Some thoughts for the beginning of our New Year (2011)

About a month ago, and more exactly on Saturday night, November 20th 2010, at 2 o’clock in the morning, I went to bed to sleep, to feel at peace and at ease, ridding my soul and my mind of all those toxic inputs of everyday life in Greece such as the psychic miserable ness of its peoples and my peoples, the impersonal human communication, the void in the eye-expression of young people, but more importantly the absolute human inaction and lack of human initiative in front of a multiple of critical impasses, whether economic, social or cultural, which all of us “adult” Greeks have contributed to, “in one form or another”, making it a truly “Greek Tragedy”.

Nevertheless, we all still continue to stay steadfast concerning all those catastrophic routines and traditions which are dismantling our bodies and souls, protecting and defending with extreme zeal and passion the “virtual realities” in our lives, especially the one which relates to our own “artificial image” created for social consumption and approval( read my texts on Aristotle Onassis). At the same time, sacrificing the real “human hug”, our real human emotions and sentiments, and finally and most critically, sacrificing our real “human creativity” which can put into question and dissolve all that is rotten and obsolete from our past; bringing back at last, human liveliness, a child’s joy which is in everyone and the great “adventure of life” which is self-knowledge and wisdom, not personal power and human vanity(read the poem ” Ithaca” by the great poet Constantine Cavafy).

As I was saying, that night when I was closing my eyes to enjoy the truly creative experience of dreams( the subconscious, the preconscious, metaphysical reality), from nowhere there came a set of verses, verses of a poem which had no affinities or similarities with poems I had read in the past in various languages. I therefore realized   that it must be a kind of message from the “collective subconscious” as the great psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Jung would define it, or it could have been a kind of message from “the beyond” warning us about the human folly in our “own personal drive” to negate real life(the absolute magic) and our real human identity within the Universe(human creativity beyond “time” and “space”). An infinite and enormous Universe which I believe exists, but which Modern Mankind   may soon question its real essence because it threatens its “anthropocentric virtual reality”- Mankind’s   “arrogance” and “vanity”.

It took 2 to 3 minutes to decode and clarify these verses in my mind , and so as not to forget them , I wrote them down in a book which I had on my little table near my bed. Many times, I like to read a few pages from a book before I go to sleep. The verses in their translation from Greek go as follows:

“I, offer you the next moment,
you are in fear and you refuse it.
You long for the previous moment,
which is already dead, that is why you are dying.”

In the course of my life, I may have written verses 2 or 3 times, and surely more than 40 or 45 years ago. I remember that the first poem I wrote was when I was about 16 years old. I wrote this poem all night while crying, because I had learned that afternoon that my closest childhood friend with whom we were together in a Greek elementary school in Egypt, had died in a motorcycle accident in Athens while I was then living in Canada. His name was Socrates Themelis, the nephew of the world famous classical pianist George Themelis(1915-1997). That is why for me these verses which had come from “nowhere” were an unexpected and an extraordinary event   which had never occurred before; therefore “for me” it had “great significance”!!!

Concluding, I would like to dedicate these verses to all the people I truly came to love in my life, sharing with them difficult but also happy moments, yet moments which were always magical and creative. I also want to dedicate these verses to all those children and young people with whom I spent an “infinite time” teaching them, girls and boys, youngsters from 6 to 25 years old; and this because they taught me to love respect my human abilities and my human nature, as well as theirs!!!