Is the American Mass Media today presenting a true picture of its own society? (Part III)

thumbzombi_largeFor the last 20 to 30 years, the American public as well as people around the world, have been bombarded by the American Mass Media (A.M.M.) about how democratic American culture and American politics are, and about how it is the sacred duty of every American citizen to protect the democratic ideals of their “Constitution”. That it is their natural god-given “right” to export these American humanistic ideals to the rest of the world, even if this is accomplished by the power of force and economic domination. The A.M.M. with its formidable global network and propaganda means ranging from financial newspapers to internet services, and from television news programs to big budget Hollywood movies and T.V. shows, has been able to convince, mostly Americans, that there is no ideological or political contradiction between a democratic nation – state and a military empire which disposes hundreds of military bases around the world, most of them located on independent foreign soil. I believe the same type of political dilemma and ideological contradiction have existed in the leftist political movements whose leadership promoted the idea of social revolution in order to acquire political hegemony. In both instances, the ideological contradictions are so enormous that the societies affected have had to accept a life of “virtual reality” in almost every aspect of their existence, with dire consequences to their long term welfare, their social cohesion and balance.

The American Mass Media (A.M.M.) with very few exceptions, has been able to “pass over” or “camouflage” the real every day inequalities which exist between America’s “coloured” citizens (afro-americans, Hispanic, native Indians, etc) and its “white” citizens, by accentuating the institutional changes that have been made recently to somewhat elevate the socio-economic status of these “second class” citizens, while purposefully ignoring the unjust and inhumane conditions that these people are living under throughout their lives. If the A.M.M. had really performed its legitimate role of informing and describing the real social circumstances of these peoples, these same people would have adopted a more dynamic political stance towards America’s established political system, while also many of its “white” citizens would have been willing to support their political struggle in order to realize a more democratic and a healthier society. I believe that the A.M.M. has played an important role in the political apathy of “coloured” peoples in the United States, feeding them with false hopes for better things to come or emphasizing at the success stories of “coloured“ peoples in the entertainment world, in sports, in the military and in politics. These success stories represent a very tiny percentage of the coloured population of America, yet no A.M.M. has ever clarified this situation to its audience, since this would undermine its “virtual reality” world and its power base.

Through the A.M.M. Americans truly believe that they are a democratic society because this media has not be willing to inform them otherwise. The A.M.M. has not been informing the American public and the people around the world that the native people of America, the original inhabitants of this continent, the Indian tribes, have almost been eliminated through long term genocide, supported by most elite groups of American society, while the few millions of Indians remaining, mostly live under subhuman conditions in various Indian resorts. Finally, concerning the democratic image of American society as diffused by the A.M.M., one has only to recall what was explained to American audiences about the inevitability of killing millions of people, including children and civilians, during the Vietnam war and the latest war in Iraq. It was mostly to protect democracy around the world and to ensure the democratic freedoms of the American peoples.

Most Americans through the A.M.M., still believe that the American political establishment is essentially and constitutionally defending the “American way of life”, the “democratic way of life”, ignoring that democracy is not very prevalent in the lives of most of America’s minority groups such as the “coloured” people, the physically handicapped and the gays, while also pretending that the killing of innocent people by America’s military forces around the world in just a statistic which in the end enhances the influence, the power and prestige of the United States worldwide. Concluding, we could say that the A.M.M. today represents one of the major if not the major force in “globalization” because it is preparing the building foundation globally for “cultural” globalization. This cultural globalization entails the creation of a “virtual reality” social environment where the human spirit and the human mind will be so impotent that they would not function of react. The inner life force would have been drained out of every human being. This unnatural and inhuman experiment by the A.M.M. has been first tested in the United States, where now most Americans define their goals, interests, dreams and priorities according to a “virtual” image of life and themselves, and not according to their own unique existential reality.