Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

B)  Cultural  Globalization

In  the  second part on  Globalization, we  shall  refer  to  Cultural  Globalization. We  shall demonstrate  that the  United  States is the major  culprit of this “sinister” international scheme,  which we refer to as  Globalization. Today’s   Globalization began in full force after   World War II, with the intention of controlling   the  hearts, the minds and  the expectations of  human beings  around the world, of essentially  controlling  their lives. The  critical motive behind this global historical  intervention  by the  United  States and  American Transnational Economic Interests is simply the human drive for “enormous” power and  profit, leading to “absolute” and “total”  American World Hegemony by  its elite groups and by those world elites who benefit from this  World set up!!!

Before we specify and define the indicators, the dynamics and the  data  defining  this  International Conspiracy  by  the Rich and the Powerful, especially those originating from the  United States, but  also from other geopolitical power centers, we shall examine some of the formal definitions and semantics provided by various specialized texts, in order to better comprehend the basic components of  our  analysis.

There are many definitions of  “Globalization” in various narratives by  various scholars, reflecting their ideological inclinations, whether they be liberal, neo-liberal, socialist or cosmopolitan. Therefore, we shall use a combination of defining parameters as these have been formulated by  Wikipedia within its extended text related to Globalization, introducing  a more balanced and universal view of this particular term.

It  states  the following:”…Globalization is the process of  international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects  of culture. Advances in transportation and in telecommunications infrastructure have been major factors in  globalization, generating further interdependence of economic and cultural activities….Globalization are all those processes by which the people  of the world are incorporated into a single world  society…”.(

Next, we will  present the concept  of  “Cultural Globalization”, as formulated by  James  L. Watson, a social scientist, for the  Encyclopedia  Britannica.

He expresses that ,”…Cultural globalization is a phenomenon by  which the experience of  everyday life , as influenced by the diffusion of  commodities and ideas, reflects a  standardization of  cultural expressions around the world. Propelled by the efficiency or appeal of wireless communications, electronic commerce, popular culture, and international travel, globalization has been seen as a trend towards homogeneity that will  eventually make human experience everywhere essentially the same. This appears, however , to  be an overstatement of the phenomenon. Although homogenizing influences do indeed exist, they are far from creating anything akin to a single world culture…”.(

Following, I  would like to put forward a definition of  “culture” which  represents best my understanding of what “culture” signifies and  which  is provided by the  ECHOES  Bulletin of 1998(an occasional publication of the World Council of Churches), in an extended article written by Ms.  Fridah Muyale-Manenji.

Ms. Manenji works for the African Gender Institute in  Zimbabwe, and her description of  “culture” is  the following:”…Culture is such  a broad term and when it comes to my mind, I think of  values and norms people have which make them live in a particular way. A way of living in a particular community. In other words, the sum total of all things that refer to religion, roots  of  people, symbols, language, songs, stories, celebrations and all  expressions of  our way of life. It encompasses food production, technology, architecture, kinship, the way we relate to each other, political and economic systems, and all the social relationships these entail…Culture is a continuous process of change, but in spite of the change, culture continues giving a community, a  sense of identity, dignity, continuity, security , and binds society together…”.(

In the abstract of her article for ECHOES, which is entitled ‘The effects of globalization on culture in Africa in the eyes of an   African woman’, Ms. Fridah Muyale-Manenji, clarifies what economic and social development should involve in relation to Globalization today. Her standards   reflect to a large degree my moral and social  criteria concerning what should entail in any society’s development.

In this abstract, Ms. Manenji takes the following position with respect to what the ideal societal development has to take into account . She says the following:”…Economic growth without social and cultural justice cannot be our idea of development. It is imperative that the development is measured in terms of the quality of   human life, which can be reflected in  for  example, better education, health and life expectancy for every member of society. This is only possible if men and women are equally empowered, in theory and in practice. And the North has a crucial role to play in this process. Anything that falls  short of restoring peoples’ dignity, sense of identity, continuity and security, should never  be accepted…”.(

From the above descriptions, first of all, we come to realize the importance of  “culture” as a societal  institution in any human community, whether large or small, to its social welfare, its political stability and its economic development, on a personal and on a collective level. Similarly, that any human community cannot evolve properly and creatively if there is no “social justice” and “social pluralism”, on a personal and on a collective level. Any type of distortion of  this socio-cultural equilibrium from internal or  external political forces, whether intentional or unintentional , would be  existentially destructive and destabilizing, on a personal and on a collective level within this human community!!!

The  title of  our written project on  Globalization is ‘Today’s  Globalization-an International  Conspiracy of  the  World’s  Rich and  Powerful’. It is therefore appropriate here to provide some formal definitions  concerning the concepts of “conspiracy”  and  “conspiracy theory”, on which  I  will develop my  whole analysis of  today’s  Globalization.

For the term “conspiracy”, we have chosen two definitions which could cover a wider   scope of its  meaning.

From, one of its definitions is , “…an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan , formulated in  secret by two or more persons…”

From, one of its definitions is, “…a   joining or acting together, as if by sinister design…”

Now  for the term “conspiracy theory”, we chose once again definitions from two different sources.

From,  one of  its definitions is, “…a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event…”

From,one of its definitions is,”… the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public…”

I  personally believe, as many objective social scientists do around the world, that  today’s Globalization, whether it is cultural, political or economic, is a very well organized and very well thought scheme by powerful transnational corporations  and powerful  transnational financial  centers , mostly  Western, and mainly  American. They  plan   to gradually have absolute control over all human activities and developments, under a “globalized market place”, and  eventually under  a “global government”. These  international  power players  are  manipulated and directed  by the most powerful and influential “global elite groups” and “global elite organizations”, with very  little  political interference from the  “democratically elected governments” of  the countries  around  the world!!!

There are “specific intentions” forged  by these “global elites”. These elites are  “mortals” and  not “divine” like the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, but like the Pharaohs and the multitude of world hegemons throughout human history, they are personalities  who are existentially dysfunctional and alienated from the real  “checks and balances” of life .  They are  exactly like their primitive  ancestors, the Neanderthal Man, not  the  Cro-Magnon Man. The Neanderthals devoured the carcasses of their offspring, to personally survive, being completely indifferent to the welfare and the subsistence of their family or tribe!!!

These very powerful but mentally deranged international elites, are absolutely convinced that through their “international machinations”, they can predefine and decide upon the destiny of all human kind , which will soon be obliged in one way or another, to service “unconditionally” and  “passively” their private hegemonic ambitions to the long- term  detriment of almost everyone else.

These “human hybrids” and “social pariahs”  are  truly apathetic about nature’s universal   equilibriums, but  more importantly they ignore their own “mortality”. In their own “virtual reality”  , they are not capable of comprehending practically and pragmatically that this accumulated wealth and power , cannot be hoarded off for their  “after life” , if one exists. What they will leave behind, will haunt their families, their relatives and their descendants for a long, long time, like in the Greek Tragedies!!!

I  am  absolutely certain that these insecure, neurotic, unerotic  and cowardly individuals, have been completely drained of their “life force” or of all  those human  attributes  which make Human Life an extraordinary and worthy experience, whether it  be human empathy, human wisdom, human eroticism , human friendship, human commonality or human inspiration!!!

It is a  grave and  detrimental  existential error by  the general  public, especially the politicized and educated human beings, in the 21st  century , not  to react dynamically and radically  against the “inherent destructive madness” of  these international elite groups, exposing and undermining their “maligned” and “schizophrenic” schemes to neutralize the mental integrity, the creative potential  and the economic welfare of  all human beings, including  themselves, even though they are not mentally capable of  understanding their own  final demise!!!

All of this “hegemonic human insanity”  expressed and applied by  these “immoral” and  “amoral” international  elites  through their  various Globalizing ventures  and strategies, brings to mind the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen(1805-1875), during the 19th century in  Denmark, ‘The king’s new clothes’!!!

This  fairy  tale talks about a king who ruled  over a  “peaceful” and “affluent” kingdom. This king loved luxuries, especially rich clothes for  himself , so that he could impress his subjects.

One day, two crooked men who were travelling through this quiet kingdom, learned about the king’s weakness for rich clothes, so they devised a dastardly plan. They visited the king and introduced themselves   as the finest weavers and tailors in the land. They convinced him that they could produce the most attractive royal  garment  for the very special public occasions, so that his  subjects  would  become enthused  by the beauty of its design and the  quality of the fabric. In exchange they asked for a prepayment of a purse of gold coins.

In order to impress the king of  their  extraordinary workmanship  as craftsmen, they  informed him that the fabric  of this royal garment would  be so fine and delicate that it would be invisible to any person who was a social misfit or who was unusually stupid!!!

The royal garment was ready for the royal parade through the town and the crooked tailors showed it to the  king. It was an “invisible royal garment” made from an “invisible fine cloth”. The king was so   fickle and naïve that he expressed  great admiration for their work, feeling afraid that these  two scoundrels would call him  socially unfit or unusually stupid!!!

When the royal parade began, and the king in his horse carriage   moved through the crowded  streets , wearing only his undergarments, everyone pretended that  he was  wearing magnificent clothes and  shouted out loud their admiration. In fact, all the people in the kingdom knew what had happened with the crooked tailors, but they also knew that the king had willingly accepted their “tall tale”, and they  didn’t want to be identified  as socially unfit and stupid.

At  a certain moment, a small child in the crowd, shouted spontaneously, again and again, that the  king wasn’t wearing any clothes, and then started to laugh out loud. Taking this as a “signal”, the rest of the people took courage and started to express loudly the child’s message. They all started to laugh and ridicule the king, demonstrating to him that he was  unfit to be their ruler. The  opinion was unanimous , and the king had no other choice but to abdicate.

Today, in every nation of the world, all people, especially the educated ones who are professionals, such  as  scientists, doctors, lawyers, professors and teachers, engineers and artists, even politicians and students, should accept  their personal responsibility  concerning the  mismanagement, the exploitation and  the abuse of our own planet, which  we call  Earth!!! All people  should raise their voices, their human consciousness and  their moral standards, and like the child in  Andersen’s  fairy tale, should reveal and neutralize the “monstrous”  schemes  which are being implemented  by the  “monstrous” international elites through  Globalization ,tearing apart life itself  and leading  all of  humanity to its “annihilation”!!!

When previously, we   provided   some of the formal definitions related to the concepts of  “conspiracy” and  “conspiracy  theory”, we took notice of   some of the key phrases for these definitions , which are the  following: For “conspiracy” we have the phrases a) a surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons, and b) acting together, as if by sinister design. For “conspiracy theory” we have a) a belief that some covert   but influential organization is responsible for an event, and b) the idea that many important events are the products of secret plots.

All of these key phrases  related  to the  meaning of “conspiracy”, and more specifically to the meaning of “international conspiracy”, can be closely linked to the different types of  Globalization, orchestrated and implemented during the last 80 years  around the world, and which are  continuously being intensified.

The three  most important  parameters in  an  “international  conspiracy”  are first, a  socially influential and  all  powerful organization of  more than one person. The second  parameter  is  the  secret or covert  strategy of this powerful organization to affect and define world trends( culturally, politically, economically) in order to reinforce the “global power base” of a very small group of  “transnational elites”. Finally, the third parameter of  an “international  conspiracy” is the specific intent to acquire absolute control  over all  globalizing trends, focusing on  “world hegemony”!!!

Many historically  Powerful  Empires, many  Royal Houses and a  multitude of  Plutocratic  Dynasties like the  Rothchild clan  and the Rockfeller clan, were fashioned through “time and space” under similar historical coordinates. In an  “international  conspiracy”, the “intent justifies the means”, and in  Globalization the “historical intent” is world domination by a very small “transnational elite group”, while the “historical means” are the  establishment, the legitimization and the enforcement of cultural, political and economic globalization,  almost everywhere around the world!!!

Professor  Madalina  Calance, presented her analysis  of Globalization, on the 2nd Global Conference on Business, Economics, Management and  Tourism, held between the 30th  and  31st  of October  2014,in  Prague, in the  Czech Republic, justifying indirectly her position that today’s Globalization is essentially an  International Conspiracy. The title of her presentation and article is ‘Globalization  and  The Conspiracy Theory’.

In  the  abstract of her article she writes the  following:”…Even if there is no clear evidence of a major plot to  globalize the economy, we can still show that globalization is a  process conducted by intention and individual/ group interest- in different time periods, sequentially and systematically- and not by the random choices of unorganized individuals seeking the extension of their profits. This is where the conspiratorial hypothesis is: the intentionality in the economic processes, the  need for a causal reasoning and the prevailing private interest in the  masse-elites relationship…”.(

Our  next  step in recognizing today’s Globalization as  an  International  Conspiracy  is to  single

out politically powerful and socially influential international organizations which function as the “architects” of  Globalization on behalf of these “transnational elites”. We shall therefore look into and examine two such international non-governmental, non-profit organizations, which could be classified as two of  the most powerful “think tanks”* in the world, possessing those elite members, the world status and the strategic international links, to be able to define and activate all of the globalizing trends which we have already specified.(*think tank= a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems-Oxford Living Dictionaries)

The  first one is  The Club of  Rome and the second one is  The Council on  Foreign Relations, which is linked indirectly to the American Government and to American  Transnational Economic  Interests.

The   Club  of  Rome is  a  major “think tank” of  the  United  Nations and the elite environmental movement  internationally. Some of its most important members included and include major proponents of a   future New   World Order(NWO), such as  George Soros, Henry  Kissinger, Bill Gates, Zbigniew Brzezinski and  former Queen Beatrix of the  Netherlands.(

George  Soros(1930-      ) represents one of the leading money brokers  or  “money merchants” in the  world, responsible for the drastic decline of the  British pound  in 1992.

 Henry Kissinger(1923-     )  served as  Secretary of  State and  National Security Adviser under President  Nixon(1969-1974)  and  President  Gerald Ford(1974-1977). Henry Kissinger was also very influential in the military coup in   Chile  in  1973 and in  the murder of its  Socialist President, Salvador Allende(1908-1973).

Then, we have Bill   Gates(1955-     ), owner of  Microsoft  and one  of the richest persons in the world. Bill Gates is   also a very active and fervent supporter of  Cultural  Globalization through the Internet.

 Next,  there is  Zbigniew  Brzezinski(1928-2017), President Carter’s National Security  Adviser(1977-1981) and a  permanent member of  the  Council on Foreign  Relations until his death in 2017.

 Finally, we count former Queen Beatrix of the   Netherlands(1938-    ), a major shareholder of  Royal Dutch Shell, one of the six largest oil and gas  companies in the world, and the sixth richest enterprise in the world, measured by  its 2016  revenues.(

The   Club of Rome which was founded in 1968, by the Italian industrialist   Aurelio Peccei, is a “global think tank” that deals with a variety  of  international political  issues. Since its inception, the three major poles of its strategy and  ideology, have been its global  perspective, the long –term evolution of mankind and the combination of interrelated problems affecting  the quality of  life of all of humanity , such as climate  change, the rapid increase of the world’s population  and also the food crisis  affecting the  societies of the poorest nations.(…/the-club-of-rome)

Quoting directly from its official website, we can attest to the international status of  The  Club  of  Rome as a multinational “think tank”, which has the material and human resources to influence the various trends of human evolution, including Globalization.

In their website , they introduce themselves  by stating the following: ”…The  Club of Rome  is  an organization of  individuals  who share a common concern for  the future of humanity and  strive to make a  difference. Our  members are  notable scientists , economists, businessmen and businesswomen, high  level civil servants and  former heads of  state from around the world. Their  efforts are supported by the  Secretariat in Winterthur, Switzerland, the European Research  Centre registered in Constance, Germany, and National Associations in more than 30  countries. The  Club of  Rome conducts research and  hosts debates, conferences, lectures, high  level meetings and events. The  Club  also publishes a limited number of peer-reviewed ‘Reports to the Club of  Rome’, the most famous of which is ‘The Limits to Growth’.

The  Club of Rome’s Mission is to promote understanding of the global challenges facing humanity and to propose solutions through scientific analysis, communication  and advocacy. Recognizing the interconnectedness of  today’s global challenges, our distinct  perspective is  holistic, systemic and long-term…”.(

If  we  observe carefully at the various elements  and components which they themselves present as being the “essence” and the “ideology”  of their organization, we can clearly  distinguish  a  sense of  tremendous power, as well as the intrinsic qualities of  Globalization, in such key phrases as the “interconnectedness of today’s global challenges” and  “our  distinct perspective is holistic, systemic and long-term”. Therefore,  the solutions proposed for  human development are global and all-pervasive, but there is a very “dark” and  “diabolical” side to their philanthropic scientific proposals. This dark dimension is openly   revealed by one of their limited number of peer-reviewed Reports,  entitled ‘The First Global Revolution’, published in 1991, reflecting their “ideological criteria” and their “long-term  strategic references”.

In essence and pragmatically, their long-term   motivations   are for the establishment of  a  World  Government, their own  World  Government!!!

In  their  Report they state the following,”…In  searching for a  new enemy to unite us, we came up  with the idea that pollution, the threat of  global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the  bill… But in   designating them as  the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for  causes. All these damages are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and   behaviour that they can be overcome. The real   enemy , then is  humanity itself…”.(…/the-club-of-rome)

Therefore, according to The  Club of  Rome’s report, the common  enemy of  humanity is  man in general, his unpredictable and  self-defeating nature, but of course for them  “it is  different” from that  of the  transnational elites, who  control most of the world’s  wealth!!!

Using a source from Oxfam/Forbes , the BBC  reported that in 2015, the 62 richest people in the world, are worth more than the 50% of the world’s population. In the same frame of reference, Robert Parker, CEO  at Holborn Assets, a major international investments  firm, commented that  in his opinion, “…the biggest threat of  globalization is  the creation of  a  world elite that will  eventually rule  the world. Gradually, there is a world power that is  being created instead of  compartmentalized  power  sectors…”.(

This  focus on a premeditated control  of  world social trends and human evolution by  organizations or think  tanks  of  “enlightened individuals”, experts from a  wide variety of disciplines, such as academia, religion, government, business, the media, etc. (in order  to realize the  “schizophrenic dreams” of the most powerful individuals on earth  for a World  Government or  a  New World  Order ), is shared by another very powerful non-governmental, non-profit  organization ,  which is  the Council on  Foreign Relations(CFR).

The  Council  on  Foreign  Relations  was  founded  in 1921, it is an  American non-profit  and  non-governmental “think  tank” which  specializes  in the foreign policies  of  the  United  States and  in  International  Affairs.”…It is headquartered in  New  York City, with an additional office in  Washington, D.C.. Its membership , which numbers 4,900, has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA  directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures…”.( _on_Foreign_ Relations)

In the meetings of the  CFR, foreign government officials, international business  leaders and prominent members of the intelligence and foreign-policy community are convened regularly to discuss international issues. The CFR through the David Rockfeller  Studies Program, makes recommendations to the American administration and the American government’s  diplomatic community, interacts  with the media frequently and publishes a bi-monthly journal, “Foreign Affairs”.

Richard  Nathan  Haas has served as president and official spokesman of  The Council on Foreign Relations since  July 2003. Mr. Haas has served in the past  as senior advisor to  America’s Department of  Defense(1979-1980) and to America’s  Department of  State(1981-1985). Under the presidency of George H.W. Bush(1989-1993), he was  Special Assistant to the  President  and  Senior  Director for  Near East and  South Asian Affairs.

Richard Nathan Haas(1951-     ) clearly projects  his foreign policy views in his book ‘The Reluctant Sheriff’, published in 1977, where he essentially defines the major components of the political ideology of  Globalization of the  United States and of course that  of The Council on  Foreign Relations.(

In this book,   Mr.Haas expresses his firm belief that the  United  States should function as  an  “informal empire”  and that its foreign policy should be an “imperial foreign policy”. He  believes that it is the responsibility of the United  States to set  the guidelines and the standards for the external policies of almost all of the countries in the world, reflecting its own political preferences and of course its own political interests.

For Mr. Haas and naturally for The Council on Foreign Relations, the  United  States  should play the role of “international sheriff”, always trying to convince  other countries to accept  and respect its own foreign policy strategy by whatever means or methods.”…what will prove crucial is the ability of the United States to persuade others to adopt and abide by its preferences-and the will and the ability of the United States to act as a sheriff, to mobilize itself and others to insist on them when resistance emerges…”.(

Going now back to our own “international conspiracy theory”, there are social  and political  scientists  who classify The  Council on  Foreign  Relations(CFR)  as one of the most  influential  elite planning  and policy-making  organizations in  the world, like the  Trilateral  Commission , the  Bilderberg  Group and the  Committee of 300.

 These  well recognized   scientists,  consider that all of these “international elite organizations” work in unison with other powerful world entities, across capitalist societies in pursuit of common interests.”…Political scientist William Aviles, for example, includes the  CFR among  a class of ‘transnational policy-making institutions’ that he contends have worked in tandem with  Western governments and international financial institutions such as  the  International Monetary Fund(IMF) and the World  Bank(WB) to expand free trade, reduce regulations upon investments of transnational corporations, and accelerate the integration  of  markets through economic blocks such as the North American Free  Trade  Association or the  European Union…”. (

The  “practical” or the “pragmatic” goal of  Globalization  is “pure power” in  all its forms, including Cultural Globalization.”…in the final analysis, globalization does not represent the  intermingling of  a plurality of  cultures or a harmonious synthesis of a single global culture, but rather a struggle for power. In this respect, globalization is clearly a political as well as a cultural phenomenon, and  part of the political impact of globalization relates to the issue of  homogenization…”.(

The most dynamic  and effective instrument of  “cultural globalization” is  Mass Media, which  can infiltrate almost all societies and impose in a subtle way through  an “aesthetics propaganda” and  “brain washing” its own  Everyday Virtual Reality of a homogenized and  gullible consumer.”…There is no question that all these globalizing  trends are made possible  with  the help of mass media at both the domestic and international level…”.(

The  Mass  Media Outlets  around the world, like those ones which control the  Internet, Cable and  Satellite TV, Music, Cinema and printed material, are mostly American, promoting the American view of life, the  American consumer and social standards, and  American “virtual reality” of human existential passivity and human social uniformity.”…Western agencies produce and  transmit  90%  of the world’s news , and it is estimated that products of the American mass media, account for 75% of broadcast  and cable television revenues worldwide and the American books make up 35% of the  world market. Serge Latouche argues that the global media propagate a very American-centric  vision  of the world that fails to acknowledge the existence and importance of linguistic and cultural diversity and of the multitude of perspectives that exist worldwide…”.(

We  have  therefore established that “international mass media”  is the foremost tool  for Cultural  Globalization. Now, in  order to put into effect this type of  Cultural  Globalization, there has  to be  a concerted strategy  between the individuals who own and control the means of mass media, such as satellite television, the  Internet, computers, mobile phones, etc. They have to arrive at a final consensus what  this  Globalized Culture  should involve  with respect to  socio-cultural criteria and socio-economic purposes within a particular society or within a group of particular societies.

First of all, there  has to be created and established those socio-cultural, economic and political preconditions, whereby the dissemination, the concentration and the propagation of the  dominance  of  Western popular  culture can be achieved. Second, all symbols, images, metaphors, everyday concepts and ideas  transmitted ,  should be stereotyped and look similar. Third, there should be socio-cultural incentives and a  political flexibility, so that  Western perceptions of  entertainment  and human satisfaction can be  accepted as universal, with emphasis put on idealizing  “consumerism” as an absolute necessity for a “normal” and  “well-balanced” everyday existence.

 Finally, traditional culture as  a potential obstacle to a “homogenized globalized culture”, should be gradually replaced by the “virtual culture” of uniformity, consumerism and materialism, which  means replacing socio-cultural pluralism with a socio-cultural framework of  Human Universalism.(

In order to produce a  unitary and uniform Globalized  Culture through the transnational mass media, there has to also  be  a  “silent agreement”, both economic but also  ideological, by the enterprises which control to a large degree the  transnational diffusion of information, entertainment and living standards. If that common strategy  is to be achieved successfully and effectively, there must only be  few and very powerful entrepreneurial players or “market protagonists”, which  translates into an “oligopoly” of transnational media firms, able to dominate the transnational media spectrum!!!

Today, this “oligopoly” of media companies are almost all Western based, while most of these are American.”…A  handful  of  firms dominate the globalized part of the media system. The six largest are AOL(U.S.), Time Warner(U.S.), Disney(U.S.), Vivendi-Universal(French), Bertelsmann(German), Viacom(U.S.), and  Rupert Murdoch’s  News Corporation(Australian). The other main global firms are  AT&T(U.S.), Microsoft(U.S.)  and two  media  groups that are part of much larger industrial corporations: General Electric/NBC(U.S.)  and  Sony/Columbia/Tri Star(Japanese). Of the top 10 global media firms, then, six  are  American(counting News Corporation as Australian), which mostly produce, distribute, and regulate  almost all media outlets…”.(

The  international financial and political  clout of  this  “oligopoly”  of  transnational media enterprises, permit them to determine, to define and to develop the infrastructure, the technology and the logistics of this global  electronic network of transmission of information, sound and visual content. These powerful mass media firms also possess extensive parallel means and channels related to the providers involved in the maintenance , the activation and the modernization of this  global media network, therefore, maximizing their profits when entering foreign markets.

These transnational media enterprises have the financial and  technological  tools to enter relatively easily in  foreign countries and in foreign markets. They are overpowering in a forceful way, confronting dynamically and weakening the market position of  local media firms, which manage the dissemination of information, entertainment, and of  course advertising , reflecting the society’s particular socio-cultural and  socio-economic realities and priorities.

This is a very effective globalized policy and strategy that transnational media corporations are able to pursue , challenging and undermining directly, not only the local , privately owned or government controlled media companies, but also the cultural identity and the socio-economic integrity of the country or of a specific geopolitical region.

The cultural unity, the socio-political stability and the degree of  politicization of a  society, are all three major social obstacles for the globalizing schemes of the transnational media enterprises. As a consequence, it is to the interest of the transnational media enterprises to be able to infiltrate and disrupt a chosen country or region, culturally, socio-economically  and politically.

As  we have previously pointed  out, these “transnational media corporations”, utilizing  their  financial, political and of course technological leverage, can prescribe and energize indirectly the whole of the “international electronic matrix” ,which supports their globalizing media activities.”…Global instructions and companies also have major impact. Global standard bodies such as the International Telecommunications Union(ITU), allocate satellite orbits, determine broadcast frequencies, and define the standards for telephones, mobile phones, faxes, and Internet connections. Global telecom companies, like Cable and Wireless, run much of the world’s communications infrastructure of optical fiber cables, satellite, and high-speed lines. Global media also force competitors to react to them. When Murdoch’s Star TV started broadcasting  in  India, the state television  broadcast had to respond with more competitive entertainment or lose  its audience…”.(

Previously, we mentioned that  due to the  financial , technological  and  political  resources of giant  transnational media corporations like  Disney, Time Warner, CNN and  Microsoft through  the  Internet, they  can supervise and dominate to a large extent the dissemination of information, services and  cultural products  around  the world, especially the  American media  corporations. In this cultural exchange, Western transnational media corporations, especially those owned  by  American economic interests,  literally “invade” traditional cultures through their entertainment providers(TV programs, films, cartoons, music, international news) and through their “refined advertising”, promoting a predefined  package of  goods  and  services, which Western, and especially  American transnational corporations produce and distribute around the world.

The  narrower the spectrum or the choices of goods and services in the global market place, the more economical and naturally the more profitable would be the production and the marketing of these specific goods and services by these Western transnational companies. As a consequence, Western transnational corporations , whether they produce goods or services, or  disseminate information, in their strategy  for “cultural globalization”, they are creating a more “homogenized” global culture, even within the Western developed countries. They are “intentionally” weakening and undermining the societal inputs of traditional culture in protecting and maintaining a  society’s historical identity, its societal cohesion and its popular habits and traditions.

In essence, the “globalizing strategy” of these mostly American transnational corporations is to create  dysfunctional societies, whether by homogenisation or by hybridisation, so that they can become “easy prey” to their “scavenging”.”…While the global media system disseminates capitalist consumer culture globally and uniformly, having a homogenizing effect, it simultaneously has the effect of creating new hybrid cultures as a result of global flows of people and the interpretation of media flows. However, neither homogenisation nor hybridisation attempt the preservation of traditional cultures; homogenisation attempts to suppress them whilst hybridisation  may subvert by incorporating them into new hybrid cultures. It is the future of traditional cultures to which the proliferation of media globalisation  poses the greatest threat and how such cultures can be preserved will be an important question for future theory on media globalisation…”.(

Similarly, through their  neo-liberal capitalist  ideology, those  Western transnational corporations promoting “cultural” but also “economic” globalization, go even further in disrupting and  subverting the social cohesion and the political integrity of  a country, by  opposing forcefully any  state intervention in their global strategies, which like  the societal institution of culture may  obstruct their “globalizing schemes” of  total  control!!!

As  in the case of the  European  Union, democratically elected state governments have checked and  neutralized the  “hegemonic plans” of  transnational corporations, whose  main focus is to supervise the minds, the hearts and “the pockets” of the general  public. Nevertheless, there are many examples where the state apparatus of  a country has supported and  facilitated their globalizing initiatives, especially in the underdeveloped and developing nations, as  their elected and non-elected state representatives  have either been “bought off”, “bribed” or “black-mailed” in cooperating with them(transnational corporations), this  against  the general welfare of  their own citizens.”…The rejection of state intervention in the economy, one of the  basic  liberal principles, remains in place -when that intervention takes the form of the welfare state. But state intervention is allowed to promote the effective functioning of the market mechanism and the related maximization of profits…”.(

The most important economic indicator which specifies and confirms the very close cooperation between the transnational media corporations and the transnational corporations producing  goods and services, are the amounts of money being spent on advertising internationally and also the firms which dominate the advertising market. Transnational advertising through mostly Western transnational media corporations is critical in promoting the goods and services generated by  mostly Western transnational corporations, especially American transnational corporations.

Their joint and complementary economic activities, ensure their steady profits, but above  all, their success in their  globalizing ambitions.”…The volume of advertising in the context of globalization is close to 350-400 billion dollars, the financial volume of the whole media business is much  greater. Now, the advertising market is at the same time controlled by only a few “superad  agency-owning companies”(an oligopoly). New media contents and formats are being produced and they are the face of this commercialization(reality shows, series and movie production). The primary principle is to produce a successful product aimed at a large audience…”.(

Therefore, we see  the youth, high consumers and  the  economically active  population of  tomorrow, being bombarded daily by  a  continuous and permanent flow of  American television, magazines, books, films and  music, dominated by the  American consumer culture and  by the  American English language, whether translated or  not(symbols, concepts, metaphors), especially through the  Internet. All these  dynamic factors  of  Cultural Globalization, undermine all cultures, especially traditional cultures, which are based on a “learned system” of  existential meanings and symbolisms through time, defining the uniqueness of a peoples, a society or a nation.

The  “globalized culture” which Western transnational corporations, especially American transnational corporations, aim to establish , is a  culture of  “virtual reality” with “no historical memory”, where all human participants live and evolve  as  “homogenized”, “gullible” and  “passive” recipients and consumers. These people will be the recipients and consumers not only of goods and services which are being advertised by an “oligopoly” of mainly  American transnational media corporations , and being produced by an “oligopoly” of mainly American transnational  corporations, but also the new consumer symbols, the new  socio-economic priorities and the new moral  standards of  “modern” American Virtual Reality!!!

Modern Everyday Reality is an American Virtual Reality which has subjugated the everyday lives of  all  Americans, young or old, rich or poor, for more than 100 years. This, since the socio-cultural omnipotence  of  Hollywood Cinema in American popular entertainment and the all -pervasive consumer status  of  Coca Cola, as the main soft-drink beverage of all Americans , soon to  become the main soft-drink of almost all of humanity!!!

There lies the real economic success or the real “economic  deception”(virtual reality)  of  American Capitalism and  American Cultural Globalization. The means and the power of  American transnational enterprises to produce and disseminate a product all over the world, which carries very  little  intellectual  benefit(Hollywood films) or very little nutritional content(Coca Cola soft drink), and “metamorphosing” it into an essential element and a vital component in a person’s everyday  wellbeing  and everyday  pleasure!!!


 MacDonald  Disney  bill gates
 MacDonald’s  Disney  Bill Gates
(From South Park)