the Nazi Political Party was based on the defense of the political and economic “self-determination” and “autonomy” of the German Republic within the world arena and the “evolutionary human superiority” of the Arian Race in relation to other European Races like the Slavs, the Jews and the Gypsies!!! Naturally, this “racist ideology” included all other races and nations around the world which were not of Arian Racial Lineage!!! The political philosophy of Nazism was Ethnocentric, Nationalistic, Racist and Totalitarian!!!

In 1933, when the Nazi Political Party received the majority of votes in the German Parliamentary Elections, it established a Totalitarian German Government which in due time, enforced its “ethnocentric”, “nationalistic” and “racist” political program , infringing on the political, social and religious rights of its Jewish Citizens!!! When after 1938, Germany through its “military superiority” succeeded in conquering almost all of the European States, it imposed on them its “racist ideology” at the expense of their Jewish Inhabitants!!! The Final Solution of Hitler or the Holocaust of Jewish European Citizens was realized with the mass killings of millions of European Jews, mainly from Germany, but also from other European countries, like Poland, Austria, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain and Greece!!!(p.16-17,

Ending this section of my narrative, I would like to put forward Two “personal existential proposals”!!!

My first proposal is that all Jewish Peoples today, should clarify in an “objective” and “historical” way, what are their Personal Responsibilities as a Peoples and as a Nation concerning their persecution and their expulsions during the last 2,500 years, from Different Societies and Different Nations!!!

My second “personal existential proposal” is directed to “modern” Greek Men and Women, asking them to clarify in an “objective” and “historical” way, what are their Personal Responsibilities as a Peoples and as a Nation concerning “the mess” that their country is in today, in all sectors and at all levels, after 200 years of Political Independence!!! I believe that the time has come for us Modern Greeks to “modernize” and become “a little more serious” as Citizens of this Downtrodden Country!!!


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