A letter to a good friend (Part A)

My dearest friend, in the past, I have written letters to your husband and children to advise them how to behave towards you when you were having difficulties physically and mentally. Always taking a risk because I was both direct and precise. I have also written letters to your children to advise them how to handle themselves and how to treat life in general in order to feel more calm and strong when they confront society΄s lies and hypocricy; protecting their health and soul. Similarly, I have written to you and your husband, expressing various thoughts and concerns when your children were starting their studies abroad. These letters were meant to be warnings more than advice, being aware of the real dangers due to your children΄s attitudes and habits. Most of these warnings were ignored by all of you due to egotism and complacency, and of course every time the consequences were painful for all, and especially for your children. In the course of time the aftereffects will become even more evident and harsh. Nevertheless, after so much advice and so many dire experiences, it seems that you have learned very little or you pretend ignorance. You keep on defending vehemently a dislocated and an unnatural way of life, that of society΄s “virtual reality”.

I believe that the time has come for you to personally be on the receiving end of truths because I believe that noone has ever undertaken such a task in a substansive and objective way. From what I know all these years, you have never permitted or allowed a real exchange of ideas which concerned you personally. You seem to have consciously distanced yourself from creative critical truths. In the same context, with your tactics and priorities, you have been systematically eliminating the possibility for any type of maturation or development of your personality-approaching life in depth. You chose the easy way;you hid yourself within the folds of society΄s “virtual realities” and futile games, losing contact with life and with yourself. This is one of the major reasons why you cannot accept playing a game of cards for relaxation and for entertainment. This is anathema for you, even if you are playing cards with a “good old friend”. You have known me for many years, and you know very well how much care and love I have given to your own folk, “which you claim you love”. You also know how much I have struggled in my life to make people΄s lives just a bit better;especially the lives of young people who are victims of the pure madness of the adult world. As you also well know, many of those personal battles were not initiated with self-interest or self-recognition in mind. And you, just to compensate for your insecurities and egotism, have negated your own memory and conscience;all that for a game of cards!!!

The degree of nastiness and negativity which you passed on to me was absolutely offensive and unnacceptable. Especially when you consider the fact that I am an old friend, and that I was your guest spending three days with your family. All your moves at that particular beautiful summer night at your beach house were intended to make me react angrily and emotionally. The next step was for you to accuse me in front of your younger son of offensive and disrespectful behaviour. You left nothing to chance!!And as far as your passion to want to always win in games of chance, it has been constantly expressed to you by both your husband and sons when they played those games with you. For years now I have been a witness to your addiction for competitiveness, for personal success, for personal social recognition, as well as for personal victories. For you these individualistic personal struggles have meant “the beginning and end of it all”. This drive for personal superficial ambitions has made you sacrifice all that is sacred and natural in life itself. Nonetheless, I personally do not believe that this type of sudden negative reaction towards my person is only as a result of a type of drive for self-justification. I am quite certain that it also has to do with this enormous egotism and complacency to force your son back into the family fold, even if it was this family fold which has for a long time undermined his general well-being, producing damaging psychosomatic physical effects and an “inconsistent emotional behaviour”.