Globalization- the negative social impact on a person living in the West


Before we touch upon the different aspects of everyday life that Globalization affects negatively a person living in the Western World, I should like to present my own perspective of what Globalization entails in a general and universal context.

First of all I believe that the type of Globalization that the entire world is experiencing today, especially in the Western nation-states like the member states of the European Union and the United States, has been designed in a ‘’conspiratorial manner’’ for more than 50 years, by the richest and most powerful groups of people in the world. This cabal of elites are represented by Elite Organizations like the Bilderberg Group, the Committee of 300,the Club of Rome, and the Rockefeller and Rothschild financial dynasties.

These ‘’elite criminal syndicates’’ dominate most of the world’s financial institutions and central banks, as well as the world’s most powerful Masonic Lodges, like Britain’s Grand Lodge of Scotland and America’s Grand Lodge of King David.

The main goal of Globalization today is to concentrate as much political power and economic wealth in the hands of these ‘’elite groups’’ of the world, so that the vast majority of the people everywhere in ‘’different capacities’’ would service their main ambition of controlling all of humanity at all levels of society with a variety of socio-economic and socio-political instruments.

All this ‘’complex scheme’’ is a reflection of a ‘’conspiratorial mega plan’’ by very powerful ‘’psychotic’’ individuals who like the founders of empires in human history believe they can function as ‘’omnipotent world masters’’ , yet ignoring that they are ‘’mortal beings’’ like everyone else. They are ‘’clinically deranged’’ people who suffer from the syndrome of every ‘’psychotic megalomaniac’’ who has ever existed, from Alexander the Great to today’s Bill Gates.

There are thousands of such ‘’clinically deranged’’ ambitious elites in history who unfortunately always have ‘’the upper hand’’ because as ‘’cold blooded predators’’ they stop at nothing , even devouring their own children, exactly like the Primitive Neanderthals.

These Globalist elites want to impose universally a New World Order similar to what the Nazis did in Germany and the Bolsheviks in Russia, aspiring to a World Government and a Monolithic Universal Economic System , where everyone at different societal levels and at different professional capacities , would contribute mostly ‘’under psychological duress’’, towards maintaining these institutional constructs.

This World Government would be based on a ‘’corporatist totalitarian single party’’ political system where most of its ‘’apolitical citizens’’ would have ‘’no say’’ or ‘’social input’’ in the way it functions or evolves. The only individuals who could regulate this administrative apparatus would be the bureaucrats and political commissars who are selected by the Globalist elite organizations , similar to what the European Union represents today.

The European Union was founded on February 7, 1992, when the 12 member states of the European Community signed the Maastricht Treaty. In time, 16 more European countries signed this Treaty becoming member states of the Union. Practically these European countries ‘’signed off’’ their sovereignty as independent nation-states which controlled their own national policies, economic, social and even political. They are guided by centralized commissions and by political commissars representing their member states within the European Parliament in Brussels.
Essentially, the European Union is governed by non-elected officials who can supersede in decision making national governments and national political parties governing these countries.
We therefore witness a ‘’corporatist’’ geo-political entity which has the administrative powers to inforce almost every type of policy that sometimes can be detrimental to a particular member country, as became evident with the economic bankruptcy of Greece after 2010.

This polarizing political development within the European Union, benefitted the German and the French central banks which were the financial backers of the Greek government , providing loans with high interest rates. In this ‘’corporatist political construct’’ , the European Union allowed European central banks to act as ‘’financial predators’’ on one of its member states.
Objectively speaking , the European Union was the ‘’monstrous creation’’ of Globalist elite organizations who aimed at founding a vast geopolitical entity of more than 400 million ‘’pseudo citizens’’ who would work for the benefit of transnational corporations, central banks and transnational commercial institutions.

Today, China and the European Union represent the most powerful geopolitical centers of Globalization in the world.

Another very important goal of the Globalist elites is to establish a ‘’universal monolithic political culture’’ where each person , not a citizen with civil rights, would function socially according to the universal precepts defined by a Globalist agenda and not as a response to the particular needs and the traditional institutions of a nation or a community .

Most of the economic activities and resources would be regulated by transnational corporations and transnational financial institutions as monopolies, redirecting most of the material and human resources from the wide population towards the capital holdings of the Globalist elite organizations who control all of these transnational monopolies.

The real social function of the everyday person would be to service and subsidize these Globalist monopolies and elite organizations ‘’under the fear’’ of losing their own livelihood and social status, since they would be depended economically and socially on the New World Order.

Today’s Globalization is formulated basically on the same type of socio-political and socio-economic model as that of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, where all societal activities were directed towards the benefit of the very few elites, who controlled the vast majority of the populace.

In Rome’s imperial times, the ‘’good client’’ was the ‘’good soldier’’, who was also a Roman citizen, the one who kept this vast empire together, while earning just enough to survive. With the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, the ‘’good individual’’ was the ‘’good Christian’’ who obeyed ‘’in fear for his soul’’ all the tenets of the Vatican and the Pope, building and maintaining churches and monasteries, which served as ‘’bank outlets’’ replenishing with ‘’gold coins’’ the coffers of the clergy.

In today’s Globalization, the ‘’impersonal everyday citizen’’ operates automatically , at different ‘’prescribed levels’’ and at different ‘’prescribed capacities’’ , while this individual is strictly monitored by various overreaching state security instruments, so as to be productive and ‘’stay in line’’ with the prescribed tenets of civil obedience imposed by a monolithic political culture which is totalitarian and dogmatic in nature. No dialectic thinking or non-conformity is permitted.

The individual must be a ‘’loyal’’ and ‘’fervent’’ consumer of all the goods and services being produced , promoted and distributed by the various transnational corporations , even when such products or services harm the physical and mental health of the consumer, such as anti-depressant opiate medications or entertainment videos instilling violent behavior in young people.
The societal model promoted and enforced by the Globalist elites through their ‘’political lackeys’’ in every sector of government administration is an amalgamation of the necessary societal components where the person through ‘’fear’’ and ‘’insecurity’’ is forced to comply with all of the regulations prescribed by ‘’globalist state commissars’’ such as government officials, security state personnel and state health officials, even if these regulations are ‘’irrational’’ and ‘’unconstitutional’’.

A very good example of such an ‘’illegal’’ and ‘’criminal’’ policy enforced by the Globalist commissars in government administration and in state health institutions is the policy of almost a ‘’total lockdown’’ of schools and small businesses , theoretically for preventing the spread of the Covid virus 19 or better yet the China virus.

This universal Globalist government policy is destroying the individual psychologically, economically and physically, for a Pandemic which in reality is just a type of ‘’flu virus’’ which spreads more easily than the ordinary virus. Statistics show that the death rate worldwide and in the United States haven’t changed between 2019 and 2020 , when the Covid virus began its long journey to the four corners of the world.

Today, the Covid Pandemic is the product of an ‘’organized’’ and a ‘’conspiratorial’’ scheme which began in the Chinese biological laboratories in the province of Wuhan and was allowed by the Communist Party of China to spread as a biological weapon all over the world but not to the rest of China. It was a conspiracy by the government of China with the aid of other Globalist power centers such as the European Union and the World Health Organization in Switzerland, in order to impose an economic and societal lockdown all over the world, especially in the Western developed countries.

The Covid Pandemic undermined the civil liberties and the physical welfare of human beings by criminal political powers like China, by criminal politicians like the heads of the governments of the member states of the European Union, by criminal bureaucrats like the personnel of the World Health Organization and by criminal entrepreneurs like the owners of the main stream news outlets and the High Tech corporations of communication.

All of these human components have an ‘’economic stake’’ in this whole criminal enterprise . They all work as major clients of the all powerful elites of Globalization represented by central banks, transnational corporations, transnational financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, and naturally the Military Industrial Complex.

Anyone who has gone through higher education in a Western academic institution is saying that we are living today through an ‘’Orwellian nightmare’’ which originates in George Orwell’s book ‘’1984’’. This futuristic novel describes a ‘’scientifically advanced’’ and ‘’totalitarian’’ state where people have been brainwashed through the media and the universal consumption of psychedelic substances to behave as well programmed ‘’robots’’ , having no personal identity and no personal input in society.

In this futuristic society of Orwell, almost everyone is forced to comply to the ‘’whims’’ and the ‘’madness’’ of Big Brother , who today is represented by the Globalist elites like the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties, the Royal families of Europe, Bill Gates, George Soros , as well as the major shareholders of transnational corporations , transnational banks and transnational hedge funds. The common denominator between all these personalities is that they are all ‘’psychopaths’’!!!


a—Negative social impact of Globalization economically

As we have already described, today’s Globalization aims at concentrating most of the world’s economic activities and resources in the hands of transnational corporations, transnational financial institutions and transnational administrative organizations like the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

The focus of this Globalization is to neutralize the economic policies of national governments which support the welfare state, their national economies and the ‘’middle class’’ which represent the ‘’backbone’’ of every developed nation. They want to redirect national resources towards the financial interests of the Globalist elites like Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet.
For example, the small local enterprises of the Western countries which function for the economic self-sufficiency and development of the local communities are considered a ‘’financial obstacle’’ to the Globalist elite groups since their goods and services do not contribute directly and fully to their ‘’capital accumulation’’ through direct profits or to their ‘’own control’’ over financial and commercial national policies.

At the same time, small local enterprises and the middle class are the ones who contribute the most through taxes in maintaining a strong national economy which the Globalists oppose. They want weak national economies to be dependent financially on their Globalized financial organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank and the Central Bank of the European Union.
A very good example of how destructive economically these Globalist elite organizations are on a person’s everyday welfare is the case of the ‘’Green Revolution’’ which was enforced by them on India’s small farmers in the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.

With the support of a corrupt and Globalist Indian government, these organizations were allowed to force on Indian small farmers to mechanize their agriculture with modern machinery bought from foreign transnational corporations like John Deere and General Motors, which were overpriced. Also they were required to buy chemical fertilizers from foreign transnational corporations like Monsanto at high interest rates in order to increase their crop yield.

This was called ‘’the Green Revolution’’ where traditional farming was to modernize and become ‘’theoretically’’ as productive as the agricultural sectors of the Western developed countries.
The Indian small farmers who represent tens of millions of families are mostly small landowners who were forced to cooperate with each other in order to finance these drastic agricultural reforms, sharing the costs , the machinery and the inputs to their land which not only included chemical fertilizers but also ‘’high yield’’ genetically modified seeds(MGO) which they bought from the same foreign transnational corporations also at very high prices.

For these small farmers in India these drastic reforms soon became a financial disaster locally and nationally because after a certain period of time they could not service their debts by selling their produce on the market place and had to sell their small farms in order to repay their debt to the banks. Tens of thousands of small Indian farmers committed suicide exactly like what is happening to the middle classes in Western countries, because they have lost their livelihood due to the Great Economic Reset introduced by the Globalist elites and their ‘’political lackeys’’.
At the same time, India which was self-sufficient and even an exporter of grains and rice, had to import these agricultural products , putting a great financial burden on India’s national economy, ‘’a dream come true’’ for the Globalized financial organizations like the IMF and the World Bank.

A very recent indicator of the destructive impact of Globalization on the everyday person is the Pandemic of Covid 19, whose ‘’conspiratorial purpose’’ was to destroy small businesses in Western countries through government national policies of ‘’economic lockdowns’’.

Businesses such as restaurants, cafeterias, movie theatres, theatres , athletic centers, apparel stores, bookshops, small hotels, electronic shops, and many other small enterprises were forced by Globalized governments to ‘’suddenly’’ put a break on all their commercial activities, while large transnational enterprises like Walt Mart, Costco and hotel chains like the Regency Hotels and the Hilton Hotels, were allowed to continue their economic activities. As a result millions of small enterprises and entrepreneurs in Western countries went bankrupt, affecting the daily livelihood of millions of everyday people , while also destroying the local economies.

In contrast, the Covid Pandemic brought very high profits to transnational enterprises like Amazon, Disney and Microsoft, which could distribute their products and services ‘’virtually’’ to their own customers using their High Tech facilities like the Internet.

Similarly , large multinational Pharmaceutical Companies( Big Pharma) like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna, made billions of dollars in profits because they not only produced the vaccines for the Covid 19 virus , but they also manufactured a surplus of anti-depressant medications for the tens of millions of everyday consumers in the West. All these people could not cope psychologically with the drastic existential changes caused by the Covid Pandemic and the Great Economic Reset forced upon them by Globalized elite organizations and their ‘’political lackeys’’, eliminating any type of everyday normalcy for almost everyone.


b – Negative social impact of Globalization politically

The Globalist elites want to control all economic activities and resources of the nation-states, especially the Western developed nation-states like the United States. In order to achieve this they have to undermine and weaken their democratic political culture by dictating their national policies and their electoral procedures. They can realize this plan by supporting and by subsidizing the political leaders and the high administrative officials who are willing to be ‘’bought off’’ or ‘’play the game’’ through blackmail , dictating to them how they should proceed in order to insure their ‘’grab of power’’, both economically and politically. In their ‘’long term agenda’’ for Globalization, they focus on weakening national governments which maintain and protect their national sovereignty.

In Western Europe, these elites have succeeded in dominating national governments and political parties by creating the European Union in 1992 under the Maastricht Agreement which originally included the 12 member states of the European Community. Using a variety of economic and political manipulations, the Globalist elites were able to eventually add 16 more European countries to the European Union.

The establishment of the European Union was an absolute success for their hegemonic plans since they had under their control a geopolitical entity of developed nation-states representing more than 400 million ‘’citizens’’ or ‘’consumers’’.

The Globalist elites could now define and formulate almost all of the policies of the European Union through their ‘’clientele’’ of unelected European commissions and commissioners representing each member state at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Practically, these administrative officials worked for these elites , since they were subservient to the transnational corporations, the transnational financial institutions and the central banks, especially the European Union’s Central Bank. All these major financial and commercial institutions imposed national policies on the member states which benefitted them both economically and politically.

All member states of the European Union were forced to transfer almost all of their political and administrative powers to an unelected European Parliament of technocrats and politicians , who enjoyed immense financial privileges subsidized by the European Central Bank. These European commissars could determine and manipulate the budgets and economic policies of the various ministries of the national governments, especially the ministries of finance.

All political parties of the member states had to comply with almost all of the policies dictated by the European Parliament and the European Central Bank, and if conformity was not achieved by any one member state it was penalized economically and politically.

There is the case of the economic bankruptcy of Greece in 2010, while presently Hungary, Poland and Serbia are being pressured economically and politically because they do not want to accept the trade embargo against Russia which the European Union is demanding. The penalties are economic and political , meaning ‘’blackmailing’’ those member states who want to protect their own economic interests and alliances outside of the European Union.

We could then conclude that even though member states of the European Union conduct national elections and their citizens through their political parties elect their national parliament, pragmatically this does not protect their political sovereignty since their political representatives are politically subservient to the European Parliament .

This undemocratic political culture within the European Union becomes apparent when we witness what the British Conservative government of Boris Johnson had to face and is still facing with the ‘’warlike behavior’’ by the European Union’s administrators, once he initiated and succeeded in taking Great Britain out of the Union through a popular referendum in 2019.

Of course these ‘’dictatorial policies’’ by the European Parliament are defended to a large extent by the main mass media of Europe whose political propaganda defends European globalized policies, many times contrary to the consensus of its citizens, and many times to their economic and social detriment like with the ‘’economic lockdowns’’ imposed due to the Pandemic of Covid 19.
Therefore as in all ‘’dictatorships’’ , the citizens of the member states of the European Union have ‘’very little say’’ or ‘’political input’’ as to how their national governments exercise their institutional powers.

These are exactly the reasons why the Globalist elites within and outside the United States ‘’went on the attack’’ after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016, whose political agenda was to defend the political and economic integrity of his country and his people, against their ‘’hegemonic strategies’’ which had taken hold of the country from the time Bill Clinton, a Democrat, became President of the United States in 1992.

The Globalist elite organizations which have been planning for the economic, social and political demise of the United States for more than 50 years, always with the ‘’full cooperation’’ of the previous American administrations since Bill Clinton’s presidency, a Globalist, had to activate their political and economic ‘’clients’’ within the country, to reverse the outcome of the Presidential Elections of 2020, because from all objective indicators , Donald Trump without the ‘’massive electoral fraud’’ would have received many more votes than Joe Biden.

The ‘’rigging’’ of the American Elections of 2020, demonstrated to the world, especially to all American citizens, that they had the ‘’power’’ and the ‘’means’’ internally and externally to essentially ‘’take down’’ the American Republic, and put in its place a ‘’corporatist totalitarian one party’’ political system , exactly like the one which exists in Communist China today.

Their whole ‘’political conspiracy’’ to manipulate and rig the American Presidential Elections of 2020, involved utilizing a ‘’compromised’’ judicial system at all levels, from the local communities, to the cities and the states, whose administrative personnel whether governors , state attorneys, states judges, even the Supreme Court of the country, were following their political directives.
This ‘’massive political treachery’’ by government administrators occurred because either they were bribed by the ‘’middle men’’ of the Globalist elites, like George Soros, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, or the results were manipulated from outside of the United States using cyber means connected to the machines which tabulated the votes , especially the Dominion machines.

For example, we see the Italian government an ally of China, connecting the Vatican’s satellite Da Vinci to the machines tabulating the American votes using the Internet. Other countries which participated in this cyber intervention were China, Germany, France and Spain, all political bastions of Globalization.

Once the election procedures are tampered with, either by using modern technology or by government state officials who corrupt the constitutional criteria for the voting process like permitting mail-in-ballots to be counted after voting has been terminated or not ensuring the validity of the signature of the voter or the validity of residency in the various electoral precincts then ‘’anything goes’’, and it went according to their ‘’conspiratorial plans’’. They eliminated any semblance of democratic procedures where the vote of each citizen is counted properly.

In essence , the Globalist elites took over the governance of the United States where the Democratic Party, their loyal partner, would have absolute control over the policies of the American government , always for their own benefit. It is therefore not surprising that their ‘’Manchurian candidate’’( installed candidate) , Joe Biden, a senile and corrupt politician, having financial links to China and the Ukraine, would sign 40 executive orders during the first two months of his Presidency.

With these executive orders, Joe Biden reversed all of Trump’s policies which had promoted the economic and political integrity of the United States , as an independent and powerful nation-state. Trump’s national policies were an ‘’anathema’’ to the Globalists long term calculations of world dominance under their protocols of the New World Order and the Great Economic Reset promoted by their allies and coconspirators in the Davos Conference this year.

I personally believe that their focus now in insuring their Globalist agenda is on Great Britain which went against their scheme when the Conservative government of Boris Johnson exited the country from the European Union, and now he is reversing his ‘’independency policy’’ , under the many threats by the European Union and the threats even to his own wellbeing. We witnessed this on live television, when Boris Johnson almost ‘’expired’’ when he contracted the Covid 19 virus, which is not normal , considering the fact that the chances of dying from the virus is less than 0.3 % according to the statistics for his age bracket .

Similarly, I believe that the other country which is ‘’under their microscope’’ is Israel, which is an affluent and technically developed nation-state with an independent national policy. That is exactly why the Globalist elites are trying very hard to weaken it internationally , through accusations ‘’of crimes against humanity’’ declared by the International Court of Justice at the Hague, a Globalized institution like the United Nations.

There is also the fact that Joe Biden is trying very hard to normalize America’s relations with Iran, a country which the government of Israel considers an ‘’existential enemy’’ due to its official position for ‘’eliminating it from the face of the earth’’ , as well as its nuclear program to build a ‘’nuclear arsenal’’.


c — Negative social impact of Globalization culturally

Two definitions of the word ‘’culture’’ are,

1 – the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.(
2 – the ideas , customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.(

We shall begin this last section of our narrative on Globalization, with excerpts from an article I wrote in 2018 on Political Globalization, which clearly demonstrates the pervasive ‘’mantra’’(belief, motto) of Western culture today.

‘’…The second historical narrative which is also biographical, takes place in the 20th century , in North America , and more specifically in Canada. It concerns a real everyday personality who was considered maybe the richest businessman in Canada and one of the wealthiest people in the world. His name is Paul Desmarais(1927-2013), a French Canadian , raised and based in the province of Ontario in Sudbury…

…In the early 1980s , when I was still living in Montreal, Canada, Paul Desmarais gave a personal interview to a French Canadian TV reporter who worked for Radio Canada, the French version of the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The hour long interview of Paul Desmarais was in French, and I watched the entire program , being curious about what this famous French Canadian magnate would confide to the woman reporter…

…Near the end of the interview, the woman reporter asked him a final question on a very personal level. She said to him , ‘ You sir, were raised in a very affluent family environment, you had the best education money can buy, you have a happy and healthy family, you have travelled around the world many times, you have houses in many places and you are a very successful international businessman and one of the richest persons not only in Canada but in the world, what else do you want?’ Paul Desmarais replied very quickly , in a calm and sincere way by saying, ‘ I want everything ‘, and he really meant it !!!…’’.

Today’s ‘’mantra’’ in Western Culture is ‘’ I want everything’’, whether it be Bill Gates, Wilfrid Oprah , the Democratic Party of the United States, or just the everyday person whose expectations , ambitions and desires for personal wealth and power are limitless.

Objectively speaking, human nature has always been like this with few historical exceptions.

Yet with today’s Globalization, the Great Economic Reset and the Pandemic of Covid 19, a biological weapon used by the Globalist elites to enforce a ‘’totalitarian’’ socio-political environment as well as undermining economically a large section of the middle classes of Western societies, ‘’fear’’ and ‘’insecurity’’ have become all prevalent , producing behavioral side effects which makes almost everyone very competitive and individualistic.

People are becoming once again ‘’tribal predators’’ like their Neanderthal ancestors. There is no room for human empathy, friendship, cooperation or just basic human love like the early Christians. It’s everyone for himself or herself , and each against all . It’s not even tribalism , it’s individualism in its extreme , almost like ‘’primitive cannibalism’’ metaphorically speaking.
After 70 years of life, having lived essentially in 4 different cultures, having gone through higher education both in Canada and Western Europe, and after having read thousands of books, articles and manuscripts of all categories, my perspective of what culture represents is the following.

For me culture is a ‘’societal construct’’ or even a social institution, which covers all social strata, economic classes, religions and ethnicities , of all ages and genders, incorporating the social means and the social instruments, which allow people to express their ideas and ideological preferences. Through ‘’culture’’ human beings can create new forms of communication , maintain a social balance between the individual and the community, as well as between the masses and society’s elite classes which control power and govern. Also culture influences and defines the relationship between the individual and the divine or metaphysical, as well as the interrelationship between the human being and its mortal or physical existence.

What I believe, is that culture in its simplest form, keeps a society or a community together, a human being mentally, spiritually and aesthetically creative, while also ensuring the essential human cohesion and integrity within the community and within the psyche of a human being. Culture also maintains and promotes a society’s historical identity, which in turn ensures societal political stability and integration.

The elites of Globalization in the West like Bill Gates, George Soros and Zuckerberg, are against all types of stable or traditional cultures, especially those cultures which promote societal progress and a historical identity. These Globalist elites want to establish societies which are always in flux, divisive and passive, so that the individual would not be able to activate and utilize the traditional tools and the inner spiritual confidence to resist and question the propaganda and the dictates of the ‘’commissars’’ of the New World Order and the Great Economic Reset.

We shall therefore examine a few of the main human components of the culture which is becoming dominant today in the West, especially in Western Europe and in North America, human components translated into aspects of the human character and everyday human behavior. We shall identify those everyday human qualities which are being promoted and integrated into human society in order to more easily establish and maintain a ‘’totalitarian social environment’’ , similar to what was described in George Orwell’s book ‘’1984’’.

These human social attitudes and social references shall be named and defined individually, presenting examples of their manifestations and functions.

The Globalist elite organizations are conspiring to establish a ‘’Universal Culture’’ with no real diversity , historical content or objective human input which link it to past human experience or an innovative future where human beings through knowledge and life experience can be creative and critical. The Globalist elites want to create a ‘’Unitary’’ culture on a ‘’blank slate’’ with no historicity or tradition , where they can write whatever conceptual ‘’inconsistencies’’, ‘’irrationalities’’ and ‘’contradictory ideas’’ they choose to propagate.

They are using all social tools and social means so that the large majority of people would not be able to apply their rationality, their traditional tenets or their natural creative instinct.
The list of those human attitudes and behavioral proclivities are the following:

Greed—As we have already emphasized , today’s ‘’mantra’’ in Western culture is ‘’I want everything’’. Under this ‘’psychosis’’ of greed which affects the majority of people in the world, young or old, rich or poor, men or women, human beings act and function in their everyday lives as ‘’predators’’ or even as ‘’modern cannibals’’ , always ready to take apart and consume anyone who is considered an obstacle to their immediate needs.

There are no behavioral norms or rules, just a frenetic drive or an absolute expectation of the ‘’other one’’ who is seen as an ‘’object’’ for exploitation, since they see themselves as ‘’objects for exploitation’’. Therefore all actions are permitted , but there is always a price to be paid in the long run, and they know it.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States sacrificed the life of his son Hunter Biden, because of his own greed for wealth and love for power, while at the same time undermining the welfare and integrity of his own family.

Joe Kennedy , the father of President John F. Kennedy, exploited the political careers of his sons John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy , exposing them to assassinations in order to achieve financial dominance and political power over his enemies within the Italian crime syndicates.

Joe Kennedy’s greed has put a ‘’divine curse’’ on the Kennedy clan for almost 100 years, where many of its members have expired before their time, through assassinations, suicides and suspicious accidents. They all forgot that the Universe has its own ‘’checks and balances’’.

***From personal experience , I want to say that anyone who betrayed my love and friendship, eventually paid a price for it!!!

Workaholic— With the Great Economic Reset and with the Pandemic of Covid 19, the marketplace for work has become very strenuous and competitive, forcing people to work from 40, to 50, even to 80 hours per week. Work has become almost a ‘’narcotic’’.

For decades now, due to changing socio-economic norms, defined by the mass media, advertising and entertainment, the everyday expectations of everyone living in the Western world is to acquire more and more money in order to acquire more and more goods and services.

Almost everyone has become a ‘’workaholic’’ , from owners of multinational companies to small businessmen, to professionals like doctors and lawyers , to your average lorry driver who works 10 to 15 hour shifts in order to transport goods to far off locations.

Everyone wants to accumulate property and capital to feel powerful and successful, sacrificing their physical and mental wellbeing , the proper upbringing of their children and a normal life. These are exactly the reasons why most people in the West, including young people, consume vast amounts of medicinal opiates, anti-depressants , hard drugs and alcohol. They have become addicted to these very dangerous habits , so as to cope with their personal anxiety for unlimited material expectations.

Superficially, socially successful persons whether entertainers, business people, doctors or politicians, seem to be robust and in control, yet if one examines closely their lives and their personal behavior, you discover that they are all ‘’psychotic’’ and ‘’unbalanced’’, out of touch with everyday human reality. You just have to look at the facial expression of famous people like Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga and doctor Fauci to realize their ‘’distorted mental state’’.

For example, Bill Gates, who by the way thinks he is God, is financing a scientific project to partially cover the sun’s rays by spreading microscopic metal particles in the atmosphere using thousands of planes. Then we have Crazy Doctor Fauci, responsible for regulating government strategy to combat the Pandemic of Covid 19 in the United States, where he changes his guidelines almost every day, especially as they relate to masks and lockdowns. Finally we have to mention the crazy case with Steve Jobs, owner of Apple, who a few day before dying from terminal cancer which he knew, went on public stage to advertise Apple’s new i-phone.

Yet these famous workaholics are Western society’s ‘’success models’’, to be respected, glorified and emulated. These ‘’crazy workaholics’’ are running our society, so wouldn’t you expect that the vast majority of people in the West would eventually ‘’go off the rails’’??


Fake or Virtual —

The lives of most people in the West are dominated by fake standards and fake responses to everyday realities. Their lives have been distorted in order to accommodate themselves with ‘’virtual reality’’ that is being propagated by fake news, superficial social models promoted through entertainment and advertising, by government policy like the lockdowns and the protective masks due to the ‘’fake’’ Pandemic of Covid 19, and of course the propaganda which emanates from communication platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In my everyday life, when I communicate my opinions and my feelings truthfully, most people consider me ‘’an alien’’ from another planet who is trying to counteract their provocative attitude which entails ‘’political correctness’’ based on their farfetched theories on gender and racial equality. They want to ‘’level out ‘’ all distinctions between human beings irrespective of their life history, their gender, their ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as their ideology.

Two very good examples of such trends leading to an ‘’existential confusion’’ or ‘’social frenzy’’ are the following.

The first one has to do with the law passed by the Biden government in the United States, allowing male transsexuals to participate in women’s sports, all women’s sports. This, scientifically goes against the human biological evolution of 1 million years, where the physical makeup of males has made them stronger and more hardy than females due to the fact that they were the hunters while the females procreated.

This legally enforced counter culture in North America has made its citizens, especially its politicians and educators, look absolutely ‘’irrational’’ and ‘’ridiculous’’ , yet the government and society’s establishment to a large degree are trying very hard to drive people ‘’crazy’’ through their insistence to normalize this ‘’extreme’’ counter culture. The ‘’monolithic culture’’ as defined and enforced by the elites of Globalization, are investing on ‘’social madness’’ to test how obedient and compliant human beings can be under the ‘’terror’’ of a police state and economic insecurity.

A second very good example where people accept ‘’virtual reality’’ as an essential component of their everyday life, is their passivity to the government conspiracy of the Pandemic of Covid 19, where economies and schools have closed down, destroying the lives and the health of millions of people, especially the young ones, in order to protect them from a simple ‘’flu virus’’ which spreads more easily. Until today, there have been 2,5 million deaths from this virus in a world population of about 7 billion people. This information has come straight from the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland. So do the calculation.

The majority of people in the West, have accepted these life threatening measures because of fear, insecurity and fake information being constantly driven into their minds and their subconscious by the ‘’syndicates of criminals’’ like government officials, medical associations, teachers’ unions and the mass media outlets of every kind. This ‘’cabal’’ of criminals are trying very hard to enforce and implement the agenda of the Globalist elites for a One World Order and the Great Economic Reset.

For many years now , the whole culture in the West has been preparing people to be passive citizens and gullible consumers through brainwashing and self-complacency. That is how a ‘’totalitarian corporatist’’ political system is established, where Big Brother ‘’knows what is best’’ for the obedient masses.


Ignorance or Stupidity —

Ignorance or stupidity in human conceptual understanding exists because of a lack of creative human interaction and a missing of real knowledge and information.
Due to the dominance of ‘’virtual’’ human communication during the last 20 years through the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, the personal perception of the other party as well as one’s environment has been distorted through an impersonal, even an exaggerated theatrical context.

Communication between people has become superficial and standardized in substance, even if the person we are communicating with is a friend , a relative or a coworker. There is no real human proximity where the perception ,the mind and the spirit can meet.

This type of an automated and unspontaneous behavior alienates people from each other and from real life experience, resulting in our life becoming artificial and theatrical, with very little true human experience, human emotion or human understanding of a common existential purpose.

Similarly, the information people are acquiring from the media, even from books or newspapers, most of the times is not objective but very shallow and limited in scope. These sources of ideas and concepts , are conforming to and reinforcing the narrative that the Globalized social establishment wants to project in order to create a ‘’Monolithic’’ and ‘’Totalitarian’’ political environment , where there is very little intellectual or creative activity by the individual.

An ignorant and stupid person can be manipulated and brainwashed more easily.

Most of the people I have known and know today are existentially ignorant and stupid!!!

We shall provide two very recent examples of ‘’human ignorance’’ by the masses which services perfectly the elites of Globalization.

The first one is related to that whole ‘’set up’’ by the Globalist organizations of the Pandemic of Covid 19, locking down whole societies and economies , bringing destruction to the lives of millions of people. The virus of Covid 19 is a ‘’flu virus’’ which spreads more easily, functioning as a biological weapon to control people.

Through mass media , government policy and the medical establishment, people have been easily convinced that this is a ‘’life threatening’’ virus of immense proportions, even though the statistics reveal that the number of deaths worldwide has not changed between 2019 and 2020 when Covid 19 spread around the world.

A second example of ‘’human ignorance’’ , especially in North America, is the ‘’counterculture political movement’’ (woke culture) instituted by the Globalist organizations where traditional values and norms are being rejected , questioning even the gender identity of a human being.

The transsexuals, who represent about 0.5% of North America’s population, have become the political focus for human rights and equality, even though in North America and around the world tens of millions of children are being exploited sexually around the world.

In the United States legal steps have been taken by the government , the medical associations and the teachers’ unions to allow parents to interfere medically on children as young as 5 and 6, to facilitate their personal preference to change their own gender.


Narcissism or Arrogance —

From movie stars to singer celebrities , from politicians to athletes, ‘’narcissism’’ or ‘’arrogance’’ has become the pervasive behavioral pattern these people often demonstrate, both because of the publicity they receive and also the financial returns they get due to their popularity. To a large degree all these personalities I believe are ‘’mentally deranged’’ , having very little understanding of their own limitations as mortal beings.

Good examples of such ‘’psychotic’’ famous personalities who think that they are ‘’little gods’’ or ‘’little goddesses’’ are business people like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg, actors such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pete , and politicians like Vice President Kamala Harris and House Representative Alexandra Ocasio Cortez(AOC).

Their narcissism and arrogance has made them very famous and very powerful because they are an integral part of a culture which promotes ‘’human mediocrity’’ and ‘’virtual reality’’. Nevertheless , these famous personalities are admired and emulated by millions of people, especially the young people, who are impressionable and naïve due to a lack of real life experience and also a lack of real education both within the household and within the educational institutions.

Extreme human behavior like ‘’narcissism’’ and ‘’arrogance’’ is promoted also through today’s left leaning ‘’counter culture’’ or ‘’woke culture’’ within every aspect of Western life, from entertainment to politics, and from education to the justice system. In this ‘’mediocre’’ cultural environment almost everyone is trying very hard to be ‘’theatrical’’ and ‘’impersonal’’ so that they can fit in better and progress professionally more easily in a society where there are no norms and ideals.

There is very little space for human integrity, human creativity, human morality and human originality. Everyone can act as if they are ‘’extraordinary’’ , where the whole universe revolves around them. Yet they are contributing very little to human progress and the quality of life in general.

Facebook and Twitter have become very powerful communication enterprises around the world , because they amplify ‘’human narcissism’’ and ‘’human arrogance’’. All their customers want to participate actively in a ‘’virtual culture’’ and pursue ‘’virtual lives’’, the easy life experience.

Conclusion — If we take into account everything we have detailed about the impact of Globalization on the lives of people living in the West, it is natural to assume that these people would be suffering from serious psychological and physical distress. In one word we could say that the people living in Western societies are starting to look ‘’socially chaotic’’ , behaving in an irrational and self-destructive way.



George Orwell’s Big Brother in ‘’1984’’