The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b1)


(I want to dedicate these series of texts to those of my former Greek students, male and female, who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own “survival”)



For me personally, “the biggest enemy” of the Hellenes as a race and as a nation, as well as that of Ancient Greek Civilization, beginning from the Greek Archaic Period until the Hellenistic and the Greco-Roman historical epochs, is the Christian Church with its initial “transplantation” in the Mediterranean geopolitical region by Saint Paul(15 A.D.- 68 A.D.) and by Saint Peter(4 A.D.-67 A.D.) during the 1st century A.D. and afterwards!!!!

I have studied “in depth” the histories of many nations and states, including the most ancient civilizations such as those of the Arameans, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Chinese and the Hindus, as well as those ancient civilizations afterwards, such as those of the Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Jews, the Romans, etc. Within the context of my readings related to historical facts and events, leading up to the Present Times, I discovered that in many cases “Conspiracies” by well integrated and well organized groups of people with “common interests”, whether they be political, economic, ethnic, racial or religious( the dominance of a particular religion in various human societies), have defined the socio-cultural course and the historical evolution of a considerable number of human communities, political states and nations!!!!

Some “outstanding” historical examples related to the critical role of “Conspiracies” in “reversing” and “transcending” the established and authorized economic, political, socio-cultural and religious axioms and institutions is the historical event of the murder of King Philip the Second of Macedonia(382B.C.-336B.C.), father of Alexander the Great(356B.C.-323B.C.), committed by close political associates of Queen Olympia of Macedonia(373B.C.-316B.C.), wife of King Philip the Second and mother of Alexander the Great. This “historical political conspiracy” produced those political and social preconditions for the establishment and the expansion of the Hellenistic World Empire of Alexander the Great in Mainland Greece, in the Balkans, in Asia Minor and in Asia, as well as in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean Basin!!!

Another very critical historical case of a “political conspiracy” which digressed dynamically and irreversibly the historical course of a nation and a state is the “premeditated murder” of Julius Caesar(100B.C.-44B.C.), the “absolute ruler” of the Roman Empire then, by his close friends and political associates such as Brutus(85B.C.-42B.C.) and Cassius(87B.C.-42B.C.), in March of 44B.C. These important Roman politicians and military officers, who loved Julius Caesar “as their own father”, wanted to protect the Roman Republic from the well planned dictatorial political ambitions and initiatives of Julius Caesar, while unknowingly, with their “perpetrated human crime”, they undermined and weakened the governmental, institutional and societal unity of their own country!!!!

Much later on historically, we observe “the collective political conspiracy” of a large section of the French Middle Class against the Political and Social Despotism of the French Monarchy, the French Aristocracy and the French Catholic Church. This “collective political conspiracy” by the French Middle Class then, transmitted dynamically and effectively through its various political mediators, formal and informal, through the arts and the sciences, but finally through direct military confrontation, brought about those ideal social, political, cultural and economic settings for the start of the French Revolution in 1789 and the establishment of the First French Republic in 1792!!!

Another “historically monumental” political conspiracy is the one involving the Russian Political Uprising of 1917, whose political, socio-cultural and economic aims were the toppling of the absolute and authoritarian political rule of the Russian Monarchs or Tsars, the elimination of the Russian landed Aristocracy as well as the weakening of the socio-political influence of the Russian Orthodox Church!!! After the politically successful Russian Revolution, the first “provisional Russian government” was established and was presided over by the Russian Socialist Politician Kerensky(1881-1970), who headed the Socialists representing the Majority Parliamentary Party, and whose main political goal was the adoption of a Liberal Constitutional Democracy similar to those of the developed Western nation-states. Nevertheless, the Minority Parliamentary Party of the Communists or the Bolsheviks, was able to reverse this political course through “political intrigues” and “political conspiracies”, finally controlling in an “illegal” and “radical” way the historical evolution of the country, transforming permanently the political and socio-cultural image of Russia!!!!

The Russian Communists or the Bolsheviks, very soon dismantled the Republican Russian Parliament and Russia’s Liberal Constitution, founding the Soviet Union with its Communist Constitution, whose state institutions and state infrastructure were defined and determined by the Communist Ideological Principles of Karl Marx(1818-1883) and of many European Socialist Philosophers of the 19th and 20th century. The political, social and economic popular base of the newly founded Soviet Union was now represented by the proletarian class of the urban centers of the country(salaried workers in factories and enterprises) and by the underprivileged and poor agricultural workers in Russia’s countryside!!!

After having read many history books and historical documents, starting from ancient times until the present, I discovered and then confirmed that there was an “extraordinary” and “unique” historical case of a “political” but also “socio-cultural” Conspiracy which has been active in a dynamic and pervading way until today!!! This Historical Conspiracy was able to Adopt and Adapt itself to a variety of anthropological and societal facades like “a chameleon”, always responding to the political, economic and socio-cultural conditions or “void” of the particular geopolitical region at a particular historical epoch!!! It was a Conspiracy which succeeded in defining and determining for the last 2,000 years, an important part of Western Civilization, also influencing the political, economic and socio-cultural developments in the Mediterranean Basin. This extensive in “space” and “ time” Universal Political and Cultural Conspiracy began in a “systematic” but also in a “disguised” way in the beginning of the 1st century A.D. , during Roman Imperial Supremacy, with the arrival of Saint Paul in the Middle East, in Asia Minor and in the European Continent. St. Paul represents the most important “political personality” and “cultural instigator” leading to the establishment and the expansion of the Christian Church within the Greek, the Hellenistic and the Roman geopolitical region; a historical process which is still continuing in a methodical, active and “conspiratorial” way throughout the world!!!

Here, it is historically imperative that we mention that St. Paul(5A.D.-67A.D.) whose real Jewish name is Saul, was born in the city of Tarsus, located in the Roman Province of Cilicia, a region on the southern coast of Asia Minor. St. Paul was born a Roman Citizen since his father was a Roman Citizen. He was a Pharisee, which meant that he belonged to the “dominant religious caste” of the Jewish Community of the Middle East. He studied classical Greek and Jewish knowledge, and came from an affluent Jewish family of Tarsus, an important commercial and cultural urban center in the Eastern Mediterranean. St. Paul or Saul also served as a military officer in the Roman Army of the Middle East, which governed the Empire’s Roman provinces there but which also “persecuted harshly” any citizen who opposed actively the Roman Imperial Order(Pax Romana), such as the Christian Jews and Ethnics, as well as the Jewish Nationalists(

Therefore, from the historical facts which we have just mentioned , “it is perfectly clear” that Saint Paul or Saul of Tarsus, before being inspired in a “miraculous” and “divine” way to become an Apostle of the Christian Religion, he belonged and identified himself “wholly” with the Roman Political and Social Establishment , but also with the Jewish Religious Aristocracy of the Middle East!!!

This “exceptional” and “unique” Political and Cultural Conspiracy in Human Civilization, was the creation of Jewish Roman Citizens of the Middle East, as well as of all those Roman Citizens, Christians or Ethnics, who could benefit socially and economically by allying themselves with this “subversive” socio-cultural strategy inspired by Roman Society’s Jewish Elites then; a “socio-political phenomenon” which has been perpetuated until the present time in many countries of the world. It is a “historical dynamic” which has functioned very effectively throughout the world until today , thanks to the enormous economic and political power exercised worldwide by International Masonic Lodges!!!!

Since that period of time, this “political” and “cultural” Conspiracy is under the direct auspices of Jews in every part of the world, especially those Jews who are socially, politically and economically very powerful on a world scale!!! Their main historical goal is the undermining, the invalidation and the neutralization of Ancient Greek Civilization with its “societal paradigms” of social values, of political institutions, of human knowledge, and especially of the quality of human aesthetics and human thought in everyday human behavior and human creativity!!!!

In order to explain and clarify “objectively” and “dialectically” this Historic Conspiracy of the Christian Church against the Greek Race and against the Greek Nation, as well as against Ancient Greek Civilization, which by the way is still going on after almost 2,000 years, we shall have to refer to real and viable historical facts, starting from the epoch of Saint Paul during the 1st century A.D..

I would like here to emphasize that I have read many formal and reliable history books and religious texts, brief but complete historical biographies, as well as historical and cultural references which I discovered through the Internet; valuable information which exposes the 2,000 years historical evolution of the Christian Church, especially the Christian Orthodox Church of the Byzantine Empire(324A.D.-1453A.D.).

I will now mention some of my sources in order to present a more complete picture of the written material I have used so as to analyze and substantiate this particular “Historic Cultural Conspiracy” executed by the Christian Church against the Greek Ethnic and Cultural human elements and dynamics during the last 2,000 years.

First of all, a “major source” of reliable information is the New Testament, starting with the Four Gospels. That of Matthew, student of Jesus Christ, that of Mark, collaborator of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, that of Luke, student and follower of Saint Paul, and finally that of John, student of Jesus Christ.

Next in the New Testament, we have the Acts of the Apostles, which present the first religious , social and political initiatives taken by Christ’s Apostles after “His death”, in order to spread His Word(Logos) in the Middle East, in Asia Minor and in the Mediterranean geopolitical region.

Following, there are the Epistles or the Letters of Saint Paul, directed to the various “Christian Episcopacies” or “Christian Dioceses” which he had created and installed in the Middle East, in Asia Minor and in the European Continent, as well as personal letters to his more active Apostles. Through these personal letters , Saint Paul to “ a large degree” defines formally his “personal” directives and guidelines for a more effective and efficient coordination of the Local Christian Organizations, especially in the economic and also social level(everyday practice of predetermined social and religious rules and values)!!! At the same time, in Saint Paul’s letters there were “personal” directives and guidelines , exactly like a CEO of a “multinational company” today, for more effective procedures and strategies related to the “religious proselytism” of local communities everywhere , helping economically the underprivileged inhabitants through philanthropic organizations, while supporting politically and socially “the chosen” privileged and powerful Citizens of the Roman Empire!!!

Finally we have the “Apocalypse” or the “Book of Revelation” of Saint John, student of Jesus Christ, who through messianic myths and imaginary descriptions originating largely in the Mystical Judaic Tradition as this was transcribed in the Kabala, in the Deuteronomy and in other “sacred” mystical Judaic religious scriptures, announcing the “second coming” of Jesus Christ, who as the Absolute Divine Master would finally decide upon “the fate” of Human Kind!!!

With this Dark and Terrifying Description of the “Second Coming” in the Apocalypse, which looks and sounds very similar to the “scientific horror movies” of today, Saint John wanted to instill “fear” and “guilt” in the hearts and minds of all Christians in their various communities, because then, there was a “breakdown” of the Universal Christian Church!!!! There were scores of opposing Christian Dogmas or Schools, which followed different religious “prescriptions” and “guidelines” related to the manner through which an individual had to execute and apply his or her own “newly founded” Christian Beliefs!!! I would like here to emphasize that it is the second time in my life that I read the New Testament!!!

The next historical texts which relate directly to the substance of my narrative concerning the Early Christian Church are the three brief but complete biographies of the first Fathers of the Christian Orthodox Religion, meaning Saint John Chrysostom(347A.D.-407A.D.), Saint Gregory the Theologian(329A.D.-374A.D.) and Saint Basil the Great(330A.D.-379A.D.), who all lived in the 4th century A.D., were ethnically Greek and came from “very affluent families” residing in Asia Minor. During their lives, they were privileged to function as Bishops of major Christian Dioceses in Asia Minor, while in Christendom worldwide, they are revered as one of the first “Christian Theologians”!!!

The following historical text or book which I have utilized and which represents a classical historical work on the Byzantium, is ‘The History of the Byzantine Empire,324-1453’ by the Russian Historian and Byzantine Historical Expert, A.A.Vasiliev, translated into modern Greek by Dimosthenis Savramis.

Finally, I found it extremely useful the tens of historical articles, the many historical biographies and historical references, but also relative interviews by history experts, found in the Internet, information which would have been very difficult and time consuming “to track down” in various history books and texts in circulation at the present time!!!

Before I begin my narrative on the “cultural conspiracy” of the Early Christian Church against the Greek Nation and the Greek Race, as well as against Ancient Greek Civilization, I would like to clarify my relation and my beliefs concerning the “life position” of Jesus Christ as this has been communicated to us through his Word(Logos) and through his everyday social practices as they have been clearly described by the Four Gospels of the New Testament, meaning that of Saint Mathew, of Saint Mark, of Saint Luke and of Saint John. At the same time, I ignore the “pseudo religious teachings” of Saint Paul and the various Religious Fathers of the Christian Church because they “purposefully” and “tactically” deformed and degraded the Real Word(Logos) of Jesus Christ, which was simple and straightforward, humanistic and universal!!!

The main “socio-cultural” as well as “political” priorities of Saint Paul and the Fathers of the Early Christian Churches, were the reintroduction of the Judaic Religious Tradition of Moses and the Old Testament, undermining and neutralizing their main “ideological” historical opponent, Ancient Greek Civilization, which had determined and defined all of the political, social, religious and cultural components and institutions of the Roman Empire!!!

The Jewish Roman Political Conspirators, always acting “covertly socially” and “neutral politically”, were orchestrating through their powerful local Christian “proxies” or the “traitorous” Roman Ethnics , to “elevate” historically and universally the Jewish Ethnic Cultural Dimension by utilizing directly or indirectly their influence in formulating the political, social, economic and religious developments of their own communities, their own societies, their own nations and their own states which were under the Political Hegemony of the Roman and later on of the Byzantine Empire!!!

In order to be more comprehensive and valid with respect to my commentaries where I accentuate the “historically unique conspiratorial role” of the Roman Jews then, focusing on “upgrading” their own cultural and historical “stigma” by undermining and neutralizing the long-standing influence of Ancient Greek Civilization in all sectors and at all levels of the everyday lives of all citizens of the Roman and later on of the Byzantine Empire, we shall present a few historical facts which substantiate my socio-cultural observations and conclusions.

First of all, I would like to put forward a “personal thesis” which may sound “outlandish” and “extreme” based on the History of the Jews, as this has been compiled by many “well constructed” books and texts of World History during the last 2,000 years.

For Saint Paul and the Apostles of Jesus Christ, as well as those “socially powerful” Jewish Roman Citizens who acted “behind the scenes”, intervening directly or indirectly in all of the political, socio-cultural and economic developments of the Roman and later on, of the Byzantine State , the Christian human element which resided in the communities and the societies under “Absolute Roman Imperial Rule”, represented for them a powerful “fifth column” of defense, protection and social influence!!!

The historical explanation is very simple, if we take into consideration that through this “upgraded” Christian Religion in the Roman and later on, in the Byzantine Empire, with its newly founded Christian Churches and Episcopates, as well as with the erection of Christian Monasteries everywhere, there came about a gradual “social downgrading” and a “negative cultural reassessment” of the Established Civilization throughout the Mediterranean Geopolitical Region whose main historical state infrastructure was largely the “cultural” and “political” byproducts of Ancient Greek Civilization, based on its democratic political guidelines, its religious traditions, its arts and sciences, but more critically on its universal aesthetic sense of everyday human existence!!!

By subverting and neutralizing this socio-cultural traditional essence of the Roman Empire, Roman Christians were able to gradually replace in “the short term”, Ancient Greek Civilization with “the religious criteria” and “the religious rituals” which originated from the Jewish Religious Tradition and Jewish Mythology(not the universal spiritual values of Jesus Christ). Roman Christians very soon imposed “strict” and “one dimensional” social values and social rules in the daily behavior and thinking of their own Christian brothers and sisters, with “focal points”, religious orthodoxy, social conservatism and personal spiritual deliverance from a predefined “sinful earthly human existence”!!!

The Jewish citizens of the Hellenistic Empires after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C., of the Roman Empire and later on, of the Byzantine Empire, enjoyed all the rights and privileges of a citizen at all levels, especially in their freedom to exercise their religious obligations and rituals, even though their own religion was completely “different” and “alien” from the Established State Religion whose main metaphysical characteristics and its main socio-cultural components were derived directly from Ancient Greek Theogony and Ancient Greek Mythology. These Jewish citizens of the Mediterranean geopolitical region, within its various Empires and through time, had in a “systematic”, “methodical” and “very well organized” way achieved important positions of “influence” and “power” in all sectors of Society, such as the governmental infrastructure, public administration, the military establishment, but especially in the economic human components of the state and of society in general, functioning as commercial interlocutors, as entrepreneurs and as bankers!!!!

Here, I shall present a “valuable historical example” related to the administrative, economic and socio-cultural influence of these Jewish citizens within these Imperial States, by commenting on the famous historical case of Philo Judaeus or Philo of Alexandria(15B.C.- 50A.D.), who is considered by most historians as the most important “theologian” of Modern Jewish Religious Tradition!!! Philo as a philosopher and scholar, tried to legitimize “intellectually” and ideologically” the Traditional Jewish Religious Precepts of the Old Testament by incorporating the “dialectic thought process” of Plato, of Aristotle and of the Neo-Pythagoreans, as well as the philosophy of the Greek Cynics and Stoics!!!(p.4 ,’Philo’,

Philo Judaeus came from a “very affluent” and “socially powerful” Jewish Family of Alexandria in Egypt, which then belonged to the Roman Empire and represented its most important commercial port and cultural center!!! The brother of Philo at that time, Alexander Lysimachus, a Jewish Roman Citizen, functioned as the “general tax administrator “ in charge of customs in Alexandria, while he was considered then the richest person in this important city and one of the richest Roman Citizens in the whole of the Roman Empire!!!(p.1, ‘Philo Judaeus’,

Now concerning Philo Judaeus, we shall refer to him later on in our text, since he represents one of the most important historical personalities of Jewish Racial Background, who through his extensive theological and philosophical work, he “conspired” pragmatically and practically “to distort” and “to undervalue” the Cultural Integrity and the Historical Identity of Ancient Greek Civilization, as well as of Ancient Greek Intellectual Tradition and Life Aesthetics!!!

The Christian Citizens of the Roman Empire were dealt with by the state’s institutions and by the Government in general, approximately the same way they had treated the Jewish Roman Citizens. The Christian Roman Citizens enjoyed and exercised the same privileges and rights as any other Roman Citizen in all sectors of the Roman and later on the Byzantine State, as well as practicing “freely” and “legally” their Christian Faith, even though there were “incompatible theological differences” with Rome’s State Religion!!! Here we also have to take into account the fact that through their “open religious proselytism” and their own political agenda and guidelines, Christian Roman Citizens questioned “forcefully” and “dynamically” the institutional and ideological “historical legitimacy” and “cultural identity” of the Roman State as “the guardian” of Ancient Greek Religion and of Ancient Greek Civilization, which for them represented “idolatry” and “paganism”!!!(p.1,’Persecution of the Early Church’,

None the less, as it had functioned with the “state status” of the Jewish Roman Communities so it was with Christian Roman Citizens who took advantage and exploited the “pluralistic political axioms” and the “democratic institutions” of the Roman Constitution in order to claim and acquire positions of political power and economic influence in all sections of Roman Society, exactly as it had occurred with Jewish Roman Citizens in the past, both politically and socio-culturally!!! I personally believe that this major historical development is “not accidental”; I sense a “major conspiracy” in the political background!!!! I have come to this conclusion because I consider that almost all Christian Roman Citizens, directly or indirectly, “practically” and “pragmatically” serviced the interests of the Roman Jewish Establishment, since they identified their religion and their societal values with the Jewish Cultural Tradition, while at the same time, “rebuking” Ancient Greek Culture and the Greek socio-political components defining the Roman Empire, but always really invoking the “social incentives” for an economic, political and social personal “status” and a more successful “personal career”!!!

Even though the “largest proportion” of Christian Romans were not of Jewish Racial Descent, they functioned socially as “affiliated members” of powerful Jewish economic and political centers of influence throughout the Roman Empire, similar to what is happening at the present time in the Western World with non-Jews Freemasons who belong “mind and soul” to International Masonic Lodges which to a large degree are directly supervised by International Economic and Political Jewish Interests!!!

At this historical period, meaning during the first “expansionist” socio-cultural and political moves and initiatives by the Christian Church, the “perfect historical example” validating our Historical Conclusion which directly entails “the subversion” of Ancient Greek Civilization and the Greek Race are the “existential patterns” and the “socio-cultural works” of the 3 Fathers of the Christian Orthodox Church, meaning Saint John Chrysostom(347A.D.-407A.D.), Saint Gregory the Theologian(329A.D.-374A.D.) and Saint Basil the Great(330A.D.-379A.D.). Even though these 3 Church Fathers were all from Asia Minor with its Hellenistic Culture, being of Greek racial descent and had studied in “well established” and “famous” Greek Universities, Ancient Greek Civilization and Ancient Greek Philosophy, in their professional and religious life as Powerful Bishops of Christian Churches in Asia Minor, evolved into the most orthodox and fanatical supporters of “the refutation” and of “the dismantling” of Ancient Greek Culture in the Roman and the Byzantine Empire!!! At the same time, these 3 “saintly” Church Fathers became major protagonists in the “state pogroms” of the Roman Ethnics throughout the Roman and Byzantine Empire; those Roman Citizens who supported and defended their own traditional Ancient Greek Culture and who to a large degree were of a Greek Racial and Ethnic Lineage!!!

As “historical deduction” we could insinuate that the First Fathers of the Christian Orthodox Church had “betrayed” their own Greek Race and Greek Culture for the sake of personal economic, political and social ambitions!!! Similar “ethnic apostates” and “ethnic scavengers” have been registered and named in the multitude, by the “real” and “objective” history of the Greek Nation during the last 2,000 years, many of them coming from the Christian Orthodox Clergy!!!

In one of my verses inspired by Today’s Greek Reality, I wrote the following: ‘For money you not only barter your own soul but also your own child!!!’. Now in the case of the Greek Roman Christians and their social and ideological stance against Ancient Greek Civilization and Culture, I could say the following: ‘For money you not only barter your own soul but also your own Nation!!!’.

In order to better clarify through documented evidence the “conspiratorial role” of Christian Roman Citizens emulating the “conspiratorial role” of Jewish Roman Citizens, we will refer to the historical epoch when Constantine the Great served as Emperor of the Roman Empire from 306A.D. to 337A.D., and whose racial origins were Thracian- Illyrian. Constantine the Great served as Emperor of the Western Roman Empire from 312A.D. to 324A.D.,and as Absolute Roman Emperor from 324A.D. to 337A.D.(p.1,’Κωνσταντίνος Α’ ‘,Κωνσταντίνος_Α’). This historical period is placed chronologically 300 years after the “political endeavors” by Saint Paul to establish the First Christian Churches in the Middle East, in Asia Minor and in the European Continent!!!

During the “historical period” when Constantine the Great was Roman Emperor, the “large majority” of Roman Citizens identified themselves with and believed in the Established Religion and the Established Culture of the Roman State, whose main social and religious components were based on Ancient Greek Civilization and on the mythological divinities of Ancient Greeks!!! At that time, Christian Roman Citizens represented “less than 10 percent” of the total population of the Roman Empire(p.68,’The History of the Byzantine Empire,324-1458’, A.A.Vasiliev, translated into modern Greek by Demosthenis Savramis, editing house Pelekanos, Athens 2006).

Never the less, we observe that even after the “intense state persecutions” under the Roman rule of Emperors Caligula(37A.D.-41A.D.), Nero(54A.D.-68A.D.) and Marcus Aurelius(161A.D.-180A.D.), who tried “dynamically” and “emphatically” to protect and defend Ancient Greek Civilization because they personally admired it and considered it as the “basic cultural fiber” of Rome’s Historical Identity, Christian Roman Citizens under the Rule of Emperor Constantine the Great, exercised great influence in all sectors of the Roman State and of Roman Society , especially in the governmental infrastructure, in the military and in the economic institutions of the state and of society as a whole!!!(p.1,Persecution in the Early Church,

Through these early state persecutions of the Roman Christians, the newly founded Christian Churches invented the “enterprising religious institution” of the Christian Martyr, meaning all those individuals, men and women, who sacrificed their lives to defend and reinforce their Christian Faith(pp.1-2, Persecution in the Early Church, These “departed” Christian Martyrs became “holy human corpses” or “holy human relics”, which were soon put into tombs. These tombs of Christian Martyrs became “holy shrines” or even churches which the Faithful Christians would visit as “pilgrims” in order to express their “religious dedication” and their “religious respect” towards the Metaphysical Religious Magnanimity of these Christian Martyrs , while at the same time offering “some gold coins” to the “private coffers” of the Christian Churches. It is a “satanic” and “idolatrous” social phenomenon which continues until today in Greece, even though Greeks have entered the 21st century A.D.!!! We should all pay homage to the Holiness of our Greek Orthodox Church!!!

At that period of time, another “dastardly religious formula” was activated with the creation of Christian Monasteries and the incorporation and the infusion of Christian Monks in Society who functioned and still function as “proxies” of the “earthly powers”, the “ideological propaganda” and the “religious fanaticism” of the Christian Church within its Christian Communities!!!!

In relation to the “Christian Monasteries” and the “Monastic Christian Life”, I would like to underline historically the “very close friendship” between the Two Fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Basil the Great(330A.D.-379A.D.) and Saint Gregory the Theologian(329A.D.-374A.D.). Both of them coming from very affluent Greek families of Asia Minor who came to feel “great love” for each other when they met as young students in the Greek Schools of Athens. Before these two “close friends” and “close partners” became Powerful Bishops of Christian Churches in Asia Minor, they had “lived together” for long periods of time as “ascetics” in various Christian Monasteries located in the Black Sea Region!!!(pp.23-24, ‘Saint Gregory the Theologian’, written in Greek by Michalis Tsolis, Editing House, the Orthodox Press, Athens 1997)

Now, to look at “the lighter side of things”, I am going to quote an old Greek popular saying related to Christian Monasteries and Christian Monastic Life; a quote which rhymes perfectly in modern Greek. This old Greek popular verse says the following:’ In order to become the new abbot you have to get fucked by the previous abbot!!!!’ As we can see , “simple Greeks” can understand perfectly well all of the “social” and “religious” distortions in their everyday life, yet, they are “too cowardly” and “too conservative” to express their opinion openly and publicly in order to change this “social rottenness” which is prevalent in their own communities!!!

Do all of these “artificial” and “superficial” Christian Religious Institutions have anything in common with the “human values” and the “social morality” of Jesus Christ??? I shall repeat myself, do all of these “artificial” and “superficial” Christian Religious Institutions have anything in common with the “human values” and the “social morality” of Jesus Christ??? Only, so to be perfectly clear about all of this “religious orthodoxy” !!!!

This “significant social influence” exercised by the Christian Roman Citizens at all levels of the Roman State, forced Roman Emperor Constantine A’ to sign with Roman Emperor Licinius(308A.D.-324A.D.) the famous Edict of Milan in February of 313A.D., which insured greater state toleration for the Roman Christians while also confirming Constantine’s “political status” as Senior Augustus. Emperor Licinius was one of the four-member governing body of Roman Emperors(tetrarchy) who ruled all of the Roman Empire; Emperor Licinius governing Eastern Europe and Italy(pp.1-2,

The Edict of Milan brought into effect a joint political agreement introducing various articles in Rome’s Constitution allowing religious tolerance and religious freedom, while Christianity was recognized as an “official” and “protected” religion of the Roman Empire. The Roman Central Government of Emperor Constantine, now as Senior Augustus took upon himself to protect “practically” and “officially” the Christian Communities of the Roman Empire by providing them with state grants, by returning to them their religious temples and their properties which had been seized by the Roman State, as well as excluding their clergy from paying state taxes(pp.8-9,’Κωνσταντίνος Α’ ‘,Κωνσταντίνος_Α’).

Roman Emperor Constantine the First, being a very “shrewd”, “ambitious” and “practical” politician but also a military leader, tried to consolidate his “absolute political dominance” in all of the Roman Empire. He “succeeded partly” in this by initiating a kind of an informal political and cultural “interrelationship” with the Christian Roman Citizens, who possessed and controlled directly or indirectly many societal centers of “influence” and “power” in the Roman State and Roman Society in general, something like “newly founded Masonic Lodges”!!! The “ideological equation” or the “existential equation” between Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and his Christian Roman Subjects had “absolutely nothing to do” with his religious belief in Jesus Christ or in Christ’s moral and spiritual values!!! They were “predefined equations” which accommodated perfectly his own “personal political ambitions” and his own “distorted existential fixation” on Absolute Political Hegemony like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon!!! Mad Historical Figures!!!!

This “political ass licking” by Emperor Constantine the Great of the Christian Roman Citizens in time was upgraded. We have already mentioned the official Roman Edict of Milan of 313A.D., when he with Augustus Licinius, Roman Emperor of Eastern Europe, secured constitutionally religious freedom and religious tolerance, while Christianity became one of the “official” and “protected” religions of the Roman Empire. From now on, Constantine the Great would protect and defend in a “dynamic” and “pragmatic” way the rights and interests of all of the Christian Communities in the Roman Empire!!!

After the Edict of Milan, Constantine the Great, now as Senior Augustus, imposed on Augustus Licinius(308A.D.-324A.D.), member of the “tetrarchy” of Roman Caesars(a ruling body of four), to officially introduce Constantine’s pro-Christian State Policy and in his military campaigns to use the “emblems” of the Christian Religion(p.2,, exactly the way he himself had done when in 312A.D., he had entered victorious in Rome after defeating the military forces of Augustus Maxentius(306A.D.-312A.D.). At that time, Constantine the Great had recruited in his armies local people, both Ethnics and Christians, without any discrimination, while in his victorious military entrance in Rome in 312A.D. , the “letter symbols” for Jesus Christ which were the Greek Capital Letters Χ and Ρ , crisscrossing each other , representing the first two letters of the name of Christ in Greek(ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ), were placed on the shields of all of his soldiers , as well as later on, on his Imperial Crown!!!(pp.6-7, ‘Κωνσταντίνος Α’ ‘ ,Κωνσταντίνος_Α’).

Other governmental steps which Emperor Constantine took through time, reinforcing the “social integrity” and the “societal position” of the Roman Christians were the total return of their material property confiscated by the Roman State during the periods of state persecution, their legal right to increase this material property and their legal prerogative to bequeath their personal wealth to the Christian Church, which had regained its legal privilege of inheritance. As we can well observe, Christian Roman Citizens were more interested in their own economic “interests” than in their own “Christian Spirituality, while at the same time ensuring that their Church could benefit financially from the property bequests of Roman Christians. This same type of “institutionalized religious conditioning” has not changed since then, and still continues today by Orthodox Christians and by the Christian Orthodox Church within Greece and even Further!!!

Later on, Emperor Constantine A’ as sole ruler of the Roman Empire, through his edicts, recognized the legal status of every Christian Community in the Roman Empire, while at the same time, the “institutional” and “spiritual” status of the Christian Bishops were strengthened in the their own communities, assigning to them the state right to resolve internal matters of their own community, not as judges but as “official” and “legal” arbitrators. The decisions taken by the “Episcopalian Courts” were fully recognized by the Roman State, even for cases which did not involve directly church affairs. Finally, Constantine the Great decreed for the whole Roman Empire that Sunday would be “a day of rest” for everyone as well as during the Christian Holidays, but even more “critical” for the Christian Roman Communities, Emperor Constantine A’ provided large state grants for the construction of Christian Temples and Churches!!!(pp.11-12, ‘Κωνσταντίνος Α’ ‘,Κωνσταντίνος_Α’).

Roman Emperor Constantine the Great remained a “pagan” or an “idolater” until the last year of his life!!! He was baptized a Christian “on his death bed” by the Bishop of Nicomedia, Efsevios. Also, this “shrewd” and “cunning” political and military leader of the Roman Empire made all of his children Christian!!!(p.80,’ The History of the Byzantine Empire,324-1453, A.A.Vasiliev, translated into modern Greek by Demosthenis Savramis, Editing House Pelekanos, Athens 2006).

Here we will have “to make a parenthesis” emphasizing the Christian Ethics and the Christian Human Values “supposedly” espoused by Roman Emperor Constantine A’ and by his mother Empress Helen or “Saint Helen” as we “unhistorical” and ‘hypocritical” Greek Christian Citizens refer to her, the same way that our “tramped up” history books assign the title of “Great” to her son and the Christian Orthodox Church formally proclaim him a “saint” and an “equal apostle”(is apostle)!!!(p.15,’Κωνσταντίνος Α’ ‘,Κωνσταντίνος_Α’).

In 326A.D., Roman Emperor Constantine the Great or “Saint Constantine”, ordered the execution of his eldest son Crispos, son of his first wife Menervini and also that same year, he ordered the execution of his wife Fausta “under the instructions” of his “Saintly Mother”, Empress Helen!!!(p.14,’Κωνσταντίνος Α’ ‘,Κωνσταντίνος_Α’). All of us “religious” Greek-Orthodox Christians, we should all feel proud of ourselves when we revere these “degenerate historical sub humans” as Saints and we celebrate their “name day” every year, with “official” public celebrations and festivities!!!!

Now, we will look at Roman Emperor Theodosius, Theodosius the Great or even better “Saint Theodosius”(379A.D.-395A.D.), the “butcher of the Ethnics”. The Ethnics were Roman Citizens who believed in and supported their traditional Ancient Greek Culture and their Ancient Greek Religion, making up “the large majority” of Roman Citizens, while a “large section” of Roman Ethnics were of Greek Racial Background!!! Emperor Theodosius forced all of these Roman Citizens to accept and to adopt the Christian Religious Dogma, while he also institutionalized the Christian Religion as the “official state religion” of the Roman Empire!!!(pp.107-108,’The History of the Roman Empire,324-1453’, A.A.Vasiliev, translated into modern Greek by Demosthenis Savramis, Editing House Pelekanos, Athens 2006).

The “socially shielded” and “politically anonymous” Powerful Jewish Roman Conspirators, aspired and organized in a “subversive” but also in a “radical” way, the imposition of their own Racial Cultural Hegemony but in a more “liberal context”, so that they could draw near and control the Roman Populace, while at the same time attracting the Political, Economic and Social Establishments of societies , nations and states!!! They accomplished this through “economic” and “political” dealings and intrigues, exactly the way it is happening at the present time, through International Masonic Lodges which determine to a large degree all of the political, economic and social developments in most societies, nations and states around the world!!!

Today, these International Masonic Lodges are mostly under the “direct supervision” of powerful personalities of the Jewish Race and the Jewish Nation, exactly as this was taking place with the First Christian Episcopates in the Middle East, in Asia Minor, in the Greek Mainland and in the European Continent!!! In essence, the First Christian Episcopates or Christian Churches represented historically, the First Masonic Lodges whose “political’ and “economic” designs were the establishment and the expansion of the Jewish Cultural and Historical Heritage on a “worldwide basis”, but always utilizing the “disguise tools” of a Chameleon, meaning presenting a more humanistic, a more idealistic and a more universal cultural content!!!

In order to better clarify the historical “corporate religious role” of the First Christian Bishops, we shall refer to the biography of Saint Basil or Basil the Great(330A.D.-379A.D.).

Saint Basil was born and lived most of his life in the city of Caesarea in Asia Minor. He came from a Greek Aristocratic Family from the Roman Province of Cappadocia, whose kindred and family relations served as high governmental officials and were big landowners. Saint Basil was appointed Bishop of Caesarea in 369A.D. through the direct intervention of Bishop Gregory of Nazianzo, an important neighboring city in that region. Bishop Gregory of Nazianzo was the father of the future Saint Gregory the Theologian, the most “intimate friend” and “close associate” of Saint Basil since their younger years!!!(p.19, ‘Μέγας Βασίλειος’ ο οικουμενικός δάσκαλος, compiled in Greek by Evangelos Lekou, Editing House ‘Saitis’).

During the Second Ecumenical Synod which was organized in 381A.D. under the auspices of Gregory the Theologian(329A.D.-391A.D.), then Bishop of Constantinople(380A.D.-382A.D.), and with official consent of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius(379A.D.-395A.D.), the Christian Religion became the “official” or the “state” religion of the Byzantine Empire!!! In this very important Second Ecumenical Synod, “official arrangements” were made and “official decisions” were taken concerning all Religious and Church Affairs within the Byzantine Empire and even further West in the European Continent. In this famous Synod, there were 150 high clergy and bishops who participated; among them there were the 2 brothers of Saint Basil, Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, an important urban center in the Roman Province of Cappadocia in Asia Minor, and Peter, Bishop of Sevastia, another important city also located in Central Asia Minor!!!(p.83,’Ο Άγιος Γρηγόριος ο Θεολόγος’, compiled in Greek by Michalis Tsolis, Editing House ‘Orthodox Press’, 1997).

As we can therefore observe “historically”, friends and relatives control the First Christian Episcopates or Organized Christian Churches, they are of Greek Lineage and come from privileged Greek Families of Asia Minor. Nevertheless, they are “programmed” or “are bought off” to fight against their Greek kindred, the Greek Ethnics or the so called by the Christian Church “idolaters” or “pagans”, and especially to “dismantle” and to “neutralize” to the end Ancient Greek Civilization!!!

As conclusion, we can say with certainty, that Saint Basil, Saint Gregory the Theologian, the brothers of Saint Basil, as well as their own Greek Families and close Greek Acquaintances, functioned as “religious corporate entities” or as “religious Masonic Lodges” so as to protect and ensure their own economic, political and social Interests!!!!

Here we will have to begin historically almost “from point zero”, if we are to clarify and comprehend “up to a certain point” the root causes for the Cultural Clash between Jews in general with Ancient Greek Civilization and with Greeks as a Nation and as a Race. The historical clashes and the social conflicts between Jews and Greeks did not only originate through the “heterogeneous” and “irreconcilable” differences of their proper Traditional Civilizations on a cultural, religious, political, ideological and existential level, there was also the “critical historical matter” of a very Successful and a very Effective Expansionist Policy “on a large scale” in time and in space, by the Greek Human Factor within the context of culture, religion, politics, economics and social structure!!! This “expansionist policy” by the Greek Nation, greatly affected and influenced the largest section of the Mediterranean geopolitical region and the largest section of the Middle East for at least 1,500 years, until the birth of Christ!!!

Historically, we first recognize this “enormous influence” by Greek Civilization and by its Greek Cultural Mediators during the Mycenaean Empire established by the Dorians(a Greek race) from the Peloponnese, beginning in the 14th century B.C. until the 10th century B.C.!!! The Mycenaean Civilization which was based on the Ancient Greek Language and on Ancient Greek Cultural Traditions, gradually expanded southwards to the island of Crete, the islands of the Eastern Mediterranean, to Asia Minor and towards the north, to the territories around the Black Sea!!!

Next, we have the Athenian Alliance of Greek city-states which “in essence” was an Athenian Empire which historically lasted for almost 2 centuries, meaning from the 6th century to the 4th century B.C.!!! The Athenian Alliance directly controlled a large number of Greek city-states which were located all over the Greek Mainland, all across to the Black Sea Region, and from the Eastern Mediterranean to the coasts of Italy!!!

The next “historical step” in the expansion of Ancient Greek Civilization and the Greek Nation was the Universal Greek Empire of Alexander the Great which was established during the second half of the 4th century B.C.!!! It controlled vast expanses of territory from India to the Middle East, from North Africa to Asia Minor, and from the Greek Mainland and Central Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean!!!

After the death of Alexander the Great in 323B.C., this vast territory making up this Universal Greek Empire, was broken down into powerful Greek or more exactly into powerful “Hellenistic Kingdoms” which were now under the political control of Alexander’s most important military officers who saw themselves as his “legitimate heirs”!!! These Hellenistic Kingdoms had a history of almost “three centuries”, while historians named them “Hellenistic” and not “Hellenic Kingdoms” because their “state configuration” had as their political perspective the Universal Political Culture of Alexander the Great!!! These Hellenistic state entities represented “an amalgamation” of the local political cultures and the civilizations of the societies , the nations and the states which had been conquered by the Macedonian Armies of Alexander the Great, and Ancient Greek Civilization!!! The directives of this Greek Civilization entailed the construction of a “modern” and “efficient” state infrastructure with its major components being governmental institutions, the economy and defense, but most importantly, the human intellectual sector, the sciences and the arts!!!

The 3 most important Hellenistic Kingdoms were first that of Egypt, with its political rulers represented by the Dynasty of the Ptolemies ,controlling not only Egypt, but also vast territories in South-eastern and North Africa, parts of the Middle East, of Asia Minor and of Arabia, as well as important islands in the Eastern Mediterranean!!! After, we have the Hellenistic Kingdom of Syria with its Greek rulers, the dynasty of the Seleucids, which controlled the major part of the Middle East, reaching to the borders of present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan!!! Finally, we have the Hellenistic Kingdom of Macedonia with its rulers Cassander, his relatives and his descendants, controlling most of the territory of Mainland Greece and sections of Asia Minor!!!(pp.1-3,

Let us now search and find out the “real” historical and socio-cultural components of the Jewish Nation and of the Jewish Race, so that we can compare them with the components defining the Greek Nation and the Greek Race. Here, we would have to refer to “real historical facts” which most people are uninformed about, because what has been taking place for at least 2,000 years, is a “distorted narrative” of historical events by cultural centers and by cultural sources belonging and controlled by Jews as well as by cultural centers and by cultural sources belonging and controlled by the Clerical Leadership of all the Christian Churches, with “prime architects” being the Greek Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church!!! These two large socio-political and cultural societal groups, meaning the International Jewish Establishment and the Christian Clerical Establishment world-wide, represent the “main historical protagonists” directly or indirectly, not only in relation to the Historical Cultural and Political Conspiracy against Ancient Greek Culture, the Greek Race and the Greek Nation, but also concerning the “absolute” support and reinforcement of the political, cultural and economic influence of the Jewish Nation “internationally” and “through time”; this, even though there were times when Jews were persecuted by the Political Leaders of the states where they were residing, especially in Western countries!!!

I would like here to take a pause and refer to a “real historical fact” which confirms the powerful and exceptional position which Jewish Citizens enjoyed within the Eastern as well as the Western Roman Empire.

The initial breakup of the Roman Empire began in 331A.D. when Constantine the Great(306A.D.-337A.D.) founded the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire on the site of the Ancient Greek City of Byzantium with the official name of New Rome, but eventually the capital of the Byzantine Empire(324A.D.-1453A.D.) or the Eastern Roman Empire became known as Constantinople!!!!

The Second Ecumenical Council in 381A.D. , recognized the Episcopate of Constantinople as a Patriarchate and assigned to it the second place in Church Status after the Patriarchate of Rome. Finally, the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedony in 451A.D., recognized the Patriarchate of Constantinople as the Reigning Church of the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantium, but the Patriarchate of Rome continued to retain “its preeminent position” in an Ecumenical Christian Church!!!

The Great Schism or the Great Rupture between the Two Christian Churches, meaning the Catholic Church of Rome representing the Western Roman Empire and the Greek Orthodox Church of Constantinople representing the Eastern Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire occurred in 1054A.D.!!! There was a Religious Rupture between the Latin populations of the West and the Greek Orthodox populations of the East, while at the same time, this Religious Schism had very significant repercussions , such as military conflicts, cultural confrontations and expansionist strategies!!! Essentially, the Western Roman Empire was ruled over by the Patriarch of Rome or the Pope from the Vatican in Rome, always with the political and military support provided by the Political Leaders of Christian European States, while Byzantium or the Eastern Roman Empire was ruled by the Greek Orthodox Byzantine Emperor, “together” with the Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople!!!(pp.1-4,’Οικουμενικό Πατριαρχείο Κωνσταντινουπόλεως’,Οικουμενικό_Πατριαρχείο_Κωνσταντινουπόλεως).

Under legal and political ordinances degreed by the Christian Patriarchate of Rome or the Vatican, which “practically” ruled over the greatest section of the Western Roman Empire, politically, economically, culturally, religiously but also “militarily”, the Jewish Citizens of this enormous geopolitical region, “were guaranteed” the exclusivity(monopoly) of the professions of “tax collecting” and of “money lending” with high interest rates or in popular language, the profession of a “loan shark”!!! This “conspiratorial understanding” between the Jewish Socio-Economic Establishment and the Catholic Church was based on the Christian Religious Axiom that these “monopolistic professional privileges” had been granted to Jewish Citizens by the Vatican and the Catholic Pope because the Christian Religious Dogma considered “tax collecting” and “money lending” as Sinful Practices forbidden to all Christians!!! Therefore, these “immoral” and “dirty” jobs had to be handled only by the “sinful” Jews!!!

From the “money collection” undertaken by Jewish Roman Citizens, the largest amount of these “gold coins” went to the money coffers of the Pope and the Vatican!!!Therefore, with this “religious yarn” , the Vatican which directly controlled these “Jewish professionals”, as well as these “Jewish professionals” amassed great fortunes !!! We can therefore ascertain that the historical and socio-political “intrigues” involving the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Race have never been “haphazard” and “ off the mark”!!!(pp.1-2,’Medieval Antisemitism’, https//

Let us now examine what are “the real characteristics” of the Jewish Nation and of the Jewish Race, historically, culturally, politically, but more importantly “religiously”. We shall refer to “real historical facts” as well as to a multitude of “fictitious historical facts” as these have been registered during the last 2,500 years by Jewish Historians and Intellectuals, by the Fathers and the Theologians of all of the Christian Churches, and finally by non-Jewish Western Historians and Archeologists who aimed and are still aiming for personal economic, social and political benefits through the support of International Masonic Lodges which are controlled directly or indirectly by the International Jewish Establishment!!! All of these “ambitious” scientific and academic societal groups have had “directives from above”, to register and certify an Authentic Jewish Civilization “through time and space” which objectively and historically has never existed!!!They simply supported “empirically” and at the same time glorified “culturally” an Artificial Jewish Civilization!!!

First of all, we shall have to reassess the “historical myth” that the first Israelite Communities or the Israelite Tribes departed from Mesopotamia around 1,400 B.C. , finally establishing themselves in the territory of Canaan, a geographic region which today includes the State of Israel, the “occupied” by Israel Palestinian Lands of Gaza and the West Bank and also the present States of Jordan and Lebanon(p.1, ‘Canaan’, According to this “historical myth”, the god of Abraham, Jehovah, granted to the Israelites, his “chosen” Peoples, the territory of Canaan in the Middle East!!!(p.1,’Abraham’,

This “fictitious history” of Jehovah’s Chosen Peoples who inherit The Promised Land, meaning Canaan, was compiled by Jewish Religious Elders in Babylon, when after the conquest of this territory, many of its Israelite inhabitants, especially their Elites, were expelled during the 6th century B.C. to Babylon, the Capital City of the Babylonian Empire!!! It was during this “historical period” when the main content of the future Old Testament was written, which was then called the Hebrew Talmud of Babylon(pp.5-6, ‘History of ancient Israel and Judah’,

The main “practical” or “pragmatic” reason for the compilation of this Jewish Bible or the Talmud by Jewish Religious Experts in Babylon during the 6th century B.C., was the “sanctioned distortion” of the History of the Jews or the Israelites for political, cultural and historical designs!!!

First of all, through this “mythical story” of Abraham being the Patriarch of all of the Semitic Tribes of the Middle East through his children, his grandchildren and his descendants, the Israelite Peoples or the Jewish Peoples were able to perpetuate historically through the “legitimate” firstborn son of Abraham, Isaac, who he begot when he was 100 years old, with his “legitimate” wife Sara, his half-sister, who was at that time 80 years old!!!(p.7,’Abraham’, Let us be serious!!! Is this valid historical documentation!!! Nevertheless, Abraham’s “real firstborn son” was Ishmael, whom he had with his Egyptian slave Hagar, 15 years earlier, under the advice and pressures coming from Sara, since she herself had passed the age of childbearing. Ishmael represents the Founder of the Arab Nation, while an Angel of the god of Abraham gave Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, “the divine message” that her son and his descendants would create a powerful nation in the future!!!(pp.4-7,’Abraham’,

Through these “iconic historical descriptions” in Aramaic in the Talmud of Babylon and later on chronologically in the Old Testament, which was compiled in Hellenistic Alexandria by local Hellenized Jewish Religious Experts in the Greek language, there is great “political emphasis” put on the “mythical historical epoch” of Patriarch Abraham, beginning from the 12th century B.C. onwards, as well as on the “religious primacy” and the “inheritance rights” which should belong exclusively to the Israelites or the Jews, and not to any other Semitic Nation of Canaan like the Philistines, the Arameans, the Edomites, the Moabites, etc. All these Tribes were permanent inhabitants of Canaan and of Semitic Racial Background like the Israelites!!!(p.3,’Canaan’,

Similarly, in these “distorted” historical written narratives, meaning the Talmud of Babylon(6th century B.C.) and the present Old Testament of the Christian Bible written in Alexandria during the 2nd century B.C. by Hellenized Jewish Religious Experts, there are “historical accounts” referring to Moses as a Prince of Pharaonic Egypt , recounting the Large Exodus of Egyptian Israelites from Egypt with Moses as their Prophet and Political Leader, who executes the Orders of the God of Abraham, and finally the establishment of these Israelites or Jews in Canaan for a second time!!! Therefore we observe for a second time , the Israelites or Jews reclaiming their “territorial inheritance” through the “divine orders” and through the “divine protection” of Jehovah, the God of Abraham and the God of the Israelites or the Jews!!! This “fictitious” historical event involving the Great Exodus of the Egyptian Israelites from Pharaonic Egypt is placed chronologically at around 1,200 B.C.!!!

Modern “professional” Historians and Archeologists, dismiss the “historical version” of Abraham as Patriarch of the Israelites and the Israelite migration from Mesopotamia to Canaan!!! Similarly, they also dismiss the “historical version” of the Great Exodus of the Israelites from Pharaonic Egypt under the “religious” and “political” leadership of Moses as their own Prophet, who later handed them the 10 Commandments of Jehovah, so that they could formulate “representative” and “divine” social criteria for a “moral”, “exceptional” and “exclusive” human society which would excel culturally, religiously and politically all of the other Semitic Nations of Canaan!!!(pp.3-5, ’Canaan’,

Jehovah as a God, represented one of the most powerful divinities within The Pantheon of the Tribes and the Nations which inhabited Canaan, as well as of many States of the Middle East. For the Israelites, Jehovah was considered as the most powerful and influential divinity of the Canaanites, therefore being by nature(DNA) “existentially pragmatic” and “cultural chameleons”, they adopted Jehovah as their “representative” and “exclusive” divinity as a Race and as a Peoples , transforming their cultural and religious identity from a Semitic Israelite Tribe of Canaan to an Independent Jewish Nation!!!(pp.1-4,’Yahweh’,

For the “objective” and “professional” historians and archeologists there is no “genuine” and “factual” historical and archeological evidence for all of these “well set up” , “distorted” and “fictitious” historical events as they have been recorded in the Talmud of the Jewish Elders of Babylon during the 6th century B.C. as well as in Our Own Old Testament later on!!!(p.1,’Abraham’, According to these “professional” and “genuine” scholars of Human Civilization and of Human History in general, “the most likely historical scenario” is that the Israelites as a Semitic Race and later on as a Jewish Nation based on their “exclusive religion” and on their “exclusive mythology” , had since time immemorial, inhabited the Middle Eastern Region of Canaan, and had always functioned within the traditional religious, social, political and cultural parameters of the permanent inhabitants of this geopolitical region, who represented a great number of Semitic Tribes or Nations!!!(p.3, ’Jewish History’,https://en.wikipedia/wiki/Jewish_History).

At some point in time, around the 11th century B.C. , the Canaanite Semitic Tribe of the Israelites, chose their own “personal religion” , their own “personal God”, meaning Jehovah, who represented one of the most powerful and influential divinities in The Pantheon of the Canaanites , soon dominating politically and culturally this geopolitical territory, while at the same time, expelling most of its permanent inhabitants!!!(pp.2-4,’History of Ancient Israel and Judah’, Therefore, we can arrive at the conclusion that all of these “fictional” historic, religious, cultural and racial roots of the Jewish Peoples as they have been documented in the Jewish Bible, the Talmud, and in our own Christian Bible classified as The Old Testament, are “scientifically invalid” and the creations of “human imagination” and of “historical plagiarism”!!!

All of this Jewish Historical Fairy Tale, we as Greek “pagans”, as Greek “ethnics”, as Greek “idolaters”, as Greek “sinners”, had to “swallow it up” and “digest it” during the first 300 years of the Byzantine Empire(324A.D.-1453A.D) under Christian Persecution initiated by the Christian Orthodox Byzantine Emperors, the Christian Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople, by the Christian Orthodox Bishops, by the Christian Orthodox Clerics and by the Christian Orthodox Monks!!! An absolute Historical and Cultural Perversion and Schizophrenia for the “traditional” and “authentic” Greek Citizens of Byzantine Society!!!

For 300 years, all these powerful religious, social and political agents of the Byzantine Empire had installed and propagated a “terroristic social environment” for the Ethnics, meaning those Byzantine Citizens who espoused their “traditional” Ancient Greek Culture and practiced their “traditional” Ancient Greek Religion!!! The Ethnics were persecuted “politically”, were excommunicated “religiously” and were obliterated “physically”!!! Similarly, these same Christian Byzantine Societal Protagonists ,”destroyed” and “eliminated” Byzantium’s Ancient Greek Cultural Infrastructure and its Ancient Greek Cultural Symbols, such as the Ancient Greek Universities, the Ancient Greek Libraries, the Ancient Greek Theaters, the Ancient Greek Temples, the Ancient Greek Sculptures as well as the Ancient Greek Religious Ceremonies which were realized through the Olympic Games and Ancient Greek Theatrical Performances!!! At the same time, they downgraded the Ancient Greek Language and Ancient Greek Intellectual Thought, the Dialectic mental process and Logic!!!

During this particular historical period “Jewish Religious Dogmatism” and “Jewish Materialistic Ideology”( the gold coins), all these Fanatical Christians of the Byzantine Empire(324A.D.-1453A.D) functioned politically, culturally, socially and militarily, exactly like the Fanatical Islamists in the Middle East today, “dismantling” and “dismembering” human lives and human cultural creations which do not harmonize with their own “totalitarian”, “one-dimensional” and “parochial” existential philosophy!!! Our Christian Church with the “universal support” of the International Jewish Establishment, “fragmented” and “disfigured” the historical conscience, the cultural identity and the political, intellectual and erotic “freedom” of Greeks!!! Finally, we , as a Greek Nation, have demonstrated “great existential cowardice” during our modern history, when we accepted through our “charlatan clerics”, this Obscure Jewish Civilization as the “foundation” of our Popular Culture!!! Shame on all of us and on all of them!!!

(the text will continue…)