The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b4)

(I  want  to  dedicate  these  series of  texts to  those   of   my  former  Greek  students, male  or  female,  who  in  the  end  , chose “mediocrity”  and  “virtual reality”,  for  the  sake  of  their own  society, their  own  families  and  their own “survival”)


This  part of  our  Epilogues(b4), is  a  synopsis of  the first three texts of  this  series  of  articles(epilogues b1,b2,b3), where I described the “historical conspiracy” between  the  Byzantine political  authorities, the Greek Orthodox Church and  the  International Jewish Establishment to undermine, weaken and  isolate the  social, cultural and political values , as  well  as the  historical institutions  of  Ancient  Greek  Civilization within  the  wider  geographical Mediterranean region  and  the Middle  East.

We  shall  begin this  text by  comparing one  more  time, the  critical historical, cultural , ideological and  existential differences between Ancient  Greek  Civilization  and  the  Traditional Jewish Civilization of  2,500  years.

The  most important cultural and  ideological  differences between  these  two  civilizations  originate from  the  historical  fact that Ancient  Greek  Civilization was not  founded, constructed and developed by   “metaphysical” or  “divine” intervention, but  through  the “free initiatives” and  the  “free creativity” of  mortals, responding to  the  social  demands  and  the aesthetic  criteria  of  their  time and  their own  geopolitical space. These therefore were the  basic  societal  incentives  for  the  “extraordinary” and  “accelerated”  cultural  and  historical development of  the  Greek Race  and  the  Greek Nation.

In  contrast, within the Traditional  Jewish Civilization  of  2,500  years, its  philosophic constructs  and  ideological  values had  already  been defined since  its  foundation, through “divine interventions”  and  “divine guidelines”, which meant they were  revealed as  “absolute”, “perfect” and “untouchable”!!! All this entailed, historically, socially  and  culturally, the “total  submission” of  all Jews to  this  “divine scheme”, with  no possibility of  a  historical  evolution, since  Human Beings are  the  sole creative  social  entities which can  produce and  promote  historical events  and historical  developments, reacting to the  specific societal needs and  expectations of  their time!!! Concluding, one  could  say that  Traditional Jewish Civilization remained ”static” ,  since  within their own society  , the  philosophic principles of  the “dialectic mental process”  and  the  “freedom of  choice” could  not  function!!!

Philo the  Jew(20B.C. -45A.D.),  who  lived  in  Alexandria, Egypt, during the  time  of  Jesus  Christ, came  from a  rich and  aristocratic  Jewish family  of Egypt, had  studied in  Greek schools(gymnasiums) , had  his  own  personal  Greek  tutors, while  he only  spoke  Greek!!! In  the previous  part of  our  narrative(Epilogue b3), we  examined in  detail  the  biography of  Philo, because he  represents an important  historical  figure who  defined not  only  the theology of  the  Jews, but  the  theology of  Christians and  later on of  Moslems. He  is  considered the  first  theologian of  the  Christian Religion by  the  Fathers of  the  Greek  Orthodox Church, because  all of  his  theological analysis was  based on the Old  Testament  as  was Christianity,  with  the  critical  exception of  the  “Universal Spiritual  Teachings” of  Jesus  Christ, even though he had been  educated  to  become  a  Jewish  Rabbi!!!

Philo was a  historian, a  philosopher, a  theologian  and  a  politician. His  philosophic  and  ideological principles  were  based on  the  Old Testament  and  the  Jewish  Prophets, all  under  the  guidance and  the  guidelines of  the High Jewish Priesthood  of  Judea  and  the  Jewish  Religious  Establishment of  Egypt. The  purpose of  his  teachings was the “distortion” and the  “subversion” of  the  historical and  cultural  identity  of  the  Ancient Greek  Civilization and  the  human  factors  and  creations which  had  composed it. Philo in  his  teachings and  writings  supported  absolutely the  thesis  that  the philosophic and political concepts, the  scientific discoveries and  inventions, as  well  as  the literature of  Ancient  Greek Scholars, were founded  on  the  divine revelations, principles and  stipulations of  the Old  Testament!!! Nevertheless, all of  these hyperbolic cultural and  ideological positions of  Philo were easily accepted  and  adopted  by  his wider public audience  and  readers, since they  had  accepted  him as the  most important   theologian of  Christianity and  Judaism, and  later on of  Islam!!!

As  a  consequence, in  order to  better comprehend  the  Traditional Jewish  Civilization, we  will have to address  ourselves  exclusively to  the texts  of  the  Old  Testament, discovering and  clarifying the  basic ideological, philosophic and  existential  priorities  of  the  Jews and their  Civilization!!!

I  believe that  the  most  critical philosophic and  ideological  principles of  the  Jewish  Religious Tradition  are   found in  the  Book  of  Genesis, first in  the  Second  Chapter,  where  the  God  of  the   Jews is  seen  in  the  Garden  of  Eden giving  instructions  to  Adam, the  first human being God  created, briefly  telling him what his  conduct should be  towards Him. This  God  demanded from  Adam “absolute obedience” to  all  of  His  commands, dismissing Adam’s  right  to  “personal  judgement” and  “self-knowledge”!!! Therefore, God  metaphorically  and  symbolically  announced to  him  the  following, ’You  may  freely eat  of  every  tree  of  the  garden; but  of  the  tree of  the  knowledge of  good  and  evil you shall not  eat, for  in the day that you eat it ,you  shall die’!!!(The Old Testament, Book of Genesis, Second Chapter, verses 16-17).

Later on, God  created woman, Eve, so  that  Adam could  have a  companion  in  the  Garden of Eden. At some point in time, the Snake sent by Satan, entered the Garden of  Eden, approaching Eve and enquiring her about God’s guidelines forbidding her  and  Adam to  taste the fruit from the  Tree of  Knowledge. In  Chapter 3, verses 4  and  5, the  Snake clarifies to  Eve the  following, ‘You will not die; for God  knows that  when you  eat of  it your eyes will be  opened and  you  will be like God knowing good  and evil’!!!

Eve ate from the fruit of  the  Tree of  Knowledge and  then gave it  to  Adam to  taste it. God tracked  them down, catching  them  eating  the forbidden fruit, and right  then and  there, in  essence cursed them to live “an  earthly  existence” and “a natural  life”!!! A mortal life with  all the  adversities, the  physical hardships, the strenuous survival and the psychological “wear  and  tear” incurred by  their common conflicts and rivalries. Then, God expelled  them from  the Garden of  Eden  or  Paradise, as is  traditionally known!!!

Essentially , in  the  Traditional Jewish  Civilization, the  mythological human prehistory begins with  a  divine curse for  a nightmarish human existence, full  of obtrusive implications  for  survival, human  mortality, interpersonal conflicts and residing outside of Paradise!!! All this  hellish earthly  existence as  divine  punishment for  “human disobedience” and “personal initiative”!!!

In  the Christian Religion, this  sinful  act committed by  Adam  and  Eve  has been called “the original sin”, with  the divine  condemnation of  Man to  roam  the Earth and  to  suffer many hardships all of  His Life. Man  had  very little  chance  to  change His Tragic Destiny, since God was  the only Universal Entity which could  decide and  determine all  of the details of  Man’s  existence “until the  end of time”!!!

Under these divine existential limitations, Mankind had no choices in creating and  constructing the framework of his  own  everyday life and his own  society. There wasn’t  any  opportunity  or incentives for  “free thought” ,meaning the freedom to create a  more substantial life, socially, economically, aesthetically and  culturally!!! The  God  of  the Jews had  brought  their civilization “into a standstill” and  a “cultural inertness” which  is  continuing until the  present day!!!

In contrast, we  observe in  Ancient Greek Civilization through the “Theogony”, the work  of  Hesiod who is  an  ancient  Greek  poet, second in  importance to  Homer and who lived  between the  8th  and  7th  century  B.C., that  the  creation of  the  Universe did not  materialize through  the actions of  a  Central Divinity or  of  Central  Divinities. In  the  “Theogony” , Hesiod  writes that the  Universe was  created  from  Chaos, a  multidimensional benevolent  creative  entity. After this  cosmic  event, Gaea(Earth) , Tartarus  and  Eros were  born, and  then, Gaea gave  birth  to  Uranus with  whom she  begot Oceanos(Ocean) , the Titans , the Cyclops and  the  Hectochires. Through the coupling of  the  various divinities, new divinities were born, like Prometheus , a  Titan who  had  stolen the  Fire from  the  Gods  of  Mount Olympus  and then  gave  it to Humans in  order  to improve  the  quality of  their  everyday  lives. Through Hesiod’s descriptions of  the gods and  the  demigods, we witness a  metaphysical  setting  of  antagonisms and  alliances, similar to  what  occurs in  the everyday  life  of  mortals!!!(p.1-2,

In  his  narrative related to the  Greek  Pantheon , Hesiod emphasizes the importance of  the Universal Role  played by  goddess Themis in  enforcing the  “natural order” ,  the  “moral order” and the “interpersonal equanimity” through the  established social  formalities which  touched upon not  only mortals but  also  divinities of  whatever status in the hierarchy of  the  Greek  Pantheon!!!

Themis in  Greek Mythology was  the  goddess who  enacted justice universally which  was  “sacred” and  “not revealed”, while it  was  superior to  the  volition of the gods and  goddesses!!! Represented by her  daughters , Efnomia(rule of  Law), Diki(retribution) and  Irini(peace), goddess Themis, imposes a  “moral order”, since metaphorically, they symbolize the  basic social  components of  a “harmonious and  stable society”. At  the  same  time,  her daughters Mires(fates), assign the  destiny of  every  human being on  behalf  of their father , Zeus , the  consort of  their mother, goddess Themis, allocating  to  everyone the benefits that  are  due to them. Finally, through  her  daughters the  Nymphs, goddess Themis prescribes all prophesies!!!(p.1-2,

Previously, we noted that  Hesiod was the ancient Greek poet only second in importance to  Homer, while he  lived during the  same epoch  as Homer, meaning between 700 and  800 B.C. . The special  attribute of  these first  scholars of  Ancient  Greek  Civilization which  differentiates them from  the  “revealed scriptures” of  the  Old  Testament is  the  fact that  in  their  oral  accounts as  epic poets, they  functioned as “creative  human entities” who aimed at  contributing personally towards  an analysis and an  evaluation of  their themes, without any  external   interpolation, especially  a metaphysical one!!!

As  examples, we could  address ourselves to  the  works of  Homer, who is  widely considered as  the  Creator of  the First Literature in  Europe, while in  Plato’s  “Republic”, the  philosopher distinguishes him with the  titles of  the “first teacher of  tragedy”, “the  leader of  learning”  and the “educator  of  Greece”!!!(p.1,

From what  I   can gather, the present Greek  Orthodox Archbishop of  Greece, Ieronimos,is not  very knowledgeable of  Ancient  Greek  Civilization, since in  July of  2009, in  a  formal ceremony under the  Acropolis in  Athens, lecturing about the  contribution made by  Saint  Paul to  European Civilization, he specified  that, ‘… Athenians, Hellenes, Europeans, have  to  thank  most  of  all  Saint Paul…’, and  he continued by  adding  that, ‘… he  is  our  teacher. He is the preacher of love, he  is  a social worker…’!!!(translated from Greek)(p.1,

These are  the  actual  commentaries made by the  Greek Orthodox  Archbishop of  Greece, revealing in very clear and  concrete terms what  has  always been  the  official position of  the  Greek  Orthodox  Church  with  respect to  Ancient  Greek  Civilization; that  Civilization  which  has  defined the  cultural, political, scientific  and  artistic sets  of  reference within  the  Modern  Western  World!!!

Homer was the First  Educator of  Greeks  because through his  two famous epics, the  Iliad and  the  Odyssey, not  only did  he describe the  Greek  Mythology, meaning the identities of  the  Greek  divinities and  the relations between them, but he  also  clarified the initiatives and  the  interventions undertaken by these  divinities concerning the everyday  activities of  mortals.

A few  Greek divinities  identified themselves with  some  mortals and  allied with  these, competing with other Greek  divinities who supported their  opponents. Clashes did not only occur between mortals  but  also  between divinities for the  sake of mortals that  they  were affiliated to . Eventually there is Order, because the  Highest Greek Divinity, Zeus, does not  want for  any one side to  have  absolute control over the  course of events, whether they represent divinities or  mortals, while transgressing these Universal “checks and  balances” is punished by  Him through his wife  Themis.

Therefore, we  observe that  in the Trojan War, goddess Athena and god Apollo supported the Greeks, while god Poseidon and goddess Aphrodite were the allies of the  Trojans. In Homer’s epic the Odyssey, Poseidon tries very hard to disrupt Odysseus’s  journey back  to  his homeland and  his kingdom, the island of  Ithaki in the Ionian Sea, creating  insurmountable obstacles for him. This  enmity of  Poseidon towards  the Greek hero Odysseus was generated  when this  “mortal hero” blinded the  god’s son, Cyclope  Poliphimos, on  “the island  of  the man-eaters”. Living through all these extremely  horrendous travel   circumstances, created and  imposed by  Poseidon to obstruct or  even neutralize Odysseus, the last one,  after  seven years of  gruelling adventures finally  managed  to return safe to  his homeland, but only through the mediations  and  the interventions of  goddess Athena and  god Hermis, even with the aid and  the support of Zeus , the most  powerful divinity of Mount Olympus!!!(p.1,

In the  works of  Hesiod, the didactic  elements are  much more  prevalent than  those of  Homer, because he introduces his  own personal human  attributes of  empirical  observation, judgement, wisdom and  logic!!! For  example in his work, ”Works and  Days”, Hesiod  introduces his  own  axioms  concerning  the  way human beings should live, trying to  convince  them to  become better persons and wiser  in  their everyday  life  and  in  their  relationships with  their  fellow  human  beings. He  urges them to  work  hard  and to  love  the  work  they  do  because according to  him, work offers the preconditions for  success and  happiness. Furthermore, Hesiod  describes in  detail, the  methods through which  farmers can cultivate their  land in  order to have better  crop yields.(p.1,

Hesiod is  analytical and  methodical, passing on  “scientific information” concerning various  agricultural techniques, the  economic organization of  a  society, the practical  aspects of astronomy in  a  variety  of human tasks and  occupations, as well as a set  of  methods on  how  to  calculate time. Many  scholars  in the Western World, consider Hesiod as the first  Economist in  History!!!(p.1,

In  contrast to  the “revealed ideological values” of  the  Traditional Jewish  Civilization where all axioms are  recorded in the Old  Testament ;  values which have  to  be “followed to the letter” by practicing Jews without any alternations or omissions( in order to ensure the  integrity and the  permanence of the  Jewish  Nation  and  the Jewish Race), Ancient Greek  Civilization was founded on the personal initiatives, the personal actions and the personal works  of  Greek mortals and  divinities!!!

In Greek Mythology  there  are  some  personalities  who  symbolize the  “existential  propensity” to  define and  determine their own  course  of  life but  also  the developments of their  own communities, contrary  to  the “divine  prerogatives”  of  Zeus, the  highest Olympian God, who maintained the “natural order” and  the  “moral order”  of the  Universe!!!

Oedipus, the son of  Laius and  Jocasta, king and  queen of  Thebes, came into conflict with  the  Olympian Divinities when they  enforced their “natural” and  “moral” order on   the inhabitants of  Thebes by  sending the Sphinx, a mythical  monster whose role was  to punish those mortals who do not  respect the Universal  Order of  the Olympian Gods. The  Sphinx inflicted terror and  devastation on the  people of  Thebes and  their  natural environment which  had  sustained them. The  Sphinx represented a  “divine  scourge” imposed for  the  disrespect demonstrated by  the  Thebans in  their  everyday  lives towards the “natural”  and the “moral” order of Zeus!!!

The  only  way  to  exterminate the  Sphinx was  if a mortal  who  came  into contact with Her, answered her mysterious and  difficult riddle, otherwise She  would kill him. The  riddle  was  the  following:’ What  walks  on  four feet in  the morning, two in  the afternoon and  three at  night?’. Oedipus met  the  Sphinx to answer the  riddle  and  save  the  people of  Thebes, from this “divine  monster”. Oedipus did not  know then that  he was  the  son of  Laius, king of  Thebes, who he had killed in  a skirmish while  traveling from  Corinth to  the  Oracle  at  Delphi, with the  purpose of  asking  about the  identity of his  real  parents.

King  Laius had  banished Oedipus from  his  kingdom when  he  was only  a  little child, because the  Oracle at  Delphi had  warned him that he  would beget a  son who  in the end would kill him. As a  consequence, Oedipus was adopted by  the  king of  Corinth, Polybus, and  his  queen Merope, when a  shepherd found the  child and  handed it over to  them, knowing that they had  no children of  their  own. As  a consequence, Oedipus was  raised as  a prince,  and was the natural heir to  the  throne of  Corinth.

Concluding, we should emphasize the  fact that even though Oedipus did not know that he came  from Thebes and that he was the son of the king of Thebes  Laius, he took the decision to face up to  the  Sphinx, endangering  his  own life if he could not  answer correctly  Her riddle. Yet, if he  answered correctly , he would  face the wrath  and  he fury of the gods, especially the anger of Zeus, since the “divine curse” would have  been eliminated with the intervention of a mortal!!! Oedipus accepted to live through this risky venture in order to  save the people of Thebes from the misery and the terror which had been activated by the  Olympian divinities, enforcing the “natural” and  “moral” order of Zeus and his wife Themis!!!

Oedipus gave the correct answer to  the riddle of the Sphinx  which  was:’ It  is Man, since as an infant , he crawls on all fours; as an adult he  walks on two legs and; in old age , he  uses a walking stick.’ After  the correct answer by Oedipus, the Sphinx fell off a cliff and died!!!(p.1-2,…).

Following the success of this feat , the provisional king  of  Thebes, Creon, handed over the throne of  Thebes to  Oedipus and he let his own sister, queen Jocasta, the  widow of king Laius, become the wife of Oedipus who  was also his  mother. At  that  moment, no  one knew  about  the  “illicit” family relations and  family  entanglements concerning the main protagonists of this whole mythological story; a mythological story which became the first written Greek  Tragedy!!!

Naturally, the gods and  goddesses of  Mount Olympus responded to the  actions of  Oedipus  for  neutralizing the “divine scourge” of  the Sphinx  by causing a  deadly and  destructive plague which lasted for  seven years, the  number  of years which  Oedipus reigned as king of Thebes. The inhabitants of  Thebes were informed by  the  various  oracles that  the  cause for this plague was Oedipus himself,  because through his personal relations and initiatives he had  renounced the  moral precepts of  the  gods. The people of  Thebes finally  decided  to banish Oedipus from  their own city!!!

Oedipus is  a  very  important mythological figure in  Ancient Greek Literature and in Ancient Greek Culture because through his own personal judgements and involvement in  relation to  a  Divine  Universal Order, he induced the  passage of  human  existence from the “mythical” to  the “historic”!!! When Oedipus made personally the  decision to  confront the Sphinx  and  answer Her enigmatic riddle for  the  purpose of  saving the inhabitants of Thebes from  this “divine monster”, not  only did he put into  question the  “natural” and the “moral” order of  goddess Themis and the  Olympian divinities, but he also saw himself as the defender and the protector of  the quality of their lives!!!

Oedipus in his meeting with the  Sphinx, utilized his  human capacities to exorcise  her  “divine role” of  avenger in the process of enforcing The Universal Equilibrium of  the  Gods. At the  same  time, Oedipus had  negated  the  exclusivity of the Olympian Deities to impose their own moral standards on the actions and  initiatives of  human beings. Oedipus in  his meeting with  the  Sphinx had utilized his logic, his  wisdom, his compassion , his  intelligence and his human courage to  neutralize Her!!! Oedipus through his  own initiatives  and  provocations, made  Man into an  active participant  in  his own evolution, which  means that Man writes his own History  without any designations and interjections from the Divine!!!

The  second  most important personality in Ancient Greek Mythology  and in  Ancient  Greek Literature  who  resists the  “natural”  and  the “moral” order of the  Gods in order to  defend himself and his companions is Odysseus, who we learn about from  the two epics of Homer, the Iliad and  the Odyssey.

Odysseus  was  the king of the  island  of Ithaki on  the Ionian Sea when the  Greeks decided to  attack Troy in order  to  bring back Princess Helen who was the wife of  king  Menelaos of  Sparta, brother of  Agamemnon , king of  Mycene. Princess Helen had  been abducted by  Paris, prince of  Troy and son of  its king , Priamos. Odysseus was one of the major heroes of the  Greeks in the  Trojan  War, while the others were Achilles, Agamemnon, Menelaos and Nestor, king  of  Pilos in the  Peloponnese.

Odysseus  was  a  brave soldier, a prudent king, a loyal  comrade and  a  resourceful leader. He  is  someone who  is  always thinking, analysing the personalities and  the psychology of the  people with whom he collaborates. He  is  straightforward , valiant  and  bold,   respects  the young Greek  warriors such as  Achilles, while he is also protective and  flexible with his young fellow companions from Ithaki, holding in check his emotions when they do  no  follow  his orders and  the  aftermath is disastrous for  everyone!!!! Finally, Odysseus living through the  Trojan War and his  grueling return voyage to his kingdom Ithaki, which took him seven years to  complete, made him  stop trusting the  wisdom and  the impartiality of the  Olympian Divinities!!!(p.2,

We shall describe two events from the experiences of  Odysseus during the  periods of the  Trojan War  and afterwards, which  clearly demonstrate the  initiatives which  he took contravening the “natural”  and the  “moral” order of the gods in  order to  protect the interests of  the Greeks, the interests of  his  companions  and naturally his own  personal self  and  safety  during his return voyage to his homeland and  family.

We will  begin with the  Trojan War which  had lasted for  10   years and no one  side had  been able to  achieve  a  decisive victory so  that the war would end. Both warring camps , meaning he Trojans and the  Greeks, had  been debilitated with no  concrete results. Odysseus who was an intelligent  and  resourceful  man, who  loved to  devise various  solutions to the problems that preoccupied him, constructed an  enormous wooden horse, the famous Trojan Horse, so  as  to permit a  number of  Greek soldiers to  enter the walls of  Troy which were  impenetrable until then. Under the guidance  of  Odysseus, the Greeks constructed this enormous wooden  horse which was  standing on huge wooden wheels. The  wooden  frame of  the horse had a  hidden trapdoor  where a  sufficient number of  Greek soldiers could hide with their  own  weapons and  stay hidden for  the period of time needed to make a surprise assault!!!

The   plan was that  the  Greek soldiers would pretend that  they  had accepted their  own  defeat and that they would sail to  return to  their homelands in the  Peloponnese. Before making their “simulated departure” from Troy, the Greeks placed their  Wooden Horse  at  the  gates of  the  city  as  “the  spoils” of  victory of  the Trojans over  the  Greeks. The  Greeks  departed  from Troy  temporarily with  their  boats, while the  Trojans very  soon started to  believe that they were the victors in the war and  that the  Greeks had  finally accepted their  military defeat, leaving definitely their kingdom!!!

After  a  few  days, when  the  Trojans confirmed that  the  Greek ships had  disappeared from the horizon, finally becoming convinced that they were victorious, they opened the gates of  the  city, dragging the  Wooden Horse within its interior. The  Trojans then went into a frenzy of merriment, drinking all day long. When  night fell  and  the inhabitants of  Troy  were in a  state of  intoxication and  lethargy, the soldiers of  Odysseus who  were hidden inside the wooden frame of the Horse, creped out and were able to  take over the undefended city  easily; with  very little resistance.

After the takeover of the city of  Troy, the Greek soldiers committed many atrocities, killing many  ordinary citizens, women and  children, but also prisoners of war!!! The person responsible for  this inhumane strategy and policy of the Greeks was Odysseus because in  this  particular case, he was  the commander directing all military operations from the very beginning.(p.3,

Odysseus with his  priorities and  designs , making use of  the Wooden Horse to  overrun the  city of  Troy  in an underhanded and devious manner, had  trespassed and had ignored the  “moral” and the “natural” order of  the Olympian Divinities!!!

First  of  all, it was the way with  which the Greek  soldiers had attacked the Trojan soldiers, hiding within the  cavity of the  Trojan Horse, while the Trojans were not in  a  position  to  fight back on  equal terms, since they  were intoxicated. The  Greeks had contravened the “established rules of  combat”  between opposing warring camps, which prescribe that they  face one  another and that they are of  equal  potential!!!

Second, the Greek soldiers had  violated the “established rules of  conduct of war” when as victors, they committed atrocities. The  Greek divinities considered the war  violations  executed  by  Odysseus and  his soldiers as a  “vilification” and they stopped  supporting the military  leaders of  the Greek armies, especially Odysseus, during his  return voyage to the island of Ithaki which lasted seven years.

Similarly, Odysseus faced insurmountable obstacles during his return voyage because of  the  curse of god Poseidon, who had wished him never to complete this voyage to his kingdom and  birthplace!!! Odysseus had blinded  Poseidon’s  Cyclope son, Poliphimos, on the island of the man-eaters!!!Only in  the  final  segment of   this  tumultuous voyage , do  we  see goddess Athena and god Hermis intervening in order to  facilitate Odysseus’s return trip, convincing  Zeus and  the council of the Olympian divinities to  sustain him on a practical level!!! (p.2,

I  would  like here  to  take  a  pause and point out the heavy price which was paid by the  Greek military  leaders  for  their  policies  in conducting the  Trojan War,  where they had  completely disregarded the equilibriums of the “natural”  and  “moral” order maintained by  Zeus  and the  Olympian divinities . None of  these glorified Greek  military commanders  such as Achilles, Agamemnon, Menelaos and Nestor died a natural death. Even Odysseus was  killed by  his second son Tilegonos, who was the child he  had with his former female companion, the sorceress Kirki!!!(p.2,http://el.ancientgreekmythology.wikia/com/wiki/Odysseus).

The  third personality in Greek mythology which had  acted against the universal order of the Olympian Gods for the benefit of mortals  was  Prometheus, a Titan like goddess Themis. The  Titans represented the  old  divinities of  the  Greek Pantheon, before the  twelve gods and  goddesses of  Olympus had established themselves   at the pinnacle  of Greek Theogony with the battles of the  Titans. Zeus, the son of Kronos, the head divinity of the Titans, killed him and took the pre-eminence and the leadership of  the  Greek gods and  demigods!!!

Prometheus , even though he  was a member of the old divinities, he  was in contact with the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus , especially with Zeus, the highest divinity. He  therefore knew that these divinities possessed “the Fire” to  service themselves, a  natural element which was forbidden to mortals  whose use would improve the quality of their lives and develop their communities. The  Greek gods  and goddesses  wanted Man to be feeble, deficient and subservient, thus ensuring their dominance and prestige over Humans!!!

Prometheus as with  Themis , were both  off springs  of   Titans, who supported the amelioration of  the life of mortals. As  a consequence , Prometheus stole the Fire from mount Olympus and gave it to Man. Prometheus had violated the tenets of the gods, especially those of Zeus, which  forbade mortals to  make use of it.

Zeus punished Prometheus even though he represented a  Greek divinity, tying him on top  of a cliff, where each  day an eagle would come  and devour his liver. The  eagle of  Zeus came each  day because within a  short time, the liver would rejuvenate itself. This divine punishment on Prometheus lasted for a very long  time, until  god  Hermis intervened because he felt pity for him. Hermis convinced  Zeus to  let  Prometheus free and to allow him to  become part of the Olympian circle of  divinities. I would   like here  to emphasize an important dimension concerning the “theogony”  of  the  Ancient Greeks which is, that  the powerful divinities of  Mount Olympus by  their nature and  temperament wanted the “lesser divinities” and the “demi gods”  to  be subservient to  them and insecure so  that they  could predominate and  feel  superior to all of them!!!

In  order to  better understand the difference of  an “existential philosophy” between the  Ancient Greeks and  the Traditional  Jews, we shall compare the behaviour of  the Greek students of Socrates and the Jewish students of Jesus Christ when their teachers had  been condemned to death by the courts of their respective communities, which “naturally” supported the interests of the Socio-Economic Establishment of their respective societies.

Let  us  begin with Socrates(469B.C.-399B.C.), who was born, raised and lived all of his life in Athens. Socrates is  considered  as one of the philosophers who  contributed decisively for the way  we comprehend philosophy today, while he also greatly influenced almost all of the philosophic  schools of  the  West . Socrates is  classified  as one of the most important figures of the Greek  and  the International Intellect and  Civilization, as well as being one  of the founders of  Western Philosophy!!!

Socrates was an Athenian citizen which meant that he owned land, nevertheless, he  was to a large  degree poor because his land  property was meagre and not very  profitable, while he  did not  charge  any fees  for  the lessons he  gave to young people like  many  of his peers during that time. Most of  his  students came  from aristocratic families, nevertheless Socrates did  not  have his  own school premises  since he  did not  teach systematically  but initiated various philosophic discussions at  every part of  Athens, with people of every age and  from every  walk of life!!! Around him, he had  a  circle  of   young  students who  “admired”  him and  “adored” him, because through his  deep  wisdom and  extensive knowhow, they  could discuss and  learn about social, political, moral and religious matters!!!!

Socrates through his  teachings, was socially, ideologically and philosophically  a  radical, questioning the “undemocratic policies” of  the administrators of  Athens and  the  economic privileges of the ruling  class or aristocracy , at the expense of  the  average citizen!!! As  a  consequence, the  political, social and  economic  establishment of  Athens in 399B.C., officially accused Socrates of  “disrespect for  the gods” and of “corrupting the youth”!!! Based on these  accusations,  he was given the  death sentence by the court of  Athens, with a difference of only 30 votes from the total of  500 citizens who were eligible to a vote!!!(p.3,

The  students of  Socrates who were young men coming from aristocratic families, stayed with him until  the end, proposing to finance his  escape. His students with  their stance and their actions had taken a personal collision course against their privileged families, while also  ignoring their own proper social interests!!! This personal sacrifice and daring by the  students of Socrates was for  their love and gratitude towards  their Extraordinary and Wise Teacher!!! Socrates  , as a  law abiding citizen and  a  true philosopher, took the poison  prescribed by the Athenian court and  died!!!(p.2,

Contrary to this tragic historical  event concerning the end of   Socrates and  the  absolute  dedication of  his students during “the last hours of  his life”, we have the historical documentation(4 Christian Gospels)  concerning the attitude of  the students of  Jesus Christ when he  was  also sentenced to  death by  the  Roman Court of  Jerusalem. This decision by the Roman Court was taken with the “unanimity” of a  very large segment of  the  Jewish population of  the city , as  well as the Religious Council of  the Pharisees there , the Sanhedrin!!!

Jesus  Christ had  lived in the beginning of the 1st  century A.D. and was crucified when he was in his early 30s , meaning he was  very  young. The father of  Jesus  Christ was  a  carpenter from  Nazareth in Palestine, where Jesus  Christ was  raised, eventually exercising the same profession as  his father. Jesus was cousin to  John the Baptist and was of the same  age. Mary , the mother of  Jesus Christ, was  first cousin to the mother of  John. Jesus  Christ belonged to the House of  David  from  his mother’s side and  had  been taught to become a rabbi in  Jerusalem!!!

Jesus was  an enlightened rabbi, whose real  social  goal was the  toppling of  the  Religious  Establishment, especially the  Association of the Pharisees who represented the  Religious Aristocracy of  the  Jewish  community of  Palestine. Jesus  Christ believed that  the Pharisees had  distorted the  tenets of  their God and his  prophets for political and  economic reasons. The  Pharisees were cooperating  perfectly with the Roman Administration of  Palestine at  the expense of its  Jewish citizens so that they could  protect their religious(ritual), economic and  social status!!!

The  message of  Jesus  Christ was simply the  word “Love” in  all  of  its  dimensions. The love for  God, the love for  your  fellow human beings, the love of  nature and its animals, the love for Truth and the love of oneself!!! He  was the  first scholar and philosopher in human  history  whose  whole ideology was   based on the human sentiment and the  feelings of  Love!!! Christ as a  very wise person knew very  well that  Love is  a  radical  human potential on a personal but also on a collective level!!! He was conscious that Love  is a type  of human behaviour which is not  directed or controlled, but is instinctive through  Human Conscience and the Human Spirit!!!

The students of  Christ had personal experience of  the Love  of  Christ and of  his dedication to  them!!! They  were  witnesses  of his  Love in  all the  trips  they  had  made  together to  the  different cities  and  towns of  Palestine, passing his message of Love to  its  inhabitants  and  performing miracles through Love’s positive  power and energy!!!

The  moment that  the Roman Court of  Jerusalem sentenced Jesus Christ to  death by “crucifixion” , the  Roman  soldiers in cooperation with the  sentry guards of  the  Pharisees, tried  to  find  Him in  order to  arrest  him  and  accompany  him to  the  place of His execution. Judas, the  favourite student of  Christ, as well as being the youngest, the  most  educated and the richest of all of his  students, facilitated the tracking down after receiving  “a money bribe” of  thirty talents from  the Pharisees!!! Judas knew  very  well where Jesus Christ could  be located because he  was to meet  all of  his students at  a  certain time and  at a certain location!!!

When  the Roman soldiers and the sentry  guards of the  Pharisees  arrived at  the place which was indicated to  them by  Judas, the  Roman  soldiers asked  Jesus’s  students  if  they  knew Him and if  He was among  them. The  students expressed  full  ignorance and indifference!!! At  a  certain moment, Judas with a sign(kiss) which  had been  agreed  upon  in advance, revealed who  Jesus Christ was, and then  the  Roman soldiers and the guards of  the  Pharisees arrested  Him.

At   first, they  took  him  to the High  Religious Court of  Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin,  in  order to  “legitimize”  and  “sanctify”  the  death sentence  of  Jesus  Christ  on  behalf  of  Jewish  Traditional Religious Justice. During  the  critical  hours of  the  court  proceedings, the students of  Jesus  Christ  dispersed  because they  did not  want to undergo any type  of  Roman interrogation and be  accused  of  unlawful activity against the Roman  authorities and  Roman Justice, but  more  importantly, they did not  want to be accused by  the  High Jewish  Clerics  or  the  Pharisees of  “moral disrespect” towards  the  Traditional  Religious Institutions  of  the  Jewish  Nation!!!

In the Gospel  according to  Matthew , verses 55 and 56, the Evangelist describes those dramatic moments of  the  trial  of  Christ  by  the  Jewish High Clerics  noting that, “ He  turned  towards the  crowd  and  said , ‘Am  I  a  robber and  you came out  to  arrest  me with swords and clubs??? Every day, I  used to sit at  the  temple and would teach, yet you  did not arrest  me then. This is  taking place so  that  the prophesies of  the Holy Scriptures  could be  realized.’ Then, all of his students abandoned him and  departed !!!”(translation from the  Greek text).

All  of  Christ’s  students had betrayed him at  the end  of  His life, ignoring the depth  and  the  degree of  his  spiritual and  social  contribution, as  well  as  his  everyday  Acts  of  Love!!! The  students of  Jesus  Christ did  not  have the  rich  cultural  base to  fathom and  appreciate His  philosophic and  ideological ideals  as had  the Greek  students of  Socrates with  their  Teacher and  Mentor!!!

Concluding, we could  say  that  the  students of  Jesus  Christ  proved  to be  cowardly, selfish , hypocritical and very  ungrateful!!! Character  attributes which  to a large degree  define the  personality of  Modern Human Beings, especially in  the  Western World!!!

After  the crucifixion, all of  Christ’s students had  the  extraordinary “audacity”  and   “impudence” to go on  teaching   the  Message of Love of  Christ to  the  people, while Matthew and  John, students  of  Christ, representing  two of  the  four  Evangelists  of  the Gospel, had described  in  their Scriptures, the life, the acts and the philosophy of  Jesus Christ!!! Isn’t  this whole   historical setting an Absolute Existential Aberration and  a  Human Sacrilege ???

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